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Dolphins vs. Browns first injury report

The Dolphins and Browns released their injury report for Sunday's game at Cleveland.

For the Dolphins, CB Will Davis (toe), QB Pat Devlin (ankle), CB Jamar Taylor (groin) all missed practice today. As an aside, the likelihood of Taylor player Sunday is practically nil.

Tight end Dion Sims (groin) was limited in practice today.

And DE Dion Jordan (shoulder), LB Jonathan Freeny (shoulder), and S Jimmy Wilson (hamstring) were full participation in practice.

For the Browns, G Shawn Lauvao (ankle) did not practice. He was the only one.

DE Desmond Bryant (back) and OLB Barkevious Mingo (lung) were limited in practice.

Meanwhile, G Gary Barnidge (shoulder), WR Davone Bess (knee), LB Jordan Cameron (groin), TE Garrett Gilkey (shoulder), DL John Hughes (knee), LB Eric Martin (Foot) and DB Chris Owens (foot) were full practice.


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Odin, What type of booze you going to pickle your liver with n Sunday?

After thinking about it a few minutes ago I have decided to ad one more stat to Td/Fg ratio in the red zone and turnover differential to most important team stats that separate winning teams from losing teams in the NFL.
After a turnover I will record the points scored in the posession that occured because of the turnover.
If the Dolphins lose the turnover differential the only way to help themselves is for the defense to limit the points that they allow after the turnovers.
I believe these 3 stats help one statistically understand why teams win or lose.I am only interested in team stats,I realize that individual stats like TDs scored and Sacks help produce the results in the stats I am following, but I will keep it simple by only tabulating the effect on points scored and points allowed.

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Posted by: Odins Bloatted Liver. | September 04, 2013 at 06:56 PM

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I realize that the stats that I am interested in are probably kept by somebody out there that publishes those type of things weekly for the NFL.
I am positive the teams themselves keep those results if not they should.I am willing to bet that Billicheck keeps them.

I don't feel old.

Wow Incredible. How sad is this?
Odin, isn't it time for your legal(And illegal)Meds?

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rym.....don't know if you picked up on that last blog but keep rambling! Good stuff

Thanks Progolf. I went back and saw your comments now. I wasn't quite sure the protocol on here yet, so after typing and seeing a new blog post come up I just pasted my post to the new area.

And to whomever mentioned having Ryan, Bryant, Marshall and Wallace...
While nice in theory, I'd wager that Matt Ryan is not "Matty Ice" if he was drafted by Miami, and thrown in with that offense coming off the 1-15 season.
Ryan fell into a perfect situation and Dimitroff surrounded him with talent, putting him in position to succeed....I really don't see him as exceptional in any one area. He was not a can't miss Elite talent out of college (few are), but a very good QB who has made the most out of a great opportunity.
Really it's not too different that Tannehill. I don't see any reason why our Ryan can't have a similar ceiling. It will be about giving him that opportunity to succeed, and Tannehill making the most of it....Like Ryan in Atlanta.


Good call. Just add point off of turnovers to those you already mentioned.

I'll bet the outcome is almost a certainty with just those three stats.

Good Stuff!!!!

KingShula -
Explosive plays (20 plus yards) can be a good one too.

Last year I was playing around with a formula as well...They took down the dang CBS Boards so I can't go back to it now...So while I don't remember it all, I do recall it was a plus minus I was keeping during the game, and the most important things being turnovers and explosive plays.

Imagine that F4L agreeing with odinstank and admitting he has a drinking problem like his hero odin..

Posted by: Odins Bloatted Liver. | September 04, 2013 at 06:31 P

Guess I'm in a select minority that likes to have a few drink on the weekend catching a game, Hmmmm?

..IMO this game is really interesting on a few levels. I'm sure Cleveland fans are thinking that this is a game that they should win. Miami fans are in lock step, thinking the same. Vegas doesn't see Cleveland as a huge favorite, if a favorite at all(Cle -1) I'll be taking the Phins and the money line..

Anyway. Why this game is of interest is obviously 1 it is a Phin game. But 2, these teams are both kind of in the same boat as far as the unknown. I would say the Phins are a bit ahead of the Browns as far as development goes, about a year. Both teams have some question marks at quarterback. Both teams are built around very good defensive lines, both have a very good corner, but who knows after that. The Browns are in year 1 of their new regime..The Dolphins year 2. both teams have been perenial doormats for a good part of a generation.

So what will give? Will we learn anything about our team from this game? I think win or lose. Both teams will look nothing like the versions we see this weekend( I know great insight that nobody has said or thought right?)... In review. I think this is a game that we should win. A game that if we are going to be serious about taking that next step we can't stumble. I'm sure the fans in Cleveland feel the same.. they can suck it, cause Cleveland is the cornhole of Ohio..I said it. Miami 23 Cleveland 16.

go finsssssssssssss almost time

ross donated 200 million bucks to michigan must be nice wouldnt that upgrade the stadium?

Guess I'm in a select minority that likes to have a few drink on the weekend catching a game, Hmmmm?

Posted by: fin4life | September 04, 2013 at 07:27 PM

**Select** being the Keyword here-LOL!

The "Pool Boy" is just suffering a little angst. Everyone's getting excited about the upcoming game and paying less and less attention to.......well........all the Girly Gossipy Swishy Swashy **Be-Atching** LOL.

You have any special plans for the Game........?

Yeah how dare he invest in the future of America vs upgrading a stadium that he will prob sell in a few years for a profit

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200 mill to athletics dept so his name would be on it


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With slightly over 3days until game time I have a new concern that's crept up.

Last year, in only 1 game against the Browns(Wallace didn't play other) he had only 1 catch for only 9yds. Wallace also had a 3 GAME STRETCH where he concerned coaches and fans because he only averaged 33yds per game during this stretch.

Now, I see why Steeler management didn't feel he was deserved of the contract numbers he demanded from them and the fa market. Sure, they would have liked to have kept him, just not at the price he demanded. They are well aware of his talent, but, also well aware of many warts.

We'll need Wallace to be far better than 1 catch for 9yds to win at Cleveland. We also cant afford for Wallace to have a 3gm slump where he only averages 33yds per game.

Good write up Mando. Your blog commenters however, continue to be the biggest douche bags on the internet. It is amazing how ridiculous these morons are day after day. What a bunch of retards.

Really it's not too different that Tannehill. I don't see any reason why our Ryan can't have a similar ceiling. It will be about giving him that opportunity to succeed, and Tannehill making the most of it....Like Ryan in Atlanta.

Posted by: TheRyanFlaherty | September 04, 2013 at 07:16 PM

Well said! I've often wondered what would have been the career of Aaron Rodgers had Saban taken him #2 overall in 05 instead of Ronnie??

I don't know if instant gratification Satan would have stuck with Frerotte at QB that Yr. with his future QB riding pine on the bench? I know Rodgers is the BEST in the business today and doesn't want to hear it but the time behind Favre was EXTREMELY beneficial to his career (from the mental aspect of approaching the Pos. as aggressively as he did)

You watch Rodgers in trouble in the pocket improvise an underhanded pass here and there or break every rule in the QB book flushed right or left gunning a pass back into the middle of the field and you see how Farve's B A L L S to the wall approach rubbed off on Aaron in a good way! Of course he had to have the arm to get away with it but any fan of the game who watched Favre throughout his career can see how his play influenced Rodgers career positively.

In contrast I FEEL Chad Pennington's influence HURT Henne in 2010. In 09 when taking over for Pennington, Henne seemed loose and played like it especially in the Monday Night showdown with the Jets that Yr. regressing there after. I don't believe the Aloof Henne has the mental make up of a great QB and definitely has alot of hitches in his game but they made him worse going back to the original question regarding the influence team concepts, Coaches and other players affect the development of other players especially QB's.

I don't personally believe Rodgers is as ELITE or Ryan is a PERENNIAL Pro Bowler if drafted by Miami. For starters NEITHER would have had the supporting cast (WR's, T.E.'s ect..) really till this Yr. By the same token without Sean Peyton's guidance Brees doesn't become who he has either had we matched the 7 Yr. / 49 Mil. deal the Saints gave him becoming a Dolphin in 06 instead. As good as we've been Defensively since #13 past his prime in 97 we've been equally BAD outside of a couple of Seasons with ancient O concepts and slow players to execute and poor OL's, IMHO!

such a tough opener. need to find some way to win this game with colts and falcons coming up

Im afraid we may have paid 60 million to upgrade our #2 wr position, then also overpaid Hartline as a #2 wr.

Imagine, if we had a proven #1 wr and Wallace was the #2 wr? Instead, we maybe starting two #2 wr's, with Wallace just beng a better #2 wr than Hartline. I believe this scenario is very possible.

Probably the best deal this offseason in our wr dept was "UPGRADING" Gibson over Bess in the slot. We still don't have a "FULLY PROVEN" #1 wr. We believe Wallace can play as the #1, but he never fully proved this in Pittsburgh before becoming a Dolphin.

Just sad to think, Ireland spent $100 million at the wr position this offseason and we still may not have a "TRUE" #1 wr.

I wish he'd sell the Dolphins to someone with a clue.

They're all going to be tough for us.
We're going to have to grind out every game.
And by the 3rd series of every game something phucced up will happen (bad penalty, bad call, int, fumble, strip sack, ST gaffe etc.
And when that happens this blog will be Lit Up!

Let's not make excuses for Henne. I don't believe others ruin you.

He didn't have it. Can't blame Penne, can't blame the coaches.You may have better success on a different team, but you are the player you are.

He couldn't even beat out sissy boy Gabbert.

Seems my last post did not post. LOL....

ok, it did post after I posted it didn't post. LOL...

YG now flipping on Wallace, raising doubts everywhere where just two months ago he gave us a gazillion reasons why we needed Wallace.

YG is a wishy washy mop.

fin4life, way too long to read...

I'll bet by the time YG gets to the checkout at the supermarket, he turns around and heads back to the aisles to exchange everything he took for something else.

If you want to get technical about it TANNE COULDN'T/DIDN'T EVEN BEAT OUT GARRARD. Garrard was named the starter by Philbin and then decided to have surgery 5 minutes before ps game 1. That made Moore the starter but he spit the bit.
Let's be clear: Tanne didn't beat out anyone at QB.

Hell, if we want to make excuses why other very good qb's would not have been great here. Let's don't just blame past coaching regimes.

Let's get straight to the source and say his franchise is just cursed.

If Tannehill doesn't work out. Why just blame Ireland and Philbin. We can answer 15yrs of futility by just:

BLAMING IT ON THE CURSE...............................

That was some thoughtful analysis fin4 and probably true

..Impossible to say. As far as what a player may have been here or there. Does the Packer system take advantage of Rodgers supreme accuracy-arm strength better then those traits would have been exploited here? I can't say either way.

I do agree that scheme, the fit, the timing all have factors into how a quarterback develops. I will say that these elite level quarterbacks make the players around them much better. You have seen what happens when elite receievers are matched with poor qb's...See Larry Fitzgerald-Brandon Marshall to name a few.

It is easy to say this player would have never of had the same success here because of reason x. And you could be right. But perhaps, the players we had during that time were just that bad. Perhaps if we had an elite quarterback sitting in under our wings..Those years that were so slim may have been different stories..Perhaps Tony Sparano is the same genius he was being credited for in 2008 if Matt Ryan is the quarterback here. Impossible to say.

You have any special plans for the Game........?

Posted by: odinseye | September 04, 2013 at 07:44 PM

C E L E B R A T I N G - A - W I N !!!!

Seriously I have my weekend mapped out!! Canes-n-Gators at HIGH NOON Sat. followed by S.C. (Clowney's) Vs. deflated Georgia then Mich Vs. Irish in Primetime!

My Sunday 1:00 PM is BOOKED!! The Pack-n-49ers at 4:00 is a doozy topped off with an NFC East showdown PRIMETIME, NICE SUPERNOVA of Ball to kick off the Season!

Fraud, perfect name for you.

Tanne was a raw rookie, Garrard had a ton of experience. Garrard went down. Tanne beat out Moore who had starter experience on two teams, Moore who did very well the previous season on the fins lost out to Tannehill.

Make a real argument if you got one. Posting nonsense is nonsense.

Of course if you ever posted your picture I'm sure we'd all throw up!

Bwaaaaaahaaaaaa Haaaaahaaaaah!

Posted by: Hehe | September 04, 2013 at 07:57 PM

I know where this is going(I get this ALL THE TIME-LOL). Why don't you just come right out and say it?

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And I have a Super Deal on the 4'x6' Poster Pin Up sizes.

(Multiple poses, add $20.00 for personalized autograph, and NO, there are no longer any "Fully Nudes" available. Not that **YOU** could afford anyways)

ValHalla........Big Boy ;)

I know the cause of this 15yr plus CURSE. The football gods are sickened of the behavior of the many dumbass Dolphin fans.

Many dolfans here are so fricken idiotic they hate each other whom love the same exact team they love.

The Dolphins may now suck forever. You can all now blame it on "THE CURSE" dolfans brought upon themselves.

When reading this blog, there's evidence its a alive and still doing well. Long live the curse.....

..One last point. Go back to 2009-2010 Sparano is a bum years. How many of those games were close contests that maty have gone in our favor is we simply had a better quarterback? How many times did the Phins have the ball at the close of the 4th quarter. With games in reach(with the ball down less 7 points?) Only to see Henne go limp when the action got hot? A competant quarterback probably rises to the occasion a few more times. And the conversation is totaly different today. If only...

I love being covered in chocolate sea men. I have Aids. I got my mother pregnant, then I banged my baby brother son. I was gang ra-ped by a group of Dolphins out in the ocean. I have a blue backpack, but I really want a red one. My favorite color is red. I like to rub my palm under my nuts when they are sweaty, and then smell it. I once put a an ant up my pee hole. My favorite hobby is pooping and peeing in the shower. My name is LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! Hmm?







Hope things are returning to a place of normalcy for you.

I;m not saying the talents of those QB's I mentioned wouldn't have translated in Miami but their respective rides would have been bumpier. I believe in terms of sure fire ELITE only Rodgers makes the cut. NO WAY does Brees put up the INSANE #'s he has with Peyton and the supporting casts he's had in New Orleans here, JMO! I don't think the "MATTY ICE" thing flies for Ryan with our 08 team as his launching point much less make the Playoffs as he did. Your right in you can NEVER KNOW for sure but in looking over rosters, concepts and circumstance those guys got a better deal than the one we would have afforded.




..fin4life...Been over a week now. Going back to Montana tommorow. I feel good about being able to leave my mom. She is surrounded by lots of good people. Thank you everyone here for the well wishes. I coukdn't pick any of you out if you walked right passed me. But the sentiments last week meant a lot.


Dion Jordan is a bust. He has chronic shoulder problems, and he will never play a full season. I think we should package a trade of Wake, Dion Jordan, and Pouncey for Jason Witten. We really need an elite TE because Tannehill isn't a very good QB. It would be like robbery for the Dolphins to get Written from the Cowboys. Pouncey is a center, so he isn't very important. Dion Jordan is a bust, and Can Wake is on his last leg. Wake won't be worth anything after this year.

Fake 17

You are boring us. Give it up already.

Go dolphins

Lets get a win

Dion Jordan = Damaged goods

Stop hurting my feelings. I have a very sensitive sensibility.

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