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Dolphins win, but Wallace upset

Although the Dolphins won the regular-season opener, 23-10 over the Cleveland Browns, Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace was clearly angry coming off the field and was still steaming after he dressed and left the Dolphins locker room.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland escorted a visibly angry Wallace off the field, putting his arm around the players waist and walking him as if leading him away from other people. Ireland was talking to Wallace the entire time the two walked back to the locker room.

Minutes later, Wallace, who caught only one pass for 15 yards, was one of the first players who left the locker room.

Can I walk with you, I asked?

"I don't feel like talking," Wallace grumbled.

Can you talk about the game?

"I don't want to talk," he answered.

Another reporter joined us and asked, "Can you talk about the game plan?"

"I don't feel like talking about it. Ask coach."

Wallace didn't have a catch at halftime. Indeed, the Dolphins hadn't even targeted him in the first half. They did immediately target him in the first series of the first half and he eventually finished the game with four targets. Brian Hartline had the ball thrown him 12 times and Brandon Gibson had the ball thrown to him seven times. Tight end Charles Clay had the ball thrown to him six times.

As he was walking away, Wallace was asked about the lack of targets in the first half.

"Ask coach," he said. "It's not my game plan."

Another question: In the second half they threw to you right away. Was something said at halftime?

"Ask coach."

This is not going to make Wallace, Miami's highest paid free agent, popular. It obviously doesn't look good that he was clearly thinking about his personal performance and situation ahead of the fact the Dolphins won the game.

Not a good look.

On the other hand, the kid has a point. Mike Wallace signed a $60 million contract. Not throwing him the football in the first half of a game he's single covered throughout is not good planning by coaches.



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Hey, we beat the Brownies. Lets throw a parade! LMAO!

But you guys still missing the point, even if we had Bush Wallace Boldin Long, it's about game planing and having a good play caller
Last year Sherman fail to utilize Bush and others remember! I think it's Offense Coordinator I'm telling you guys. You see just like when Dan Henning was here he was horrible play caller guess what he is back but a little younger version! You see.

I'm starting to have doubts that Philbin will ever get us back to where we want to be. He had all off season to study tape and evaluate players. Draft & FA has come and gone and we're just now finding out how really bad the O-line actually is? What's wrong with this picture?

Hes mad because of not being targeted! I don't blame him. This 3 yd pass s@#$ gotta go. Sparano is gone. I listenened to it on the radio and could tell how bad the offense was. Running game was a joke. So they duck and chucked some long balls in pray of a miracle that Tanny would connect with Wallace in the second half.

Gonna be a long season!!!!!

I love that the dolphins won,but the play calling is not even close to good.


I agree with you. With so much parity in the NFL any time that you can go on the road to win by 13, that is impressive. The fins did what they had to do which is beat an inferior opponent because the schedule gets really tough in the next 4 games.

I can't imagine this blog next week when we lose to the Colts. I am penciling that one in as a loss. I just hope that we can compete in that game.

What's wrong with this picture?

Posted by: cocoajoe | September 08, 2013 at 06:57 PM

You tell me. We won the game and you are still griping.

Most times you have to get a receiver involved. There will come a time where you WILL need him and with no game reps the timing may not be good. Throw him a bone every once and a while. A good receiver doesn't need to have separation to throw his way, he's supposed to have enough talent to still make the catch. If he's double teamed that's on entirely different manner.

When your Offensive Line is struggling as much as they were today, sometimes you may have to rely on those 5 yard routes more than you would like.

Wallace's beef was that he wanted more money than Antonio brown. Steelers had to decide which they wanted more. Obviously they chose Brown.

But, as Solomon Wilcots rightly said, just the THREAT of Wallace opens things up foir Gibson, Hartline, etc.

Posted by: IMAWriter | September 08, 2013 at 06:32 PM

A.Brown signed the very deal Wallace wouldn't before the 2012 Season effectively guaranteeing that Wallace would walk as FA in 2013. The deal is a 5 Yr. / 42.5 Mil extension that was VERY Steelers friendly!

Brown got 8.5 Mil signing bonus (spread over the 5 Yrs.) with a base of 540K last Yr. He will earn 2 Mil base this Yr. with 2.5 roster bonus increasing to 6 Mil in base for 2015-16. In other words with the 1.3 or so of the signing bonus he's a 5.5 to 6.5 Mil a Yr. CAP hit, very friendly to Steelers and Wallace whose up there with P.Harvin in terms of Multi-Dimensional homerun threat (IMO) wanted more up front.

Lets not go into B.Marshall recall to quickly! Marshall had his tirades on the field and alienated teammates (NEVER AN ISSUE with Wallace from all accounts) Steelers just don't like to pay there star WR's, PERIOD!!

Thinking Plexico Burress (in his prime) trading SB MVP Santonio Holmes for peanuts almost right after the FREAKIN SB! ect... The only guy they paid to MID-RANGE $$$$ was Hines Ward, period! Given they even let Kick/punt returner, SLASH type QB who threw winning TD in SB along with being SOLID #2 in WR Antwaan Randle El walk to Wash. after 05 SB for 5 Mil a Yr. average.

In today's NFL giving your primary WR (A.Brown) a 5.5 to 6.6 or 7 Mil. average while #2 (Emmanuel Sanders)is still on his rookie contract is peanuts and by the way is one of the the reasons Big Ben today got rocked at home! Ask Rothlisberger how he feels about the treatment of his primary WR's throughout his career!

Wallace didn't like being used as a decoy throughout this game but didn't manifest it on the field or anything like that just blew off a local beat reporter from what I understood, big deal! Mando just needs to get a thicker skin as well given his articles in the Herald have been critical of Wallace through T.C. and the Pre-Season and he's not the TV either, just making a point as well!

The Andrew Lucks of this world come around only every so often. Those who expect Tanny to turn into Luck, ain't gonna happen.

But he was much improved this game and carried his team in the 3rd and 4th quarters, with the help of 2 very good receivers.. If he can be Matt Schaub, the Fins will be just fine. I think, with a real O-Line and a back like Arien Foster, he'd be BETTER than Matt Schaub.

As regards Salguero reporting the Wallace thing, WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE HIM DO?
He ignores or doesn't report it, and the Palm Beach Post "scoops" him, the same guys getting on Mando now would be complaining Mando doesn't do his job.

You could always go to the herald and apply for his job.
Thought so.

Now on top of the Wallace meltdown, Mando's twitter has photo of Stark flippin' the bird at the Dolphins coaching staff.

Phailbin has lost the locker-room, Fireland has lost the plot (as the Brits say), and this supposed "victory" hurts more & more as the revelations come to the surface.

If Wallace is not getting separation and Gibson or Hartline are open, then the right read is to throw it to the open receiver. It is up to Wallace to get separation. If Tannehill throws interceptions because he is forcing the ball to Wallace then everyone will start blaming him. I am glad Tannehill made all the right decisions today and did not get pressured by Wallace to throw to him when he is covered. I wonder how the other receivers feel about Wallace's selfishness.

I don't know I thought he had a reputation of being a malcontent, immature, selfish, etc. That was the impression I got from Steelers fans?

It seems silly, but for all we know this could be a misguided attempt at leadership.
I've known/seen guys who would be self conscious about the stat sheet, even in a win like this, and feel that brooding in this manner shows that you really care.

I just hope Luck ain't piss off for just passing for 178 I'm telling you right now next week he will light up the PHINS secondary, he is a old school type QB has a no productive game and the following week has a great passing game, plus the PHINS will stop the run allowing Luck to throw for lots of yards...next week our front seven need to bail out this team because of the lack of a running game.

The CURSE IS IN......................................

Loser fans only deserve LOSER TEAMS. Fins win and still lose....................................................

We beat the Browns....

And Armsndo and his merry men talk about a reciever who is a bit pizzed he wasn't targeted more....

Sounds like a great win to me....and a very competitive athlete who wants to be more involved....


FINS win....

And the blog loses....

Because of diks like u WHY GEE....

SART OUT OF TOWNERS, find a new team to root for.

85% of Miamians know this franchise is cursed. You've seen the HOME ATTENDANCE.....................


You tell me. We won the game and you are still griping.

Posted by: Lester | September 08, 2013 at 07:02 PM

You might want to look at the schedule


I hope you're right. It could just be that Armando is blowing this up(for whatever reasons-LOL).

It just hit me wrong as today was extremely frustrating. The Refs were again atrocious adainst us. The O-Line had issues across the board at one time or another. And this game was just way closer than it SHOULD have been.

Then, to come out of it with a win and hear **ALLEDGED** reports of Bellyaching, it sent me over the top. Hopefully it's not as bad as it's ALREADY being portrayed.

On the brightside, the game went mostly as a lot of us expected. The Defense was EXTREMELY impressive.

Two guys really surprised me, one on offense and one on D. Tannehill and Misi. I don't know what got into Misi(it's a contract year-lol)but he was making plays all over the place. I don't know his stats yet, but he was in on a ton of plays.

Tannehill simply looks like he's going to continue to improve. He still has a long ways to go. But, on the other hand, he already looks a lot better than last year. I'm impressed, both Misi and Tannehill are rising to the occassions. Lets hope the trend continues.

PS: Wake Rocks and looks even better with these tweaks and slight improvements in the front 7. What did Wake get today, 2.5 sacks of 3.5? And that was with the Refs letting EVERYBODY hold all over him.

PSS: Derrick Shelby continues to improve as well. He had some hurries, some good stops and a Game 1 SACK as well!


We are cursed.........

I was wrong, so I need to spin this back at others....No one can have any fun as long as I'm around.

I said diks like you WHY GEE....

As if there another's...lol....

You are the only dik on here....you just have a thousand names to hide behind......

1st half offense was off. Thought they worked the 10 yard stuff w/Hartline & gibson pretty good in the second half, finally moved the ball.

Maybe if Lamar is more a threat it'll open it up long for wallace.

a wins a win. GO DOLPHINS!!!

Starks needs to learn to be a professional. If he was much better than Odrick, he would be starting. He skipped mini camp and he lost his job to a real good player that happens to be cheaper. That used to happen all the time, if you put your interest first in front of the team, you risk losing your job. Wake did the same thing but he did not have anyone breathing down his neck for his job. Grow up Starks.

Same hankie KRISSIE CRY uses to wipe away her tears, she uses to wipe her shitty-dingled-berry ass.

Its true.............................................

Eddie Lacy looks great so far. I have to give Dashi credit, he kept insisting that the fins draft Lacy. How good would our running game be if we had Eddie Lacy.

we are 1-0 people.This is good.
We have another week to work out the kinks.
Enjoy the victory and please be kind to each other.

Krissie Cry,

Are still pimping out your little girl for crack?

DCF already knows......................................


I was impressed with Tanne as well....for ZERO running game...he did very well....

I'm not on board yet...after all...it was the browns....

But a nice start regardless...

So now cause Mike was mad after the game you trolls want to get rid of him??! He simply wants to produce and throwing only long balls to him that weren't accurate isn't going to cut it. I'm so sick of you old focckers that want all of your players to act like robots and not say anything whey they feel they can. Yea getting rid of Wallace will make the team better give us all a favor and drive off a cliff

Krissie Cry,

Are you still charging your father for sex?

Daddy says he doesn't like to pay......................

Your right WHY GEE @ 7:23....

Everyone else is the problem....

Your a saint..

Kendall Hunter, yet another rb Ireland passed on...........

I still don't really see him complaining. I get why hes pissed off though. Its partially on him, gotta get open.

NeMo on a couple of long balls he had a step

Why gee....

You keep talking about my family....I will post more about you being dead wrong today...

You know....business as usual for you....


blogs going nuts again

Regarding Wallace: When you trade for a proven star reciever, you should be aware of the fact that they want the ball. And they tend not to be happy if they're not getting the ball. Apparently this is breaking news to a lot of folks incl Tannehill, Sherman and some fans.

Of course FIRELAND is going to hold Wallace's hand. FIRELAND spent $60 MILLION of Ross' money on Wallace. That could have been spent on tampon dispensers at MEEECHIGAN.

The running game is friggin pathetic without Long and Bush. But at least Ross gets to pocket their money.

Lets see:

On a whim, I'll say we go into halftime with the Browns leading 7-6.

BTW, where are tds Tanne-cuse is supposed to be throwing? At this rate, he'll throw his 1st td pass week 8.....................................

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | September 08, 2013 at 02:02 PM

Good one.,,,

Good one......

Regarding Wallace: trading for a proven star receiver is useless when you have crap for a QB. ,

The Good: Wake (out best player still) is just flat out awesome, Starks, Soliai, Gibson, Hartline. Patterson's 2 picks. Carroll's pick. Tanne looks improved. Pass rush looked much better. Thank God our QB is not Weeden.
The Bad: Offensive line still sucks, both RB's looked horrible, Vernon non-existent, Tanne's deep throws inconsistent. Our D still can't stop a TE.
The Ugly: Dion Jordan's only contribution in this game was a 15 yd. facemask penalty. Nolan Carrol's holding penalty negated Thigpen's return TD. 6 points off 3 turnovers?
The Take: We won, but let's see how we do next week against a real opponent.



Blog wont let me post to girly boy. LOL....

Either our Oline sukkks badly or that Cleveland D line is tough as hell. Probably a combination of both.

First Bush walks off a victor......then minutes ago Jake plays a key roll in Rams victory....not-good-enough-for-Ireland Anquan Boldin just makes yet another big catch........while we have sulky One-Trick & bird-blasting Starks harshing our short-lived buzz.

Lord why does this team make us hurt so bad even in victory?

Wallace is a diva. Philbin's offenses in GB never had the big time diva. The QBs just spread the ball all over the field to different receivers. It is a team effort. Hartline and Gibson have great games and the selfish Wallace does not go to them to say great game. He just whines and leaves pissed off. He does not care about the team, just his numbers. Sad...

Lacy 14 carries 41yds. Yeah right, what a stud..........

Phailbin has lost the locker-room, Fireland has lost the plot (as the Brits say), and this supposed "victory" hurts more & more as the revelations come to the surface.

Posted by: Emo | September 08, 2013 at 07:05 PM

What else can a Troll say after a Good Win?

ROTFLMAO - You idiot-LOL ;)

Boldin 13 catches 208yds 1td.

Ireland took a pass...............................

Hey Mando, after a road win week one you choose not to write about THILL's solid game or Wake's dominant performance, or the 3 INT's the defense generated, or Hartline's 100 yd game, or Gibson's clutch catches over the middle....

None of that.

Instead you want to talk about a receiver that didn't want to talk to you and a photo of a middle finger.

Really? That is why you will never be big time.

Dolphins will be in huge trouble down the road. No running game, please something like 20 yards in this game. Can win without a running game in this league especially when it get cold in nov and dec.

Lacy ran for 15 times the yards that Miller ran for (3). Lacy is just a rookie but he had some good runs against probably the best defense in the NFL.

All the idiots blaming RT for Wallace's ire: did Wallace SAY it was the QB? No he did not. He blamed the coaching.

As for bitching at Mando, he is a reporter. Sonething worth reporting happened in front of him. He wrote about it. Horrors.

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