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Dolphins win, but Wallace upset

Although the Dolphins won the regular-season opener, 23-10 over the Cleveland Browns, Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace was clearly angry coming off the field and was still steaming after he dressed and left the Dolphins locker room.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland escorted a visibly angry Wallace off the field, putting his arm around the players waist and walking him as if leading him away from other people. Ireland was talking to Wallace the entire time the two walked back to the locker room.

Minutes later, Wallace, who caught only one pass for 15 yards, was one of the first players who left the locker room.

Can I walk with you, I asked?

"I don't feel like talking," Wallace grumbled.

Can you talk about the game?

"I don't want to talk," he answered.

Another reporter joined us and asked, "Can you talk about the game plan?"

"I don't feel like talking about it. Ask coach."

Wallace didn't have a catch at halftime. Indeed, the Dolphins hadn't even targeted him in the first half. They did immediately target him in the first series of the first half and he eventually finished the game with four targets. Brian Hartline had the ball thrown him 12 times and Brandon Gibson had the ball thrown to him seven times. Tight end Charles Clay had the ball thrown to him six times.

As he was walking away, Wallace was asked about the lack of targets in the first half.

"Ask coach," he said. "It's not my game plan."

Another question: In the second half they threw to you right away. Was something said at halftime?

"Ask coach."

This is not going to make Wallace, Miami's highest paid free agent, popular. It obviously doesn't look good that he was clearly thinking about his personal performance and situation ahead of the fact the Dolphins won the game.

Not a good look.

On the other hand, the kid has a point. Mike Wallace signed a $60 million contract. Not throwing him the football in the first half of a game he's single covered throughout is not good planning by coaches.



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Obviously, Tannehill is not the most stylish or accurate passer ever seen, but lately, somehow, he gets the job done. Good, Dr., good.

Boldin 13 catches 208yds 1td.

Ireland took a pass...............................

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | September 08, 2013 at 07:46 PM

The Ravens couldn't afford to keep Boldin's CAP # for 2013 so John tossed Baby Bro a life line after Crabtree was injured in individual Off-Season work outs.

Mando loves his little trolls. Nothing to generate yg's 38 personalities in a dominating 13 point road victory? No worries Mando will find something....

Shame on you, Salguero.

Wake was awesome and is the leader of this defense. But he got no love today from the national media as always. Oh they all care about Wallace but upset only getting one catch..but he should be happy about that?

This defense is worthy of nickname. These guys are going to win us a lot of games this year. Wave after wave of pass rushers got after Weeden and made both him and that Oline look lousy. Did pretty good against Richardson too!

DC congrats on going 3 for 3.

I agree that Sherman has to share in some of the responsibility.

But Wallace has to realize that all types of things affect the play calling. Especially the O-Line early on. I'm sure Sherman's game plan didn't include no running lanes and constant pressure on Tannehill.

I'm guessing that when his game plan came apart he was scrambling to get something else going. Like using Wallace to back off some coverages and open up some short intermedaye stuff.

It wasn't pretty and yes, he has to find ways to get Wallace involved regardless. Today obviously wasn't a good example of that. Live and Learn I always say. We're 1 - 0 and hopefully next week goes a lot closer to (Game)plan!

He has a point but he should know by now to keep his trap shut around reporters and the media. This sort of crap is the last thing this team needs.

But seriously, isn't the idea behind getting him that they'll throw deep to him here and there? Why have the Dolphins completely abandoned the very idea of deep passes over the last 13 years? Watching them play offense is like watching glaciers melt.

Are you all going to cower in fear all week about Luck in the Colts?

Are you all pansies?

You should welcome the challenge and BELIEVE. If you don't believe we can beat the Colts, you have no reason to believe we will make the playoffs.

Dominating? We never had a safe lead until late in the game!

Marc, ur wrong. 277 yards on the road with no rushing attack is not average. That's extrapolates to 4400 yards in a year. Stop grasping.

Tannehill played well (but not great) overall and that's a positive. The defense appears quite good.

The running game was horrid. The offensive line play was not good.

The Dolphins missed opportunities to improve the team in the offseason and that seemed to show up in today's offensive struggles.

The Dolphins should have not put all of their hopes on a TE with an injury history. Jared Cook was more expensive, but he's a player and he would have helped the Dolphins today. He would have also helped Wallace.

Jordon may indeed be a fine player. He got a sack today. But the DL was going to be quite talented even without Jordon this year. The Dolphins invested most of the draft on the defense. If Tannehill is going to have to pass this team to victory, then a top offensive lineman and another TE or WR would have helped the team's offense.

The last thing I want is yet another 8-8 season with struggles on offense affecting Tannehill's development. The other young QB's in the league are not standing still and their teams are trying to find them playmakers at every turn (even if it does not always work out).

I want this team to win. And today, it did. But the lack of a running game, the horrid offensive line play, and the need for an elite TE (or two) could yet harm this team going forward.

Boy, that's a scary pass rush. Even Shelby got to Weeden a couple times. Poor Weeden's asss tomorrow morning.

The issue isn't that we're complaining about the victory. A victory in the NFL has to be cherished. Our problem is in looking ahead and knowing that we can't play the Browns again this year.

We play like this next week and we are probably in a would of .....! After Indy the schedule toughens. This team needs to make a very big step forward. Without the running game you can be only so good! And have the potential to be somewhat less or much less.

A road game when u win by 13 is dominating. Cleveland barely had a lead let alone threatened winning the game. Nice try though ...

No, SAN FRAN's QB was DOMINATING. Manning was DOMINATING! Less than 300 yards and an INT is AVERAGE! I don't care if that exprapolates to 5000 yards if he can't throw TD's and can't throw the deep ball

The Browns committed 5 turnovers or they would've won easily.

This is why I didn't like the signing of Wallace. He is a malcontent. Oh, and YG is a dooosh.

Sure Marc, sure.... grasp grasp grasp

Actions speak louder than words.

This Love Facking guy seems to be a complete idiot

Anybody got an injury report?
Did we get away unscathed?

I'm telling you, towards the end of the game Weeden was mad as hell and about to hang them up. I don't blame him.

right on Odin, if we had a run game today the play action pass would work and probably hit Wallace on some deep ones...

Hoping this was a shakedown game. I don't know if th OL/rushing can be fixed without new personnel, but that is job # 1 for Sherman. Job # 2, as DC says upthread, is to get a little creative, a little funky. DISPLAY ADAPTABILITY.

I think if Patterson plays the whole game, Luck & Co. are in for a real challenge next week.

(Oh, and where are all the people whinging their asses off about how Dion Jordan wasn't going to play in Week 1 and thus proved that blah blah blha ...? You know who you are.)

18 carries for 17 yds rushing? Thanx Irescum.

Agreed marc you're just trying to be negative.... if you want 400 yds Tanne did that as a rookie.... he is working on it... kap is un yr 3 manning 37th lol.. come on man

between Dalton and Geno Smith.
Middle of the pack in yards. Middle of the pack in completions, middle of the pack in TD's. Middle of the pack in QBR. HE'S NOT FANTASTIC! He's NOT GREAT! Argue all you want. We'll be drafting YET ANOTHER QB in in the next 2 years. Mark it down

I don't know if it is one or two guy's posting and then answering themselves... I honestly don't care..

What I know is this... Miami won.

Try and analyze it, placate it, slice it up and serve it to your boyfriends...


And they'll win a bunch more... 82.6 QB Rating...
5 Sacks.....
Right decision about Sturgis and using a 5th round pick..

Gibson is better then Bess since he actually runs with the ball..

Hartline is GOD...

Marshall is a competitor and wants the ball... so what? He'll see plenty of it before the season is over and no one but Oprahmando will remember this piece of shiznit piece he wrote...

Only scum bags and cocksuckers slam a winner...

And I bet none of you are Green...... Miami won... Beotches..... smell that for a living.....

Put another way: it is okay to have your first drive thrown by the opposition's doing something you did not expect with their defense.

It should not take you an entire half to adjust, however.

I think Dmitri got nicked. Carroll, except for a couple of plays did a commendable job of substituting.

Must've slept during a 32 yard perfectly completed touchdown pass... yeah, can't complete a deep pass when they had no respect for the run at all.

Won by two touchdowns... still we have whiners ... I guess every game should be won by 35...

Tannehill managed that game very well. Made one poor pass otherwise he took that offense on his shoulders.

go finjsssssssssss

See for yourselves;

You're wrong Marc. Guy will be around a while.

And if he finishes the year as a middle of the pack qb and our defense plays like it today, we will he playing in January.

Need to give credit to the Browns defense on the running game. Those guys were scrappy and played well. The lack of a running game reminded me of the Marino years. And to the credit of T-hill he stepped up put the ball where he had to and helped win the game.

Craig MiniMind,

Tell us how we should all be angry we didn't keep bad back Marshall.

Oh, he had ONE long pass. I didn't forget. It's not MEMORABLE. It's not AMAZING. It's not GREAT.

Our Safeties were impeccable. Can't recall a single mistake by them.

Brady only had 1 1 more yards against a worse defense, and commuted twice as many turnovers. Time to cut him loose according to Marc I guess too.

Give Brady Wallace and see if he's storming out of the complex when the game is over...Nuff said

Marc have you McNutted recently?

We won the game by 13 points... on the road. Like someone said on the previous page, someone will always complain. We couldn't run, we didn't win by 21, always something to nitpick. We were pretty damn good today and tannehill seems to be growing quite nicely. Enjoy it ...

And I personally think Brady is overrated. You saw what happened when Manning had Welker v. Brady with Welker.

Sounds to me whatever plan philbin and sherman showed wallace when recruiting him wasnt the gameplan they showed today. Wallace also needs to realize tanny doesnt improv like big ben did.... Yet. Tanny is getting there. He went through progressions when he had time and bought time on a few third down throws. He has to work on being more aware of middle pressure and when to side step and not run into your linemens backs like henne used too.

I just took a huge Ross and wiped my Wallace.

why wasn't the Carroll interception a touchback. what a bad spot should have challenged that one... clearly intercepted in end zone and touched down in the end zone.

You guys are happy with a crappee team. Congrats. I'm not!

No Brady passes to the open guy despite the name on the back. Brady would've slapped wallace silly and reminded him who's team it is... tannehill will eventually grow to do the same.

Its ok Marc there will be something next week that goes wrong that you can be sour about...... haden was cloaking him much of the 1st half... they have a history see how many yards he had last yr against him with big ben... tanne did mis. Him a cpl of times

LOL! Oh Marc, you can argue Tannehill but Brady overrated? Even a biased dolphins fan couldn't disagree more. You fishing for attention or are you just that dumb. Please enlighten me on football! HAHAHA please enjoy the peewee league as a ball boy in the games while we're lining up under the lights

Sammo: well said.

Mark in Toronto: I don't disagree with what you're saying, but it's not like there aren't problems. We can't play like this vs. good teams & expect to win. Thank god we opened vs. the Browns & have a chance to make corrections!

LOVE FAKING is obsessed with 'male popsicles'.

great game for us... let's get number 2 next week....

D isn't crappy Marc... line had some issues... are they super bowl contenders right now? Nope but neither were the ravens... before you say flacco.. his receivers made him at the right time. ...

Good win Tanne deserves all the credit how about we enjoy it until the team starts Indy week.

If we can start 2-0 going into the game with Atl then who knows what can happen.. confidence can go a long way

One of the biggest weaknesses on the colts offense is the interior of the OL. That means that Soliai, Starks, and Odrick should have a field day.

A Bolden CLEARLY was Flacco's safety valve and that was obvious in both the Ravens game AND the San Fran game!

I agree with Walace. Happy the fins won, but would like to see the big playmaker earn that money. As for the running game, meh!

Agreed Marc....... Wallace and he will get on the same page

Wallace will continue to cause problems for this team. He just can't help himself. In his defense, however, Sherman's offense is garbage. Slants & comebacks, and no creativity. Why did Bush put up those numbers in his first game as a Lion? Because they know how to properly utilize his skill set. And YG & Craig M should just get together and make out already.

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