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Dolphins win, but Wallace upset

Although the Dolphins won the regular-season opener, 23-10 over the Cleveland Browns, Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace was clearly angry coming off the field and was still steaming after he dressed and left the Dolphins locker room.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland escorted a visibly angry Wallace off the field, putting his arm around the players waist and walking him as if leading him away from other people. Ireland was talking to Wallace the entire time the two walked back to the locker room.

Minutes later, Wallace, who caught only one pass for 15 yards, was one of the first players who left the locker room.

Can I walk with you, I asked?

"I don't feel like talking," Wallace grumbled.

Can you talk about the game?

"I don't want to talk," he answered.

Another reporter joined us and asked, "Can you talk about the game plan?"

"I don't feel like talking about it. Ask coach."

Wallace didn't have a catch at halftime. Indeed, the Dolphins hadn't even targeted him in the first half. They did immediately target him in the first series of the first half and he eventually finished the game with four targets. Brian Hartline had the ball thrown him 12 times and Brandon Gibson had the ball thrown to him seven times. Tight end Charles Clay had the ball thrown to him six times.

As he was walking away, Wallace was asked about the lack of targets in the first half.

"Ask coach," he said. "It's not my game plan."

Another question: In the second half they threw to you right away. Was something said at halftime?

"Ask coach."

This is not going to make Wallace, Miami's highest paid free agent, popular. It obviously doesn't look good that he was clearly thinking about his personal performance and situation ahead of the fact the Dolphins won the game.

Not a good look.

On the other hand, the kid has a point. Mike Wallace signed a $60 million contract. Not throwing him the football in the first half of a game he's single covered throughout is not good planning by coaches.



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Marc do you have a point you're trying to make or are you just going to be vaginaing over the same opinion all night?

I agree with Marc in that I don't think T-Hill can throw a nice deep ball. Didn't see it at all last year, help me out if I missed it. What good is a deep weapon if you don't have the arm to use it. I hope I'm wrong but I'm not going to believe it until I see it.

I've made my point. This team still stinks. If we couldn't easily win that game prepare for another losing record. And a new staff and QB.

6 sacs 3 t/os nice D led by Wake.... Ellerbe Grimes Wheeler clear upgrades.. Jordan beats one if not the best LT in the game for a sac

Give Brady Wallace and see if he's storming out of the complex when the game is over...Nuff said

Posted by: Marc | September 08, 2013 at 09:11 PM

Yeah, because Brady like QB's come out every year in the draft. Get real Marc! Tannehill will be a very good QB in the NFL. Ever wonder why when players leave Miami and perform better somewhere else? Because other teams have patience and let the players develop. This team is not perfect, but they are much better than last year, and they will be better by the eighth game than they were in the 1st game. A win today is good and the Dolphins know they need to work to continue to get better.

Boy you writers are a bunch of morons! Anything to write a story & stir up controversy right? Leave the guy alone & stop trying to paint him as a spoiled brat. The guy was probably only upset with himself for not being a bigger part of the offense today & you writers have to start up this crap.

I'm out of patience. I'm getting old. This team hasn't sniffed success in almost 2 decades! It's TIRESOME.

I checked the winning margins of Teams this week and our 13 points margin is 3rd best up to now behind Denver and KC vs Jac. And in the Dawg Pound. Does it mean anything? Hmm...

Of course the reason he's upset is purely speculative, much like Starks. He's probably upset he's on such a terrible team.

I for one can't wait to see how our defense does against Luck. Another measuring stick for this defense. I look forward to the challenge of going up against the best QB's. This team deserves recognition for how well they played and since apparently that's not going to happen until we beat the best. We're just going to have to take them down one at time.

Not wanting to talk to Mando shouldn't make him unpopular. Hell, I wouldn't want to be seen talking to him in public either.

"He's probably upset he's on such a terrible team."

No, that would be you.

I'm out of patience. I'm getting old. This team hasn't sniffed success in almost 2 decades! It's TIRESOME.

Posted by: Marc | September 08, 2013 at 09:32 PM

Your right it is tiresome! But success isn't going to happen overnight. The 2008 worst to first really didn't do the Dolphins any good, as it created false hopes the following years. And don't discount the Browns this year. They have been projected to be better than the Dolphins and have a really good defense. Its probably the best defense they will see until the Ravens game.

Success does happen overnight; just not for this franchise.

The supposed "SCRUB" playing RDE for Dallas in the HOF game George Selvie is having himself a monster game on Sunday Night!

Now, now, all we need is another Brandon.


Well, no one can talk you off the cliff so just go ahead and jump already.

Listen, pal, you are just a fukkking decoy, and expensive one, but a decoy nonetheless. Accept it. And enjoy your $ y no jod-s.

Eli to Cruz...now that is what a deep throw looks like. I'm still hoping to see it this year.

Tell Hartline that T-hill can't throw a deep pass. WOW...that's a crazy statement. Even Wallace said that T- hill might have a better deep pass than Ben. Now if you want to say they lack chemistry fine. But that's ridiculous. No way to spin that other than that's non sense.

Marc you realize we win today right?


Keep focussing on the negative, bud. You say you're old. Guess what? You won't be around very long on this planet to enjoy life. If you can't find any joy in the Dolphins victory today, then I'm sorry.....there's no hope for you.

This wasn't a perfect win by any means but I'll take a 13 point victory on the road any time. I guess Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are really crap because they squeezed out a 12-7 victory over the Panthers today on the road.

A little perspective fellas....


You say Miami hasn't sniffed success in 20 years...

Dude... winning a football game is success.

It all starts with one win. I agree with the person who told you to jump. Either you have way too much Bourbon in you and can't reason... or you just seem to believe the only way to win is going out and ripping off 500 yards and 5 TD's.

Have you even LOOKED at the scores today..?

Have you even paid attention to the fact that even some of the Media's "darlings" got a good scare?

I watched Buffalo and New England on my NFL Ticket... "Lemmee tell ya sumthin" (fireman Ed)..... The Patsy's SHOULD HAVE LOST that game. Buffalo was just too young and inexperienced to put them away on defense. I'm telling you without a doubt, had Miami played THAT NE team... we'd of wiped the floor with them...

Winning IS NOT DOMINATING... this team is 1 to 2 years from being THAT good. They still have weak spots. But Miami is without any doubt in the right mind a better football team then last year..

Now... if you can't come to terms with that... I'd give up on the game and the team... because they're no good for you... and your a shiznittyy fan to them..

So Jump..!!!!

Or stick around and enjoy the fact YOUR TEAM WON, and stop letting these media buffoon walk you around by the nose.

Marc, sounds like you need a stretch and a ripper... all will he better after that


Do I recognize you as the poster that used to post under 'weneedplaymakers'/'wehaveplaymakers'? I recognize the writing style.

I'm just trying to keep everyone straight on here. Cheers!

Or maybe it's 'in the breeze'?

Craig, Witten is rolling again, be afraid be very afraid. Lol

All of you fans are nothing but garbage!!! This team wins and you people still are not satisfied. How many of you pathetic LOSERS cried all of the time for a receiver like Wallace?? Now the Fins get him and one fit he throws you are ready to throw him to the wolves?? You people really suck. Its one game. He has statistically never had good outings against Haden. He should have kept his piehole shut. He got schooled. period. Now all of you sucky fans, go root for another team and stop with your whining.

Man, my team ran into a buzzsaw this week. Rdubs on fire. Never stood a chance.. fear the lobstertube!

Look, romo can't throw a deep ball


I haven't looked at the score yet. How are we doing?

You're up by 18 and still have Morris as your ringer tomorrow. I have Vick and Andre Johnson tomorrow and Witten right now. Closer than I thought it would be.

Both offense and defense have some talented players. Coyle gets creative with his toys. Sherman does not. The offensive line is still a problem, and that's on Ireland and Philbin...
And YG has a crush on Craig M.


I used to give the benefit of the doubt when it came to readers bashing you and your column, I used to think they are being hard on you, that you weren't that bad. Unfortunately I can't stand by that line of reasoning anymore ou really do SUCK!!! I mean your really stirring up the pot over Wallace having bad game trying to hint that there is a problem with him and Tannehill or Phillbin. Really??? The only problems where double teams and JOE FREAKING HADDEN, Wallace is a competitor and like any competitor was upset that he had a bad game against a great DB. WE WON STOP TRYING TO STIR UP S$&@.... looking forward to when the Herald fires you!

Giants need to cut rb David Wilson on the spot. @nd fumble of the game, this one going for Cowboys td...........

2nd Wilson fumble

I agree Matt this was one of Armando's more shameless stirring the crap blog posts.


That's closer than I thought too. I forgot I had Morris. I like that guy. Hopefully I'll be ok....

At least it's close, that makes it more fun.

Amidst all the complaining about the win, Fans have overlooked that Philbin upgraded an important part of our defense. Creating Turnovers.If we can create 2-3 Turnovers a game this team will manage to win some close games while the Offense develops.

We won despite having no running game, no deep ball threat, and terrible blocking by the offensive line. We're not going to win next week unless at least one of those things improves.

I suggest if Mr. Salguero wants to develop a good relationship with Mr. Wallace that he be more respectful to him. Armando already has few player sources on the team since Dansby left. Don't want to stir the Pot when you don't have to. STOP CRYING WOLF MR. SALGUERO. Cause when the chit does hit the fan we will all be so tired of the complaining that we won't care anymore.

Come on Marc, just roll up your sleave and inject a little more of me.

Go get your 9 year old while your at it, all GOOD parents start there kids young.

Dumb Dashi,

While the offense develops? The Dolphin offense has been "DEVELOPING" since Csonka, Warfield, Kiick left for the World Football League.

Since then, we've had offenses that could pass, but couldnt run. Could run, but couldn't pass. Then offenses that could do neither.

This offense has been "DEVELOPING" for at least 38yrs now idiot.........................................

I'd be upset if Wallace didn't want a better day. What a difference a day will make. I'm sure in 24 hours it will all seem overblown and rightly so.

As for who I maybe it's simple I am me. As I said earlier a homer maybe(most Steeler and Pack fans would probably consider that a compliment)but definitely an unapologetic fan. And importantly as well I don't take kindly to troll non sense with their BS and lies. Willing to be friendly with any fans here.

Scroll Down you Angry Lesbian. When has Dashi given you permission to resume talking to me.

We are not friends or acquaintances, so take Dashi out your mouth.

I'm out of patience. I'm getting old. This team hasn't sniffed success in almost 2 decades! It's TIRESOME.

Posted by: Marc | September 08, 2013 at 09:32 PM

We don't need this team Marc. Who cares if they won, from here on in, it's just YOU and ME.

Would have been dollars ahead and a better ball player if the Dolphins went after Anquan Bolden instead of Wallace.

And Angry Lesbian,

Only 8 teams scored over 400 pts last season. Only 4 made the playoffs.


So to say we need to score over 410 pts this season to make the playoffs is Ridiculous, Absurd, Flagrant, Asinine and Retarded.

This offense has been "DEVELOPING" for at least 38yrs now idiot.........................................

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | September 08, 2013 at 10:31 PM

Bing, bing, bing. We have a wiener.

Dashi @ 10:44, nice job in describing YG to a tee ... congrats

Would have been dollars ahead and a better ball player if the Dolphins went after Anquan Bolden instead of Wallace.

Posted by: Craven Morehead | September 08, 2013 at 10:41 PM


Bolden was traded, and unless the Dolphins coach was a Harbaugh sibling, they were never going to get him.

Could have had Boldin as a FA the year we signed Marshall as well.


Not with Parcells running the team. You should have been surprised we even traded for Marshall knowing Parcells' theory about receivers.



Hartline over 100 with a td, Tannehill almost perfect on the most important drive of the game (a drive in which the defense KNEW the pass was coming) and putting it out of reach, Gibson open everywhere making some big plays, special teams solid, Defense absolutely dominant even with injuries to our dbs, 1st round pick has limited role and still records first sack, Patterson proves Coyle right grabbing two interceptions.

Lots of work to do but a solid performance by a lot of players today. It's funny that before the game we were told how much better Cleveland is and how the phins were going to lose because blah blah blah. And now? "The Browns suck, the Dolphins should've won by more, you shouldn't be happy about the win, etc. WTF? Go cry in your pillows and stfu already.

When Ireland traded 3 picks for D Thomas the entire draft room broke out in hysterical laughter.

I Cant Believe me and Dashi are almost tied in FF And all I have left is Texans Defense And he has Foster.....Anyone like to have Aaron Rodgers for there team for a good RB????

Phins78, anyone not happy with this win is not much of a fan in my opinion. A win's a win, rejoice!!

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