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Dolphins win, but Wallace upset

Although the Dolphins won the regular-season opener, 23-10 over the Cleveland Browns, Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace was clearly angry coming off the field and was still steaming after he dressed and left the Dolphins locker room.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland escorted a visibly angry Wallace off the field, putting his arm around the players waist and walking him as if leading him away from other people. Ireland was talking to Wallace the entire time the two walked back to the locker room.

Minutes later, Wallace, who caught only one pass for 15 yards, was one of the first players who left the locker room.

Can I walk with you, I asked?

"I don't feel like talking," Wallace grumbled.

Can you talk about the game?

"I don't want to talk," he answered.

Another reporter joined us and asked, "Can you talk about the game plan?"

"I don't feel like talking about it. Ask coach."

Wallace didn't have a catch at halftime. Indeed, the Dolphins hadn't even targeted him in the first half. They did immediately target him in the first series of the first half and he eventually finished the game with four targets. Brian Hartline had the ball thrown him 12 times and Brandon Gibson had the ball thrown to him seven times. Tight end Charles Clay had the ball thrown to him six times.

As he was walking away, Wallace was asked about the lack of targets in the first half.

"Ask coach," he said. "It's not my game plan."

Another question: In the second half they threw to you right away. Was something said at halftime?

"Ask coach."

This is not going to make Wallace, Miami's highest paid free agent, popular. It obviously doesn't look good that he was clearly thinking about his personal performance and situation ahead of the fact the Dolphins won the game.

Not a good look.

On the other hand, the kid has a point. Mike Wallace signed a $60 million contract. Not throwing him the football in the first half of a game he's single covered throughout is not good planning by coaches.



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Wow, all the bickering and bitching at each other??
Face Facts, Sherman is not the answer to our offensive issues, NO Line, NO running backs, no scores!! Owner and chairman went out a hired an offensive mind Philbin to correct our deficiences and solve the blitz pass rush problems with this offenseless team( which gave up 14 points a game on turnovers) and then Clevleand's O coordinator can use our receiver bess- to show us our own solutions, play calling ( no slants,no screens, no shuttles, no quick hits in or out, no tightend screens, no running back slants,)that did nothing to slow down or hold the backers and blitz packages during either half!! Our defensive backs did a good job and are fortunate that our line was able to pressure Weeden's pathetic O-line all day, If he was smart he would have ran Richardson more and forced us to stop the run! Which we did very little as we still can not tackle a quality back!! This offense gained 280 total yds, and scored 3pts on 3 interceptions!! SAD!! Wallace, Starks should be pissed for all the work they did and the reward this Monastery of Monks gives them for the effort they put out!! Face the facts folks, this game was a coaching flop, we should have put big points on the board with proper play calling!! We need a real running back not a band aide called lamar miller,lets look at Reggie Bush's opening day!! He was not worth 4 -5 million a season? Stop drinking the koolaid boys, we have overlooked too many awesome backs lately while every one else had two or three excellent backs alternating snaps. Tight ends? did we lose our minds or justin keller? He is out for season so step up the play calling and utilize the sims kid, and Clay!!

Look guys M-wallace
Starks who ever is complaining doesn't really matter if this team can't generate a running game, #1 it keeps the defense on the field longer #2 defenses will adjust and blitz more put a lot more pressure on T-hill because now they won't stack the line they going to drop back in coverage and dare T-hill to beat them with the pass..defense coordinators will adjust. I just hope the OL adjust also and Dan Sherman can come up with better game planning, like using his playmakers and putting them in better situation. We will see.

what's wrong with the guy wanting to earn his paycheck? if we lose the game and he only has one catch, how many people are screaming they overpaid for him? he wants to be the man.....that's what they brought him in to be. I wouldn't want to be under the pressure this guy is under....cut him some slack.

saundo11 thats exactly the same thing I said when I saw the comments. I guarantee everyone that is calling him selfish would be saying he's overpaid and he could care less if he wasnt upset. I like the fact that he's upset with not getting enough touches. At least he didnt complain on the field and make an issue of it on the sidelines. Im willing to bet if he wasnt asked about it, he would have talked to Philbin. I think he could have handled the situatio a little better but I want my WR1 to want the ball!

As I said yesterday about Wallace..What a difference a day makes and would seem overblown. and that I would be upset if he didn't want to do better and wasn't upset. I'll just be happy with the guy if he torches Vontae a few times vs. the Colts.

Obviously you don't have a $60 millions d-coy. Coach and OC need to work on that soon or the phins will not win the next four games.

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