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Don Shula A Football Life tonight on NFL Network

Don Shula was the greatest NFL coach of all time.

Yes, that is subjective. And an argument can be made for Vince Lombardi and Bill Walsh. A case can be stated that Chuck Noll won more Super Bowls. And I know George Halas and Paul Brown were league cornerstones well before Shula came on the scene.

But as Shula used to say, "There's a reason we keep score and there's a reason we have standings."

Shula won more games than anyone else.

And Shula was the only man to guide an NFL team to an undefeated and untied Super Bowl title. The 1972 Dolphins were 17-0. Perfect.

Shula coached the Dolphins from 1970 to January 1996. That means a lot of Dolphins fans today never watched a Shula team play. A lot of Dolphins fans today never watched Shula coach.

They know Shula more as a restaurant than a football coach.

Those people should watch the NFL Network tonight at 9 p.m. when Don Shula A Football Life will air, recalling the Dolphins' heyday, examining the history of a coach and the franchise he helped establish as elite, examining a fascinating man who will forever cast a shadow over every coach the Dolphins will have. 

"People ask me how I coach as long as I coached, for 33 years," Shula says early in the broadcast. "I tell them, 'you have to win early and often.'"

Shula did that. But he did something else. He won early and often and then kept winning. And winning. And winning. He had only two losing seasons in 33 years.

Shula was a pillar. He was around from the Korean War through the Cold War. He coached Unitas and Marino. He coached teams that ran better than any other. He coached teams that passed better than any other.

"He is a measure above normal men," Irving Fryar says in the piece.

"... He would cut his mother ...," Nick Buoniconti says of Shula's approach.

Shula remains the man against whom I measure other coaches -- not just Dolphins coaches, but all NFL coaches. He was very kind to young, cub reporter named Salguero. And we built a mutual trust. I knew he'd never lie. I knew integrity was woven into the fabric of his being. I knew that with Shula coaching the Dolphins, I'd be covering the team in the playoffs practically every year.

If you are old enough to remember Shula on the Dolphins sideline, watch A Football Life this evening to recall the good old days. If you are too young to remember Shula, watch A Football Life as an education.

After the 9 p.m. broadcast Shula will appear in studio at 10 p.m. on NFL Network to discuss the backstory of the documentary. It's an all-Don Shula primetime on NFL Network tonight.


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Official ICE BOYZ Yamaka ...

Shula would of tore down that Saban bubble and had the team running 120's in 100 degrees till they puke..

Looking forward to it. Boy those were the days.

Don Shula is and always will be Greatest Coach of all time!! Suck on that Bill Belicheck!

dan marino = shulas' demise.

2 watt=trolling

Congrats to Shula...

My new favorite memory of him is getting out his chair to take a picture that will forever me memoralized with the 72 FINS and the President....

That right there told me EVERYTHING i needed to know about the man...

That is a man who has pride in himself....and can instill it in others....

Actions DO speak louder than words....

You don't know what you'll miss till it's gone. So true with Shula. Great coach, but more importantly, he was a class act and always will be.



(repost from last)

"If the Dolphins are having success throwing but not running, why not throw every down?"

“Coach Philbin is of that mindset,” Sherman said. “I don’t know that I’ve quite reached that mindset yet. Coach Philbin could possibly convince me otherwise.”

So Philbin apparently has more of an aggressive approach than I would have thought. But why is Sherman dictating anything to Philbin. This is exactly what I was talking about with another poster yesterday. Sporano/Henning. I don't want to see that relationship again. Philbin's the coach, not Sherman. No matter how much he looks up to him he needs to make all of the final calls.

I understand the need for the run, we all get it. Need that play action. I'm just reading Sherms words and not liking them. There's no convincing that needs to be done, ( I have since read that Joe did indeed tell Sherman to get more creative and stop trying to force the run during the game. He complied and it worked so that eases my worries about the relationship a bit.)

Work to do, have a great day all.

Dion Jordan's sack official!!!!

It wasn't a dead ball foul. So statistically Dion Jordan does have a sack gentlemen.

u 2 78.

One more!

"Philbin has elected to stay with Thursday as his team’s off day for the second consecutive week."

"Almost every team in the NFL uses Tuesday as their off day. Philadelphia, under first-year coach Chip Kelly, is another notable exception. They’re using Monday as their off day."

I like the idea because it gives players rest at the end of the week after practice. Why let them rest first and then practice? It seems they would be more tired for Sunday. Well anyway, it worked the first week so why not?

I remember all those Dolphins fans who wanted Shula kicked out and Jimmy to replace him. Not me, I knew how good we had it.
The franchise still hasn't recovered. Quitter Jimmy left us Pornstache, then we got the liar and quitter Saban, then the inept Cameron and the field goal fist-pumper Sparano.
Philbin may be good but if we don't see significant progress this year, we'll know he joins the parade of failures.
Be careful of what you wish for, Shula's forgotten more football than 99% of us will ever know.

Don Shula is the greatest coach who ever lived period. The man made watching the Dolphins during his reign a pure joy.

My favorite story after Shula retired was at Super Bowl 42 in Arizona when the Patriots were going for the undefeated season, and Shula had made some comments about how disappointed in Spygate and the Patriots he was. Of course, the idiot, classless, garbage Patriots fans take everything personal because their whole lives are about sports and nothing else, because they have nothing else to look forward to. Shula walked into a restaurant in Arizona that week with others, and the restaurant was filled with these low-life Patriots fans. When they saw Shula, they booed him pretty badly, and Shula walked out of the restaurant. They also talked a lot of trash about the 1972 team and ran them down, saying they were about to go undefeated. Well, when the Giants beat the Patriots in that game too, basically on the TYREE catch, to prevent the Patsies from going undefeated, I always felt that was karma coming back to bite the Patriots and their fans in the behind. They had treated Shula so badly that it came back on to them, and they learned what everyone in the NFL knew and knows....You don't screw with Don Shula or you get it tucked up your wazzou!...I will always be grateful to the NY Giants for winning that game so Shula could get the last laugh on the garbage Patriots organization.


78, just think if he gave the team off all week instead huh?

Its sad that Shula is on his last legs...


Don Shula is an icon. No one will ever come close to matching all of his accomplishments. Yet he is under valued and overlooked by the national media. When the national media talk's about the greatest coaches they name Lombardi, Walsh, Belicheck... Seldom is Shula's name in the mix. Perfect example is the NFL network waiting 3 years to do a Football life on Shula. They already did one on Lombardi, Belicheck, Walsh, Landry to name a few.
Hell Shula should have been their first Foootball Life program. But, no respect.

DVR already set! Shula is THE MAN!!!

And Amendola is already injured, took a whole week!!! Poor Patsies

Amendola is my flex WR, anyone wants to trade???

Have we heard any updates on the rookie CB's or about Dimitri, who needs to play!

Im very mixed on Shula and his greatness. The teams he went to 3 straight sb's, winning 2, 1 undefeated untied, were built by Joe Thomas and Bobby Beathard. Shula, the GM was pretty damn just "plain average".

Had a young "Dan Marino" not "practically fell into his lap". We're probably not mentioning Don Shula and 33ys in the same sentence. Shula also didn't build those Colts teams before coming to Miami.

With a Col team, clearly the best in the league at that time, Shula was also part of "THE GREATEST SB UPSET IN NFL HISTORY. Ask Joe Namath, he predicted it.

Shula's greatest lost were to the 1969 SB Jets-Jets-Jets.

Nothing overly special about Shula, he walked into great teams in both Baltimore and Miami. Still, I resect him, but the "TRUTH IS THE TRUTH". Even Don Shula isn't great enough to change that.......

Also, the team that went to the SB with David Woodley, played a far more competitive SB game than that which made it there with Dan Marino.

Still both those those teams lost and Shula would never win a SB again with a team that "DON SHULA BUILT"......

So, hold your Shula greatness horses, before gathering in "ALL OF THE FACTS".......

Had Dan Marino not fallen into Shula's lap, we probably get "JIMMY JOHNSON" TO REPLACE HIM, BEFORE jimmy EVER BECOMES COWBOY HEAD COACH.

Just Saying...................................

Comcast Hialeah no have NFL channel for free. Me no need it. I know Don Shula.

YG, 347 wins would beg to differ.

I was very nervous before that kick. My older friend told me, Oscar, he can miss it. And from 33 yds, Jan Stenerud, the most accurate kicker at that time, missed it. I saw Shula do some very weird things in those times.

All hail the DON!!!

Your dad should've used a Jimmy

... just sayin

lifelong/passionate dolphins fan, and I'm embarrassed to say that I didnt realize Shula only had 2 losing seasons in 33 years.....I knew it couldnt have been alot more, but didnt know it was only 2---TWO....unbelievable.

Marino did not fall into Shula lap. The dolphins had rated Marino has high as Elway that draft and couldn't believe that he fell so far.

Falling into a lap is more like Brady, who the Pat's didn't take until the SIXTH ROUND.


Faking.....anybody, coach/player or corporate guy, that has success for 33 years needs a few breaks and some luck along the way--whether its during games or the draft, or both, thats just a fact....Brady certainly fell into Belichiks lap, no?--Pats needed a ridiculously bad call (which became the Tuck Rule...which is now gone again) to win the playoff game in the snow and even get to the SB--wouldnt Montana falling to the 3rd round qualify as "falling into the lap" of the 49ers/Bill Walsh? Favre was taken 33rd and then traded to GB....not "falling into the lap"?--couldnt we say that Indy had absurd luck (no pun) last year, going 1-15 after being a perennial playoff team, and therefore Luck "fell into their lap"--no?--all of these teams/coaches needed these huge breaks to attain success...thats just the reality.

When Bob Griese went down in the 5th Game of the 1972 Season with a broken leg, I kind of said, how do we get out of this one now? I knew Griese was not essential to our success as we had many great Players on our Team besides him; but still it was a shock and a big loss. Then Shula came up with Earl Morrall, who not only backed up admirably but managed not to lose a single Game until the SB when Griese returned to the line up. The Undefeated was not Morrall only. It was mostly Shula with some kind of Coaching job that bordered on Magic.

Good post Benz....

thats a little perspective...I hadn't thought of things like that....

would like to see this rebuttal...

Has Ireland been fired yet?

oscar, Griese returned in the conference championship game against Pittsburgh but otherwise point noted.

#347 wins goes all the way back to Shula's Colts days. Only 2 losing seasons?

What HC couldn't replicate that feat with two "READY MADE" sb teams led by Johnny Unitas and Bob Griese, 2 HOF qb's. Then have Dan Marino practically fall into your lap.

Cam Cameron could replicate this given what Shula was given.

Sorry, I respect Shula, appreciated him as our HC, but I will allow "TRUE FACTS" to uncloud my homerism. I only speak the truth no matter how unpopular it is here. Guess you all already know this. It's how I earned my "troll stripes" with those with head up ass here.

Just Saying.......................................

Luck by itself can't work out. You must put your Will into it, then it will respond.

Shula's biggest mistake was sticking with Marino too long after he was exposed as a choker.

shula shuld have traded marino b4 he inked a new deal that said no trade.


Just goes to prove my point. NOBODY is hardly as great as the accolades we wish to bestow upon them. After all, hey are but mortal men too.

Just some of us are still in "kiddie stage" and need "SUPeR HEROES" to look up to. I put down the "super hero" comic books eons upon eons ago. I prefer to be grounded in REALITY as much as possible....

Kris....cant imagine we'll see a reasonable/intelligent rebuttal--could argue over whether Shula is the greatest coach ever, and thats fine, but 2 losing seasons out of 33 (and Marino only played in 17 of them) is basically the definition of greatness--and yes, you need some breaks along the way--but Faking should consider this....when Griese went down early in the '72 season, Shula brought in a perennial backup in Morrall who guided them through their perfect season (I think Griese returned in the SB or just prior)--if thats not an amazing coaching job, I dont know what is....and I'm pretty sure there was no "Marino" on that roster

yimmy did it wit walker b4 the trade d-line in 89 and well. u homers kno how that worked out 4 yimmy.

Shula's mistake was not finding a solid running back to work with Marino.

Put Marino on Buffalo instead of Kelly they win a SB, Put Marino on Denver with TD and they easily win with that team.

Put Marino in place of Montana on the 49ers for those teams and there are 5 more undefeated seasons in the NFL.

That's my opinion.

poizen, put kelly on shues 84 team and he wins an sb against sf.

Did you guys know that Don Shula wanted to cut, I think it was Jim Langer, but Shula's OC at the time threaten to quit if he did?

It's true, Langer went on to become a HOF center. If it wasn't Langer, Im sure it was Bob Kuechenberg. Still, Kuechenberg would go onto to be a multiple pro bowl guard/tackle.

Faking.....I have NO idea what you're talking about

shula had the best help in his caoching staff inc. the ball boy.

2 watt, hell no, that was just silly.

I'm sure you must have seen it in Sports. The Power of the Will. Let's say like when Dwayne Wade decided not to lose that Championship and won it himself. Same for MJ, many Times. You want something badly and you put all your Will to it, you're going to get it. Guaranteed.

I'm not even saying Shula is necessarily the greatest coach ever, not at all--however you want to debate/discuss it, 2 losing seasons in 33, the only perfect season in NFL history (with a backup QB most of the year), 2 SB wins and the most wins overall.....sort of speaks for itself--you dont have to agree with me and I dont think its homerism--just look at the facts, and compare them to other NFL coaches.

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