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Don Shula A Football Life tonight on NFL Network

Don Shula was the greatest NFL coach of all time.

Yes, that is subjective. And an argument can be made for Vince Lombardi and Bill Walsh. A case can be stated that Chuck Noll won more Super Bowls. And I know George Halas and Paul Brown were league cornerstones well before Shula came on the scene.

But as Shula used to say, "There's a reason we keep score and there's a reason we have standings."

Shula won more games than anyone else.

And Shula was the only man to guide an NFL team to an undefeated and untied Super Bowl title. The 1972 Dolphins were 17-0. Perfect.

Shula coached the Dolphins from 1970 to January 1996. That means a lot of Dolphins fans today never watched a Shula team play. A lot of Dolphins fans today never watched Shula coach.

They know Shula more as a restaurant than a football coach.

Those people should watch the NFL Network tonight at 9 p.m. when Don Shula A Football Life will air, recalling the Dolphins' heyday, examining the history of a coach and the franchise he helped establish as elite, examining a fascinating man who will forever cast a shadow over every coach the Dolphins will have. 

"People ask me how I coach as long as I coached, for 33 years," Shula says early in the broadcast. "I tell them, 'you have to win early and often.'"

Shula did that. But he did something else. He won early and often and then kept winning. And winning. And winning. He had only two losing seasons in 33 years.

Shula was a pillar. He was around from the Korean War through the Cold War. He coached Unitas and Marino. He coached teams that ran better than any other. He coached teams that passed better than any other.

"He is a measure above normal men," Irving Fryar says in the piece.

"... He would cut his mother ...," Nick Buoniconti says of Shula's approach.

Shula remains the man against whom I measure other coaches -- not just Dolphins coaches, but all NFL coaches. He was very kind to young, cub reporter named Salguero. And we built a mutual trust. I knew he'd never lie. I knew integrity was woven into the fabric of his being. I knew that with Shula coaching the Dolphins, I'd be covering the team in the playoffs practically every year.

If you are old enough to remember Shula on the Dolphins sideline, watch A Football Life this evening to recall the good old days. If you are too young to remember Shula, watch A Football Life as an education.

After the 9 p.m. broadcast Shula will appear in studio at 10 p.m. on NFL Network to discuss the backstory of the documentary. It's an all-Don Shula primetime on NFL Network tonight.


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The early 70's Fins had arguably one of the greatest olines ever and also finished ranked #1 in offense and defense that year. Also broke the single season team rushing mark that had stood for 40yrs prior.

Wit that offense, basically they only needed someone to hand the ball off to Csonka, Morris, Kiick. Plus, Morrall was pretty fresh off of a sb winning Colts team. The one that finally won a sb "WITHOU" Don Shula.

Morrall was one of the best, if not the best, backup qb's of that period. Morral could have started for a lot of teams in that era.

How young are you man?

Oh, but Most are non-Believers.

rd. p/o loss after rd. p/o loss wit marino as his qb.
tsk tsk.
the light never went on for shues that marino just doez not have it*.

marino = 7 up.

Are you f4l also, Mark in Toronto?

well geez Faking, if you say so--very compelling and Im sure it comes from an airtight source of yours (who must be about 70 at this point)....so he wouldve cut, according to you, 1 HOFer....leaving him with only like 19 others--good point though, solid stuff--hey, Belichik didnt realize how good Brady was because he passed on him FIVE times in the draft....the Niners didnt see Montana's greatness because they passed on him TWO times!--luck...they all need it!--just not sure how you can look at Shula's accomplishments and not see "greatness"--what the heck would you consider greatness then? (and who qualifies, exactly?)

Cant believe some of yo know nothings are so attached to Shula. Shula is also one of the greatest reason we haven't won a SB since the 70's.

As one poster said, and its true, Shula held onto Dan for far too long. Plus, Shula was as dedicated as he needed to be in building a running game to support Dan.

Shula became mesmerized by Marino's passing, just lie some of you. So mesmerized he thought he would win another SB just on Mario's arm alone.

Remember, it was the FIRING OF DON SHULA, that began the falling of the avalanche, tha we still try to recover from today. Ask yourselves, "WHY WAS SHULA FIRED"? Come on, you all remember............

Faking--almost 50 and 2 kids in college....if not older than you, gotta be close

You saw it with Andrew Luck last week. He decided he wanted to win that Game, so he did. With his legs.

YG says
#347 wins goes all the way back to Shula's Colts days. Only 2 losing seasons?

What HC couldn't replicate that feat with two "READY MADE" sb teams led by Johnny Unitas and Bob Griese, 2 HOF qb's. Then have Dan Marino practically fall into your lap.

SB ready teams? Shula came on in 1970. The record of the 1969 Dolphins was 3-10...... Superbowl ready, huh?
YG, I know you are just phishing, but at least try and make somewhat of a logical argument.

db, 7 up had zero fake in play action and his conceit wuld have never let him hand off.
uh uh.

Im sorry. They were 3-10-1.

Shula was a top 10 coach but didnt win enough Super Nowls or NFL championships to be considered in the top 5. Especially for how many years he coached. Lombardi, Knoll, Bellicheck, Walsh, and George Halas were all better.

Faking.....just answer the question.....what coach/coaches qualify for greatness in your opinion?--dont say "Shula doesnt"....thats too easy....who does, to you?

Remember, standards used to be so high in Miami that Shula got the axe for losing too many playoff games. Sounds kind of ridiculous now, doesn't it?

Using dozens of aliases is "reality"? Okie.

benz @ 1:52,

Typical excuse making to thwart the fact delusional dolfan. Even add an insult or two, in hopes to build your fraudulent case.

Who would have ever guessed that one would find that here?

Welcome Kiddie Land, where today's drunken toddler need reform to tomorrow's tea-totaler.........

Bellicheck-Brady=A below .500 coach.

Faking....dude, if you're going to force a bunch of impressive sounding words into a post, at least use them properly--its getting embarrassing for you....

Shula-Marino = A below .500 coach

YG knows very well about the Langer situation. He was Langers agent in 1971.

YG, you don't have your facts straight. Shula took a 3-10-1 team, ( that you say is Superbowl ready,) rolling the eyes, and had a 10-4 record his first year with the Dolphins. Explain this.

3 watt, how many wins did Shula have before Dannyboy. A shyte ton. Nice try, ya lightweight.

Oscar, no but I enjoy f4L's posts. he's articulate and writes very well so I see how you think he is me ..



The foundation for a SB team was already built when Shula arrived. at least 85% of that team was already in place. Shula proved to you winks time and again, even he could not win in the playoffs without great talent......

Im out. Leave you Shula fantasy ballickers to his sweat glands. Happy salty hunting.......

YG, you're phishing.

3-10-1 is Superbowl ready! Watch out everyone, The Raider's are going to be hoisting the Lombardi this year!

See ya later, YG. Probably in a few minutes under a new screenname.

Leave??? Only to have an Ensure or take blood pressure pills. Actually he might have to change clothes to get ready for the Early Bird soon ..

3 watt,
Shula was 130-53 before Dannyboy sniffed the playing field......Below .500, huh. And that was just his Miami Dolphins years.I'm pretty sure he did well in Baltimore as well.


Please stop trying to use facts to support your arguments, it's pointless.

Instead you should focus your conversations around highly controversial opinions. This is all some posters know.

I can guarantee you that Shula would've never worked for losers like Ireland or Ross. No coach could win with those 2.

I can guarantee you that Shula would've never worked for losers like Ireland or Ross. No coach could win with those 2.

Posted by: Vazman | September 10, 2013 at 02:23 PM

See Rage, that's how it's done. Here Vazman does a wonderful job by calling both Ireland and Ross losers. This despite the fact that Ross is a billionaire and Ireland has drafted and found many probowlers as a scout and GM in the NFL.

The opinion is so grossly misinformed that facts could not possibly stand in the way of his convictions. Vazman, well done sir!

I'm referring to Ross and Ireland as "football" losers. Obviously, Ross is wildly successful in real estate.

Vazman = YG. he didn't leave for very long...

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | September 10, 2013 at

I think this guy acts stupid on purpose. No one is this dumb. Is he seriously commenting on Don Shula as a GM when the story is about him being the greatest coach of all time?

And did he just sing the retarded Jets thing in a Miami Dolphins blog? Didn't think it was possible but this f$#@ing twit gets dumber by the day.

Sorry,Woodshed. I promise to misinform better, next time.

More dumb by the day

lol look I never said I was an english major but at least I know my team and it's coaches.

Anyone who says anything thats not positive is YG.

Super Bowl ready? LMAO! Wow hahahaha it's getting worse by the minute, forget the day. This guy will have an empty cavern where his tiny pea brain used to reside by the end of the day!

YG obviously didn't take his crazy pills today. What a pathetic display of ignorance.

Yea, a 3-10-1 team was SUPERBOWL READY to him LMAO

Why weren't they in the Superbowl the year before he got there then? Or in the playoffs at least?

Shula was an AMAZING coach. Exampled by him getting a 3-10-1 team into the post season in 1 year.

Having talent & maximizing it & getting it to play to expectations are TWO different things.

YG/DB/Faking dumbas* obviously doesn't get it.

Come back when you have some common sense you dope!

Sorry,Woodshed. I promise to misinform better, next time.

Posted by: rage | September 10, 2013 at 02:37 PM

Thank you sir. The first step to self improvement is acknowledging a problem exist in your approach.

Posted by: | September 10, 2013 at 02:39 PM

Wrong. Anyone who doesn't know the team he supposedly routes for is YG.

This despite the fact that Ross is a billionaire and Ireland has drafted and found many probowlers as a scout and GM in the NFL.

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | September 10, 2013 at 02:28 PM

He has drafted ONE probowler(Former 1st overall pick) in 6 years as our GM. Who cares what he did in Dallas? BTW, he wasn't making the picks in Dallas.

Stop making Ireland out to be a gem. He built this team in free agency because his drafting has been below average compared to the good teams in the NFL.


For all that is holy, don't make those insinuations about YG or else you'll be a Canadian or a charter memeber of the Ice Boys or a Jew. This guy's been all over the map today ...

I'm referring to Ross and Ireland as "football" losers. Obviously, Ross is wildly successful in real estate.

Posted by: Vazman | September 10, 2013 at 02:34 PM

This is an average post job by you Vazman. You should of tried a deflection technique or attacked me personally to support your argument.

A time honored deflection technique would be to pick any Dolphin player or decision and make bold claims as to why the Phins screwed.

You could have followed up your post with:

Tannebust is garbage because.... Getting rid of Long and Bush screwed this team because.....

I expected better from a veteran like you Vazman.

YG You're a disgusting excuse for a human being. No common sense, no social skills, limited intelligence. For the love of God is there a positive about who you are? Wouldn't ever know it from reading your posts. I wish you would do what you said and leave forever. No one wants you here, no one takes any of your insane rantings seriously, you're useless to this blog. Do you see that? Do you see how no one talks football with you so you have resorted to purposely bending the truth and facts so that people respond to you?

No one listens to you until you write something like today. And then everyone makes fun of you. So I'm wondering why you keep coming back here. Oh wait, "No common sense, no social skills, limited intelligence". I already answered my own question.

I've also been accused by you, Moron & odinschmuck of being him.

So, which is it today? I take it none of you have asked Mando to confirm if we are 1 in the same.

Maybe you realize now we aren't. Apology accepted.

Who cares if we lose every year? Everything Dolphins is GREAT!!

For all that is holy,

Why would anyone ask Armando if you are the same person?

You keep saying that but you know very well Armando doesn't answer those questions. You also know how easy it would be sign in under different names using different addresses. So exactly what would asking Armando this question accomplish?

The only thing one could conclude when you say the same thing over and over is that they ARE right. You know it won't do any good, you know there's ways around being found out, yet you keep wanting everyone to ask Armando and then acting like you're vindicated because he doesn't answer back. SMH

Using the nicknames MORON AND odinshmuck just further prove a point I made a few weeks back. It doesn't matter if you're him or not. You act like him so you are labeled a YG. Guilt by association. You really YG'ed this one up bad.

It's just too easy. But considering the intelligence level of some in here that's not saying much.

Is it just me or is this Jets fan,AKA: LOVE FAKING etc.a freakin moron or what? He must be related to Pats Win Again? Hmm,butt brothers maybe?

Patterson sat out and Davis practiced. Good news on Davis but I hope Patterson recovers quickly after that strong start.

I hope the players realize why they're sustaining these muscle injuries that jeopardize not only their playing time but their careers. They can thank their union and the cba for that one. No more two a days boys! Woo-Hoo! And no more hitting during practice on certain days! Only allowed to hit a certain amount of hours now. Yaayy!

Enjoy the muscle injuries, your bodies are no longer ready to handle the jump from half ass practices to full blown games. Thank yourselves and good luck on the stationary.

Phins Seventy Eight,did you see Jordans sac.?

Phins78, go cry somewhere else.

I've been in this blog when Mando has been here exposing guys like phucyu etc..

So for you & your baby friends who keep laying accusations, back it up.

All you sissys do is spout the same old BS. Just as you accuse me of doing. Except, I know I'm right & you're wrong.

I don't accuse people of being someone else. You do. The LEASST you coul do, is fact check your ignorant selves to make sure you don't look like jackholes.

Too late!

I took the computer age to bring all other coaches to Shula's standards and preparation.But nothing will ever compare to the integrity of the man. I had several encounters with the man as a airline agent and he never let me down,from making himself available to the media in good and bad times to turning down an opponents playbook and game plan left on a flight.Thanks coach your one of a kind.

We absolutely enjoy and need to play the Great Ones. Enjoy, if we can beat them. Need, to learn from them. So, welcome, Andrew Luck.

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