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Everything OC Mike Sherman said today

The Dolphins offense needs to improve dramatically this year. Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman understands this.

This is what he said today after the Dolphins had their first practice of the week in preparation for Sunday's game at Cleveland:

(On what he is thinking after the preseason games and training camp) – “I don’ think you can draw any conclusions until you actually do it. I think what happens on the field is the only conclusion you can draw. Certainly we are trying to get to that point. We’ve practiced accordingly, but the proof is in the pudding, as my grandma used to say, but we will have to see and see what happens."

(On if they kept much to themselves in the preseason) – “You can only keep so much. You still have to play the games. You do run your core offense, but they are a good football team and they are going to anticipate what they are going to anticipate. We are going to anticipate what we are going to anticipate. We’ll see what happens. The evaluation will be at the end of the year, ultimately."

(On if he feels comfortable with the starting offensive line and the way it is with John Jerry out there) –“I still think it is a work in progress. John (Jerry) is coming off of an injury. Getting him back into the fold is going to be huge. He’s been out for a little bit, but I’m excited about having him back. We certainly needed him back. I’m anxious for him to get more comfortable in there with the other guys and get more used to what we are doing."

(On if he would like to have a fifth wide receiver on the roster) – “I think everybody wants one more of everything (laughs). I’ll take one more of whatever I can get at any time. I like the four that we have. It will serve us well."

(On how much better John Jerry can get in terms of conditioning) – “John has always been able to run pretty good, even when we first got here and he was a little overweight. I never questioned his stamina. He ran around, you know. His movement suffered when he was a little bit heavy, but he can run all day long. That was never a problem, in my mind anyway. He’s in much better shape now. Actually, to my surprise, he lost weight while he was injured, which most guys don’t do that. I’m thinking about going on IR myself thinking it might help (laughs). He has done a good job of being on IR and lost some weight. I give him credit because that’s hard for a guy that hasn’t been able to run around and be out in this heat, to lose weight, and he’s done that. That tells you the type of commitment he has, and I applaud him for that."

(On if he is surprised there hasn’t been more separation between Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas) – “Not really because they are different type of backs. One offers one thing (and) the other offers something else. They are just different dynamics between the two of them. I think because they are so different they offer, as I said, a different dynamic when in the game. I think there will be a challenge defensively to be able to put both running backs on the field separately."

(On what the key will be to converting in the redzone) – “You know we’ve had some opportunities in the red zone, we just haven’t taken advantage of them. That’s one thing. A couple of games ago I thought it could have been a better job calling some runs down there. I didn’t call some good runs. We have to be able to run the ball better in the redzone because people really defend the pass pretty well. There’s just so many defenders up there in the short areas. They just make it impossible to throw some times. We have to be able run the football down there and be diligent about that. And if you can run the ball down there, it opens up some throws in the passing game. Maybe you can play past them, vacate a window and get some balls in there. I think all of your problems end if you can run the football a little better. It helps everything."

(On saying Ryan Tannehill would have the biggest leap of the second-year quarterbacks this season) – “It’s the quote of the year (laughs). You guys won’t let me forget that. Neither will Coach (Joe) Philbin."

(On if he still thinks Ryan Tannehill will have big improvement now that training camp has concluded) – “I think that Ryan Tannehill is a diligent, hard (working), intelligent, competitive man. I think every day he walks onto this field he is going to get better, I really do. I believe in Ryan Tannehill."

(On if he expects to see as many eight-man fronts this year with new running backs) – “We had a pretty good running back. Reggie (Bush) had respect of his own as well. We started out running the ball pretty well, and we didn’t finish running the ball very well. That wasn’t indicative necessarily of just Reggie. We just didn’t run the ball very well. That was a collective effort on our part. We have to prove it. We have to prove that we can run the ball in order to determine what they are going to defend, if they are going to defend the run or the pass. If we are throwing the ball better, we will get seven-man fronts. If the run is beating them, we will get eight-man fronts. It is hard for me to determine what they are going to do. (Cleveland defensive coordinator) Ray Horton is a great defensive coordinator, and I’m sure we’ll see a lot of eight-man front against him like we did last year. I’m sure we will see more of the same."

(On tight ends and if there are plays he can no longer call because Dustin Keller is not available) – “I wouldn’t necessarily say that. Dustin had talent of his own we certainly enjoyed having, but as one guy leaves another guy steps up. I’m hopeful the other guys will step forward and take his spot. There is no guarantee that everybody was going to stay healthy, so you always prepare for that possibility happening. He certainly was a savvy player and did some things, but I’m not going to say he is going to put handcuffs on us because he is not here. I’m hopeful we will be able to do some things with (Dion) Sims and (Michael) Egnew."

(On Dion Sims) – “I think I’ve already said this once before, I thought, ‘Wow, I don’t think this guy has got a chance.’ He came back for the OTAs and the rest of minicamp, and this guy made unbelievable progress. I really think he’s made a lot of progress since he’s been here. He made two catches out here. He has long arms on really low and high catches that normal tight ends weren’t going to make. He’s improved his blocking. He’s improved his route running, and I can’t say enough about the progress. Does he still have a ways to go? Yes, he has a lot of progress to make, but he’s come so far. In college he was a 280 pound tight end. I didn’t think he moved very well. To the credit of our personnel staff, they projected if he lost the weight he would be able to be the tight end he is right now. He’s done a very good job, and I think he’ll be a fine tight end in this league."


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Such general questions give such general useless responses. Why not get specific?

For example.

What one thing does this player need to do better the most?

Tell us something that has changed about your approach this season as opoosed to last season and why.

With so much new personel, do you still need to see more of them before you can determine how to best utilize them?

Sims might be showing promise but Joseph Fauria went undrafted and performed exactly like he did in college. Dolphins needed a tight end to work the middle and line up as the slot guy. Shoulda, coulda, woulda...

I would put the Dolphins practice squad above ANY team in the NFL, including the New England Patriots!

Why is D Thomas still on the team?


Everything OC Mike Sherman said today??

Cmon Armando. I'm sure he said other stuff.

IRA, very silly of you not to take Winslow or Furia.
But we'll still demolish Cleveland. So thanks!

This cheap owner needs to spend some money not save more. The team stinks and is 26 mill under the cap. He refuses to fix his own stadium and the paint is peeling off the walls. He has no club president and the worst GM ever. Pray for new ownership.

Is the sky falling you idiots

This team can win 11 games this year then what is to complain about are steve rosses to nails to long


10-6 Barring Any major injuries!! 11-5 with a litte luck!

It's a solid statement for an OC to say he believes in a 2nd yr QB. That guy has some pretty good experience with some darn good QB's in this league. I believe in T-Hill too. What's not to like he's very smart, charismatic and athletic. He can run, he can throw and has leadership skills on the field.

I believe too let's go Phins lets kick some butt

Mr Ross upgraded our talent big time cut him some slack

Go miami go

I don't pray every night, however tonight I will pray that Shula 73 goes away and never come back to this blog, you have no clue about running a Pro Football team, just go away. Bill

Tannehill needs to more than just improve for the phins to have a winning season. He needs to make plays with his arm and legs. He was basically last in QB rating in the 4th qtr last year and the worst when under pressure. It's amazing folks are hopefully with this guy. Also, he gets balls batted more than a short guy like Wilson from Seattle does, amazing.

What about your lame, unimaginative play calling, Mr. Sherman?

Hey Anderson what about your lame pathetic life?

I will also pray tonight for Anderson. I hope he becomes the new OC for the Miami Dolphins after Mr. Sherman gets fired. Until then maybe he can fill me with his man love.

Almost willing to bet that on the first play from scrimmage this year it will be a run off right guard or tackle no matter where we start on the field. Extremely creative is what I call our offensive mindset, and I sell ocean front property in Arizona.

Play calling was a problem last year. Smart people know this.

Play calling was the problem last year Anderson? HaHa. How about 2 missed game winning field goals. 10-6 we would have been. F-U dan carpenter. Andersons an idiot

Play calling was A problem last year. "A." Look it up, it's in the dictionary.

With better offensive playcalling, we might not have been depending on FGs to win the damn games.

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