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Final injury report update of the week

The Dolphins have released their final injury report of the week leading up to Monday night's game at New Orleans and both Cameron Wake and Paul Soliai, who have practice limited throughout the week, are listed as questionable.

Both players are expected to travel with the Dolphins to New Orleans on Sunday. But the certainty of both playing remains in the air.

It is unlikely Soliai, who suffered a knee injury against Indianapolis two weeks ago, plays although he wants to and still has two more days to heal. Soliai was originally expected to miss up to four weeks and has been walking with a pronounced limp this week. He has also worn a brace in practice.

Wake, who sprained an MCL against Atlanta last week, is more likely to play although a final decision has not been made on that, either.

A reminder: The Dolphins are able to downgrade or upgrade players again on Sunday.

It is clear that cornerback Dimitri Patterson will miss his third consecutive game of the season with his groin injury. He has not practiced since Sept. 18 and is listed as out for the game.

Linebackers Koa Misi (shoulder) and Jonathan Freeny (shoulder) are listed as questionable. Misi is expected to play.


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49-14 Canes!

So let me get this straight, Soliai, Misi & Wake are all listed as questionable on the official injury report. However, Soliai is almost certainly out, Misi is expected to play and Wake's status is actually questionable.

Clear as mud.


Have you ever asked ANYONE with the team why offensive Tackles are being allowed to put Wake in head locks?

Trueblood had him in a TOTALLY OBVIOUS Head Lock last week when he was injured.

Ask them this tough question Armando. It's ridiculous what the refs are lewtting people get away with in TRYING to block Wake.

This has been happening for 3 seasons now. What's Up with THAT?

You are allowed to hold at will against the Dolphins until about the 4th quarter. which may explain why we are a 4th qtr team.

And on offense we need to see at least three deep throws to Wallace this week. Didn't see any to him last week and, I didn't spot exceptional coverage on him by the Falcons, though TV angles can often omit that.

Oh yeah.....well......Holdings Fine!

But this Fat Lob Trueblood, he had him in a Head Lock and from what I could tell, it looked like he was going for the Reach Around.

I'm not sure if that's legal...and if it is, MAYBE IT SHOULDN'T BE!!!!

The Deep Passes would be GREAT!

But right now our Line is working on holding up long enough for some Quick Slants(some VERY QUICK Slants, if you know what I mean).

14 sacks in 3 games and that's WITHOUT trying to Go Deep!

With each missed game Dimitri Patterson gets dangerously closer to becoming an ex-Dolphin before the start of 2014.

Dolphins 38 Saints 17

LV steadfast at NO -6 1/2.

Deep to Wallace? Need run game to force deep safety closer to line of scrimmage first. Then playaction pass to Wallace opens up deep.

Until then, it forces Tannehill to hold the ball longer for play to develop. We see the protection doesn't allow that to happen.

Hartline is the guy to try and get more deepball opportunity. He has single coverage while Wallace is being doubled.

Hartline's success would really open u the middle of the field for the te's and Gibson in the slot. Hartline already has twice as many tds as in 2012(2tds). Hartline's success would really put pass defenses in a quagmire.

By the time Patterson is gets back into playing shape, hopefully he'll be obsolete.

Will Davis and Jamar Taylor are chomping at the bit.

Davis should see at least some playing time. And when he plays, he makes INT's.

Maybe even play Wallace in the slot at times. It would give Hartline and Gibson single coverage on the outside.

Dolphins 38 Saints 17!

Exactly Sam and I think that's going to be the key to beating New Orleans. Keep on doing what we've been doing.

Spreading the ball around.

We definitely need the run game to get untracked. Then that just makes Tannehill that much more effective in spreading the ball around.

Having said that, we do need to be able to take some shots down the field to Wallace.

"The Perfect Storm" 3-0 Baby!!!!

They need to smack graham their tight end around at the line. He is the key to the saints offense. You stop him everything else will fall into place.

Dolphin O needs to be more imaginative. Do we dare bring the "Wildcat" back for this game?

Patterson should be cut before the off week, he is holding 2 spots one s DB and WR and or DL. You just can't have some making 4.5 mil nursing his groin.

Patterson is out Monday but we will have J. Taylor and Davis back in the lineup. Those guys should keep improving and getting healthy. That bodes well for our secondary and defense against Brees. The only definite out for the game is Patterson. I think Wake plays but who knows about Solai. I think both of those guys badly want to play and wouldn't want to be the coach that has to tell them to sit down this week.

Brandon Marshall for Michael Egnew?? WTF??

9 million bucks vs league min??? wtf??

I think we can get away with resting Solia.

He's definitely the key to our run D. That's evidenced by the numbers. Actually, you'd have to be blind not have witnessed it. With Solia we're formidable against the run. Without......well......we all saw the games.

But, the Saints run game isn't all that. I worry more about our DE's setting the edge, than I do Solia being out.

We'll need Solia down the stretch and into the .......ah........late season games. So I say rest the big guy. Let's see how good Starks and Odrick are with the Big Samoan Pluggin The Middle!

Besides, if Brees is the Man, we'll have a better shot at getting pressure with Odrick and Starks. Solia's a Fire Plug in the middle, but not so much at getting after the QB.

If there's any doubts at all with Solia, I say rest him. I rather have him at or near 100% against the Ravens. I believe they run the ball better. Then we have the Bye Week.

This Bye Week is going to be right on time. Getting everybody healthy and rested up for the next 3 games, all AFC Games, two being AFC East!

That should read: WITHOUT The Big Samoan Pluggin The Middle.

Brandon Marshall for Michael Egnew?? WTF??

Posted by: Fireland | September 28, 2013 at 05:30 PM

Marshall has been gone for YEARS now.

Yet, here's a guy that still DREAMS of having Em on his chin.

Put his Fat Head on your Bedroom Ceiling and go hang out in a Bears Blog-Christ Almighty-LOL!

Just Saying...........

Brandon Marshall for Michael Egnew?? WTF??

Posted by: Fireland | September 28, 2013 at 05:30 PM

Jeff Ireland, worst GM ever?

Why does the media insist on talking about when Saban passed on Brees. It's really an old story that is not relevant to the roster today.

While they are trying to stir that pot...the media are not asking Payton about bountygate. You know...What's the bounty on T-hill, Wallace and Miller this week?

I don't want to look ahead. One game is just as important as another. But our Game against New England is going to be HUGE!

If we put a smack down on the Bills, our next game is AT the Patriots. We need this one MORE than ANYTHING in my opinion.

Wins against The Bills and AT the Patriots puts us in a good position obviously. But it gives a chance to SWEEP the entire AFC East. I don't know if we've ever done this before, but I'd bet on Shula having pulled it off.

Wins with these two games will leave us with 1 game against the bills, 2 against the jets and the Patriots at HOME!

Yep! I'm Homer and that's my wet........er......Pipe Dream! They say if you're going to dream, you might as well dream big! Well, there you go. That's my dream and that's my Prediction. Remember, you heard it here FIRST! Miami Sweeps the AFC East and Wins the Division!

I had pipe dreams this preseason about how good this team might be and they have surpassed that after the first three games. The sky is the limit for these guys now. These players beat a couple very good teams in a row and still haven't played their best yet. I'd hate to be the team that gets to play us at our best.

and u would love to be the team that plays us at our worse. either way that doesnt matter. most games are in between. we have to win those


Let the guys who are hurt rest up and heal. All we need is 7-4 after the bye to have 10 wins and get into playoffs.

I see nothing to gain and everything to lose by playing injured players in a meaningless game.

meaningless game farrrrrr from the truth. but i agree dont play guys who are injured. next week vs a tough afc opp much bigger game

Saban passing on Drew Brees set the team back 8 years.

saban like most every college coach is an idiot


Picking Jake Long over Matt Ryan set the tean back 8
years also.

Marshall was actually traded for Olivier Vernon, Will Davis, and Dion Sims.

Salary- 9 mil vs 1-2 mil.

I'll take the young trio all day.

Marshall was actually traded for Olivier Vernon, Will Davis, and Dion Sims.

Posted by: NeMo | September 28, 2013 at 07:35 PM

Nope. Every Phin fan knows it was Marshall for Egnew.

And unlike Mike Wallace, Brandon Marshall was actually worth the money.

And unlike Mike Wallace, Brandon Marshall was actually worth the money.

Posted by: Marino 13 | September 28, 2013 at 08:06 PM

The way he led the league in Drops, oh yeah, UBBER Impressive there-Ha Ha!

Marshall's a limp dik locker room cancer. No Fvcking Thanks!

Not A Must Win Game?

I beg to differ. They're all must win games. Treat EVERY GAME as must win, and your CAN'T LOSE games dwindle to nee.

Wallace is a bigger cancer. He complains even when WE WIN!

Wallace is a bigger cancer. He complains even when WE WIN!

Posted by: NUFF SAID | September 28, 2013 at 08:23 PM

No doubt Wallace is a big jackass.

Brandon Marshall is the NFL's answer to the NBA term:


Has a team ever made the playoffs with Brandon Marshall as their starting wr? All Marshall really cares for are his personal accolades.

There's no "I" in TEAM. Philbin said he had to go. Jeff Ireland quickly abliged.

Dolphins 38 Saints 17!

Dolphins all the way. I can't pick against these guys. I also can't wait for these guy to step up to elite. It's coming soon these guys are going to put it all together.

Saints defense rank fifth overall phins better come out with there A game on offense. Luck Matt is not as good as Bree's right now Saints different team with their Head coach back plus Saints got a lot to prove because of the debacle last year, its a tough win for my phins at New Orleans. Like I said couple days ago that all their best players hurt or not need to play to have a chance to beat the Saints but who ever though we be 3-0 so anyone can win on any given Sunday...or monday We see dolphin Nation. LETS GO PHINS LETS GO!!

Wallace was steamin when the team won. He is not a team player at all.

And if we lose we were not suppose to be 3-0 at this stage anyways.. So I take -3-1 or 4-1 before the bye week, RIGHT GUYS? RIGHT DOLPHIN RAY! HAHAHAHA

Phins win and they prove this young team has "KILLER INSTINCT".


You got the CLAP?

Wallace is a bigger cancer. He complains even when WE WIN!

Posted by: NUFF SAID | September 28, 2013 at 08:23 PM

Nuff Said.........?

Ha Ha, wrong........AGAIN-LOL!

Wallace complained a little when **WE WON**.

With Marshall.........ah........yeah, he **NEVER WON ANYTHING**.

I'll take Wallace and the Wins Baby!

Over Marshall, the losses, the drops, crying in the huddle, the stupid 15 yard unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalties, the stabbings, the domestic violence charges, etc, etc.....

Once you recognize the psychotic pattern of behavior, **THEN** and **ONLY THEN** can you say:



Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day to the last syllables of recorded time

Uplifting stuff! It's the Truth.


Posted by: dolphin RAY | September 28, 2013 at 08:49 PM


Is this like Team Spirit run amok?

Yeah Baby! 3-0 Let's Go!

"The Perfect Storm"

AwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

We'll see on Monday. Of course the key is Drew Brees, one way or the other.

Pat Devlin reminds me of Drew Brees.

We'll have Pat Devlin throw 4tds in a meaningless game at year's end, then trade him for a 2nd rd pick. With his new team he'll become the next MATT FLYNN.

There's no reason not to enjoy the run the team is on right now. We are a legit 3-0 against some supposedly better teams. The Browns, Colts and Falcons all thought they would beat the Phins but were proven wrong. Next up...The Saints. We can do this.

Native American People are great believers in the Metaphysical. Of course, they were not contaminated until much later.

I just "Love It" when people mix Philosophy and Alcohol!!!!

“Don’t fear god; don’t worry about death; what is good is easy to get; what is terrible is easy to endure.”


Definitely one of my All Time Fav's. But I'll bet He, Plato and Socrates use to sit around Bullshyting and just getting "Lit The Fvck Up".


For some reason, odin, I've never been able to get into Greek Philosophers. Maybe my Judeo-Cristian upbringing. Great Thinkers, but they did not last long. I'm more of a, survivor.


I'm with you, we long suffering Fans deserve to enjoy this Win Streak!

I know the odds and whose favored and all that. But the Saints are just another team. People built the Falcon's up like they were some kind of untouchables. They're doing the same, only more so with the Saints.

Personally, I believe that we're simply the better team. If we play our game, don't make the mistakes and play up to our potential, the Saints are in for a setback.

The Saints have peaked. But we're finally putting it together. Our O-Line is shaky, but other than that, I'll take our Defense and our Skill Position players over theirs All Night come Monday!

Objectively speaking, it's "The Perfect Storm".

3-0 Baby!!!!

Can we fire Fireland?

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