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Final injury report update of the week

The Dolphins have released their final injury report of the week leading up to Monday night's game at New Orleans and both Cameron Wake and Paul Soliai, who have practice limited throughout the week, are listed as questionable.

Both players are expected to travel with the Dolphins to New Orleans on Sunday. But the certainty of both playing remains in the air.

It is unlikely Soliai, who suffered a knee injury against Indianapolis two weeks ago, plays although he wants to and still has two more days to heal. Soliai was originally expected to miss up to four weeks and has been walking with a pronounced limp this week. He has also worn a brace in practice.

Wake, who sprained an MCL against Atlanta last week, is more likely to play although a final decision has not been made on that, either.

A reminder: The Dolphins are able to downgrade or upgrade players again on Sunday.

It is clear that cornerback Dimitri Patterson will miss his third consecutive game of the season with his groin injury. He has not practiced since Sept. 18 and is listed as out for the game.

Linebackers Koa Misi (shoulder) and Jonathan Freeny (shoulder) are listed as questionable. Misi is expected to play.


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I was never really "In To" the Philosophers either.

I've always had this innate drive to Learn, so I had to check them out and see what it was all about.

In a word: Overated-LOL!

But of the Famous Philosopher's, Epicurus was Kool. He went against the grain of many, namely The Christians, in his beliefs and behaviors. He was not afraid to "put it out there" and "stick too his guns" regardless of whether or not it was an affront to the popular norms of the day.

I guess I could have just said: He had the courage of his convictions. And I like that.

Sort of like an Aleister Crowley, WITHOUT all the ridiculous Satanic undertones. Crowley was a GOOF in that respect. But his philosophies were sound and healthy for the most part in my opinion.

Wins against The Bills and AT the Patriots puts us in a good position obviously. But it gives a chance to SWEEP the entire AFC East. I don't know if we've ever done this before, but I'd bet on Shula having pulled it off.

Wins with these two games will leave us with 1 game against the bills, 2 against the jets and the Patriots at HOME!

Yep! I'm Homer and that's my wet........er......Pipe Dream! They say if you're going to dream, you might as well dream big! Well, there you go. That's my dream and that's my Prediction. Remember, you heard it here FIRST! Miami Sweeps the AFC East and Wins the Division!

Posted by: odinseye | September 28, 2013 at 05:56 PM

The undefeated 72 Season is a dead give away, 73 Champs went 12-2 not sure who they lost to but I'd bet they swept the Div. that Yr. as well. Off the top of my head I know for a fact that in the 82 strike shortened Yr. we swept the Div. but obviously didn't play all 8 games (remember that was the old AFC East with the Colts as well in the Div.)

In 84 (Marino pilgrimage) we went 14-2 losing to the Chargers in week-11 in Overtime (I remember because I took the loss especially hard thinking another unbeaten Yr.) then in a game I attended at the OB we lost to the Raiders 45-38. Two things about that loss that linger was Shula on the goaline with 9 ticks left before the half decided to hand it off to Pete Johnson who didn't score and the clock ran out before Marino could spike it. Later needing the ball late 4th Qrt. the Raiders Marcus Allen took a 4th & 1 handoff about 65 Yds to seal the win.

So that's three or maybe four counting 73 that I can remember. It could have also been the case in 85 but that was the Yr. Marino and Ken O'Brien went NUTS in the Meadowlands combining for over 1,000 passing Yds and 11 TD's although we also did lose the AFC Championship that Yr. to the Pats. In any event it happened more than once with Shula.

PS odin you wanted me to add dates and times so how ya like this timeline for ya, LOL!!!!

Maybe even play Wallace in the slot at times. It would give Hartline and Gibson single coverage on the outside.

Posted by: Sam I Am | September 28, 2013 at 04:09 PM

I want to put Wallace in the slot while going doible T.E. in an empty bacfield. I feel that our combo of T.E.'s could help put the opposition in a bind with to many receivers in the game forcing man across.

And unlike Mike Wallace, Brandon Marshall was actually worth the money.

Posted by: Marino 13 | September 28, 2013 at 08:06 PM

The way he led the league in Drops, oh yeah, UBBER Impressive there-Ha Ha!

Marshall's a limp dik locker room cancer. No Fvcking Thanks!

Posted by: odinseye | September 28, 2013 at 08:18 PM

Couldn't agree more and remember he wasn't going to be running away from anybody either in the open fied the Wallace can.

Reggie Bush demanded to be the Starter and Feature back in Miami.

Reggie Bush wouldn't have accepted sharing Carries with L.Miller.

Reggie Bush would've asked to run between the Tackles even though we all know Reggie is scared to run between Tackles.

What some people don't understand is that Reggie knows how to play the Media. He would've made it look like he was a victim or that he didn't demand those things. Unlike Dansby or J.Long. But Reggie Bush is the same type of selfish player.

To Reggie Fans, Bush still has potential even though he is in the Twilight of his Career.

Give me L.Miller over Reggie any day of the week and Twice on Sunday.

2012 K.Dansby 16 games played, ONE 10 Tackle game.

2013 Ellerbe Stats 3 games played, TWO 10+ Tackle games.

Ellerbe does the main job of a MLB much better. He Tackles.

Ellerbe will probably have over 150 Tackles this season.

And Ellerbe is getting paid HALF OF WHAT DANSBY GOT PAID.


We sorely miss Reggie. The running game is crap without him so far.

Give me L.Miller over Reggie any day of the week and Twice on Sunday.

Posted by: Dashi | September 28, 2013 at 11:19 PM

The fantasy players are laughing at your stupidity....just so you know.

Bush had 1 good week. His Backup has more fantasy points than him. AND REGGIE IS ALREADY MISSING GAMES CAUSE OF INJURY.

But like I said to Reggie Fans, Reggie could do no wrong.

Lamar Miller = another Irescum bust?

I don't recall starting 3-0 with Bush as our starter.
Enough said.

So now fantasy points are a measure of a player's effectiveness.

Homeo, Homeo, Where for art thou, Homeo.

A LB's tackle numbers don't necessarily tell the story. Where are his tackles made ? Seven yards down the field ? That ain't getting it done. LB's also have to be able to cover, especially in today's NFL. Ellerbe and Wheeler aren't the answers at LB. There are reasons why they were allowed to hit the market. Same as Clabo has shown, those reasons will become clear over time. Wheeler is on his third team ffs. Ireland is an idiot for believing that a LB corps can be bought in free agency. He has it a s s backwards. He drafts D-lineman, and he buys LB's. Linebackers need to be drafted as quality LB's rarely hit the market. D-lineman can be bought : R. Starks, V. Holiday, K Traylor, K. Carter, or traded for, A. Ogunleye (Bears), T. Armstrong. Two first round picks on the D-Line is a joke. Odrick is a decent player but he's hardly giving first round production...and Dion Jordan has to be a multiple pro-bowler in order to justify where he was picked. Doubling down on CB's again, huh Lil Jeffy ? V. Davis and S. Smith before...now he's done it again, this time one round lower for each. Ireland is the guy who tries to put the circle where the square should be. One free agent binge won't change six years of idiocy. This is the guy who was doing back flips when the Dolphins drafted Chad Henne.

L. Miller over Reggie Bush...lmao. So many people who follow the Dolphins are just uneducated dunces. Twlight of his career lol. He faked out six people on one play in 2012. Looked pretty damn good in 2011. Most Dolphins fans are retards with no respect for some of the people who have been good for the franchise. Rodney Dangerfield should coach this team.

You left out the QB, OL, the punter, and all of the trainers. If you are going to bait me into an argument, please be realistic.
Sorry, I am expecting too much.

Um Odinseye ,IMO your a moron , having said that , of course Shula did it in 1972 , you know the perfect season, we beat every team we played , so of course we swept the division

And that was when there were 5 teams in the division! Pats, Bills, Jets, Dolphins, and Colts. 8-0

Fire Ross,
Your argument on the lb corps would be a good one if you knew that Ellerbe and the rest of the lb corp ranks 6TH in the league against the run down field. You may be right as they might not be the long term answer but are a younger faster playmaking duo over what was here. They make plays whereas Dansb talked about it

Wow..Epicuris knew Plato and Socrates???

I never knew that.....

Hey...wonder if they sat around Saturday nights talkin' bout puhtang????

GO PHINS!! BEAT THE SAINTS!!!! Fins 30 - Saints 27

FIRE ROSS is an assshole!

2 in the toilet.

My other favorite teams today are the Titans, Falcons and the Ravens. Can't decide which game to watch though today. Certainly not watching the Vikes and Steelers. I'm an AFC guy so it has to be in our conference.

Give me L.Miller over Reggie any day of the week and Twice on Sunday.

Posted by: Dashi | September 28, 2013 at 11:19 PM

How about you wait to make that statement until after we see Lamar Miller halfway through the season? While the majority of us that watch football have seen next to nothing out of him, you seem to be in love with the guy.

I'm willing to wait before I make that judgement call. As of game 3, it ain't looking so hot for our current RB group.

And unlike Mike Wallace, Brandon Marshall was actually worth the money.

Posted by: Marino 13

Tend to agreed. The hypocrites here reminded us all about how selfish and problematic Marshall was.

Meanwhile, we spent way more money on the same type of player with half the skills that Marshall has. Some folks just have trouble being objective fans... plain and simple

Yadda yadda..yesterday is history...we are what we are and it is what it is...we're 3-0 and riding high...gonna be 10 - 6 at worst if we can sweep the Bills and the Jets... that is THIS SEASON...not last year or the year before...not yesterday...TODAY...NOW..
...September 29, 2013...learn to live with it!!!!!

GO FINS!!! BEAT THE SAINTS!! Dolphins 30 - Saints 27

..The quote that Lamar Miller is better then Reggie Bush is today..Just false. Miller is Dashis guy. No problem. I loved Lex Hilliard..How did that work out??

I'm not even a Reggie Bush guy. And I think the team made the right move by letting Bush go. With Lamar Miller. The team has an opportunity to be outstanding,to be dynamic..Big plays. With Reggie Bush we knew what we were getting. And it wasn't going to be good enough. Everyone over-reacted to Bush' week 1 performance. But we saw that here. 3 td's one week..Silent for 6 straight..2 td's..Nothing for 3 more. Also you can count the big plays Bush made in the run game on 1 hand..For his career!

To even try and say that player X who has proven nothing, but has potential. Is better the Player Y who as at least had some accomplishment in the league..Should be taken with a grain of salt. Lamar Miller has a chance to better then Reggie Bush...But that isn't saying much really..By moving to Lamar Miller. We were hoping for much much better the ordinary.

Once again.....Reggie Bush was a fantastic talent..
..that was then this is now..
Lamar Miller is the Dolphins present #1 RB....only a Rookie...showed fantastic talent with the U against some top level opponents..eg Tx A&M, Ohio State...
...can he be as fantastic in the Pros....time will tell..I hope he breaks every Dolphin rushing record there is before he's through...

...GO Lamar..GO FINS!!! Go Tanny...BEAT THEM SAINTS!!!

..To continue my point. I think that down the road..Even by the end of this year. It would not be a ludicrous statement to say Miller is better then...Add your whipping boy. But after 3 games this year? Miller doesn't have enough carries to even qualify him to be put in the same class as a veteran that has at least a respectable sample, or resume.

Why do we have to be so quick to label every player? Lamar Miller is the now, hopefully he is the future. He has amazing potential. That is about all we can say. Comparing him to Reggie Bush, or Bong Pipe, or Ronnie Brown. Accomplishes what?

Comparing him to Reggie Bush, or Bong Pipe, or Ronnie Brown. Accomplishes what?

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | September 29, 2013 at 11:45 AM
N - O - T - H - I - N - G......

..Buster..Good post..Looks like you beat me to the point I was trying to make..

No no....you are right on target.....100 % agree...


Bong pipe? Hmmm.

Meanwhile, we spent way more money on the same type of player with half the skills that Marshall has. Some folks just have trouble being objective fans... plain and simple

Posted by: tvegas | September 29, 2013 at 11:08 AM

I think there is a big difference in the type of receivers and the expectations for each.
Brandon Marshall is a true alpha receiver who can make catches in traffic and bruise his way to the end zone. He doesn't stretch a defense though and therefore doesn't help the rest of the skill players get open.

That is the one thing Wallace does.Whether the ball travels his way or not, he is creating space for other guys to catch and make YAC. Hartline is projecting to top what he did last year and get many more TDs simply because Wallace is out there.

Dan...that's the same as this woulda , coulda, shoulda discussion regarding Drew Brees, Matt Ryan et al...

...it is what it is...Ryan T is our QB...hope he breaks all of Big Dan's passing records....anyone thinking otherwise is just plain afraid of facing the future...

...I , for one , am not. I'm a Dolfan, win or lose..

off-season, pre-season, I speculate like most others..

but once the bell rings, that's it, we go with what we got, and hope for the best...no lamenting , no excuses..no asterisks or conditions...

...I believe players and coaches win as a team, and lose as a team, and I think the fan base should have the same attitude of togetherness and support..

...when Miami rediscovers that loyalty we'll be a great football town once again....

GO DOLPHINS!!! BEAT THE SAINTS!! Dolphins 30 Saints 27

Woodshed..good point re: stretching the field...once Wallace catches a few big passes over the top, he'll be better regarded by all....

...meanwhile..we can win this game tomorrow nite, despite the national media, Las Vegas , and the naysayers....


..Woodshed Gang..Marshall definitely drew coverages his way. Imagine if we had competent quarterback play when he was here? If we had modern scheme, a HC that understood the players skills we had. Think about it. Marshalls first year..We had some pretty good weapons on Offense. Yet we stunk at quarterback, we stunk at coaching(offense)..I remember a Monday night game where Jaws outlined the plays in which Marshall took coverages away so that other guy had matchup advantages. He also showed in the same segment how these wide open opportunities were missed because the quarterback was not able to read the field.

Marshall will always be a scapegoat here. He will be finger pointed for the bad things(he wasn't perfect, had lots of flaws..No doubt) But the guy is a top 5 receiver in this league...He is a flat out stud.

Now Mike Wallace is our guy...He has ability as well. We saw it week 2..The only thing that matters is that he produces for us. That he and the offense keep getting better. What Marshall does, or fails to do doesn't concern us anymore. Same with Jake Long. He is gone. So it may confirm some of our beliefs about why he was let go. It may make some feel good that they may have been right...But it dose nothing for this team this year..Let it go.

Absolutely..let the past go...previous seasons' results mean NOTHING this season...

..meanwhile, I'll be pulling for the Falcons to play one of their best games of the season tonite, and BEAT THEM PATS!!!!!!!


Posted by: DarrylDunphy | September 29, 2013 at 12:11 PM

I'm not saying that Marshall didn't draw double coverage, obviously he did. He usually drew double coverage on the underneath stuff. Wallace does it down field!

And yes, if we had a QB when we had Marshall,maybe Hartline could've taken off as a #2 but he would've had to be the deep threat receiver with Marshall being the under guy. In a sense, Wallace replaced Hartline and Hartline replaced Marshall. That's in terms of how they attack the defense as receivers.

Now if Marshall and Wallace were ever on the same team, that would be a helluva nightmare.

Everyone on the Dolphins is great and everyone on every other team stinks. You get that?

meanwhile, I'll be pulling for the Falcons to play one of their best games of the season tonite, and BEAT THEM PATS!!!!!!!


Posted by: Buster | September 29, 2013 at 12:16 PM

Yes, beating the Falcons last week, puts a lot of pressure on them to win at home vs the Pats. No playoff caliber team wants to lose at home, much less fall 2 games under .500.

The Pats should fall today.

Brandon Marshall = HOF WR

Music to my ears, brother......

Mike Wallace has proven to be a huge jackass storming off the field mad AFTER A WIN. He'd rather have 8 recetions and lose than have 3 receptions and win. Not a team player, period.

Everyone on the Dolphins is great and everyone on every other team stinks. You get that?

Posted by: Dumb Dolphin Homer | September 29, 2013 at 12:30 PM

But that doesnt explain no SB win in 41 friggin years.

So you chastise him after 1 incident? Thats kind of like saying Brandon Marshall would drop 6 TD passes after just dropping one


That was one HORRIBLE incident. First game and a win and he's cryin like a 2 yr old.

Value wise, in today's NFL, a 3rd rd pick(MILLER) is at least like spending a 2nd rd pick for a rb 10 or more years ago. So, value wise, Reggie Bush had to go.

Even signing Bush to 3yrs, meant Miller's at backup at least 2yrs. Ironically though, given Bush injury history, Miller probably starts half a season while Bush is out with injury anyway.

So many factors weigh in with the decision to part with Bush. Ask the Lions how it's working out. Thru 3 games and Bush has already sat out at least 1 1/2 of those 3.

lamar miller = another irescum bust?

Yeremiah Bell plays for Cardinals. I didn't know that. Just came on a Safety blitz and sacked Bucs qb for 10yd loss.

Bell was a decent blitzer in Miami.

2watt, I'm beginning to figure the type of rb Miller is. He's not a tackle breaker or makes guys miss. He's a 2nd level rb, just needs better blocking than tackle breakers or elusive rb's.

Oline gets him to the 2nd level and it's 20-30-40yds or a td later. He isn't breaking the bank as a 3rd rd pick. Still, with him on the field is like a home run waiting to happen.

Caddy, agreed it didnt take long for Wallace to show what a turd he is. 1st game.


Sam...he made a few guys miss on that 46 yard run...and he finds the hole when the O-line creates one..

..now if you're sayin he is no Adrian Peterson out of the backfield for the first 5 to 10 yards, on that you'll get no debate from me...

..again..he is what he is.....for a Peterson, you need to spend a 1st round pick, and you need him to be available as a draftee to begin wit..

...this last draft there was no one of that caliber...so I think Miller in the 3rd was making the best of what was there...so far it looks like a good choice..

GO FINS!! BEAT THE SAINTS!!! Dolphins 30 - Saints 27

...Reggie tearing it up today..good for him

Buster, hope Miller's warming up after that 49yd run. Oline definitely needs more consistent run blocking. We just don't have rb's with great elusiveness or tackle breaking ability.

If oline gets Miller 7-8 "CLEAN HOLES" per game. Miller's ability to run for 100yds or more dramatically increases.

MIKE WALLACE = 3 and 0

Personally love what Bush can add to offensive explosion. Still, Ireland's decision to go with a 2ND YR rb vs 8TH YR rb, was very sound.

Lamar Miller reminds of Cowboys rb Demarco Murray. Murray isn't known for breaking tackles or great elusiveness, but, he does have that home run sprinter's speed.

Also think, Sherman should create ways to incorporate Miller's great speed into the passing game. Which should take care of itself when defenses stop blitzing Tannehill as much and the offense pass blocks better when they aren't blitzing. Freeing Miller up to be available for more pass catching opportunities.

Running the ball isn't the only way to take advantage of Miller's sprinter's speed.

Reggie Bush

13 carries
116 yds

8.9 yd/carry

4 receptions

at HALFTIME!!!!!!!!

He wasn't targeted as much this last game and he didn't act like he's did have one. . Maybe he learned. .. 2 he just said talk to the coacHes about the game plan . They b hasHed it out and he's had 115 yds and a td...
It seems you don't mind Marshall being a cancer ny screaming at his qb during a game when things don't go his way, being out of shape, and leading the league in dropped passes.. not too mention 6 dropped tds

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