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Final injury report update of the week

The Dolphins have released their final injury report of the week leading up to Monday night's game at New Orleans and both Cameron Wake and Paul Soliai, who have practice limited throughout the week, are listed as questionable.

Both players are expected to travel with the Dolphins to New Orleans on Sunday. But the certainty of both playing remains in the air.

It is unlikely Soliai, who suffered a knee injury against Indianapolis two weeks ago, plays although he wants to and still has two more days to heal. Soliai was originally expected to miss up to four weeks and has been walking with a pronounced limp this week. He has also worn a brace in practice.

Wake, who sprained an MCL against Atlanta last week, is more likely to play although a final decision has not been made on that, either.

A reminder: The Dolphins are able to downgrade or upgrade players again on Sunday.

It is clear that cornerback Dimitri Patterson will miss his third consecutive game of the season with his groin injury. He has not practiced since Sept. 18 and is listed as out for the game.

Linebackers Koa Misi (shoulder) and Jonathan Freeny (shoulder) are listed as questionable. Misi is expected to play.


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He did in game one. .. sorry auto correct

They should've resigned Bush and cut D Thomas but cheapo Ross wanted to pocket more money.

Cause Ross makes those decisions.... the way the line is playing it wouldn't matter who's back there. .2 sherman didnt utilize himb last year

The running game certainly misses Reggie. I'm watching him tear up the Bears despite the worst OL in football.

Must admit, it does sting watching Bush tear it up after allowing him o walk this off season. Seeing his probably causes Ireland to have bowel movements too.

Here we go with woulda, coulda , shoulda again....

GO 3 - 0 FINS!! 4-0 is possible....BEAT THE SAITS!!!


I just have to add something..

..some here have criticized Wallace for lamenting his lack of being targeted in the wake of a team victory...happy as a pig in a pen he should have been..

...so here we are, a fandom whose team is 3-0, and some of us are still lamenting over yesterday's news...



MIAMI (AP) — 23 yr old Henderson Alvarez pitched one of baseball's most bizarre no-hitters, celebrating in the on-deck circle when the Miami Marlins scored on a two-out wild pitch in the bottom of the ninth inning to beat the AL Central champion Detroit Tigers 1-0 Sunday.

After Alvarez finished off the ninth with the game scoreless, he had to wait to see if it would become an official no-hitter. A Major League Baseball ruling in 1991 said only complete games of nine or more innings with no hits would count.

The Marlins loaded the bases and with pinch-hitter Greg Dobbs at bat, Luke Putkonen threw a wild pitch that let Giancarlo Stanton score. Alvarez was on deck, and he took off his batting helmet and started to celebrate while still wearing his batting gloves.

Later, Alvarez went into the stands to hug his pregnant wife and kiss her belly.

Alvarez (5-6) struck out four, walked one and hit a batter against a patchwork Tigers lineup on the last day of the season.

It was the third no-hitter of the year, joining those by Homer Bailey of Cincinnati and Tim Lincecum of San Francisco. Alvarez.

Speaking Of Yesterday's News:

Browns 17 Bengals 6

2 minutes left to play, Browns should win. Instead of beating 2 quality teams, we may have beaten 3 quality teams.

Browns are beating a solid playoff team right? They'll improve to 2-2 after today.

Dolphin defense still has TE coverage problems? Or have they just played against 3 off the better TE's in the NFL?

Browns TE Jordan Cameron has 9 catches for 91yds 1 td against Bengals today.

We have shutdown cb's, but, I still haven't heard of a shutdown coverage LB in the NFL yet.

It's now final, Browns over Bengals. So, all 3 of our first opponents have been quality opponents. Making 3-0 all the more convincing.

Flacco stunk up the field today. He threw 5 INT's today and had a 50% completion rate. That is not a scary team.

Dimitri Patterson better figure a way to heal. Once Taylor gets it going Dimitri is going to find himself on the wrong end.
As we saw today, Baltimore is a beatable team. I also giving Buffalo credit, they won't just lay down. Monday Night gonna be tough.

I don't know of a team getting more positive production out of their rookies than the Bills. Manuel, Woods, Alonso, are basically the keys to their season so far and becoming franchise faces.

Once the secondary does heal, with Paterson and Taylor added to Grimes and Jones and Clemons, the DB depth in the nickel is going to make it extremely tough on opponents at 3rd and distance....

Its over rock.

Is mia a girl

Broncos keep scoring like this and by seasons end their kicker will have outscored over half the qb's in the league.

not true sam, hes only kicking extra pts

Pray for new ownership.

Pray for better comments from some of you fake fans.

Ryan Tannehill reminds me of Chad Henne.

Broncos offense is so good it's beginning to get boring to watch. 35pts end of 3d qtr.

Trindon Holiday had a k/o return for tds. Broncos 42 Sicks 13.

Miramar Dave, you remind me of a moron.

Ryan Tannehill reminds me of Chad Henne.

Posted by: MiramarDave | September 29, 2013 at 06:37 PM

MiramarDave reminds me of that pusssy in high school that no one liked.

Is it me or there aint any dominate teams this year except Broncos and Seahawks, because everybody else is beatable...OK maybe the Saints don't under estimate the Saints great QB great Coach and their defense top five in the league...yes our beloved Dolphins are wining but stats wise this team is surprising good in the red zone one of the top in the NFL but defensively middle of the pack, if this team don't fix there pass rush problems and stopping the run and on offense run the ball more consistently and protect T-Hill better we can loose three in
a row just as well. Let
All enjoy the early success because it can turn around for the worst, LETS GO PHINS CONTINUE SUCCEEDING BEAT THE SAINTS!!! JETS SUCKS IM VERY HAPPY ABOUT THAT!

Peyeon Manning completing 82 PERCENT of his passes for 327 4tds 146 qbr.

Peytons 49 Sicks 13

Broncos just unstoppable right now and they getting key players hurt on the OL but still winning. Only way Broncos can loose if Paytyon gets hurt and out for the year or Wes gets hurt and ends his year, because I just don't see a defense maybe Seattle defense can slow down the bronco's! And mark my words Bills also up and coming team and will give our phins a run for their money..

Fox bored with the beating Peyton's putting on the Sicks. Just switched to the Cowboys/Charger game.

seattle denver super bowl seattle wins

What an accurate long ball Philip Rivers has!

bills beating the ravens... Maybe next week isn't as tough as thought

rivers looks great now, what a difference a coach can make

Man, both Cleveland(D) and Indy(O) looking awesome and we beat both of them. We'll see Atl vs NE tonight.

Are we for real? Hmm...

Atlanta going to take out that Miami loss on New England tonight at home. Patriots luck has just run out.

beerphin it just got tougher cause they lost

agree bobby, cincy gonna beat them next week also. cleve much improved cause they changed qbs and got rid of the slow rb and gordon is back. indy played jacksonville

Cle must be the leader in fewest points allowed in the League. They held Cinci to 6 points Today. Uff!

clev gave up 27 last week, not even close. sure kc or sea have given up lowest

Indy put 27 on SF last week and 35 on JC today. They could only score 20 vs Us.

Henne had a few decent games and everyone was excited. Same thing with Tannehill. Sorry guys but he's no Dan Marino.

I know these comparisons on who we beat and who they beat and how don't mean much as Teams match up differently. But as evidence accumulates, we might have to start taking the Miami Dolphins more seriously. Don't you think, dusty?

oscar and dusty = same person

oscar i love this team, long way to go though.

I agree, dusty, no immediate SB, maybe 2015, God permitting. Still, I'm going to change my prediction for the Team's record for this year right now from 8-8 to 10-6.

The NE-Atl Game tonight is crucial for us.

So far we have played either very good defense and OK offense or fair defense and good offense and it has been enough to win. The Saints are the best team we will face in the regular season. Personally I would not push an injured Wake or Soliai as we will need them later. Rather the issue is for the running game to step up, the TE and RB to improve their blocking, the TE newly actually making important catches to be a factor in the game and for Starks and Odrick to be able to control the middle while Jordan does a Wake imitation and our young CB fills in well for Patterson with the help of our excellent safeties and while our LB show that they can handle Graham (the hardest part of this). All do-able but it requires several people to play their "A" level game. I think we can do it. Man, if we do it will be glorious, a signal that the Dolphins have moved to the next level.

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