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Friday afternoon buffet of factoids and thoughts

The weekend is almost here and there are still interesting things happening at practice while the folks at ProFootballFocus.com continue to feed me more material so that I can, in turn, feed you.

Here goes:

First, Colts starting running back Vick Ballard is out for the rest of the season after he suffered a knee injury in practice on Thursday. Coach Chuck Pagano said the injury was non-contact in nature in that Ballard put his foot in the ground and the knee gave out. Colts owner Jim Irsay said the team has placed Ballard on injured reserve.

That means the Colts are obviously lessened. Donald Brown and Ahmad Bradshaw are now asked to carry the load for Indianapolis. Kerwynn Williams will also be promoted from practice squad.

As to the Dolphins:

Jamar Taylor continues to sit out practice with his hernia/groin issue. Obviously, as he has not practiced in two weeks, he's nowhere near ready to play. At best, I would guess he'll be ready just prior to or after the bye. At best.

Dimitri Patterson (groin) was at practice today and will play, as has been reported here previously.

[Update: Patterson was limited in practice all week and is listed as questions, but again, he'll play. Wille Davis (toe) was limited in practice the whole week but is listed today as out, along with Pat Devlin (ankle) and Taylor].

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said right guard Danny Watkins, signed a week ago, "has been in the building a lot" trying to learn the Miami system. That's a good thing. But there are currently no plans to have Watkins replace John Jerry in the starting lineup.

The folks at ProFootballFocus continue to send me more material to pass along to you.

Today's offerings:

QB Ryan Tannehill had the lowest accuracy percentage of any quarterback when under pressure in Week 1.

RB Lamar Miller had 0.0 "Elusive Rating" and didn’t force a missed tackle on any of his 10 rushes

Left tackle Jonathan Martin was 55th out of 65 tackles in Pass Blocking Efficiency in Week 1

Cameron Wake was second in Pass Rush Productivity for 4-3 DEs after leading the league in total pressures.

If you read this blog, you saw Ryan Tannehill answer the Mike Wallace situation of a week ago by promising he would not force the football to the $60 million receiver no matter how much folks want the two becoming a great pitch and catch combination.

Philbin today seemed to give his quarterback some cover on the topic when he said Tannehill's "decision-making was good" in a game he only threw to Wallace five times.

"I thought the ball was going to the right spot throughout the course of the game," Philbin said.

That's interesting because if the quarterback is doing the right thing and making good decisions and that yields only five targets of Mike Wallace, something is amiss in the Dolphins scheme that so easily allows an opposing defense to eliminate the team's deep threat.

This will require more attention going forward.

Finally, the NFL tells me defensive tackle Randy Starks will not be fined by the league for his one-finger salute of the Miami sideline during last Sunday's game at Cleveland. The league says it is a team matter and thus the Dolphins are free to fine or not fine Starks as they deem correct.



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Is Bufet of factoids related to Buffet of Knowledge?

As useual nothing positive out of the dolphin beat writer sal you suck how you keep a job is beyond me.

I am only hoping on this one. But maybe D.Watkins and D.Thomas can develop enough this season that the Coaches feel comfortable starting them next season at LG and RG. And getting rid of Jerry and Incognito. Again, just hoping.


Finally we are tough guys and the Colts are the laughingstocks.

Feels good.
I like it.
Thank you Jeff Ireand.

OK, I hope I don't get flak for this.

But who else other than Dashi giggled when they saw the post had Buffet in it.

Today's offerings:

QB Ryan Tannehill had the lowest accuracy percentage of any quarterback when under pressure in Week 1.
Umm, did they watch every game last week? I'm pretty sure there were plenty of QBs that looked worse under pressure than Tannehill. Hell, I didn't even have to turn the channel from the Phins game and saw one.

I did.

Why did my post about pants get deleted?

Look at the very first entry.
Whenever I see the word 'Buffet' I always think first of Buffet of Knowledge.

Mando Says "That's interesting because if the quarterback is doing the right thing and making good decisions and that yields only five targets of Mike Wallace, something is amiss......"

Couldn't disagree more, two of those targets were long balls that were slightly over and then under thrown. So as planned, Wallace takes the top off of the D and other things open up and they blow someone out by 13 points. If Tanny hits those throws Wallace is about 3-80 and a touchdown.
What's the problem?

Apparently Georgia, the last post and the English language seem beyond you as well.

Mando, ignore the trolls.

Galliano@ 1:34

The Phins and Colts both tried to bring in speedstrs to take the top off the D.
The Phins got it right: Mike Wallace
The Colts got it wrong: Darius Heyward-Bey

The problem, John is that Wallace didn't get a look from Tannehill much less a target in the first half and the Dolphins were losing 7-6.

And when it was over, the kid was pissed, which is not the way you want your deep threat feeling after a win.

If a guy is the most talented WR, he should be targeted more. Figure a way to get him the ball. Move him around, which the Dolphins don't do. Bubble screens. End around. Something to get him involved.

The Pessimist in me is overriding the optimist in me. The saying " Seeing is believing" is getting to be true.
All of the off season and pre season there was no platform to measure against. Now with game schemes where there is no running game and our number one receiver does not get the ball enough makes me wonder where will we be by the time the playoff scenario shapes up. Still looking at making the playoffs but not on other teams wins/loses but on our strength.

Galliano @ 1:34

Colts and Phins both picked up speedy WRs to take the top off of defenses.

Difference is that we got Mike Wallace, they got Heyward-Bey.

Everybody knows that Wallace is way better than DH-B even though DH_B has the higher career ypc and is faster than Wallace.

Buffet was on purpose! He said he didnt like the comments about buffets,fat,etc. Then he puts buffet in the title. Is this a setup?

Rather be coaching the Dolphins than the Jets or Pats right now. Both really suck. The Pats have been going down hill since Belechik took over personnel. Long may it continue - they have looked bad against two of the worse teams in the league. Only a soft schedule can save them now.


Indy fans posting in thier game day blog wishing they had Dmitri instead of Vontae and cursing the Colts ownership for trading away thier precious 3rd round picks.

RE: Clyde Gates. He was projected as a 6-7th rd. pick or PFA in that draft. When Ireland took him in the 4th I was shocked. Of course I was also shocked when he moved up to take D. Thomas too. Ireland says he watches tapes on players, what is he watching, their YouTube highlight videos?

Today's offerings:

QB Ryan Tannehill had the lowest accuracy percentage of any quarterback when under pressure in Week 1.

Just so we are clear, completing 63% for 270 yds and throwing 1 pick on a tipped ball is lowest accuracy of any QB when pressured.

I looked at the stats, there plenty of guys who threw either multiple picks and/or threw at lower completion %. Does that just mean that they actually suck worse while not under pressure?

is it wrong to think we need to get the man that is being paid 60 million to catch a football the football. I would rather our 60 million dollar man wanting to earn his money than just collecting a huge game check for running around the field doing nothing all afternoons. Get him the dam ball Miami's 24 costs 14

More and more evidence just keeps pouring in that Tannehill is not the future. Time to move on, start Moore for the of the season and draft another QB next year.

Where did my post go?

Woodshed, that stat may mean something when we face a defense tht can bring the heat with their front four. the Browns front is stout but not dynamic which is why they drafted Mingo. I don't know who that front that brings multiple points of pressure is though? Won't see it until at least Baltimore... then we will see if that stat means anyhting. but it should be noted that last year he was amongst the league leaders in passing under durress... one week is a pretty small sample size.

Seth could you please see my post at 2pm and answer my questions, you seem know something on how their rankings work that I don't.

Woodshed Gang, Right on!

If Tannehill or Sherman had cared about statistics, They would have thrown a couple of times when they had first and goal at the 1. Or let Tannehill sneak it in.

People who are not involved with the daily evolution of this team have no business telling us what is going on.

Eannehill played great and we know it. Nuff said.

Its amazing how people are saying Geno looked pretty good? What about his performance looked good. I must have been watching a different Geno

Posts are disappearing ... made a good point too ... wish i could remember what it was...

Was watching sportscenter at lunch, did anyone see the highlight of Brady throwing a fit on the sideline and the look that black dude was giving him in the background. I would love to know what that guy was thinking. If I had to guess it would probably be something about whipping his white buttocks if he was talking to him that way.......lol........Phins 34 Ponys 28..

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | September 13, 2013 at 02:16 PM

It was a blog hit troll. He won't answer any questions because he doesn't read the comments. Don't waste your time talking to it.

continue to take Philbins comments way too literally--dude is a control freak that wants no valuable information to get out (thats not a knock)--he's a master (along with many other coaches) of keeping his comments neutral and mostly uninformative--tells you nothing, and/or what you want to hear--so I dont think his comment about targeting Wallace is "interesting" at all--I think its basically meaningless....do you think he's going to draw criticism of Tannehill or Wallace, on that issue?--wisely, no.

As much as I believe in "Stats are for losers", Tannehill still needs to make better decisions.

I hope the are soaking up these negative "facts".

Tannehill is awful, wink, wink.

Geno has a great arm. So far that is it. The play calling is so vanilla in the passing game. To me, imo , Geno doesn't have the intellect to be a top qb in the NFL. NFL defenses are going to start picking up on the play calling. Every one of his great throws is to the middle of the field on a slant or in route. They are putting the play right in front of him so he doesn't have to make all the reads.

In case anyone missed it, that was Geno on the sideline after his second interception smiling and joking with a teammate. Before I saw that I was actually rooting for the kid even though he's a Jet. On his third interception he actually decided to throw the ball to the receiver on the right before he even snapped it. He locked in on the receiver right before he snapped the ball and never took his eyes off of him.

This kid could have benefited from a couple years on the bench, unfortunately he was drafted by the Jets.

Posted by: Phins78 | September 13, 2013 at 02:24 PM

I'm just trying to make the point that saying "A QB has the lowest accuracy % of any QB under pressure" is like saying an airline pilot has the lowest % of any pilot when it comes to landing planes in the Ocean.

It's just completely asinine if you think about it.

cocoajoe I was talking about that with someone. Tannehill is a gunslinger. He is also very confident in his arm. His attitude reminds me a lot of a young Brett Favre. First five years of Brett Favre's hall of fame career that was all you could read about the guy (needs to make better decisions).

I'm not saying he's Favre for those of you with reading comprehension problems. I'm saying we're probably going to be seeing bad decisions for a while because of his game. He will hopefully learn to tone it down and not take too many risks sooner than later but right now he's young and amped up. His brain will start taking over his bravado soon enough imo.

Woodshed you made an excellent point and I totally agree. (@2:00pm)

Everyone, some comments are going directly into the spam section for some reason unknown to me.

It's not me.

I have not been deleting comments. I am, however, working to solve the issue with the proper authorities.

Keep it up PFF. I love it.

Our d-line also stinks except the affore mentioned Wake.

And our safeties cant play either.

And let us get close because our kicker can't kick.

The Tannehill lowest accuracy under pressure stat is garbage. Did they not track Weeden..ridiculous

QB Ryan Tannehill had the lowest accuracy percentage of any quarterback when under pressure in Week 1.


Before I go I would just like to throw this out there.

Will the regular who came up with the ALoco character please stand up? Seriously, you don't use the character anymore and I've been dying to know who was pulling the strings.

BECAUSEEEEEE, I'm impressed. I went on for a lonnnggg time (lol) thinking this was some poor lonely immigrant who couldn't speak english and stumbled upon this blog and made it a home. I would try to teach him about the game and talk to him about food. smh

I was completely fooled and thought he was just some sweet guy who meant well but needed help along the way learning the sport.

It's not until that "sweet guy" completely changed his attitude that I figured out it was a character. He went from being nice and fun to talk to into being an over the top Dolphin hater seemingly overnight. It didn't mesh because it's not who he was for around a year in here, people don't change like that overnight. After that he continually exposed himself.

But man you were going great for a while until you went off track. Not sure why anyone would do that but I don't care, that crap was impressive. Should have left him a nice guy and no one would have ever known for sure if it was real.

How can anyone judge a QB when his running backs can't get 3 or 4 yards a carry. Tannahill is not the problem. Give him a ballanced attack and THEN you can judge him. No QB can perform at their best when teams can disregard the run and pin their ears back and rush the passer. This is a front office blunder. Not letting Bush go, more so, not replacing him with a veteren RB. Not to start but to spell the youngsters and bring leadership and experence to the backfield. Willis McGaee or even this weeks foe A. Bradshaw would have helped.

Phins78, think you're right and every good-great QB needs that. I had hoped Tannehill would have picked up on some of the finer points during the offseason. Not locking on, looking off, pump fake. I have seen him go thru progressions and I think I saw him look off the safety once. The important thing is, he has progressed...not as much as I would have liked but as long as he keeps progressing

rdubs @2:21
There were a few things I liked about Geno:
1. He came out willing and able to throw the ball down the field and he completed some long ones.
2. He was willing to throw into coverage and give the WR a chance to make a play.
3. His arm-span is longer than he is tall a lot of very gifted athletes have that characteristic.
4. The Jets were in that game all the way until the end and could've won it.

Summary: Is Geno the best QB to ever play the game? No that honor goes to Kappe, Wilson, Luck & RG3 they are all clearly the best QB to ever play the game. Is he my favorite QB? No Chad Henne is my favorite QB.

It's just opinion.

Blog hit troll @2:47. Do not respond please.


Maybe Dashi was right about Daytona????

Well, looks like my response to phins78 went to 'spam'
Don't feel like doing it again...fix it Mando

These pro football focus ratings are stupid.....Wake earned numbers 1,2,3 and fourth best himself. No way Martin could be that low....I'm sure they rated the Dolphins the 16th best winning team last week..What a joke.

I can already see Fireland trading Wallace after the season for two third round picks to Chicago.

Thank you for getting the proper authorities involved.

Can someone please tell me where I can find the stat for the worst NASCAR driver when there car is having engine trouble. PFF?

Philbin should make Starks buy the beer after the win this Sunday for his punishment.

Yeah cocoa he has a ways to go. You and I both would have loved to see a quicker progression but I'll take any progression at this point after the past 17 years of crappy qbs who never got better.

Two things keep me hopeful so far. He had NO running game at all and still posted respectable numbers including a great drive in the 4th when the team needed a score ( six of seven hitting multiple targets).

On his more inaccurate throws he had someone in his face immediately mostly due to Jerrys poor pass blocking game and Clabo just being okay. The right side of the line was being pushed back in his face all day.
When it was his passes were off and when he stayed clean in the pocket his accuracy was great.

And the fact that he is totally scanning the field now. His head was on a swivel and he regularly went through at least three reads before throwing the ball. He's finding the open guys finally.

I also love (3rd thing) the leadership he's showing so far. The guy is taking the team over and making it his own.

Definitely needs to get better, but I already think he's at a point where if he can keep his turnovers down and manage the game, he is one stellar defense away from helping the team back to the super bowl. I'm not looking for him to be Peyton Manning, it would be nice but I don't believe that team success is dictated by having a top 3 qb in this league. Baby steps are fine with me as long as they keep winning and have a chance at the end to grab a playoff slot.

"No that honor goes to Kappe, Wilson, Luck & RG3 they are all clearly the best QB to ever play the game."

This is a joke right?

J Fireland @ 2:51

Don't worry dude.
Wallace's contract makes him un-tradeable.

"No that honor goes to Kappe, Wilson, Luck & RG3 they are all clearly the best QB to ever play the game"

This is a joke right?

Donald Brown and Ahmad Bradshaw are two solid backs, maybe better than the two we've got starting. But, if there is one thing I do have confidence in is the /dolpins

Can someone direct me to what in the he#$ everyone is talking about with this "authorities" thing? Was there a post?

It is ONE GAME. Media hacks like Mando tend to gravitate toward the negative, second guessing nature of nervous fans, instead of just REPORTING THE NEWS. I agree with previous post, if Tannehill hits one of the 2 long balls to Wallace we have no conversation here. Wallace didn't get thrown to b/c he was covered. Simple.

Tannehill lacks the accuracy of an NFL QB. He'll always be a below average QB.

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