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Friday afternoon buffet of factoids and thoughts

The weekend is almost here and there are still interesting things happening at practice while the folks at ProFootballFocus.com continue to feed me more material so that I can, in turn, feed you.

Here goes:

First, Colts starting running back Vick Ballard is out for the rest of the season after he suffered a knee injury in practice on Thursday. Coach Chuck Pagano said the injury was non-contact in nature in that Ballard put his foot in the ground and the knee gave out. Colts owner Jim Irsay said the team has placed Ballard on injured reserve.

That means the Colts are obviously lessened. Donald Brown and Ahmad Bradshaw are now asked to carry the load for Indianapolis. Kerwynn Williams will also be promoted from practice squad.

As to the Dolphins:

Jamar Taylor continues to sit out practice with his hernia/groin issue. Obviously, as he has not practiced in two weeks, he's nowhere near ready to play. At best, I would guess he'll be ready just prior to or after the bye. At best.

Dimitri Patterson (groin) was at practice today and will play, as has been reported here previously.

[Update: Patterson was limited in practice all week and is listed as questions, but again, he'll play. Wille Davis (toe) was limited in practice the whole week but is listed today as out, along with Pat Devlin (ankle) and Taylor].

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said right guard Danny Watkins, signed a week ago, "has been in the building a lot" trying to learn the Miami system. That's a good thing. But there are currently no plans to have Watkins replace John Jerry in the starting lineup.

The folks at ProFootballFocus continue to send me more material to pass along to you.

Today's offerings:

QB Ryan Tannehill had the lowest accuracy percentage of any quarterback when under pressure in Week 1.

RB Lamar Miller had 0.0 "Elusive Rating" and didn’t force a missed tackle on any of his 10 rushes

Left tackle Jonathan Martin was 55th out of 65 tackles in Pass Blocking Efficiency in Week 1

Cameron Wake was second in Pass Rush Productivity for 4-3 DEs after leading the league in total pressures.

If you read this blog, you saw Ryan Tannehill answer the Mike Wallace situation of a week ago by promising he would not force the football to the $60 million receiver no matter how much folks want the two becoming a great pitch and catch combination.

Philbin today seemed to give his quarterback some cover on the topic when he said Tannehill's "decision-making was good" in a game he only threw to Wallace five times.

"I thought the ball was going to the right spot throughout the course of the game," Philbin said.

That's interesting because if the quarterback is doing the right thing and making good decisions and that yields only five targets of Mike Wallace, something is amiss in the Dolphins scheme that so easily allows an opposing defense to eliminate the team's deep threat.

This will require more attention going forward.

Finally, the NFL tells me defensive tackle Randy Starks will not be fined by the league for his one-finger salute of the Miami sideline during last Sunday's game at Cleveland. The league says it is a team matter and thus the Dolphins are free to fine or not fine Starks as they deem correct.



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DC, and Woodshed (and Mando too)...
I don't particularly think there is such a marketed effort to dis the Fins, or our Qb. And I said, I'm not a fan yet of Tannehill's. He's my team's QB, so I root for him. But he still has to prove to me that he's worth it (he was 5th-6th on my QB draft board that year).

And PFF is just one of many sources -sometimes interesting, sometimes dumb. In this case, I think the data is inaccurate - and kinda dumb. But I hardly think Tannehill is tops in any catagory either. But I don't think he's on the bottom this week in any catagory. He played well enough to win against the Browns. Period. Hardly tops or bottom.

You're fine with me Armando. Keep feeding the masses.
And we'll reserve the right to occasionally disagree.

Besides that, if it's true that you took that action about certain posters here, yes, the Blog has flowed better, until this afternoon.

Thanks Armando. Good news!

Looks like you have that laugh now Phins78.

not a masterpiece painting but a work of art none the less.I mean 20 yards rushing,constant pressure the kid did good to get us the w.Dolphins 24 colts 17.if Wallace gets his 100 catches like sal wants we could have 1000 points though.

Don't fukkk it up, Like Incognito told Tannehill in his first start at QB for the Dolphins.

Armando thanks for cleaning up this Blog. It was sorely needed.

We come here to talk football. Respectfully. Thanks again for fixing the problem.

Of course, Incognito is no Psychologist.

Oscar I regress. I thought you were someone else. You sir are your own self.

JS wanted Weeden! LOL!
Weeden is not good PLUS where he is, is it for him. High water mark has been made! After this year maybe he can get back on the minor league greyhound bus.
5th or 6th on your board. LOL! What a joke.

Weeden is more accurate, and a better pure-passer, and more decisive than Tannehill right now. But he panics too quick under pressure, forces things, and doesn't move well. Plus he wouldn't fit the youth movement Ireland is working on in Miami. At the point we picked a QB, I would have picked Cousins (still would). I wasn't a buyer on Wilson at the time, but he did have a lot of things that i liked overall, especially his attitude and smarts. Obviously a steal now to look back, but he was still in the fence-sitting area of my board where he, Tannehill, Osweiler, and even Keenum occupied.
Tannehill obviously had great physical skills, I just didn't like his decisions, and ability to read the field quickly, and certain throws looked more shakey that others. And leadership qualities seemed vague.
I still think some of those things are questionable. But I do like his improvement to date.
A ways to go, but definitely improving.

If RT had the lowest rating under pressure, then he must also have the best rating with protection. Should be noted that he also had the best QBR on 3rd down as any QB in the league last week. Some how those stats didn't make this blog for some reason?

JS, I actually am very impressed with Tanne's leadership growth. Saw great examples last week. I think he'll be fine there.

I agree he's growing in leadership role. One reason is that he's a vet compared to most of the offensive talent we have now. But he does seem to have stepped up his resposibility role.
At A&M, I can't tell you how many times he looked beaten and bland coming off the field after tossing picks that cost his team the game, or blew throws that would've won it, or watching his offense struggle for whatever reason. Too accepting and clueless at that time.
I expect QBs to drive that winning bus, not just sit on it and hope.
He's improved. More to go.

JS @6:32pm

Just so I'm clear; you're in LA and you could be watching the Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Ducks, Dodgers, Angels not to mention USC and UCLA but instead of doing any of that you were watching Texas A&M football?

Yeah we all believe that.

That guy has obviosly set up a database to keep track of all of your postings; there is no other way that he could have them that quickly.

I have my own admirer; someone that keeps track of all of my handles and all of the things I write. My stalker actually wants to be me.

Wa wa wa wa wonder

NOBODY talks bad about me, pal. I like everybody, including YG.

Exposing the fraud (??)
Have a look around this forum, and you may quite a lot of folks who aren't living in Miami, but are Fins fans. Not exactly fraudulant.
For the record, I am from Florida, and moved here for my work. A HATE the Lakers, btw, and USC. And I watch a lot of football in general. And I'm a draft nut, so i made a point to watch games where touted draft stars played so I could evaluate them.
Why am I a draft nut? Not sure. Compulsion. But I am.
So hopefully that gets your blessing. ;)

I'm sure the 3 or 4 times Ryan Tannehill through the ball away instead of taking a sack or throwing a pick effected that "Accuracy under pressure stat"... Last year, as a rookie, Ryan had one of the highest ratings against the blitz. But throwing off the back foot and under imminent duress is a sure fire way to turn the ball over on a pick. That particular stat metric would have more value if you knew the circumstances and you knew the plays outcome.

I hate to see Indy's starting RB out for the season... yeah... I mean I really do... I'm really not sort of smiling/snickering... no I'm really not.... I, ummmm... yeah... Really bad luck for him... Huh?

How come no one on the Dolphins noticed Tannehill's lack of accuracy BEFORE the draft?

Everything seems to breaking good for Us this Year to capture the Division. Jets and Buff with rookie QBs, NE somewhat down on its luck. But it's not Luck(not even Andrew), not at all. It's the Intention of people well placed or the well placed Intention of People. You no believe? Well...

Oops Dashi you missed me, and all I've ever tried to do is help the guy.

"More and more evidence just keeps pouring in that Tannehill is not the future. Time to move on, start Moore for the of the season and draft another QB next year."

Yep, RT is just awful. Why, the Colts don't even need to take this game seriously. They should just party late on Sat. and then phone in the game. Yeah ....

Marino 13 @ 7:07

Someone did notice Tanne's inaccuracy - Mike Sherman noticed it - that is why Tanne was playing WR.

But seriously.

If the offense from the 2d half vs. the Browns shows up, we should win, if our D does its job.

1st-half offense, we should lose.

Can't wait till halftime for Sherman & Co. to "make adjustments."

Oscar respects the blog. He might be the only adult here that doesn't get lured into the pissing matches and cat fights.

The rest of you act like children.

Hey Armando thanks for taking the complaints to heart. We all have our moments on here where we have walked the line but when someone so purpose is to insult and piss off everyone here, they should be gone. Disagreeing is one thing blog trolling is another thing.

If Tannehill cant lead the receivers into open space he's gonna get another receiver injured.


My bad. I knew I was Missing a couple people.

And Oscar,

You sir were 2nd to Daytona in the Trolling and Hating on this Blog. Not as bad as your partner in recent memory. But almost as bad. The Difference is you don't use the Name Oscar to do your dirty work.

I could care less. But don't deny the Truth, Homie.

Oscar respects the blog. He might be the only adult here that doesn't get lured into the pissing matches and cat fights.

The rest of you act like children.

Oscar respects the blog. He might be the only adult here that doesn't get lured into the pissing matches and cat fights.
The rest of you act like children.
Posted by: Monsieur | September 13, 2013 at 07:16 PM

I've always seen myself as young at heart. Thank you sir!

Tannehill was pressured and hit throughout the game and the run blocking was terrible. Tannehill had a great game against the Browns considering the lousy performance by the Offensive Line which was the reason we lost to the Colts last year. We should have drafted Johnson in the first round and taken another Offensive lineman in the second round.

The great thing about O-line play is it can suddenly come together. It was a shaky start but I was expecting worse. Even better we found a way to win on the road with all our faults. Those used to do us in every time. That game means quite a bit to how this season is going to go, maybe more than most realize.

I was one of the guys who thought Martin would play better once he went back to his natural position of LT. However he continues to get run over as he did hen he was at RT. Many said his footwork was off because he was learning a new position. Well now I see it has nothing to do with footwork. Bottom line is the guy is not strong enough to hold off a DE. He get pushed around like a child.

ProFootballFocus is using baseball statistic and trying to introduce them into the NFL. THIS IS NOT BASEBALL DON'T FALL FOR THIS CRAP.

The thing that really burns is that we had enough cap room to sign both Long AND Bush.

Some thoughts on this weeks game. First on the positive side: We played the Colts close last year and our front 7 looks improved from even last year and our secondary definitely looks improved....although it's still very early.

On the worrisome side: The offensive line and running game so far look pretty shaky and we struggled to score points against Cleveland even with all the turnovers the defense gave us. The offense looked as predictable at times as during the previous regime.

It's obviously way too early to be talking about must win games but I think this win is as need to win as we've had in awhile.

With the tough early schedule we need a steal one or two and pull out a win with team like Indy who we are somewhat equally matched with.

A 2-0 start could also generate some excitement with fans and the players and maybe rid us of some of this negativity.

Keeping fingers crossed.....

Just saw a Daytona post removed. So the blog is getting taken back by Armando, good thing.

Dolfan Rick I hear you and like I said regardless of the problem areas with the team they started the year with finding a way to win on the road. Now the real test starts another must win against and AFC playoff team from a year ago.

Lamar Miller is the "John Blutarsky" of the running game.....0.0

go finsssssssssssss


we won't be facing a joe haden every week. in fact not very often. the guy disrupted wallace's route on both "overthrows." great job by him. wallace let on go threw his fingers, and tannehill undertrew one. those were the 4 incompletes. he had quite a few drops. gibson and clay need to do a better job.

i on't see a maori problm with his ball pavement. the sky is the limit. if only the guys protecting him start stepping up!!!

So TMH bans YG and the blog is obviously struggling for comments. But hey, the 5 or 6 guys that swing by this place every few days can come in and have their run of the place...just the way they wanted it.

Armando has completely lost me. "if the quarterback is doing the right thing and making good decisions and that yields only five targets of Mike Wallace, something is amiss in the Dolphins scheme"
Any team can shut any receiver by double or triple covering him. The quarterback and the game plan should be flexible enough to allow other receivers to be targeted. After all the QB and OC should be focused in winning the game not keeping any receiver (or beat writer) happy
In this case we did that. Tannehill found Hartline and Gibson and we won.
Enough said.

Oscar respects the blog. He might be the only adult here that doesn't get lured into the pissing matches and cat fights.

The rest of you act like children.

Now you are seeing how many of the posts were trolls. Kill off the trolls and you kill the blog. There weren't more than 20 posters here and half of them used multiple names all day long.

Ain't that right, ETF?

I can't wait til Sunday. I expect a good game. The defense should dominate. The Offense should be better. 31-17.

We should've beat Cleveland by 20+. The Ref's felt mercy on the Browns.

They called back a return for TD. And also called back a couple turnovers.

Now that Mando has started cleaning this joint up I may even start posting again. Guys this place became a jungle and I simply couldn't deal with all of the negativity and tasteless blustering on this blog. I come here to read up on the in's and out's of this team, not to listen to a bunch of kindergartners having a pissing match. Most of you guys post some very insightful and informative material here and for that I thank you.
Looks like we may have something exciting going on this year. Been a fan since the team's inception and I am starting to feel like we may have a chance this year to contend for the Division.

Again, This blog wasn't about 1000+ Asinine post that have nothing to do with football. Quality not Quantity.

Armando doesn't get paid extra if we post more.

You weren't doing any favors.

Stop trying to justify your behavior. You were wrong. And still are if what you think you were doing wasn't wrong.

LOL. What an I diot.

Just cause the Moderator went home for the day, doesn't make what you are doing Now any better.

I will be back tomorrow.

I hope that Tannehill does not feel the pressure to throw the ball to Wallace. He needs to find the open man. With Wallace commanding so much attention Hartline and Gibson should have a great year. We will see how mentally strong Tannehill is because he will have to stand up to Mike Wallace. He needs to tell him to shut up and get open. One guy does not make a team; I thought that was the reason Philbin got rid off Brandon Marshall.

The Woodshed Gang @ 03:40 AM (From last blog)

I do like Clays flexibilty as a hybrid guy. Seems Jordan can become a bit of a Transformer too.

It is hard for me to see Thigpen as much more than a good return guy and a player that may make a splash play once in a while with 1-5 touches on offense. I agree with you there is some likeable flexibilty on OFF.

The challenge I have with the OFF as crafted is the amount or lack there of bodies in the WR portion of the team. The Fins seem very thin in numbers at WR.

They can shift a guy here or there to help cover but if Hartline and OR Gibson go down look out. I guess Wallace would get his passes at that point?

As for Egnew, I am not going to acknowledge that player until he actually starts to make some sort of impact. I am not sure he has the chops for the NFL.

Cheers bro,

Most people are capable of not reading things they don't want to. Or not speaking with someone they don't want here. Not around here, in here its common practice to engage in things you don't want to then whine and cry about it. Bizzaro world.

Hey Darryl D,

Ya got your ears on bud?

The TE Julius Thomas choice is looking better and better eh brudda? He was one of the guys you and I discussed prior to that years draft. I think I about pegged where he went (to Denver) in the draft.

Not an in your face post but a remember when type.

Ahhh, the fun of the inexact science. :)


I suggest laying cool on the Wallace affair. Give it some time, not a few games. If he is drawing double coverage and opening it up for others, that is fine too. The name of the game is getting guys open any which way you can.

Cutler/Marshall have one of the top QB/WR lovefests going. Extremely productive. But neither of them get anywhere.

It's a team game, which means only team stats count.

A 'W' is a 'W' for the whole team. Stars are for Hollywood.

As for Wallace, Tannehill and he will connect this year at times. He may not be able to get amount of touches he wants or right away but they will find ways to get him the rock.

With Keller gone I would Gibson will be my prediction to have the nifty season.


Cheers y'all. Check back with ya later.

Go Phins!!

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