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Friday afternoon buffet of factoids and thoughts

The weekend is almost here and there are still interesting things happening at practice while the folks at ProFootballFocus.com continue to feed me more material so that I can, in turn, feed you.

Here goes:

First, Colts starting running back Vick Ballard is out for the rest of the season after he suffered a knee injury in practice on Thursday. Coach Chuck Pagano said the injury was non-contact in nature in that Ballard put his foot in the ground and the knee gave out. Colts owner Jim Irsay said the team has placed Ballard on injured reserve.

That means the Colts are obviously lessened. Donald Brown and Ahmad Bradshaw are now asked to carry the load for Indianapolis. Kerwynn Williams will also be promoted from practice squad.

As to the Dolphins:

Jamar Taylor continues to sit out practice with his hernia/groin issue. Obviously, as he has not practiced in two weeks, he's nowhere near ready to play. At best, I would guess he'll be ready just prior to or after the bye. At best.

Dimitri Patterson (groin) was at practice today and will play, as has been reported here previously.

[Update: Patterson was limited in practice all week and is listed as questions, but again, he'll play. Wille Davis (toe) was limited in practice the whole week but is listed today as out, along with Pat Devlin (ankle) and Taylor].

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said right guard Danny Watkins, signed a week ago, "has been in the building a lot" trying to learn the Miami system. That's a good thing. But there are currently no plans to have Watkins replace John Jerry in the starting lineup.

The folks at ProFootballFocus continue to send me more material to pass along to you.

Today's offerings:

QB Ryan Tannehill had the lowest accuracy percentage of any quarterback when under pressure in Week 1.

RB Lamar Miller had 0.0 "Elusive Rating" and didn’t force a missed tackle on any of his 10 rushes

Left tackle Jonathan Martin was 55th out of 65 tackles in Pass Blocking Efficiency in Week 1

Cameron Wake was second in Pass Rush Productivity for 4-3 DEs after leading the league in total pressures.

If you read this blog, you saw Ryan Tannehill answer the Mike Wallace situation of a week ago by promising he would not force the football to the $60 million receiver no matter how much folks want the two becoming a great pitch and catch combination.

Philbin today seemed to give his quarterback some cover on the topic when he said Tannehill's "decision-making was good" in a game he only threw to Wallace five times.

"I thought the ball was going to the right spot throughout the course of the game," Philbin said.

That's interesting because if the quarterback is doing the right thing and making good decisions and that yields only five targets of Mike Wallace, something is amiss in the Dolphins scheme that so easily allows an opposing defense to eliminate the team's deep threat.

This will require more attention going forward.

Finally, the NFL tells me defensive tackle Randy Starks will not be fined by the league for his one-finger salute of the Miami sideline during last Sunday's game at Cleveland. The league says it is a team matter and thus the Dolphins are free to fine or not fine Starks as they deem correct.



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ETF, busted again. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. no new name to help you. I will never go away. You will be exposed forever on this blog.

Poor sap with no life.

You have nothing to 'bust' me for.

Posted by: Rob in OC | September 13, 2013 at 10:40 PM

Someone did a very nice breakdown of the WR play vs the Browns.

Basically the Browns played a lot of tight coverage with Haden and kept a safety over the top to help. They showed their plan which was to stuff the run and keep Wallace in check.

The Dolphins answered by lining Hartline and Gibson up on the same side. Gibson ran the seem, drawing the other safeties attention. This left a lot of 1 on 1 off man coverage for Hartline. He cleaned house with the comeback and out routes. This is what set up that beautiful TD pass. Skrine bit on the out ( why wouldn't he after getting beat all day on it) and Hartline broke deep without a safety in the area.

I had the hole week at work as a fan of the winning team.
That work week is over.

ETF, I am patient. Very patient. I will bust you for once and for all when the audience is greatest.

Let's face it, the majority are on to you. Not even Kris will talk to you again. A testament to how far you have fallen (and been exposed)

I know who you are.
I know why you keep track of my handles.
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ETF is nothing but a comical, lonely drunk feigning to be a serious poster and a Henne fan. Slowly but surely even the most ignorant bloggers are recognizing him for what he is. Low class phony baloney.

Go find another blog to find some ears to pull.

I now have other obligations to attend to. Out for now...but....I'll be back....

You are one funny dude man.

I have to understand that I am the first truly masculine person that you have ever met. You just don't know how to act around a man.

Tannehill...accuracy... stats...pff says...Armando says...NFL network says...I say screw 'em. The kid got the job done and won the football game with the heat all over him.
Stats have their place--it's called fantasy football. In reality football either you play well enough or not. There is no sliding scale. There are way too many variables involved in a game to drop a stat line on one faction of the QB position and think that is a measure of the success of that player.

“Winning is the thing that really matters to me. I just want to help my team. When you make plays, you feel like you help your team. I play this game for one reason: to be a great player.” Mike Wallace.

I wouldn't want to face that guy Sunday. He's got that ticked off I'm going to show you motivation.

The only stat I care about with T- hill is in Win or Loss column. T-hill put the team on his back last week and won that game. There's just no doubt about it.

TruthhurTs,my point exactly.
Stats are fun, but when it comes down to it the only stat that counts is the win.
Some things really bother me like dropped passes and stupid penalties. These things are either a concentration problem or a deficiency. But, when it come to a QBs performance, it is just stupid to think that a stat like accuracy under fire is really relevant.

I just took a huge crap the size of New Jersey. A thoroughly satisfying dump. I feel like dancing.

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We need to see that progress with T-hill. He needs to take games over and get that gunslinger mentality. The offense really needs to dial it up vs the Colts. The only thing impressive about that team is Andy Luck. But we can leave that in the hands of the D.

Truth, the subject at this hour is bowel movements and licking Michelle Obamas snatch. Pllease keep on topic.

Ok So here is a question for some of you experts ( that is anyone that knows more than me)
If our running game is not working, and our QB is under pressure to throw faster than he wants to, how about putting Sims or another tight end in the backfield to provide better blocking for the QB, and give him a little more time to find a receiver, and if the pressure is not there then he can break out and go for a pass (harder to get past a tight end than our RB's when blocking ) Just a thought
So tell me would this help our team ??
also how about using 2 TE and no RB - can we try that and look for a quick pass ?
Hey we can be a passing team right ??
As the marines say lets adjust and improvise given what we have ...............
I welcome all comments


Your ideas are too stupid to respond to. If you don't know the answers, you shouldn't be blogging. Come back when you have learned something, anything.

I would say at this point all we are is a passing team. The guys on the Oline have to figure it out and stop missing assignments. It was not only one guy but multiple defenders were bursting through and getting to the RB. They did pass block better as the game went on but they need to come out right from the start like that every game. I mean these guys aren't rookies.

Some of you have major problems with simple arithmetic.

11 players on offense.
11 players on defense.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Simplistic solutions don't add up. It takes creativity and most of all execution. Execution requires talent.

I'll bet Michelle Obama has very full and lucsious and succulent labia.

dolphin#1 fan it's a good plan but I think you always have to have the threat of the run unless you are so far behind a team knows you'll not run the ball.

Darkoak, do you partake in dark meat?

Hot tip.

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Your ideas are too stupid to respond to.
Posted by: Elenco | September 14, 2013 at 12:44 AM

But you did.

Blog for dummies. Good luck all. Remember to wipe thoroughly.

I have said it before, if the Dolphins can't get the running game going with Miller, look for the Dolphins to spread the field and run the option read with Daniel Thomas.

I think Tannehill will have at least 2 big runs in this game.

They'll need to develop a running game somehow Woodshed. Our O-Line got zero push last week, you could see them get overwhelmed often by Clevland's D-line. I was wondering why Miller was being constantly run into the pile. Sherman doggedly playing old school football. Use pitches, counters, sweeps and the odd reverse (we do have arguably the fastest receiver in the NFL).

I still like Miller as the primary weapon out of the backfield. But, and i say BUT, Thigpen seems to be developing from the WR to the RB spots. I think he will be an integral part of our offense very soon if our rbs continue in their recent progression.

I'm hoping to see more from Thigpin in the running game as well.

I think Thigpen is being slow rolled , until he is needed on the O. I think we have a thigpen package that will be utilized in the recent e=weeks if necessary;. This is why we don't have a fourth WR.
This philosophy allows us to stack our D.

Jonathan Martin is the bottom of the barrel for LT...

#1, Tannehille not the best QB under pressure as that compares to who?
#2, Miller can't juke and make tacklers miss if he cant get started, being tackled with his first step is difficult for any RB. Damn, come on Mondo feed us something that we didnt know. PFF is way to picky for me, I pay no attention to their ravings. Its obvious no one at PFF has ever played the game, including you. Sometimes I believe your in over your head, and you don't have material to write about,,,,,so for our benefit you "throw down" PFF,,, Wow,,,,
random thoughts of a random fan

Thank You Armando for FINALLY cleaning up the blog. I (we) want to read what other football minded "Board Heads," have to say about the FIN's and not all the wasteful & distasteful comments. WashFinFan was right on spot with his comments, and you (armando) will get lot more serious activity on here from true fans.

Again, TAHNKS!!!

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