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Game day: On Mike Wallace and Cameron Wake

CELVELAND -- Welcome to the Dolphins 2013 season. As we begin with a 1 p.m. kickoff vs. Cleveland today, I want to give you a Sunday brunch offering about wo of Miami's best players.

It's actually about Miami's best offensive and defensive players.

Mike Wallace.

Cameron Wake.

It's no secret I pushed for the signing of Wallace as a free agent acquisition from the Pittsburgh Steelers even before the 2012 season ended. I did that because this Dolphins offense needed a proven, experienced, young deep-threat wide receiver. But as I write in my column in today's Miami Herald the Dolphins got more than they bargained for.

I predict Wallace will be good in Miami. What he gave the Steelers, he will give the Dolphins. And more. So please, check out the column to find out about the "more" part.

As for Wake, you'll recall I posted a couple of days ago the Dolphins expected to use Wake, Dion Jordan and Olivier Vernon on passing downs as pass rushers versus the Browns. Together. Three defensive ends in the same package.

Well, I've been told the key to that package is neither Jordan nor Vernon but Wake. You see, the Dolphins have visions this year of turning Wake into something of a hybrid attacker of the QB who comes from all angles and in different forms.

The Dolphins have plans to give Wake the ability to stand up and move around the defense, in some ways resembling the way Nick Saban used former defensive end Jason Taylor in 2006. Saban unleashed Taylor, freeing him from his four-point stance at left end to roam and blitz and cover and come at the quarterback from either side or up the middle.

Expect similar from Wake this year and as early as today.

Wake has experience as a stand-up rusher. When he broke in with the Dolphins, he was a 3-4 OLB. When the Dolphins went to the 4-3, he became a DE.

If the plans go well, he'll be the best of both in 2013.

[BLOG NOTE: Come back soon for another update. There will be a live blog today at game time.] 


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Dolphins - Browns? MAJOR SNOOZEFEST!!

Of course its a must win. If we can't beat the stinkin' Brownies, how on Earth are we supposed to beat Indy, Hotlanta or 'Nawlins? Prediction: Davone Bess burns us for at least a couple TDs, and Tanne for more than a couple INTs. Brownies 24, Fish 13.

by 10 truth? come on man , being totally realistic here i just see to many problems and new guys playing together for first time to win. sadly ill go cleveland 19-16

Since the Canes won yesterday, the Fins are bound to disappoint today. Lets hope we can at least keep it close.

yeah 10. If we spent a couple hundred mil to be close or lose to the lowly 5-11 browns with their few stars it would be disappointing.

browns were 5-11 last year, means nothing this year. browns are a solid team at home. gonna come to to last few mins


If you fear all those teams, then you are essentially saying you don't believe we have improved much and we are not a good team. In which case we have no chance.

Now if you believe we have improved, no reason to so fearful of the competition, it is they that should be fearful of us. All those teams will lose some games this year, why not to us?

ansel all im saying is id much rather play buff,jets,titans,oak next 4 then those 4 very very good teams.

Johnny Manziel threw for 426 yards and three touchdowns and ran for another score in less than three quarters to give Texas A&M to a 65-28 win. WOWZA! Lets draft him!

Along with Wallace, I've been impressed by another FA, Ellerbe. He has not made a single execution mistake from what I've seen but I don't know if he's the one calling the front 7 alignment.

Some of you want it both ways. You want to believe we have improved and have a legitimate shot at the playoffs. Then you turn around and show doubt we can beat any playoff calibur team.

Which side of the fence are you on? Do you know?

I do, and I don't subscribe to the tough schedule hype. Only weak teams have tough schedules. I believe we will make the playoffs.

The same banter about it being only one game is the public one.If you are employed by the Dolphins you always say this when asked to give your opinion.
I know the computer oddsmakers dont take into account the future schedule for a team when making the game line.
I also know in the quant world of computers urgency does not compute.
The bottom line if they lose this game they risk going into the bye week with a losing record.I am sure if the computer made a line on a 0-1 Dolphins team going into the bye week with a winning record after calculating the next games lines,you would get a good price and low
odds to bet they go into the bye week with a winning record.
I dont know if any of you posters are employed by the Dolphins or the Herald but I know this game is an urgent win for the Dolphins.

dusty, you're right about Weeden. But you need receivers (unless you're name is Tom Brady or Peyton Manning). And he doesn't have those (I mean, Bess/Little, even Cameron, may all be solid, but not all-stars). I'd riding with Miami. Not saying it won't be a tough game (every away game is tough), just saying this is the beginning of the end...for Patriots dominance of the AFC EAST! WE WILL ALL BE WITNESSES!

like the Browns don't have new guys and a new coach? and they are immune to the same growing pains you say we're going to experience? Only we can suffer those? lmao

agree oscar, ellerbe has looked very good

hope your right dc, go finsssssssssssss

Playoffs? Lol. You guys are nuts. Fins will be lucky to get to 4 wins this year.

Hard to gauge if this Team, in actuality, has improved with such a tough beginning schedule. If We are going to show we have an improved overall Team, it's going to be Today.

Yes, LV has a couple of beauties quantum Computers.

The common theme here is so many of you have worked yourselves into a state of fright over our schedule. Heck, I want to see us play the best teams, and beat them. Maybe some of you hope for a weak pansy schedule so we can sneak into the playoffs and then get lucky?

Not me, I want to beat the best at their best and leave no doubt who is the best.

Let me clafify what I posted if for nothing else for myself.When I said low odds I meant low odds of that occuring as if the Dolphins are 0-1 they finnish with a winning record by bye week.
They would have to have a 3-1 record in the next 4 games to finish with a winning record by the week off(bye week)
If they split 2-2 they still are at 2-3.
On a bell curve statistical chart this occurrence would probably be more than 2 standard deviations from the top of the Bell curve.

I am absolutely an unapologetic Dolphins fan (homer? maybe but whatever this is my team). No fence setting for this guy. I'll give our players and coaches the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. Looking forward to seeing improvement on the field today.

Hoping for the best, ready for the worst. Unfortunately that's the life of a Miami fan.

If someone looks at things in the viewpoint of an animal with no reason at all then they approach everything as if they posses claws and sharp teeth,but realizing that they go to work in an office and are flabby and overweight and probably smoke,they are in a lot of trouble if any animal attacked them even a medium sized dog.It would be funny to watch their bravado wilt under the scorching sun.
If the Dolphins lose this game I will bet $100 that they go into the bye week with a losing record.

Hoping our much maligned OL leads this team to victory. SHOWTIME Lamar!!

go dolphins!!!

dolfanSF, you're right...Our o-line is the key...If we can establish a good running game, our passing game will be that much better...But it hasn't happened yet...Not in preseason anyway...

If we are outplayed through skill or playcalling, the problem is coaching. We have the players to beat Cleveland. If Tannehill can not beat Cleveland the coaches should have recognized it and started Moore.

No excuses. If we do not win this game, Philbin is wrong. and these coaches cannot evaluate talent.

I think he is not wrong. I think we win this game easily.

If the Dolphins played in a batter division this would only be a 4-6 win team. In the weak AFC East Phins will win 7-8 max. This is not a very good team still mediocre. They'll be handled easily against the better teams. Starting with the Colts in week two when the secondary and O-Line problems which were present in the pre-season begin to glare. Also when the Dolphins get down against teams they'll have no ability to come from behind with this O-Line. Tannehill will make mistakes under pressure and the fans will begin to doubt...worse, Tannehill will begin to doubt himself. His performance in the bed room will go south...and his wife will divorce him and then join my harem.

Phins won't run the ball this year either btw.

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