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Live blog of statement game Dolphins vs. Colts

INDIANAPOLIS -- Statement game. But tough game.

On defense, there is reason to worry about the Dolphins vers the Colts today. That's the cornerback spot. Yes, Dimitri Patterson is active and playing. But he's nursing a groin injury and was limited in practice all week long and will only play vs the slot receiver.

That means Nolan Carroll will start at cornerback. Ouch! Yes, the Dolphins have confidence in Carroll. I don't. Sorry.

Patterson, meanwhile, has shown himself somewhat fragile in his time with the Dolphins -- getting hurt in his one game with Miami last year and getting hurt in his first game this year.

If Patterson can avoid re-injury, great. All good.

If, however, he tweaks the injury, you will see Jimmy Wilson against T.Y. Hilton in the slot. Not a good matchup for Miami.

As I wrote in my column in The Herald today, this game between the Dolphins and Colts will be a statement about the 2013 Dolphins. They win today and they are squarely and rightly considered playoffs contenders and even AFC East contenders.

How else to describe it after winning on the road, against a good quarterback leading a playoff team from a year ago?

Lose, however, and it'll look a lot like the Dolphins of the past few years.

In other issues, this is a big game for Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas. Neither had a particularly stellar preseason. Neither was very good last week in the regular season opener. One of them needs to show up today because if they don't, I won't be surprised if the Dolphins' personnel department starts looking elsewhere for help.

Beenie Wells, Willis McGahee, Michael Turner and Cedric Benson are out there and the trade deadline is next month.

The inactives today are: Pat Devlin, Danny Watkins, Dallas Thomas, Jamar Taylor Mike Gillislee, JoshKaddu, Danny Watkins and Will Davis.

Jared Odrick will continue to start at defensive tackle over Randy Starks. As he did last week.


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Wow, I was sweating bullets. I cannot believe that we stopped Luck in that situation.

ballgame!!!! gr8 3rd down run!!!!

Broder, did he make us suffer!


2 on the Road!!!!

Bring on Atlanta!!!



Craig M, grow up and stop acting like a virgin 8 year old.

Wow Miller sealed it!!!!

How about it Armando and IT staff? Are you going to sit on your hands and let this guy behave like that on here?

Nearly gave me a heart attack but we are 2-0!!!

Guess I can stop whining now. Kick me !!

Strong finish

Suck that CoyoteGuy......2-0 Baby...


How's that old up defence haters?

Another great call!

Dion still undefeated

enjoy tonight boys.....I will


2 - 0 BABY!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!

Look out Patriots. The FINS are for real!!!!

I'm with Craig M, those type of comments need to stop! Where's Mando?

Wow 2 road victories to start the season! Nobody would have guessed that including me.


FireRoss is such a hypocrite, please dontrespond to him.. he left the dolphins to cheer for the SeaHawks because of corporate greed because they changed their logo to make money..
However he still cheers for a NFL thats changed their logo and makes money off of their fans as the 12th man..
just a sad person whom has a little bit of knowledge which makes him the most dangerous of all..
Now let me go ahead and attack myself from his retort that he will post..
I give the middle class a bad name bc i cant read his posts correctly and that i will still pay 250 for a jersey and 12 bucks for a beer... i guess somehow he doesnt do that with the Seahawks..

The D came threw at the end BIG TIME !!!!!!!

Bring on the Falcons!!!!

D. Jordan was right. He's never lost against Luck. Huge win Dolphins. Huge win.
The D-fense stepped up. Good job !
Miller, payed awsome. D. Thomas too.

Big win! Big play football! I like where the Fins are going!

...Hell YES!!!!!!! Sweet victory. Enjoy Phin fans..

Get the fook in whoo hoooo

New blog topic started folks...

Way to go Dolphins

Wow what a second-half performance. Turning point was that FG by Sturgis. Kid is an animal. Back-to-back 54-yarders? Talk about a "f-you" to Pagano!!

can you believe it I just watched the wrap up of the games and they show 1 pass to Wallace and the rest are footage of luck td's and the game ending sack. do they not like us or what????

We need to stat giving Jeff Ireland some credit. He has built a very good team. If we can stay healthy this is a playoff team. Great job Ireland!

Where are you 2 Watt????

Craig M is a whiney douche.

Great win by the Fins. Now let's hope the trolls stay hidden for at least a couple of days

Armando, you ARE a dick!

Hey Reg, FYI I would mouth off to your face. Don't act like a tough guy on the internet loser...makes you out to be a pu$sy.




So where are all the haters now????????? Where are all those people who said the Phins would be 0-5?????? All I hear is crickets.......exactly

The rapist's dad can jump for joy.
2-0...nothing is more important than football.

Phins could go 19-0 and their logo would still be gay...

I'm sure Salguero will try to ruin this win with some negativity, but he's a hater anyways - Hey Armando...How you like the Phins now?

FIRE ROSS--sounds like you got hugged a bit too much as a kid. Your traumatic issues are not our problem. Find a more suitable support group.

Fire Ross - You are clearly nothing but a moron. You're probably an inbred Jets fan who has 15 fingers and plays the banjo. Go back home and bang your wife......I mean your mom.......I mean your sister

The only "problem" our corners experienced today was dropping interceptions! This game shouldn't have been as close as it was!

Support group ? "Sounds" like you're not too bright. Does it appear like I'm here looking for "support". I'm the voice of reason on this blog. Here to tell Woodshed Gang he's a victim and not a hero. Here to tell Craig M he a whiny run and tell the boss type that everyone by the water cooler loves to hate. I'm here to point out that the Dolphins sea world logo is uber gay.

Just imagine what this team would be able to do had they just resigned Reggie Bush. Lamar Miller is okay but he is not a starting RB and Miami still has a bad running game despite the win. Their pass game really improved and opened up.

Fire Ross, should change his name to I bang my mom

Fire Ross, I agree, the Dolphins new logo is whack. They should have never changed it and I'm sure it turned a lot of fans off.

FIRE ROSS is a douche. He talks smack to me because I served in the military. Mando needs to ban him.

I'm wearing my sideline cap with the new logo quite proudly at this moment!!

Gotta say the D came through and shut me up... And Wheeler had the last sack, and Grimmes had the INT which we could have never caught before. I hope they can fix a couple things though. Good win on the road

How bout them Dolphins!!!!!!!

I find it funny that many Dolfans treat a win as if they won a championship. I guess after watching so much horrible football in Miami, a win sort of is like a super bowl victory.

Anybody who is not talking about this BIG WIN and how well we played is a complete and utter moron.

ca_dolfan, people do have lives other than talking about a meaningless football game. Go outside maybe.

I find it funny that a Jets fan is on a Dolphins blog.

I think Prometheus might be Fire Ross's mom.....hey Prometheus your son will be home to bang you soon

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