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Live blog of statement game Dolphins vs. Colts

INDIANAPOLIS -- Statement game. But tough game.

On defense, there is reason to worry about the Dolphins vers the Colts today. That's the cornerback spot. Yes, Dimitri Patterson is active and playing. But he's nursing a groin injury and was limited in practice all week long and will only play vs the slot receiver.

That means Nolan Carroll will start at cornerback. Ouch! Yes, the Dolphins have confidence in Carroll. I don't. Sorry.

Patterson, meanwhile, has shown himself somewhat fragile in his time with the Dolphins -- getting hurt in his one game with Miami last year and getting hurt in his first game this year.

If Patterson can avoid re-injury, great. All good.

If, however, he tweaks the injury, you will see Jimmy Wilson against T.Y. Hilton in the slot. Not a good matchup for Miami.

As I wrote in my column in The Herald today, this game between the Dolphins and Colts will be a statement about the 2013 Dolphins. They win today and they are squarely and rightly considered playoffs contenders and even AFC East contenders.

How else to describe it after winning on the road, against a good quarterback leading a playoff team from a year ago?

Lose, however, and it'll look a lot like the Dolphins of the past few years.

In other issues, this is a big game for Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas. Neither had a particularly stellar preseason. Neither was very good last week in the regular season opener. One of them needs to show up today because if they don't, I won't be surprised if the Dolphins' personnel department starts looking elsewhere for help.

Beenie Wells, Willis McGahee, Michael Turner and Cedric Benson are out there and the trade deadline is next month.

The inactives today are: Pat Devlin, Danny Watkins, Dallas Thomas, Jamar Taylor Mike Gillislee, JoshKaddu, Danny Watkins and Will Davis.

Jared Odrick will continue to start at defensive tackle over Randy Starks. As he did last week.


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No reason to complaint this week Wallace

The quick screen, Man!


Wallace has been unleashed. Fear him.

Touchdown Miami!!! Great block on the screen to Wallace!!!

Tony....no reason for fans to complain about him either....diva, yes, but he's a competitor too.....and our best offensive player---get him the ball

OK...now what? All you Fins haters and suck it!

Good running. Good protection of THILL. THILL looks sharp. And....Mike Wallace TD!!!

No doubt we can score on them. But them on Us also.


Week 1 you don't show everything when you are whooping someone handily.

Who is going to complain about the play calling now?

I like it....Philbin must have lit a fire under somebodies ass this past week

think Philbin had a closed door meeting with Sherman this week, or no?--I'm guessing.....yes

Great Drive Tanne!

Eisenbong, they are my own observations, but typed at the same time they said it...

ok enough with Bradshaw.....dude's like 54 yrs old.....account for him already

Money Mayweather should be a Dolphins fan! Perfection squared.

Quick slant. One of the hardest plays to defend against

reshads coverage was way too soft on Wayne...that aint gonna work.....and where is our pass rush?

Surprised at the D

Picking on Wilson!

Reggie Wayne is killing us early and often

no pass rush

Seriously Wilson....blows!

Stop Reggie now!

the more we hit Wallace the more the defence changes their gameplan to cover him = more space for the others.

The Colts need to check their GM. The guy has picked up a bunch of Dolphin rejects.

Jimmy Wilson or Nolan Carrol are going to be this D's achilles today.

it aint about the CBs when the QB has that much time to throw......no CB can cover for 4-5 seconds--its the (lack of) pass rush......figure something out because they've now driven easily down the field twice

Wilson again victimized....

I'm convinced already....Vernon is a nobody. Need to get Jordan involved now.

Secondary looks just like last year and the last and the...

Keep hitting them hard. Specially Luck.

got o be selective on how many we blitz, and not let their receivers enough time to create separation.
still long way to go, but i'd rather us have scored early to gain some confidence that's for sure

coco....aint the secondary.....these passes are like layups for Luck because he's under no pressure--hasnt been flushed from the pocket, under no duress.....everybody blaming the secondary doesnt know what theyre talking about--its all about the pass rush.....if no pressure on the QB then we got problems

OK...the put a rookie Guard into the game...Starks, Odrick and Solai need to make them pay!!


I won't be mad if L.Miller has a good game today.

We're gonna hold them to a field goal.

Benz, you have a point

nice stop.....nice work....more pressure that time

Big stop!!

Need a colts fist pump


wish he'd have caught that, but better to let them have 3 than 7 I guess

Pist fump!!!!!!

Bend, don't break, is what its about today!

If the Pass Rush, don't show up, Luck is going to pass in this game for 500 yds.

Need to put pressure on Luck especially with jimmy Wilson and Carroll covering
Wake and Dion Jordan where are you?

lets face it.....can rely on the defense alot but they aint gonna be great/perfect every week--we gotta score alot of points against these next 4-5 opponents--these teams can rack up points agains good Ds......our offense needs to pull their weight, put up 28-35 points.....help the D

Next series I expect the Defense to settle In. Started seeing a little pressure by the end of that drive.

Miller running stronger and faster to hit the hole. Much better!

What happen to that great pass rush!! This isn't the crappy Browns! Starks???Philbin the clown..idiot!

What happen to that great pass rush!! This isn't the crappy Browns! Starks???Philbin the clown..idiot!

What a throw!!!

Miller needs to pinch off a 20 yard run here




Big play Offense!!

Clay??....hhmm, yeah....Clay

Yac !!!!!!

Miller time...

Damn, I like it

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