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Live blog of statement game Dolphins vs. Colts

INDIANAPOLIS -- Statement game. But tough game.

On defense, there is reason to worry about the Dolphins vers the Colts today. That's the cornerback spot. Yes, Dimitri Patterson is active and playing. But he's nursing a groin injury and was limited in practice all week long and will only play vs the slot receiver.

That means Nolan Carroll will start at cornerback. Ouch! Yes, the Dolphins have confidence in Carroll. I don't. Sorry.

Patterson, meanwhile, has shown himself somewhat fragile in his time with the Dolphins -- getting hurt in his one game with Miami last year and getting hurt in his first game this year.

If Patterson can avoid re-injury, great. All good.

If, however, he tweaks the injury, you will see Jimmy Wilson against T.Y. Hilton in the slot. Not a good matchup for Miami.

As I wrote in my column in The Herald today, this game between the Dolphins and Colts will be a statement about the 2013 Dolphins. They win today and they are squarely and rightly considered playoffs contenders and even AFC East contenders.

How else to describe it after winning on the road, against a good quarterback leading a playoff team from a year ago?

Lose, however, and it'll look a lot like the Dolphins of the past few years.

In other issues, this is a big game for Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas. Neither had a particularly stellar preseason. Neither was very good last week in the regular season opener. One of them needs to show up today because if they don't, I won't be surprised if the Dolphins' personnel department starts looking elsewhere for help.

Beenie Wells, Willis McGahee, Michael Turner and Cedric Benson are out there and the trade deadline is next month.

The inactives today are: Pat Devlin, Danny Watkins, Dallas Thomas, Jamar Taylor Mike Gillislee, JoshKaddu, Danny Watkins and Will Davis.

Jared Odrick will continue to start at defensive tackle over Randy Starks. As he did last week.


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Go Miami!!!!!!

What A Pass!!

He threaded the needle like a master.

Miller!!! Great burst!!!

YES! At this rate us real fans won't here from the blog trolls at all today!

I think Vontae was tired on Miller's run.....he's calling his grandma right now




We will earn our respect!!

Is this the miami dolphins.... wow. Impressive

I want to hear all those people crying after 1 game about L.Miller.

About time they fired Sherman...great offense explosion. Man that new coordinator is great.

Miller looks motivated

serious Q, was that a good pass by tanny or a little lucky it was behind clay meaning he had to turn the other way??
either way i'll take it. we need to keep our foot on the gas for the full game though

High powered Miami Dolphins Offense!!

time for a turnover

Crying no, complaining yes. O-line is doing their job

Love our offense so far! Beautiful play calls.


That was a perfect pass.

is it me or did brown lower his helmet on that first run??

man, they can move the ball.....we need points.....pedal on the gas all game

I, for one, never gave up on this franchise. And I will never turn on them, like many of you have. Unless they lose today, in which case it would be impossible to support them, and then I shall spew forth much mindless nonsense.

Seriously the D looks bad. Giving away too many yards. Nice stops to force field goals but that won't last long.

cheers dashi

coco.....pressure......nice, huh!


Shelby!!! Should be starting over Vernon

Starting get a lil more pressure now...

Where is that great pass rush unit.. This isn't the c r a pp y Browns

Jimmy Wilson....BLOWS!!!!!


My boy Wallace is going to have a big game today. He's off to. A great start! Be prepared to go down fighting this week.

By the way......Charles Clay. What a BUST of a6th round draft pick! Another great call by the trolls!

Yep benz but secondary still blows

ok, that was on the secondary....way too much cushion by Grimes

If the defensive line doesn't start generating some pressure this is going to be a shootout. Our blitz isn't getting there.

jp.....that was Grime's guy

Let's go Dolphins

Has the been reading their own press clippings of greatness???

What's happening to the so called top 5 defense
If you're going to blitz you need to get to the QB

2 TDs no punts that qtr

Their press clippings look good!

Agreed. Rush needs to get there. Time for Speed package

Even the backup OL is better than Miami. The front four of the phins can't sack luck no pressure. Where is Solin Dion. That #3 pick overall. Boy that RT would look good right now huh!

Need a big stop here on 3rd

theyre not good coco, i'll agree.....but where is our run defense?--not much of a pass rush so far either......D in general hasnt been sharp

out coached and out played

Come on Wheeler

Game commentors have an agenda

how many plays can the top 5 D not make

hate to be dramatic, but D is awful so far

Jones is disappointing so far this year. Big contract and mediocre play.


Looks like the offense will have to score on every possession !!

OK....need THILL to keep us moving forward. No mistakes on O and we should win.

and Jones sigh a for a bunch of mil?

D has to do better...won't win a shoot out

stick a fork in the suck fish, when the strong part of your team looks like crap you can kiss it good bye!! They can't do what Marino did when he was the D and the O.

Defense is nonexistent right now

Nice game so far, very enjoyable so far.

well.....we're gonna see if we can win a shootout I guess

coach FAILbin at his best

No pressure, man. He will kill us.

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