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Live blog of statement game Dolphins vs. Colts

INDIANAPOLIS -- Statement game. But tough game.

On defense, there is reason to worry about the Dolphins vers the Colts today. That's the cornerback spot. Yes, Dimitri Patterson is active and playing. But he's nursing a groin injury and was limited in practice all week long and will only play vs the slot receiver.

That means Nolan Carroll will start at cornerback. Ouch! Yes, the Dolphins have confidence in Carroll. I don't. Sorry.

Patterson, meanwhile, has shown himself somewhat fragile in his time with the Dolphins -- getting hurt in his one game with Miami last year and getting hurt in his first game this year.

If Patterson can avoid re-injury, great. All good.

If, however, he tweaks the injury, you will see Jimmy Wilson against T.Y. Hilton in the slot. Not a good matchup for Miami.

As I wrote in my column in The Herald today, this game between the Dolphins and Colts will be a statement about the 2013 Dolphins. They win today and they are squarely and rightly considered playoffs contenders and even AFC East contenders.

How else to describe it after winning on the road, against a good quarterback leading a playoff team from a year ago?

Lose, however, and it'll look a lot like the Dolphins of the past few years.

In other issues, this is a big game for Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas. Neither had a particularly stellar preseason. Neither was very good last week in the regular season opener. One of them needs to show up today because if they don't, I won't be surprised if the Dolphins' personnel department starts looking elsewhere for help.

Beenie Wells, Willis McGahee, Michael Turner and Cedric Benson are out there and the trade deadline is next month.

The inactives today are: Pat Devlin, Danny Watkins, Dallas Thomas, Jamar Taylor Mike Gillislee, JoshKaddu, Danny Watkins and Will Davis.

Jared Odrick will continue to start at defensive tackle over Randy Starks. As he did last week.


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More good D by Grimes.

agree Orlando.....dont know why they went away from Miller--and Grimes is the man

We are averaging over 5 yards per rushing attempt. Might wanna try running a bit more.


Better than S.Smith. Way better than V.Davis.

We need a nice long drive now.


I will take another quick score.

gotta run the ball more. also throw in some draws and counters to slow down the pass rush

Colts are also averaging over 5 yards per rush. Good d to for e a punt

need to keep running the ball to keep it away from luck!

Has Dion Jordan played yet on D line?

the comments on here change with every play . first of all it slags the offence off, the next comment is hey what a great offence. next comment - this defence sucks, next comment oh great defence.
Jesus Christ lets just watch the game and not analyse every single frigging play like it represents a whole season!!!!

I know the game is still not over. But the Dolphins look better as a Team than The Pats.

Yes, the Pats have Brady. But that is it.

agree dashi, grimes is so much better....its not even close.....and our D has to either blitz every play or figure out how to bring heavy pressure every play....gotta take some risks against top QBs, and live with the results--and run Miller more!-take pressure off TH

run blocking has definitely improved from last week

Updated list of keys to success

No more passes to Clay
Run the football
Throw Hartline/Wallace catchable balls
Press Indy on 2nd down

Yeah, a long drive here with a score to end the quarter would be great.

Horrible play call

awful 3rd down play call.....run the ball

Why did Sherman call that play??????



But you should say on some people. Cause not everyone is riding the roller coaster.

Me personally, I like what I see so far.

terrible call. although wallace was wide open

That should have gone to Wallace! Damn!

Need a big 3rd down conversion and Sherman draws up a play to Clutts.



stanford should've let that roll

Wallace was wide open

what the heck is Stanford doing catching the ball on a high bounce like that, and heading the right way, with nothing but Dolphins around?--is he serious?--probably a 5-10 yd blunder

would have been nice to go into thehalf with a lead, proably kiss that good bye with 4 min left and the D not it the game!

need a turnover

TY is a man.

2nd down play. Huge hole to Miller's left.

damn. hilton abused grimes there

Lol, how embarrassing. Fins are in some deep doo-doo.

wow, that is awful by Grimes too.....not sharp at all today

Good thing the Fins deferred and get the ball after halftime.

That was a great play by Hilton.

Wheels coming off right now. Gonna be a long day.


Hilton has been our kryptonite two years now! F&$@!

miami db's are girls

Damn, Grimes got stripped of his manhood. Boy is buck nekkid right now.

who are we kidding, not in the same league with the colts and the next 3 teams. 1-4 is a reality!

D needs to keep them to a FG

I like what I see too dashi.....on the road against a good team and a very good QB....just scratching my head a little over the defense

Dashi, point taken, but those who don't do it will know who it's aimed at ;-)

great play unfortunately for us by Hilton!!!
grimes thought he'd caught it :(

I still can't believe our offense is making the Colt's defense look good. Fire Sherman and have Chad Pennington or even some hobo off the street call our plays

and right on cue with a lil bit of adversity here comes the naysayers. there's whole 2nd half to play and we get the ball first. calm down

Stanford apparently didn't go to a higher learning institution. That was one of the dumbest plays I've seen. They were at the 20. That could've rolled 10+ yds and it still wouldn't have been a Touch back.

GRimes was in place to intercept the ball... Hilton made a great play..

Wow, ARron Rodgers already has 280 yards in the firs half, I should have played him...

Dolphins don't appear good enough to win this game

Let them score quick. Maybe we can answer back and regain the lead.

Sherman REALLY sucks! Exactly showing he is a dated dinosaur. He could not get Reggie involved last year and now this. Awful play calling. Philbin needs to take over.

So far the Colts winning the play calling battle imo.

Good time out


You still have P.Manning. and he is playing the Giants. Expect another good game by him tonight.

hold em to three now

little concerned about our LBers too.....those runs are on them generally, they're the tacklers on D......Bradshaw has 3 10 yard runs already

Can't stop the run, can't stop the pass

Luck on pace for a 500 passing day. He must love playing against us

Top tier db's will make a play even if they are out of position, low end models will fail to make a play even when they are in position. Get got Yugos'.

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