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Live blog of statement game Dolphins vs. Colts

INDIANAPOLIS -- Statement game. But tough game.

On defense, there is reason to worry about the Dolphins vers the Colts today. That's the cornerback spot. Yes, Dimitri Patterson is active and playing. But he's nursing a groin injury and was limited in practice all week long and will only play vs the slot receiver.

That means Nolan Carroll will start at cornerback. Ouch! Yes, the Dolphins have confidence in Carroll. I don't. Sorry.

Patterson, meanwhile, has shown himself somewhat fragile in his time with the Dolphins -- getting hurt in his one game with Miami last year and getting hurt in his first game this year.

If Patterson can avoid re-injury, great. All good.

If, however, he tweaks the injury, you will see Jimmy Wilson against T.Y. Hilton in the slot. Not a good matchup for Miami.

As I wrote in my column in The Herald today, this game between the Dolphins and Colts will be a statement about the 2013 Dolphins. They win today and they are squarely and rightly considered playoffs contenders and even AFC East contenders.

How else to describe it after winning on the road, against a good quarterback leading a playoff team from a year ago?

Lose, however, and it'll look a lot like the Dolphins of the past few years.

In other issues, this is a big game for Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas. Neither had a particularly stellar preseason. Neither was very good last week in the regular season opener. One of them needs to show up today because if they don't, I won't be surprised if the Dolphins' personnel department starts looking elsewhere for help.

Beenie Wells, Willis McGahee, Michael Turner and Cedric Benson are out there and the trade deadline is next month.

The inactives today are: Pat Devlin, Danny Watkins, Dallas Thomas, Jamar Taylor Mike Gillislee, JoshKaddu, Danny Watkins and Will Davis.

Jared Odrick will continue to start at defensive tackle over Randy Starks. As he did last week.


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Some of you dudes are just ridiculous.. i mean some of you must want them to lose and be bad so you can be happy.

Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts have always been anti-Dolphins, as are most of these SeeBS commentators.

No I rather have Sparano than Sherman play calling!!! Fist pump fist pump!!
Sherman do us all a favor go back to high school or college and take that stupid play call book with your!!! You idiot

I think who ever turns the ball over loses this game. Definitely need the defense to make a play

Where's the Dolphins defense !

Hey guys... yeah that 'brilliant' comment was obnoxious.
Caleb is impressive. Tie game! Are guys actually surprised Indy can move the ball, or just trolling?


Maybe you finally see why Hartline was retained?

Their is a football game on. Do you know where your Grandpa is?

At the Herald Trolling Dashi.

You are like a Dashi fiend. Every time you see me on here. Let me bother Dashi.



all of these short passes to Wallace sets him up for a big play in the 2nd half

I'm sick of the commentators and overall media against Miami too. But they are not on the field.

We need the Fins to play more consistently. If the D can improve in the second half and Sherman gets the play calling better on 3rd downs the Fins will be right there in the end.

Hey, Sherman isn't as bad as Henning but not by much. The thing is, it'll be hard for Philbin to make a change. But if he don't it will cost him his job

I'm ordering my Sturgis jersey after this game!

Wel, there you see it. We can't stop them and they can't stop us. Then?

lets see what fecklessd half time adjustments are made by FAILbin. Can't be any worse than the 1st half game plan???

I'm hoping our Defense is saving all the good stuff for the 2nd half. Luck has made it look way too easy.

Been wondering why Fouts just hasn't come out and simply said he was going for the Colts (some wars between Fouts and the Dolphins from the Killer Bees to Marino)

Am I the only one who thought that Time Out on the 1st and goal play was to stop the clock allowing the score to get the extra possession before the half while getting the ball 1st in the 2nd half?

Where's Dion?

Sacks, we need sacks . Run the football. Look the time of posession.

Browns shutting out SB champ Ravens!


Agreed. I was just about to say that. Dan Fouts has always had issues with the Fins.

He said it all with his comment. He doesn't like another team he played against. Basically saying that even as a Commentator he is biased.

#9 Sturgis.....money in the bank!!!!

No what makes me upset the phins fan and coaches putting this defense top 5 in the league but its not even close! Plus they don't start starks and can't put pressure at least pressure on the QB on a OL that has two ex-phins that suppose to be horrible
That makes it even worst! But are they really horrible? That goes to show you that this team don't know how to pick OL players.

On the L.Miller TD Dion Sims had a beautiful crack back block on a DL.

Ravens suck without Ray Lewis. They don't have anybody to lead them. Keep the Fire going. Flacco is a Lame. And Everybody Knows It.

The Ravens will be exposed this season.

I'm really sick of this conserevative OFF.

Can we get Brandon Gibson on the field!!

I hope they can redeem them selves on defense in the second half, or can they?

The Colts are a good Team, man. They have good D players and sae very well coached.

We're playing a good team and we're in the game what is there to complain about?

Miami needs to run the ball, and run the ball again. Luck is on the field WAY too much.

Defense better show up in the 2nd half, I don't understand where the pass rush is against this OL

Love the game Clay is having, nice to see him get open in the seam

Gibson has been a non entity so far....

dashe please explain to the bloggers once again how soccer players aren't athletes. i like it when you confirm your own stupidity in public.

Fouts just complimented the Dolphins!

Saw the show about Shula, It was a really good show. Nice how they booted out a coach with only 2 losing seasons where losing was the exception, now all we have had since Shula are coaches where winning is the exception!!!

42 plays by the Colts. Should be 24 -17 colts.

LOL, fin4

great half of fotoball by thill get ball first lets keep scoring

At the half 1.Turnovers 0 to 0
2.Pts off turnovers 0 to 0
3.Red Zone ratio Miami 2tds 0fgs
Ind 2tds 1fgs
Result 17-17 tie

Whoever has the ball last will win this game. I hate to be pessimistic gut a close game at Indi favors Andrew Luck. I am just hoping that Luck leaves us a few minutes on the clock and that Tannehill can put us in position to win the game.

thigpen finally got a chance to return a kick and did a good job

Timeout by INDY. Nice, hope it comes back to bite 'em.

Yes, get rid of those TO's Indy.

Agree, Orlando. This one will probably come down to the last play.

Lets see some adjustments on offense and keep bringing it.

Tannehill held on to the ball to long.

Bleh. Too conservative. Should have gone deep on the first play.

that's a pass!!!!

Tannehill running for his life while Luck sips tea.

Stupid play calling again guys? Say goodnite to the bad guys! Playing bad that is!

How is this play even up for review? Of course its an incomplete pass.

Catch you guys after the game.

3 n out.... yep feckless FAILbin does not disappoint!!

Wonder if Philbin/Coyle speech at halftime did any good?

Offense regressing

This is all on Sherman!!! Miller is running the ball well and hi brings Thomas and moves away from the run, puts pressure in the QB and wont keep the Colts D honest. And everybody on this blog know this.

sure the colts will get the ball



what did I tell you... stick a fork in the BLOWFISH..... they suck!!!

Let's see if the defense plays vanilla or they going to finally sack the QB. Boy I pay 60 mil to the colts OL coach. With those type of players on the OL. Boy its getting ugly

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