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Interesting week ahead for Dolphins

Big week for the Dolphins. It's one of 16 that will run through December and culminate with a game that will determine your mood for the next three months.

So what's on tap?

Let's start with the minimal stuff first. The Dolphins announced their practice squad this morning.

No.         Name                                    Pos.       Hgt.       Wgt.   

31           De'Andre Presley             DB             5-10         188       

44           Jordan Kovacs                   S              5-10      210 

65           Sam Brenner                      C             6-2        310  

76           Jason Weaver                    T              6-5          305  

78           Al Lapuaho                          DT           6-2      301

85           Brian Tyms                          WR         6-3       204  

86           Kyle Miller                           TE           6-5      262 

87           Marvin McNutt                     WR         6-2        215

With two, count 'em, two wide receivers on the practice squad the Dolphins can actually stay at four wide receivers on the roster and make decisions on players as late as Fridays on the health of their roster players.

How does this work?

Well, if the Dolphins suffer some sort of injury to one of the top 4 WRs, they can monitor that injury and decide if that player is available or not. If he isn't, they can simply promote McNutt or Tyms because both players are familiar with the system.

Practice today gets underway at 11:20.

Dion Jordan will be there, I'm told.

[Update: Jordan is practicing, at least on a limited basis. He was actually working in on special teams kick coverage. So that's good.]

It is a big week for him. He needs to have a solid week of work to be on the active roster for Sunday's game at Cleveland. We'll see.

It's also a big week for John Jerry.

He is out of shape (still) and working on regaining his strength in his knee. He is obviously also trying to lose some weight.

While he is considered the starting RG, I'm told he needs to have a good week of practice to solidify that position because it is not sealed in stone. We'll see.

Finally, the Dolphins have questions at cornerback, near as I can tell. Will Davis is in a walking boot at practice today. No, he's not practicing. Also, fellow rookie Jamar Taylor was not present at practice during the open media portion of practice.

If neither Davis nor Taylor are available for Sunday, it explains why the Dolphins kept so many (11) DBs when they trimmed the roster to 53.

By the way, the Cleveland Browns added wide receiver Jasper Collins to their practice squad today. Coincidence?

And Dan Carpenter is among a handful of kickers trying out for the team today as well.


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Armando my good man....you say interesting week ahead which is one of sixteen.
Shouldn't you have said one of 19 that will run through February?
Yeah I know, just wishful thinking on my part.
You ready to punch the Brownies in the face on the 8th?
I am!


Three, count 'em three ?

I see, Two, only TWO....Wide Receivers listed here on PS.
McNutt and Tyms, who is number three ?

Please, pray tell, tell us Mando ?

Hey, how about signing Josh Cribbs ex Brownie for the game...he's a returner, yes, but WR too.

6 days to kickoff and of course Dolphins win!! I'm ready to put a beat down on Weeden and the Brownies. Fed up/Bored with the offseason and ready for some real games where our 1st teams play all game. I don't care if it's by a point or 20. It counts in the win column.

Mando, Smart to have those PARTICULAR TWO, count, count 'em TWO wr's on our practice squad, exactly for the reasons you mentioned.
Same with Pressley. He was spotty, from what I saw, but can make plays, as he did last game.

K Randall and Francis...will we ever get an explanation from the staff...
The FB move was good (Rod's off the field issues made it easy), but it's frustrating to watch a team with several needs trade up to draft at its strongest position and then cut very serviceable gems so that DL backups could be a draft need next year...if DL is drafted in the first three rounds next year please tell me someone else will remember these two players


I don't think either team feels that they can score at will any time during the game like Den, NE, Bal etc.
Both teams try and leverage thier competitive advantage in the 4th qtr.
Dolphins competitive advantage: defense front 7
Browns competitive advantage: running game

Miller as receiver, lol

But step 1 to play off run is to invoke fear.

Blowout Cleveland, beat Colts, then win home opener and THE WORLD IS OURS

Not sure I would consider the 3.6 YPC that Richardson put up last year a competitive advantage. That's actually pretty awful. Every RB in the league should be able to get that. Forget the name this is the NFL.

NE signed a defensive and an offensive player from us.
Did they really need one of our cast off offensive linemen? Really?? That coaching staff is devious.

I think our coaching staff is making good use of the practice squad too. My only doubts are Gray and Francis, but I don't think either one is worth losing sleep over.

Lapuaho and Weaver look like good prospects to add.

Our Super Bowl run will probably require an additional quality offensive lineman though. I hope we can trade for one this week.

At this point finding a competitive 'advantage' for either team is a stretch.
As the season takes shape we will learn what we do well on the field not just on paper.
Tanne threw 3 TDs no int this preseason.
Wheeden threw 3 TDs no ints AND no sacks this preseason.
Does that mean that both are now elite QBs? Maybe. Does it mean that both can pick the low hanging fruit but are afraid to take chances? It may mean that also.


Obviously right?
But what exactly does that mean?
It means if our defense can hold down the opposition then Tanne can run off 15 play 10 minute drives until the game is over.
If the defense allows us to fall behind, and Tanne has to sart taking chances then that is not something that he is good at. Especially if he doesn't hsave time to throw.

Anyway I got someyard work to do.

Not only is this the start of a new and promising season, this is the start of getting rid of the bandwagon fans, JETS Fans and totally worthless trolls who pollute this blog. Just as satisfying as a winning season will be the end of having to read the moronic comments of these fools.

advantages...DL, Secondary(unless someone is hurt), WR, LB, K (they don't even have one), P
Unknown..T-hill - Weeden, RB

even...OL vs their DL

disadvantages...TE, FB

6-10-8-8 at best sorry homers you'll be disappointed unfortunately for the 40.th consecutive year PATHETIC. And you fools wonder why the 72-73 teams are honored every year cause they GOT THE JOB DONE Dolphinsfans they FINISHED the JOB !! THEY SEALED THE DEAL just accept now that's not only GREATNESS but more importantly it is IMMORTALITY :-):-):-) !!!

Bobby12...I'm all for that and people wonder why sites go to the FB format where you can block those people and report their non sense. I don't believe ignoring them solves anything.

The situation with our top Draft Picks is frustrating.

So far Sims has been the sole bright spot and apparently he's not starting.

We need Davis and Taylor to start contributing right away. But......Nope!

And Jordan takes a couple of hits and he's out.

Everybody is praising the job Ireland did in improving the team. I agree. But golly gee, wouldn't it be nice if **ANY** of our top picks could contribute?

Fins--they did add a different DLman to the PS, so dont lose sleep over Francis or Randall--all 3 are probably comparable (serviceable backups/depth) so not sure what the issue is--we added V Martin, who can be re-signed.....far as I can tell, Randall wasnt even claimed/signed--how big a deal is it?

Welcome to club Mando!

couldnt figure that one out...oh no 4 WR's!!!!!

Fins.....plus, "if DL is drafted in the first three rounds next year", they're being drafted as a starter......not to replace an undrafted FA or a 7th rd pick

Odin.....frustrating, agree.....and I'm not defending Ireland but not sure its really an Ireland issue--all 3 are dinged, apparently (hopefully) none too seriously at this point--what are you gonna do?--Sims should be starting (and will be soon enough), I like Jenkins' and Gillislee's upside but they're raw and there's just no spot for them right now--injuries happen.

Not everybody is praising the work done by Ireland.

Everyone WAS praising the work done by Ireland until I took it upon myself to expose the fraud:
We lost more production than we gained.

Once I pointed out the facts to a national audience everyone jumped ship.

Im not a big ps guy. Means so little. 95% of the ps will never see the 53. Even that 5% that does will not have a sufficient impact even if ever plays.

Same goes for bottom roster players too. Even with limited gameday reps, coaches raying for no game costing mistakes.

Carroll looks like gameday "nickel". Im sure the Browns offense will also be "looking" for Carroll.

ETF conversing with odin is kind of like Pee Wee Herman conversing with himself.

I'm not worried about the Defensive Tackles **At All**.

Matter of fact, I'm convinced we've upgraded.

Starks and Solia are the same, same. This time last year we had McDaniel and Randall with Odrick moving inside at times.

McDaniel never panned out like I thought he would and Randall played well for a Rookie. But not much more. It was probably a tough call, but at a position of strength, he just didn't show quite enough.

Subtract them and add Vaughn Martin and Jared Odrick. Martin and Odrick are upgrades all the way around, up to and including their versatility. They can both play inside or out and that's great for the rotation.

agree Faking......so much talk and handwringing and second guessing over PS and bottom of the roster players that will have little/no impact, for the most part--sure, a few might contribute some and 1 might stand out.....but even that is a longshot, if you look around the league--and I'm sure someone here will point out an exception or 2 (or 5).....but thats still pretty insignificant, when you look at the number of players we're talking about leaguewide--totally agree about Carroll.....if he gets much time this year, and looks like he will early on, thats concerning.

I believe Wheedon will go after our #2 corner early and often.
Wheedon has to take chances because of his age and because of the skill level on his team.
Tanne is incapable of taking chances.

D-line depth can stand a starter injury. Its LB that concerns me most.

We can stand OLB going down because Jordan can be plugged in. MLB? total different story. Humongous drop in play after Danelle Ellerbee.

It would be nice if our draft picks contributed. I heard Jordan was practicing today which would mean he'll play Sun. W. Davis is in a boot and J. Taylor was limited again so who knows..Guess we'll have to wait and see on those 2.


Only thing concerning me about Patterson on other side is offenses lining their #1 wr over there. If Grimes isn't designated to following opposing #1 wr's wherever they go, this could be a problem.

I like Patterson as a legit #2 cb, just don't quite feel comfortable with him ever having to guard #1 wr's.

Just imagine every offseason acquisition PLUS we kept Long & Smith.

If we could start Smith PLUS Grimes with Carroll, Dmitri, Taylor & Davis we would have a very strong secondary with depth.

If our starting O-line was Long, Incogs, Pouncey, Martin, Clabo and jerry, Garner and samuda were backups that would be an incredible OL. In that scenario our QB has 6 seconds to throw every play.

I've been saying in here for 5 years that we keep losing our 1st and 2nd round draft picks with no compensation and here is a perfect example of it again.

Once again the Dolphins make some good moves, I think this was an excellent Draft by Ireland, but then pull some heavy head scratching stuff. Why on Earth should he draft 2 players that were probably months away from full rehab? Same as all those dinged vets that he brought in and one Lance Louis didn't make it. Being cheap? Nahh, he overpaid for some FA Players acquired this year, like Wheeler appears to be so. Only reason I can think is that the Org is not about seriously competing this year and rather do it next year.

The practice squad is pretty inconsequential during the season. But I do like the way we were able to put our 5th and 6th WR's there.

This was a stroke of genius in my opinion. In the case of the WR's, it effectively makes the Practice Squad an extension of the roster. It allowed us to keep only 4 WR's active and it opened up more roster spots for other positions.

Good Stuff.

Also, Paterson needs to be 100% healthy gm 1. He wasn't at camp end and it showed the last couple preseason games. He was allowing wr's to make the catch and relied on making that tackle after the catch.

He lacked the explosiveness to play the ball because he wasn't 100% healthy the last 2-3wks of preseason.

dadsw...I've tried on occasion several times. It's a waste of time. People rarely read what you actually write, don't comprehend your point, or quickly turn it into silly name calling and childish nonsense. It all goes nowhere or out of control.

You know this.

What you apparently don't see is that most of the people you are responding to are not remotely serious about what they are saying. It is just fodder to nudge someone into a senseless debate - nothing more than a game to distract them from boredom.

Couple all that with the numerous 'family fueds' here, and you are left with too little of any redeeming value.

Not enough to be worthwhile.

The Practice squad can be pilfered. It means nothing.


Who are our current 1st & 2nd round picks that are in thier contract year?
Is it Misi and Odrick?
If so extend them now.
If a starter makes it free agency he's leaving, why wouldn't he?


I expect every rookie except for Dallas Thomas to receive playing time this year. Thomas would be forced to play only if rash injury strikes the oline.

7th rd'er Don Jones has probably won a job on st's as a gunner. Most likely why he made the 53.

Faking.....agree about LB--I'm guessing they'd consider moving Wheeler or Misi to the middle if Ellerbe is out short term--cant think of who else we have there to backup, I know Spitler is gone......Trusnick maybe?--but he stinks....yeah, not great.

Even with injuries and lack of depth we should be able to handle the Brownies. at 5-11 last year there's no reason to be scared of them. We should be able to compete with them minus a couple of back ups. I don't see anyone scary good on their offense nor defense. I expect some reverses, play action and a lot of shifting and short passes from their offense with Turner.

Browns aren't a team you "just beat". They are not "automatic w's".

They are not the upper echelon, but, you do have to play "very well" to beat them. If not, you can easily find yourself at the wrong end of that "W".

Anyone got a link to the game?

Posted by: LOVE FAKING 17-0-IN-YUR-ASS! | | September 02, 2013 at 02:45 PM

Did you figure that out for yourself or did someone tell you?

I told him.

The bottom line is you have to score more points than your opponent, even if it is a bad team, in order to win.

Believe it or not QBR and rushing yards and turnovers don't really mean anything. It's points.

I say forget WCO, 4-3. 3-4. and all that mumbo jumbo nonsense.

The focus should be on scoring more points than the other team.

I still believe we are 1 yr. away from making any kind of run at the SB. One more good draft should do it, we are close. This year can stil easily produce at 10-6 season and a playoff appearance and who knows ?? once in the playoffs anything can happen { ravens last year}. Broncos went 13-3 and got nothing to show for it, so just make the playoffs no matter what the record and get some experience cause next year is the year.

Kent " Bad Breath" Baxter's ip address

Make a note of it.

ETF.....dont think we woulda had the money to bring in the offseason aquisitions we added and keep Long and Smith--dont know the specifics about how they'd count against the cap (bonus/guaranteed money/salary) but their avaerage salaries total about 14-15 mill/yr I think....cant imagine they woulda had enough money to add the guys they did, and keep those 2--no way.

and sorry but Sean Smith was THE most frustrating Dolphin to watch over the past few years.....yeah, I know about and can see the potential and athleticism, but geez, did any recent player (2nd rd pick no less) come up smaller, or less consistent.....to downright invisible at times? Didnt like to tackle, had literally the worst hands of any CB that I can remember (seriously)--again, especially since he was a 2nd rd pick, so came with those expectations......looked totally lost at times in coverage and was not an especially good coverage guy in general......and did I say he couldnt catch?--wish him well but really not sorry to see him go.

Ireland signed a Clutts. How ironic!

Not only is this the start of a new and promising season, this is the start of getting rid of the bandwagon fans, JETS Fans and totally worthless trolls who pollute this blog. Just as satisfying as a winning season will be the end of having to read the moronic comments of these fools.

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | September 02, 2013 at 01:25 PM

Too bad we can't say the same for you.

It works both ya` know. You are NOT a prize or welcome site on this blog. Sorry to burst your bubble.

In fact, you're probably the most classless, hate filled, schlep here.

Just FYI

Nice post on Sean Smith Benz.

It was tough to watch.

I remember the one handed interception in Pre Season of his Rookie Year. It was awesome.

Of course I had no idea that I was watching the highlight of his career at the time.

Armando my good man....you say interesting week ahead which is one of sixteen.
Shouldn't you have said one of 19 that will run through February?

Posted by: Tim in Tampa | September 02, 2013 at 12:06 PM

Actually it's one of seventeen given it's a 17 game reg. Season including By-Week also 3 weeks of Playoffs from Wild Card to Conf. Champ then of course SB making it a 21 week marathon!

Ireland signed a Clutts. How ironic!

Posted by: LOL | September 02, 2013 at 03:17 PM

Can just here the, "That Clutts fumbled" stuff ect... with each mistake, LOL!

On a serious note, I have Brees, D. Martin, Chris Johnson, F. Gore, Vincent Jackson, Jordy Nelson & V. Cruz as my starting fantasy team. I have 1 flex spot left where I can play:

Steve Smith, James Jones, D. McFadden, Kenbrell Thompkins or G. Jennings.

Any thoughts? I'm leaning towards Thompkins on a 1 week try out before Gronk plays. Who would you play?

K Randall and Francis...will we ever get an explanation from the staff...
...if DL is drafted in the first three rounds next year please tell me someone else will remember these two players

Posted by: FinsWTF | September 02, 2013 at 12:29 PM

I suspect we all will especially "IF" AJ Francis makes a Rob Ninkovich type contribution to the Pats who claimed him!

They should have passed on resigning starks or at least tried trading him when they realized AJ had potential. Starks is walking at year end anyway & Francis could be groomed behind Soliai & Odrick.

y most expectations, this year isn't our year yet so, why not make a move with the future in mind?

Tell me again why we have no OL on the practice squad?

I'd tell you why, but it would be a lie...
Seeing as there seems to be Lineman on the PS.
Weaver and Brenner.

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