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Keys to the game for the Dolphins vs. Colts

Indianapolis -- The forecast here tonight is for temperatures in the 40s. Awesome, right?

This Florida boy is loving the escape from the heat. But the weather won't matter because the Lucas Oil Stadium has a retractable roof and it will be 77 on Sunday afternoon. So weather is not a key to this game.

What are the keys to this game?


When the Dolphins pass the football: Mike Wallace must get the ball early and often otherwise the Dolphins risk losing their alpha receiver for the second consecutive week. Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman talked to Wallace about getting him the ball more often so that should happen. It remains clear, however, that quarterback Ryan Tannehill feels a tighter kinship with Brian Hartline and so it’s doubtful the QB will simply disconnect from Hartline to feed Wallace. The Colts secondary seems susceptible to the pass because left cornerback Greg Toler is merely mediocre while free safety LaRon Landry is excellent in supporting the run but his lateral movement against the pass is sometimes a step slow. ADVANTAGE: Dolphins.

When the Dolphins run the football: Nothing happens. Well, at least that was the story last week against the Browns. The Dolphins left that game last in the NFL rushing the football. Miami offensive linemen and running backs have promised improvement this week. Makes sense. How can there not be improvement from terrible? Running back Lamar Miller said the Colts are similar to the Browns except faster. Yes, they might be faster but they’re not nearly as stout up front. This week is a much better match up for the Dolphins than a week ago. ADVANTAGE: Even.

When the Colts run the football: This team passes to set up the run instead of the other way around. that doesn't mean it wasn't a little shocking when starting running back Vick Ballard, a solid, workmanlike runner who is in his second season and gained 814 yards last season, injured his knee and was lost for the season in practice on Thursday. The Colts now have to overcome that loss by asking Donald Brown and Ahmad Bradshaw to play more and do more. Bradshaw is still coming back from foot surgery but seems the most likely next man up.The Miami front seven was so effective last week, the Browns basically quit running the football in the second half despite being ahead at halftime. The Colts offensive line is a zone-blocking unit that includes Dolphins castoffs Samson Satele at center and Donald Thomas at left guard. Each is on his third team. That doesn’t suggest they are dominant. ADVANTAGE: Dolphins.

When the Colts pass the football: This is a not a good match up for the Dolphins defense, particularly with starting cornerback Dimitri Patterson slowed by a groin injury. Even with Patterson healthy the Colts receivers corps that includes Reggie Wayne, T.Y Hilton and Darrius Heyward-Bey is a combination of speed and experience that might be the best the Dolphins face this year. A hobbled Patterson against the speedy Hilton in the slot is not a good match up for Miami. Andrew Luck has directed eight fourth-quarter come from behind victories which is a ton considering he’s only started 17 NFL games. That means he’s dangerous with the football late in a game that has yet to be decided. The Dolphins must avoid this situation at all costs. ADVANTAGE: Colts.

Special teams: Adam Vinatieri continues to be among the best clutch kickers in the league. He has kicked 24 game-winning field goals inside the final minute of a game during his career. T.Y. Hilton is a major weapon on returns. The Dolphins have the second-rated punter in the NFL because Brandon Fields is second in both net and gross average. And rookie Caleb Sturgis has shown no sign of struggle. The Dolphins are looking to improve their kick and punt coverage this week. ADVANTAGE: Even.

Coaching: Chuck Pagano is healthy now, which is great news, but the emotion and motivation of rallying behind his fight against cancer last year – a palpable advantage for the Colts as it happened – may have faded. Pagano also lost offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, who got the head coach job in Arizona. That is a loss. Dolphins’ coaches need to make sure they avoid the drama suffered after last week’s victory. They need to find a way to keep Mike Wallace happy, keep Randy Starks playing well while also overcoming a talented Colts team. ADVANTAGE: Colts.

Intangibles: The Colts know how to win games late. They’ve done it before behind Andrew Luck – including last week. The Dolphins haven’t done it nearly as much behind Ryan Tannehill. The home crowd in Indianapolis is also rabid when their team is in a game. OVERALL ADVANTAGE: Colts.



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Negative news, same all story.

D.Jordan will have 3 sacks,offense will have 100+yards,Tannehill will connect with Gibson for 2 TD,Miami 2-0.

rushing,i meant

Why is it important to keep Wallace happy? It's important to work as a team and win. If he catches passes - great. If he is a decoy and someone else catches passes - great. Winning teams don't worry about individual stats.

Key to the game: winning.
Feeding anyone? NFG.

Hey Mando THIS Florida boy is happy the Dolphins are on local TV and he won't have to go out to a crowded sports bar and watch his Fins kick the Colts butt.

Oh no, it all revolves around Andrew Luck.

God Morning and Welcome to Club Mando!

I will be Mando's alter ego today...

1. We dont have an alpha receiver, just ask Joe. We hit the open man where the coverage dictates to go.

2. So Luck and Indy pass to set up the run? Interesting. So the Dolphins cant be that right? Because we need something to poo poo this team on every friggin chance I get!! Besides, Ballard took his own Knee on Thursday for the season so I guess they are setting up the run with even more passes. The Dolphins are not allowed to be said doing the same. Its a passing league remember. Just get the W.

3. There is no drama, its just a figment of my imagination.

I predict a Fin's VICTORY tomorrow. Score 23-17.

Offense shows some improvement but doesn't set the world on fire.
THILL will have 55% completions, 1 TD, 0 INT and 275 yds
Wallace - 4 catches for 75 ids
Gibson - 6 catches for 60 yds and 1 TD
Hartline - 6 catches for 100 yds
Miller/Thomas - combine for 100 yds or more and 1 TD
OLINE - shows some improvement but kills at least 3 drives with penalties and/or sacks
Sturgis - saves the day again with another 3 FG's adding 9 points

Defense plays strong all day and keeps the game close for the Fin's to pull out a 4th QTR win.

Wake - 2 sacks
Odrick - 1 sack
Jordan - 1 sack
Starks - 1 sack
6 more hits on Luck but he gets the ball away
1 INT - Grimes or Patterson
TY Hilton has a big game with 2 TD's and > 100 yds
Bradshaw comes in fine at RB with more than 80 yes
The sacks and QB pressure stops Luck from converting 3rd downs and kills drives. I think he will only convert 35% of 3rd down attempts.

With no running game, it's all on Tannehill and Henning...er,I mean Sherman. Have o get Wallace involved early and often.

Go write for the Colts if you are going to give them the over all advantage... What about 6 sacks last week being an advantage! How bout the D line! Wow what a writer! Please give us some more negative posts!

wallace doesnt have to even catch a ball for us to win. hilarious fans thinking we HAVE to throw to him. u throw to whoever is open

"Fast Fins" package gets four sacks, some at the most opportune times, secondary gives yards, but does not give more than two touchdowns....Luck is a 'bad man', but Dolphins prevail as rookie Sturgis kicks with ease 3-FG's in the climate controlled dome..yes,Phins 2-0, win 23-17.

The speed package is ( THE KEY)!! Period! Say hello to an inovation that seperates the Miami Dolphins apart from the entire league, AGAIN!! Its not the first time eithed. The league and the media have never gotten over our undeafeted season and its very obvious to at least me. I wonder if anyone actually understand what happen to this D in the off season? Nutshell- Miami Dolphins now have 3 Cam Wakes people, not 1!! 3 Cam Wakes and so much speed Im sure I saw Oliveir Vernons jersey change colors in motion last week hes so fast!!! We shake up Andrew Luck and the entire N.F.L. This Sunday so prepare to be ignored come Monday, but how long can they ignore our Dolpins NOT LONG I SAY, in my MLK voice!! So we walk slow and drink water, its a long road to the division championship and beyond!! No?

What coaching advantage?

The guy who coached those 4th quarter comebacks is not there now. He is in Arizona.

Passing advantage? Luck ran for that touchdown last week. And we outscored them against a better defense. And you even admit it was better.

If the backjudges call 1/2 the holding that the Colts do[they didn't last year] we will win by 2 touchdowns.


The key over the course of a game is rotating DT's and DE's that are all good/great. They all make an impact over the course of the game.

Even our LB's rotate once game in hand.

Its all about fresh legs going into the fourth.

You listening mando? naw, I know....you cant go there. Its not in your DNA

Folks, I've asked that multiple posters be banned in recent days for reasons such as:

Using an imposter of me and using inappropriate language.

Abusive or obscene posts.

And failing to change an offensive user name after I asked ... nicely.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | September 13, 2013 at 05:24 PM

Reality Check ladies! You've been educated! Hopefully the women here, specifically kris, 78, mouth & odin etc..can get off my case & stop accusing me of the absurd!

Surely, these ladies are too proud to apologize for being WRONG & won't offer up an apology.

In any event, it's s nice to be vindicated from the guy these ladies said doesn't come on the blog & answer questions. Anything to keep lying & living in a fatansy bubble land.

Bunch of LIARS! In any event, you should thank Armando for educating & letting you know just how wrong you've been about people!

We were hosed in this game last year and I said I would not take it again this year. I am writing the NFL today on their website and advising them that if it happens this year , I will put video on YouTube. You should all write them.

I know they want to promote their new "hero", but he needs to do it on his own. No more "tuck rule crap" like they did for Brady.

Luck is a good QB and seems like an alright guy, but lets call this game fair and may the best man win.

Only prayer Phins have is if they rush for 100 yards & sack Luck 5 times. Actually that applies to the next 3 weeks.

Me too, holy! I'm still here! Craig will be po'd to learn I wasn't YG! Even more shocking to him is to learn that there are still ppl here who don't like him.

Will he stop crying? Doubtful! After months of him trying to convince everyone(wink wink)it blows up in his face. PRICELESS!

27-20 Miami! Go Fins!

Armando is stupid.

The best wrs Miami will face all year?

Yeah with the Saints and Falcons in the next two weeks?

Our d-line will dominate them.

And let me see.

You gave them an advantage at coach?

Was he ever a head coach?

He didn't coach last year that's for sure.

So he's a rookie head coach right?

We have a better defense better offense and better coaching.

Plus I can argue a qb as good or better.

Luck just has more game experience at qb.

Tanny only had one and a half years starting in A&M and was a first round draft pick.

Took a less talent of a team through a season and almost made the playoffs.

Mike Wallace is garbage compared to Brandon Marshall.

We know Mando is afraid of the Pats; now it sounds as if he is afraid of the Colts also.

Where is the manliness?

Dave, I've told you to stop trolling journalists in the Internet and get your panty clad self back in my lap.

I agree we shouldnt have to necessarily feed Wallace and obviously the team winning is the highest priority, but teams usually win when utilizing their best weapons.....to be used as a decoy to some extent is ok, and everyone should benefit in that case......but what would be the point of signing Wallace if you're not gonna use him that much? You dont think B Marsh wants the ball, and lets that be known? Larry Fitz, AJ Green and others? Of course they do--the reality is that you dont want to lose the guy by game 2, like it or not, so get him involved early, even with slants or quick hits, and the rest takes care of itself.


Interesting you'd keep the story going. Also something YG would do....interesting.

Just cause YG's IP address has been banned doesn't mean couldn't use another one. Are you really that dumb that you don't get that?

Anyways, keep the story going......the rest of us will talk about football.


We win this thing tomorrow and we could go on a roll that has us at 5-0 at the bye.

If we lose, whether the game is close or not, this team will collapse and be lucky to win 6 games this season.
Why will it collapse? 2 possibilities: we win a close one or we get blown out.
If we lose a close one, "...that is why Luck has thrown for more than a 1000 yards more than Tanne, twice as many TDs and 8 4th qtr victories...Tanne will never be as good...".
If we get blown out, "...horrible GM...horrible coaching...horrible players...empty stadium...yada yada yada...".

The Dolphins catch a huge break with Ballard out. That guy is good.

One other point Holy and LOL for that matter too,

You've already been told MANY times by Phins 78 that nobody cares who are. You're a NOBODY. Tell us you're not YG as many times as you like, it doesn't matter. You still exhibit the exact same characteristics as him, meaning lowly....


Your time will come brother. Keep it up. Attack me a few more times. Throw in some vulgarities like you normally do. We'll be waving goodbye to you too at some point, just as I promised you. 'Blew up in his face'......LMFAO. Whatever man.....

A hobbled Patterson against the speedy Hilton in the slot is not a good match up for Miami. -Mando

First of all why is Patterson in the slot I thought he was one of our starters? Patterson will either be covering Regiie Wayne or H-B with Grimes covering the other. Either Carroll will covering Hilton in the slot with a LB on Coby Fleener or vice versa.

lets go fins bring the heat on luck


1 of them went for 80 yds/rec.

62 of them went for 11.9 yds/rec.

Wallace is not going deep all the time. Wallace is not taking the top off of the d every play. Wallace is not catching multiple bombs per game.
Never has.

find a way to win this game and we are sitting pretty anytime u start 2-0 on road is huge


The NFLPA is a labor union. Union members are not allowed to work harder than each other.

Dont know why peeps are worried about Colts wr's speed seeing as half the time Lucks deepball stays in the air forever and gives most db's a chance to make a play. Luck outran our lb's last year. I dont think he will be outrunning anyone in our linebacker core this year

Want to see some excitement around this team? Win tomorrow and watch the buzz around the team grow.


For all of you morons saying that Wallace does not need to catch a single pass- please stop being stupid. Every successful team in this league wins by placing the football in their best playmakers hands. It is not difficult to comprehend, please see the stats from the previous forty to fifty years of all of the conference finalists and Super Bowl teams. Besides, after a few weeks of losing, you same idiots will be throwing up the "... where is Mike Wallace... why did we spend SIXTY MILLION DOLLARS on him?" mantra. Total Idiots.

All the differences between this year's game and last year are in our favor (so not sure how Mando gives them the overall advantage. Our defense is better this year more than their offense is better. Then add to that our offense is more improved than their defense, and what you have is another close game that we win. The only worry for me is Luck's ability for 4th qtr comebacks. But if our front 7 can play like last week I. The 4th, we can hold them off.


I'm picking the Colts to win a close one this game. Hope I'm wrong. I'm picking them for the simple reason that i trust Luck more than I trust Tannehill at the end of the game right now. This would be a huge game for us to win. No question!

Good luck in our game this week. I'm off to a somewhat slow start.

Also, to posters, the issue isn't JUST the insults, it's constantly attacking a poster rather than debating an opinion. This is a football blog, so talking about where someone is from or their profession, etc. is unnecessary to the forum. That's where some of you get mischaracterized (in your opinion) as trolls. You don't have to like everyone here, but others will defend your right to disagree respectfully while stating your own opinions rather than hurling personal attacks. That's what the 'community' takes umbrage with.

Craig, not a totally unimaginable prediction. I hope your wrong too. How awesome would it be if we started 2-0 and stayed even with the Pats (even though their wins came in the division)?


The more times Luck passes the more vulnerable we are. Luck was pressured and sacked last week and till had a QB rating of 127.

Dmitri, at full strength, would not be a starter for 30 other NFL teams (On Jax he would be the #1).

Also Luck is a face of the NFL which means we're going to get some roughing the passer penalties tomorrow.

ETF, I thought the same thing. I'd rather put the ball in the hands of their rb's rather than Luck's.

Best WR corps the Dolphins will face this year? I'm pretty sure our home opener against R. White, J. Jones, T. Gonzalez and Douglas is the best receiving threat they'll face this year, and I'm pretty sure everyone else would agree with me.

Huh? It's crazy to talk bad about Dimitri after he got 2 picks last week. The guy almost had a 3rd one.

Double Huh? How does the loss of Ballard NOT help us? There's a reason he was the starter. Which means he was their best RB.


Your time will come brother. Keep it up. Attack me a few more times. Throw in some vulgarities like you normally do. We'll be waving goodbye to you too at some point, just as I promised you. 'Blew up in his face'......LMFAO. Whatever man.....

Posted by: Craig M | September 14, 2013 at 09:57 AM

LOLOLOL What a joke you are. Would you like o tell the blog again my kid deserves to have a disability cause I buried you on this blog numerous times?

Talk about LOWLY. Picking on peoples kids. REAL CLASSY of you.

It just eats you that I'm here & not who you thought I was.

Remember all the wink wnk comments? It did blow up in your face. It's proven you are a know nothing hack. But, keep up the charade trying t impress the ppl on ths blog inot thinking you're cool or whatever it is you try to do.

You are the low life. Picking on kids. Tsk Tsk...no values, no morals, no life. Just this blog.

ENJOY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Very well said t 10:52am. However, with some of these guys it will fall on deaf ears. Shame!


I have to disagree with your post about Ballard. While i'm a big Andrew Luck fan, i think its easier to play him if you know the pass is coming. The defence can pin their ears back and go after him and like Brady, i think thats how you beat him. However, i believe they still have Bradshaw and Donald Brown, so they at least have the makings of somewhat of a running game.

It has become clear that Wallace is garbage like most alpha receivers of his ilk. You know exactly what I mean.


Since I am a fan of the Dolphins. I will pick my team to win since the only way the Colts win is if Luck plays better than our defense. I don't see that happening. It will be a battle but that DL is just too talented.

Let's face it.
The NFL is not in the business of putting on games that are 'fair'.
The NFL is in the business of making money for the owners and that means the 'faces' of the NFL are not allowed to be touched.
Ever wonder why Brady, Eli & Roges have never suffered a concussion?
Suh was fined $100k last week, don't you think Wake got the message?

We would be better off with Ballard taking 30 runs and Luck 30 psses than subs taking 10 runs and Luck throwing 50 passes.

Dmitri had 2 picks last week, against Wheedon.

I would rather be wrong.


Keep it going, man...you're entertaining!

You 'buried me'?.....LOL......'blew up i my face'?....Lol.

Sure thing, man......and i've been losing lots of sleep over it too....lol.

See that's the problem with guys like you. You can't discuss things rationally on a forum like this. You have to 'own' people or 'destroy' people. You can't allow for different opinions. Your buddy YG is like that too, which makes you one and the same. I know you don't want to believe that but it's true.

So continue trying to 'bury' people and i look forward to you making the mistake and crossing the line so we can cross you off the list. Your move Bubba.

Suh was fined because he has a long history of being a dirty player. That's not Wake's game. I don't think any of our pass rushers are worried about hitting Luck. I think they all relish the opportunity. The refs can't call a penalty on a fair hit, I don't believe in that conspiracy theory.


Easier there big fella. Suh's hit was a chop block, dirty as always and the guy's a repeat offender. You don't think the fine was warranted? Ho continues to play dirty football as as shown by the time he stomped on the Packer player.

Ca Wake plays within he rules. Its good hard football from him. As long as continues to play like that he'll have nothing to worry about.


Great minds think alike. I see we see it the same way.

I don't agree with any part of that and just makes little sense. They still need to run the ball and will be less effective in that aspect period. What about the pass blocking skills of the guys behind Ballard are they as good? I wouldn't think so. This without a doubt hurts them and so much so Irsay wants to trade for a RB.

Secondly, Luck is going to throw ball as needed in any case which plays into the strength of this team.

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