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Latest from Dolphins camp on Tuesday afternoon.

The Dolphins are back at work this rainy South Florida afternoon and here's the latest:

Defensive tackle Paul Soliai (knee) and safety Chris Clemons (injury not reported) are not practicing today. Soliai, as you know, left the Indianapolis game on Sunday and had an MRI Monday. The results of that MRI are unknown but it is not believed Soliai is going to miss significant time.

The cornerback situation for the Dolphins is improving somewhat in that Jamar Taylor (groin/hernia) returned to practice today at least on a limited basis. Will Davis (toe) and Dimitri Patterson (groin), both of whom missed Sunday's game at Indy, also are practicing at least on a limited basis.

The Falcons, meanwhile, are looking more and more beatable as news of their injury status leaks out drop by drop.

NFL Network reported this morning that running back Steven Jackson is out two to four weeks with a thigh injury. This on the heels of the team placing linebacker Sean Weatherspoon on injured resevere with a designation to return later this season. He can return in Week 11 the earliest per NFL rules.

We already knew that Falcons defensive lineman Kroy Biermann is out for the season with a ruptured Achilles tendon.

With Jackson out, the Falcons may have to search outside for a running back (Michael Turner?) while also giving more work to Jacquizz Rodgers and Jason Snelling. Losing Weatherspoon is a big deal for the Falcons as he's both a fine player in pass coverage and has pass rush ability as well.

The Falcons answer for Weatherspoon's void? Likely Joplo Bartu -- a rookie.

From a bookkeeping standpoint, the Dolphins cut quarterback Austin Davis and cornerback Devin Smith from the practice squad and added defensive tackle Isaako Aauitui and defensive tackle Al Lapuaho to the unit.

The signings of Aauitui and Lapuaho suggest the Dolphins are wary of the Soliai injury.


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Defensive backs health may be back on track ... good news.

Roddy White still out???

Mark, Roddy played the first two games, but was really banged up. He's only averaged 20 yards a game.

The Falcons starting fullback Bradie Ewing is out along with the players Mando mentioned.

Thanks NeMo.... didn't even realized he played by how quiet he was... guess he shouldn't be because that's not the White I know

I was dead wrong (not the first time won't be the last) about the Solai thing. I thought they might have been using him as a way for the D to get a rest. Obviously they wouldn't have to take it this far so I'm glad to hear it's not significant.

They have to stay focused, it doesn't matter how many players Atlanta has lost because they're still a top notch team with lots of play makers.

It's also great to hear our corners are getting healthy, no need to rush them at 2-0. Get em healthy.

and you think thats a slap in the face?--what, we're a juggernaut all of a sudden?

Posted by: benz | September 17, 2013 at 12:38 PM

Obviously not Benz but it doesn't matter what I think. Only what the players think. And trust me they're not sitting around slapping each other on the back because they were given 1 point at home. They will use it as motivation.

glad to see Aaitui was brought back. NFL rules stipulate a Samoan must replace a Samoan (Soliai).


lol, funny ireland's acorns. Back to work,


it doesn't matter what I think.

Posted by: Phins78 | September 17, 2013 at 03:02 PM

No chit Sherlock LOL

Never have enough Samoans ...

I got the Cuban this week.. I'm favoured ... Poizen and rdubs look like they have the strongest teams though ...

I am 0-2 in the fantasy league. Looking bad for me. Taking MJD and Steven Jackson in the 2nd and 3rd round is looking REALLY bad. I need a miracle lol.

Idiots! They should have kept Francis!

We need our 2 INT-machine starting corners to get and remain healthy, or this honeymoon will go downhill fast. Four INTs in 2 games was HUGE!!! I'm surprised this has not been talked about more. We are 2-0 in large part due to key INTs.

We all know Mando's thoughts on Carroll. We need Dmitri back and Grimes. Those dudes' groins better be okay.

The Atlanta game will be a close one. I think Miami wins by a field goal. But, it will be hard fought. A lot of the football gurus are of the mind that our win over the Colts was a fluke and still aren't showing the Fins much love. That will change with a win over Atlanta...


No Lobstertubin' for our DBs ...

Coyle and his coaches seem to be coaching up Carrol right now. He's been decent.

just eight of the 91 teams to lose their first two games of a season fought back to earn a playoff berth.


It's pathetic how important the media's words are to the no lifers who take sports entirely too seriously. "Dolphins aren't getting any love from the media."
Lmao, some of you need to seriously get your priorities straight...then get a life. Pride in a sports team lol, You appear as clowns to non-sports fans (the majority).

Keller on IR.

Soliai out for six weeks lol.

Grimes is next...

Keys to the game...MASTER OF THE OBVIOUS...Keep Tanne off his butt and win the TO battle. If we (again) play a clean game and limit mistakes, we win. The sad part will be, even if we do win, the credit will go to the losses the Falcons suffered instead of our own play-making. I'm begining to enjoy the lack of respect. Maybe the press will continue to ignore the Fins, but I am sure each team is not feeling happy to play us. I don't see a team we can't beat, as long as we stay healthy and play by the above guidelines. NO next Monday will be tough, but 4-1 before the bye--WHY NOT (and why NOT 5-0)?!?

falcons are a mash unit

1) Work is still needed on both lines. IND dominated the battle on both sides for most of the game.

2) still not conviced by Sherman's play calling. He says he wants to run more, but he stops running the ball when it seems that running game is working decently like it was the case Sunday


I'm missing your point, bud. You do realize the team is 2-0 after winning two road games, right? They have a chance to go 3-0 if they win this Sunday. And all you can say is 'Ireland must up with the tackles miserably'.

I would think if nothing else right now, Jeff Ireland can say he was 'right' in the decisions he made. At least give the man his due. He's being ripped continually on here for the last 5 years and he has the Dolphins at 2-0. At what point does he start getting SOME credit for the job he's done. I mean honest to God.....he adds Mike Wallace, Gibson, Keller, Ellerbe, Wheeler, Grimes and drafts Tannehill, Jordan, Odrick, Miller and Pouncey and all we get is 'he messed up on the tackles miserably'....gheez....

I've said it before, 'some of you guys wouldn't know how to be happy if you won the lottery tomorrow'.

atl. is beat up.
phinz wont get any recog. till/if they beat the saints on mon.nite.

Sorry Daytona, no action for you ... try again tomorrow ...

only crickets ....

the bills were 4-0 a few seasons back.

money doesnt make most people happy craig

Guy's a TOTAL bore....same CRAP every day!!

I'm just glad his cover is blown and he's been shown to be the scum-sucking Dolphin hater that we all knew him to be.

Entering the year I would never believe this but I am confident already and it's only Tuesday. I am ready to make another weekly prediction:

Dolphins beat Falcons 27-17
- They will turn over battle +2/-1 for net +1
- They will have fewer penalties
- They will be in redzone 5 times - 3 TD's, 1 FG and 1 turnover.
- THILL will have a better QB rating than Matty ICE
- Sturgis makes 2 FG's - one in red zone (approx. 35 yds) and one > 45 yds.
- They will have the lead at half and hold that lead the entire game.

Offensive Preditions:
THILL - 280-325 yds, 2 tds, 1 int >55% completion rate
Gibson - >50 yds, 1 TD
Hartline - > 75 yds, 0 TD
Wallace - > 75 yds, 0 TD
Clay - > 45 yds, 0 TD
Thomas - 1 TD reception (less than 20 yds)
Miller/Thomas - combine for > 100 yds rushing and average 3.9 yds per carry

Defensive Predictions:
5 sacks (Wake 2, Jordan 1, Shelby 1 and Starks 1). They will hit Matty ICE at least 5 more times to rush passes.
They create two turnovers (1 fumble caused by Wake and 1 INT with Grimes coming up big against his old team.
Gonzalez scores a TD and Falcons rush for a short yardage TD (less than 10 yds).

I like flying under the radar too, I hope the talking heads and media continue to not talk about the phins because they will soon enough,and i hope we keep on winning and then Heath "I was too sorry to hang on with any team for very long" Evans can suck it. On another note while Miami has shown they can bring pressure to the QB, they now need to show they can cover a TE because I don't care how old TG is or if he did skip training camp he will play big and burn our secondary all day if not accounted for..........

At least the schedule gods gave us a break. This week is as good as any to beat the Falcons.

However, even with Jackson out, I'm concerned about our D aginst Julio, Tony and Roddy. Our front 7 really needs to put the pressure on Ryan or otherwise we'll see BIG games from the WR and TE positions. Other than Grimes, I don't see our secondary holding up against their receivers. Too much firepower...

On offense, the Atlanta team has given a lot of yards through the air, so hopefully Tanne can come out sharp. With the loss of Weatherspoon it opens more the run game which has bee their strngth so far.

This will be a good game and I know we'll come out with the W.

Since joining the Dolphins 6 years ago Jeff Ireland has used 19 draft picks on skill position players (3 on D Thomas and 3 on TE's) and does not have one good playmaker to show for it.

The Soliai injury has me nervous. I cannot conceive that he'll be ready for this Sunday, but let us hope that he'll be ready by New Orleans or soon after.

I wish that the Dolphins would be somewhat transparent with injuries. Look at Detroit, they came out immediately yesterday about Bush's MRI results and stated that there was no structural damage. They don't have to be specific, but come out and say that the injury is not serious or something.

I've said it before, 'some of you canadiens wouldn't know a football if one hit you in the face.

aaaaaaaaaah. now the fun begins.


You're a drag man....give it up!! Get a f-ing job or something.

Your 'Steve in Ottawa' character is also a bore, JUST LIKE YOU!!

2-0 baby!!.....suck it pal!

I wish that the Dolphins would be somewhat transparent with injuries. Look at Detroit, they came out immediately yesterday about Bush's MRI results and stated that there was no structural damage. They don't have to be specific, but come out and say that the injury is not serious or something.

Posted by: VA Dolfan | September 17, 2013 at 04:15 PM

The Dolphins are not fan or media friendly. Ireland hates the fans and media and so does Ross.

Craig M is for MORON

Grimes has a huge advantage as he's practiced against Ryan for a long time and knows his habits.

e.g. looking left when he's planning on hitting the seam route to the right...etc...

If we can keep Matt Ryan under 300 yards we'll win the game easily.

craig isnt a moron, he does remind me of bill oreily though

VA....why would/should the Dolphins, or any team, be too transparent about injuries? whats the upside for the team?--why expose a players weakness?--there is no upside....and letting fans know should be of zero importance--thats a common practice in most sports.....hockey calls it a "lower body injury" so opponents dont know what to target--no, no need for more info regarding injuries.

no 2 watt, it does not. We can't let that cancer back in here ... he will be IGNORED!

Craig Moron is canadien....just so you guys know

ryan will be at 300 yards easily win or lose. every week most of the league hits 300 yards passing now

Canadiens need to stick to ice fishing...or bowling

I'm not that concerned with Solia's injury. He was up and walking around on the sidelines afterwards.

On top of that though, it means Starks starts and he and Odrick get more playing time. No biggie in my honest opinion.

On top of that, Coyle has been giving teams so many different looks, there's plenty of room to get/keep guys rested/fresh.

Last week against Indy, Coyle had Koa Misi rushing the passer from a DT position. Yeah, Misi, Defensive Tackle!

BTW - Did anybody see the Defense Coyle called on Indy's last 4th and 10 play?

With the game on the line? It's worth checking out. He wasn't sitting back and trying to conservatively "Keep Everything In Front". He stayed Ultra aggressive in my opinion. I loved it. 6 guys on the line of scrimmage, with one guy doubled(Hilton I think)and the rest Manned Up!

I said all that to reiterate: With Coyle in charge, I'm not OVERLY concerned with Solia's status. It's NOT a long term injury and that's all I need to know.

I've just been wondering, if RG3 (and Kaepernick to a lesser degree) continue to struggle, and now with Tebow gone, what the heck is ESPN going to talk about endlessly.....nonstop--seriously--we know they dont cover Luck much, because he's just a bland, humble(phenomenal), low key dude (future HOFer) without flash--wont cover Tannehill for the same reasons I guess....hhmm, Newton has fallen out of favor....I guess they can talk about Russell Wilson 16 hours/day, and Manziel for another 6, but what are they gonna fill the other 2 hours with?--like how much more coverage can Richard Sherman get?--such a dilemma...

2-0 baby!!.....suck it pal!

Posted by: Craig M | September 17, 2013 at 04:20 PM

YEAH! What Craig said!

(Though I would have prefered: 2-0 in YUR Ass!)

PS: I wonder why he isn't asking us to ASK Armando anymore..........?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Odin, well said sir. Coyle was aggressive until the end. Solia I'm a bit concerned about because he is a very good player. We have Starks and Odrick to fill in though. Vaugh Martin can also play a bit to give those 2 a rest, so I'm happy the injury happened at our deepest position.


Exactly right. The guy's a big fraud and a BORE!!

He's full of crap. He's been posting under multiple names on here since the beginning of time.

Kris figured it out on here a long time ago. The rest of us were just slow to pick up on this.

I did not score many points this week, got lucky...

Odin, Craig, all I have to say is YAWN!

I don't understand everyone ranting about how the schedule gets easier after the first 5 games, this is the NFL and many coaches have stated that in this league everyone is good. What separates the best from the good is marginal, any team can beat any team on any given day. Players get injured, players have bad days and play bad, coaches misprepare their team, and teams come out flat and have a let down. Saw this happen a bunch of times when the great Shula was coaching, the team would lose against an opponent we where SUPPOSED to win against. Remember one year, we where SUPPOSED to easily beat Chicago and we didn't, that game kept us out of the playoff's.

I totally agree these are VERY exciting times, but take every game with a grain of salt. Many times the most difficult games are the divisional ones, we have to play the Pats, Bills and Jets in the last 3. No matter how crappy those teams are at that point in the season, they always play us hard. Got to play every game like its the Super Bowl and have a short memory if you lose, that's why a lot coaches in interviews after a loss will state their already past the loss and looking to the next opponent.

Even with that fukkked up name, Daytona is back!

Posted by: dusty bottoms | September 17, 2013 at 04:25 PM

LOL, as Bill O'Reilly is far more cogent than you, I'd say that's a heckuva compliment.
He's already helped raise nearly 20 million dollars for specially wheelchairs for disabled vets. What have you raised recently, over than your fork?

Back to football, yes, the Falcons receivers are scary. Jones is so big, and Gonzalez, like all TE's will exploit our scheme, I'd imagine.
We HAVE to have the ball in our possession longer. Scoring quickly, as the Marino Fins discovered is a double edged sword, as the D must be called upon for longer periods of time. I'd love to see us rush at least 30 times this game, and on the other side, get to Ryan.
Proud of our Dolphins, 2 wins on the road.

Sorry for the typos, including my own user name. LOL

I have always preferred the ball control Game, but if the chunks are there, we'll take them. For sure.

I told ya karma from Keller getting his knew blown out was going to come.

Agree totally, Coyle played it like a MAN!

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