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Latest on the injury front (with analysis)

The Dolphins are back at practice, preparing for New Orleans and with that practice it is becoming more evident what is going on with the team's injuries.

First the good news: Defensive end Cameron Wake (knee) is doing some light work so he is at least limited in practice today. Reports of him being out two-to-three weeks or longer are greatly exaggerated. He hopes to play Monday night against New Orleans.

That does not mean he will play against the Saints. But he is not today certain of missing the game. Wake is wearing a brace on his sprained knee.

If Wake can go, he'll still be somewhat limited. Expect a lot of snaps for Derrick Shelby and Dion Jordan. Obviously if Wake cannot go, both those youngsters will get even more snaps.

Now the other news: Paul Soliai, who missed last week's game with a knee injury, is also in the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble but he is not practicing at all today. He has been fitted with a brace. And despite that he is limping noticeably.

While he wants to play against the Saints, I seriously doubt he'll be able to do that. Seriously doubt it.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson, who has missed the past two games with a groin injury, is also not practicing. His status for Monday night is also in serious question to the point I would doubt it.

The Dolphins are getting practice repetitions for rookies Jamar Taylor and Will Davis. Davis played last week while Taylor was inactive.

Finally, Koa Misi, who played less than two dozen snaps against Atlanta, is practicing today. He took part in all the portions of practice open to the media. He could be limited the rest of the way but it is looking good for him to be on the field Monday night.


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sit wake let him fully heal gonna need him for the long haul

"and yet they are favored by 7, how do you figure that??"

It's in the Superdome, that's how.

Patterson is pretty clearly out but Soliai and Wake should sit for another week as well, or 2 if needed....any further dings there could put them out for an extended time, and its just not worth it--miss 2 games, rest for 3 weeks including the bye, and come back much healthier after that--we're 3-2 or better at that point with the toughest stretch of games out of the way

Yeah Fin4, Tim Ryan did an excellent job all things considered.

Better than I could have, were I in the same position.

BTW - did you see the play where Wake was injured?

It's at 11:32 in the first quarter. The Offensive Tackle was leaning on him, with his right arm having Wake in a straight up Head Lock!

The Refs have been letting Tackles hold Wake for nearly two seasons now and it's sickening. You'd think that if the tackles just start blatantly putting head locks on the guy(which they have/do routinely)you'd think they'd start calling it. But now they can do it and INJURE him and they're still not calling it? WTF is THAT?

It wasn't like the Tackles are hitting him with a baseball bat, but what's next? The fat lob was leaningf on Wake and had him in a Head Lock and you can see him tweak his leg! It's disgusting.

Wake should have about 10 sacks and drawn 15 holding penalties by now. Instead, because of bad officiating, he's out injured!

That'as my take and nothings going to change it. Armando needs to start asking the Coaches about it and aks them why they haven't complained to the league. It's that blatantly obvious IMO.

..Fin4life...Great observation concerning the 2 te sets. This a formation that I thought should be our bread and butter for some time. We just haven't had the personel to do so. I am actually surprised that we are able to run it now. For a few years I have been debating the merits of this formation here. I usually get scoffed at(which is fine..WTF do I know)..The 2 tight end set is the most difficult formation to defend IMO. I am eager to see how the team develops this as the year goes.

Good post!!!

Do we honestly think it is all downhill after the bye? There are some tough teams out there. The Pats are the Pats. The Jets are so dirty the team will come out of those 2 games a few guys short. We aren't sure of who will show up in Buffalo. Any given Sunday is just that. Anyone of those games can be a loss.
And add Cincy, Baltimore, Carolina and the Chargers. All of these teams are playing very well this year.
So this as every game is a must win. Because next week could be the loss we don't need to see.

I'm sure Graham will be double teamed a lot, he's their main weapon. This defense is built to bend, not brake. In today's pass happy NFL with so many really good QB's, you can only play to contain them. Their going to get their 200-300 yards, but keep them out of the end zone and only allow field goals should be the plan. Bend, don't break.

Let the opposing coach do FIST PUMPS!


Nice post. And no, it's not all downhill after the bye. The first 3 are Buffalo, New England and Cincinatti!

I don't see any break. I also don't see where New Orleans is in a league of their own or above New England and Cincinatti.

Any given Sunday! 3-0 Baby!


Can you please ask Ross or Dolphin management to change the name of the Sabin Practice Bubble, rename it. Maybe the Don Shula or Joe Robbie Practice Bubble? Everytime I either read or hear it called the Sabin Bubble, I feel like throwing up.

Can you PLEASE look into this??? Many of us would really appreciate it. We can't stand paying homage to a someone like Sabin, who IS so undeserving of any recognition pertaining to our beloved FINS.

more bad than good, but hopefully we'll be seeing taylor out there soon.

MadFIN, you want to rename te NSMB??

"and yet they are favored by 7, how do you figure that??"

It's in the Superdome, that's how.

Posted by: Anderson | September 25, 2013 at 04:56 PM

In 2000 I followed UM to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans with some friends Vs. UF (we ROCKED the Gators!!) I had never been to New Orleans so I left on the 25th of Dec. for the Jan-2 game so I could take in the French Qrt., ROCKING good time! One thing though the Qrt. up to the Convention Center (were I noticed the wall/barrier keeping Lake Pontchartrain out of the City leading my friend to ironically tell me N.O. was a death trap) isn't very big. Everything including the Superdome is at a very short walking distance. Walking around the Stadium I saw Saints scalpers selling tickets for the Rams/Saints Playoff game on the 30th and I bought them thinking about catching the Greatest Show on turf in person (back when Proehl and Az Hakim were part of it) and the Saints Aaron Brooks went NUTS throwing for 4 TD's with 3 going to a WR named Willie Jackson (who went to UF ironically as well) beating the Rams in a shootout were that Dome had to be the loudest most insane (costumes ect...) Stadium I ever went to, period!!

I've never been to Seattle or Houston's old House of Pain but can't imagine there are to many louder places than the Superdome. The Canes game with a largely Gators crowd was deafening (early given we blew them out before the half) but later UM's 10,000 strong fans were very loud as well, I don't know if purposely built in a way that makes it louder but when the Saints have momentum that place is tough to play at. We need to start fast like in Indy to take th elements out of this one because I don't believe Tannehill in particular has played in a more CRAMPED & LOUD Stadium than the one he sees on Monday.

Wake should have about 10 sacks and drawn 15 holding penalties by now. Instead, because of bad officiating, he's out injured!

That'as my take and nothings going to change it. Armando needs to start asking the Coaches about it and aks them why they haven't complained to the league. It's that blatantly obvious IMO.

Posted by: odinseye | September 25, 2013 at 05:00 PM

You've been asking me about that since last Yr. and your 110% right! I don't know if it has something to do with Wake getting so low coming around the corner that the refs let the Tackles get away with the obvious lean on Cam's inside shoulder but it's holding! It borders on criminal what's allowed against him and for whatever it's worth the team should send the copy of the opener in Cleveland as exhibit-A. I didn't catch the play were he was injured and Fox didn't give it any real play (If it's somebody like D.Ware or JPP on a BAD 0-3 team we get continual breaks with ADNAUSEAM replay)

.The 2 tight end set is the most difficult formation to defend IMO. I am eager to see how the team develops this as the year goes.

Good post!!!

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | September 25, 2013 at 05:02 PM

I agree here 100% I noticed it in the opener and again Vs. Indy exclusively in the redzone were we finally used it in the base O Vs. the Falcons. The Sims sack aside I gotta believe Mando's PFF Buddy's (who probably grade that stuff as well) must have a positive grade for it in the plays Miami goes to the formation.

Aside from the fact we finally saw the T.E.'s release in that last drive were the Falcons came out of zone and played more man which helped immensely because their zones over the middle in particular were killing us that entire game taking away the inside slants Tannehill has been throwing this Yr. Surprised me it got NO MENTION??


Thank you!!!!! I felt the same way for years on this!!!! This is joke!!! I can't stand that motherfukker!!! Came and left!!!

It's over Rock !

Let Alabama name something after Sabin.

How about the Taylor/Thomas Tube.

Or the Don Nottingham Dome.

Or the Czonka Cubicle.

Or the Philbin Propylactic.

So what if there is new homers here Oscar? Welcome them. Your one of the vets here....say hello and extend a hand.

The saints scare the heck out of me especially in that super dome this will be a true test of how good we really are the saint will be relentless with there offensive attack all I could say is we best be ready

If the Dolphins go into new Orleans and give respect to that team, then they can compete and win. If they try to go in there with a swagger, they will lose. I'm sure dolphins will play physical and smart and show the rest of the NFL they are for real.

Afterthought....If the Dolphins go in with a swagger and give the Saints a beat down, I will be the first to admit I was wrong.....LOL.

You guys really don't know the "Nick Saban Memorial" thing is a joke?

People call it that as a joke, no one at the Dolphins does.

Ok homies, I posted early in preseason that this team was a 10-6 team and a lot of you thought I was drunk, who's laughing know, this guy that's who, my family and I live in Chicago and I've been a fin fan for over 40 years and I can honestly say this is one of the best I've seen. We were at the Indy game and got to hang with Wake, Solia, Wallace , and incognito, was a thrill of a lifetime, these guys are awesome on and off the field . To an AFC east crown, go get em boys.

Hey, I have problem no with the new homers on his blog. If they are true fans more the merrier. I have been here 3 years and I'm tired of the trolls!

We will lose this game if we end up having to drop back and sling it every down. We need our O/line to Man Up and get our Running game pounding it down their throats (something to lighten the load on Tannehill). For the most part no matter who's healthy or who plays it's almost a given the N.O. Will put some points up. Hopefully the Wallace/Tannehill connection on some deep balls starts up this Monday Night (no better place).

Bress will put up points, Blah, blah, blah.......

So will Andrew Luck and Matty(melted)Ice, Blah, blah, blah......

So will Tom Brady, Blah, blah, blah.....

Our O-Line has been shaky at best. We have new starters EVERYWHERE. And we've been scrambling our way around a bunch of injuries.

The Saints are still good, but come on, they've peaked. Their NOT the team they were a couple of short years ago.

In all reality, the Saints should be praying that we don't put it altogether and play up to our potential. Because we're 3-0, but we haven't played anywhere near what we're capable off.

If our O-Line gets it together and the running game gets going, I feel sorry for the Saints Defense. Cause Tannehill will eat them alive with a run game and the play action pass......ACTUALLY working.

And **IF** the offense clicks, that's all our bend, but don't break Defense will need.

The Saints are the ones that need to be worrying. We have nothing to lose. And if the O-Line puts it together, they're getting their asses handed to them on MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!

Ah Yes! The Perfect Storm!


I have to confess:
After years and years and years of losing, lies, bs stories, misdirection and outright fraud perpetrated against the people of SoFla I am just simply speechless.

I am very happy for the team and for Tanne and for the fans and even for Mando.

Other than that I am speechless.


No doubt, if I'm a Dolphin I'm steppin' on that field feeling good about our chances. And excited about the opportunity. As a fan....YEAH BABY! keep the pep rally going!


all you have to do is sit back and watch.

Steven Ross, worst Dolphin owner ever?

New Homers are bandwagoners, Deaners. If we start losing, they will go from here and forget all about it. I know. I don't trust them.

Give me five good men rather than 20 indifferent ones. Some Armed Forces Commander must have said that, because it's true.

List of owners are:
Joe Robbie/Danny Thomas
Wayne Huizenga
Stephen Ross

Current Minority owners:
Gloria Estaphan
Marc Anthony
Fergie (for God's sake)
jennifer Lopez

my vote: FERGIE...Fergie is the worst owner the Dolphins have ever had.

Sorry Gloria...Estafan....my bad


Can you ask Ross to stop being so friggin cheap and fix his own stadium. The paint is peeling off the walls for Christs sake. Thanks.

You see Zonk above with all his negative comments? Well, I trust him, he has been here for quite some time, negative and all. He could be right, sometimes.

Venus and Serena Williams and Wayne Huizenga are minority owners also.

Do you really think all those People that pack AAA would be there if the Heat start losing? Bandwagoning is a highly developed Human quality, especially here in Miami.

For those calling for NO to be begging for mercy, please get off your homer wagon and let's deal with reality. Hey, I am as happy as the next Dolphins fan right now, but this is a bad time to be banged up against a Brees led team with the weapons they have.

Not to be a negative Nancy, but let's deal with facts:

Dolphins can't cover the TE yet... that's a big problem with Jimmy Graham at home.
Dolphins have been less than impressive against the run. Good thing NO can't run!
But the one we are really overlooking is our porous offensive line. It better improve or it will be a long night. NO has given up 38 points in 3 games. Their defense is much improved.

Let's be a little more cautiously optimistic folks and not set ourselves up for a big letdown. This is no tough out.

Let's be realistic fellas, so we are not all crying on Tuesday.

thanks FYI....but Fergie is still the worst....

Meant, no easy out of course. I amy hyped up on the team right now, but it blinds a lot of you on the flaws that this team still has.

thanks FYI....but Fergie is still the worst....

Posted by: Deaners | September 25, 2013 at 08:26 PM

The Estefan's put up 100 Mil for 10% of the team, I remember it was the Monday Nighter were Henne played his best game Vs. the Jets that they were being interviewed outside the Stadium were the details of the deal were explained. I could be wrong but believe the others have a very minimal % of ownership and their respective involvement part of Green Horn Owner Ross's Celeb event (orange carpet) atmosphere which of course led to the elimination of an entire Section in the West endzone that he turned into a Club Liv! News Flash to Boss Ross when I

Henne's QB rating is 23.
So what was 2 watt saying about Tannehill??


West endzone that he turned into a Club Liv! News Flash to Boss Ross when I

Posted by: fin4life | September 25, 2013 at 08:38 PM

Cut off my own post, LOL!

What I meant to say was that when anybody in Miami wants to hit Club Liv they'll head out to the Fountainebleau! I have since warmed to his Off-Season spending and his being forced to stay with Ireland while Fins Nation wanted his head on a plate seems to be panning out but the FIASCO at the Stadium will bite him when he fields a winner but lacks the seats, he could however endear himself yet again by putting the seats closer to the field?

I'm thinking the only way to contain Graham is to spy him all game with a safety.

You know he's wants a big game to make Ireland look silly...

Nither Misi nor Wheeler can cover him and he's on fire right now.

did you finish that post? I am offering some major sarcasm about minority owners. Don't really care. But not sure if it's fair to say if Ross is the "worst" owner the Dolphins have ever had. There is only 3 to choose from.

ok...got you fin......

What if we stop Graham cold? They will still probably shaft us. With his amazingly quick D recognition, pump fakes to freeze LBs and great decision making, it has never been Graham, but rather Drew Brees who we have to stop.

To beat the Saints our beloved phins need to play all their best players because even if Wake Soliai Patterson not 100% the OL of NO is not very good..given up 10 sacks so far and Drew is taking a pounding and he is not use to it plus he is older more prone for injury, so I say play everyone pound on Drew and we win. Plus Old Fart Sherman needs to have some mismatch plays for Wallace and Miller and TE Dion neon sims if the phins don't protect THill he might get hurt because the saints as america knows they dirty..phins need to run the crap out of the ball get some gimmick plays and catch NO defense off balance...Sherman can't be predictable no more stop Sherman being so predictable...

Really excited to see Taylor playing!! I think this kid opposite Grimes is going to be the real deal.

Pat Devlin reminds me of Drew Brees.

"Can you please ask Ross or Dolphin management to change the name of the Sabin Practice Bubble, rename it. Maybe the Don Shula or Joe Robbie Practice Bubble? Everytime I either read or hear it called the Sabin Bubble, I feel like throwing up."


Madfin and Bane,,,,lol,,, it's not actually named the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble. That's a name that the reporters came up with. I think in a way it is a bust on Nick Saban. It was built when he was here and he was a pr#@k to the reporters so I think they call it that in jest.

I don't believe ANYONE in the Dolphins organization is interested in remembering Saban.

Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong please. But I have never seen an official name on the bubble nor have I heard anyone from the team call it that. They always say "the bubble".

But I agree that it's annoying and wish the reporters would stop calling it that if it's not the official name. Why do they want to remind us of our horrible past? Why not name the parking lot the Cam Cameron Memorial Slab, or rename the grass the Ricky Williams Quit On Us Turf.

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 25, 2013 at 08:20 PM

BINGO! Very true Mr. Canosa.

Bobby don't get too excited yet. I doubt he's fully ready to be in there if he's been limited at practice right? May have to wait a few weeks to see any kind of extended action.

Well, I must leave you for Today. I hope you have learned something.
Yours truly,
Oscar Canosa, MD.

Don't really care. But not sure if it's fair to say if Ross is the "worst" owner the Dolphins have ever had. There is only 3 to choose from.

Posted by: Deaners | September 25, 2013 at 08:48 PM

Deaners. This person is a troll. He doesn't believe what he writes. He's doing it for one of two reasons.
1. Attention OR
2. Blog hits

That's what it boils down to. Blog hits means it's possibly someone from the Herald writing things they know will make fans mad and cause them to debate or write a bunch of posts back to the person. More hits the more popular the blog is/looks.

And we know this BECAUSE,,,,He has written the same exact words in EVERY SINGLE ENTRY ARMANDO EVER POSTS. Every one, not even exaggerating. You could look back and it's right there. Sometimes he writes the same exact post multiple times in one entry. He also writes things like Tannehill>Henne and Philbin>Cameron. Also"Has Ireland been fired yet?". Always one line, never makes any sense, and he never sticks around to debate his supposed opinion.

I hate talking about this but I want everyone to know what's up. We've all started ignoring these posts (well most of us) because the person writing them is a phony. No need to respond because he will never stick around to read or answer. You're seriously wasting your time (just fyi ;)

Wake will play because he knows NO OL give up sacks and lots of pressures!


Really? I'm answering. I'm here. Troll? Phoney? Before I say anything I wanna make sure your talking about me, Deaners.

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