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Latest on the injury front (with analysis)

The Dolphins are back at practice, preparing for New Orleans and with that practice it is becoming more evident what is going on with the team's injuries.

First the good news: Defensive end Cameron Wake (knee) is doing some light work so he is at least limited in practice today. Reports of him being out two-to-three weeks or longer are greatly exaggerated. He hopes to play Monday night against New Orleans.

That does not mean he will play against the Saints. But he is not today certain of missing the game. Wake is wearing a brace on his sprained knee.

If Wake can go, he'll still be somewhat limited. Expect a lot of snaps for Derrick Shelby and Dion Jordan. Obviously if Wake cannot go, both those youngsters will get even more snaps.

Now the other news: Paul Soliai, who missed last week's game with a knee injury, is also in the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble but he is not practicing at all today. He has been fitted with a brace. And despite that he is limping noticeably.

While he wants to play against the Saints, I seriously doubt he'll be able to do that. Seriously doubt it.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson, who has missed the past two games with a groin injury, is also not practicing. His status for Monday night is also in serious question to the point I would doubt it.

The Dolphins are getting practice repetitions for rookies Jamar Taylor and Will Davis. Davis played last week while Taylor was inactive.

Finally, Koa Misi, who played less than two dozen snaps against Atlanta, is practicing today. He took part in all the portions of practice open to the media. He could be limited the rest of the way but it is looking good for him to be on the field Monday night.


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Reality will hit many of you Fins fans in the face Monday night.

It's any given Sunday and certainly the Fins could win this game....as a Saints fan, I highly doubt the Fins will win and may even get embarrassed Monday night...we are homers too.

Many of you fins fans are focused on stopping Graham. If you think Graham is Brees' only weapon, then you are in for a rude awakening. I suggest looking up how different receivers Brees has thrown to just last week alone. Double Graham and that means Colston, Meachum, Moore, Thomas,Sproles, or stills isn't covered.

If your poison is Graham, then pick him and Brees will kill the Fins with any of the others mentioned above.

I also think many of you Fins fans are selling the Saints Defense short. I expect Jordan and Galette to have huge games against the fins. Those two will definitely be adding to those 14 Sacks on Tannehill.

I'll also leave you with this....last week the Cardinals had 11 drives, they scored on the first drive and the next went like this:

2 - punt
3 - punt
4 - punt
5 - punt
6 - punt
7 - punt
8 - punt
9 - punt
10 - interception
11 - interception

Now I am in no way comparing the Fins to the Cards...what I am saying is that the Saints Defense ranks 4th in the league right now....don't make the mistake in thinking that this is last year's AINTS defense.

Good luck to your boys....



I'm not going to peruse this on another blog topic, so if you wanna answer my questions your gonna have to do it on this blog. I'm, not who you may think i am. I'm just a guy with an opinion and who has read and commented on Salguero's blogs over the past 2 years or so. Sometimes I try to make a joke or two. Just know this. I'm not going anywhere and I won't let you try and bully me off this blog like some of the regulars in here have done. I don't curse, or pick fights or do anything that would get me kicked off this blog. So if you wanna know more, then ask me. If you choose to ignore me, that's fine. You will read my posts from time to time. Maybe I'll hear from you, maybe I won't.


are you talking about Fin4life?....I re-read your post and I thought you were talking about me??

"Can you please ask Ross or Dolphin management to change the name of the Sabin Practice Bubble, rename it. Maybe the Don Shula or Joe Robbie Practice Bubble? Everytime I either read or hear it called the Sabin Bubble, I feel like throwing up."


Madfin and Bane,,,,lol,,, it's not actually named the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble. That's a name that the reporters came up with. I think in a way it is a bust on Nick Saban. It was built when he was here and he was a pr#@k to the reporters so I think they call it that in jest.

I don't believe ANYONE in the Dolphins organization is interested in remembering Saban.

Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong please. But I have never seen an official name on the bubble nor have I heard anyone from the team call it that. They always say "the bubble".

But I agree that it's annoying and wish the reporters would stop calling it that if it's not the official name. Why do they want to remind us of our horrible past? Why not name the parking lot the Cam Cameron Memorial Slab, or rename the grass the Ricky Williams Quit On Us Turf.

Posted by: Phins78 | September 25, 2013 at 09:15 PM


Hey Phins78,

Thanks for the insight and I really hope your on target about the reporters calling it the Sabin Bubble in jest as a joke.

That is kind of funny, "memorial" but Sabin was a douch and I'm sure all the reporters hated dealing with him. Just the story I heard reported when a O/D liner was in the hallway in convulsions and Sabin steeped over him to go up to his office really exemplifies what a douch and how classless he was; Sabin was "it's all about me."

ARMANDO....can you please shed some light on this bubble? Explain if it's still named after the Great Satan. And if it is, FOUR THE LOVE OF GOD...can we please lobby on renaming it. It can be called the "Arroz Con Pollo Bubble" for all I care, anything else would be better.

BTW, tried to answer a few posts yesterday by dUH, Bane, Mark, Everybody...but for some reason the blog didn't post. Anyone of you all have this same problem? Sucks when you do a write up and it doesn't post. Thx.

while i wan't to go 19-0 it's not very realistic. if you looked at the schedule and picked a game to lose this on would by most likely the one most would circle. at he saints. of course i don't want to lose it but i'd rather let all three guy sit and have them healthy than risk them in this game.it's a non-division, non-conference game.

reggied, this far the saints squeeked by the falcon at home, just like us, beat a bad cards them just like we beat a bad browns team.we beat a very good colts team at indy, while you beat a crappy tampa team. we held two pro bowl caliber QBs under their season averages without our starting CB. maybe you shouldn't underestimate us??

We'll see the best of the Dolphins on MNF. They're all well prepared mentally. It's Jordan time. It's T-hill time. He'll prove that his come back wasnt a fluke. Sturgis, can give the last kick. Our DBs will have a huge game, I predict. The running game will be more important than ever. I'm looking forward to watch that game.

Until proven otherwisw, I'm putting on my "Homer Shades", filling up the Kool Aid Jugs and representing with my No. 91 Jersey!


Posted by: odinseye | September 25, 2013 at 03:59 PM

I salute you my good man/woman.

Some of you here do not understand Vegas, and the betting line. The line(+ or _)moves how the betting goes. Atlanta is -7 because all the fools betting do not believe yet!

hahahaha, don't fret, after Monday night, you won't see Miami +ANY much longer! Go Miami Phins UP!

I think the phins should win if they play as a team and hang in there if it gets tough remember what got them them this far home field means nothing hang in dolphins and do what you was trained to do your fans are behind you Go Dolphins

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