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Live blog, Odrick starts, inactives ...

CLEVELAND -- Jared Odrick starts for the Dolphins at defensive tackle today.

I can tell you without equivocation that Randy Starks, who was a starter most of the past previous five seasons, is not happy with the idea. Starks is the Dolphins franchise tag player. Yes, he's going to share playing time with Odrick -- perhaps equally.

But it's a principle thing for these guys, at times.

The inactives for today's game are QB Pat Devlin, cornerback Jamar Taylor, cornerback Will Davis, Josh Kaddu, guard Danny Watkins, G-T Dallas Thomas and running back Mike Gillislee. 



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Where is TOny Nathan, Zonk, Shula 73, and the many other trolls?

It is going to be difficult next week. We are going to have to put some heat on Luck. With the secondary being banged up, it will be tough next week.

I am glad we did what we had to do which is beat the hapless Browns. A loss today would have been disastrous. I expect the fins to lose next week at Indianapolis.

Miami Hurricanes ranked 15th in latest poll.

You people always want to control others here...just get over yourselves. I'll celebrate all I want. We won and are 1-0. Just as I am miserable when they lose there's a lot to feel good about on this team.

The 1st game stats that I follow turnovers Cleveland had 3 Miami 1. Points off turnovers Miami 3 to 0.Red Zone efficiency both teams were in the RZ one time both scored a touchdown.
Outcome a win for the Dolphins.

qb and wrs looked great. oline is so bad though, cant run at all

Hey, we beat the Brownies. Lets throw a parade!! LMAO!

Just proves the trolls are more than just losers. They are poor losers as well. As always they are wrong on everything. Trolls wrong on every issue.

Homer Jones,

Feel free to go tickle your pickle, nobody cares what your flaccid little weak excuse of a life has to say

Hey dusty,

You might have noticed Sturgis was one of the guys picked in the last draft you were so down about. Bet we get contributions from Davis, Taylor and Jordan before long.

Wasn't that the same idiot who hit Devlin out of bounds?? Freakin Tampa bay giving the jets a win!! I was hoping the jets went 0-16. Guess I gotta hope 1-15 now!!

Tampa gives the Jets a win. We can beat the Colts next week. Colts barely beat the Raiders 21-17. Only person making the Colts decent is Luck.

Hat tip to Martin, played well at LT.

Im happy the fins won, but if we are to go anywhere this year, the offensive line must shore itself up. The run blocking was the worst ive ever seen. Pass blocking wasnt much better. Hoping philbin chews their ass out in practice this week

Matty, Yg is deciding to keep them all locked up today.

Craig, I'm not surprised. The guy is an absolute shithole. Tried to tell all you guys about it going back years now. He's just a disease.

yes craig good pick. the rest..... well awful so far. dion looked horrible out there

Wallace pissed off he only had one catch.. according to Armando.. I hope this doesnt become an issue and its just Wallace wanting to compete etc

wasnt pretty but feels good to be 1-0

Now that we beat the browns they are hapless.

13 points is a statement. They loaded up the box and we beat their a--. Poo Poo we can't run. I hope we can't run against Indy either.


Jordan hardly played. Most of the action he played was on special teams.

Maggot In Toronto,

Typical delusional bandwagoner. Stays away all game until win is guaranteed, now comes to talk fly larvae none sense.

We Already Knew He Would Do this. Same Pattern For Years..............................................

YG,leaves and the trolls disappear. Coincidence? I think not.

Bet they show up now.....

Smart to keep Jordan's play to a minimum.I think Wallace won't be a problem, all elite receivers want the ball. This falls in the Ol's lap, they need to give Tannehill time to throw the ball

From the Depths We Rise

So, the team won and Wallace is upset. He needs to get open to get the ball thrown to him. He is not a #1 receiver but is getting top elite money. Brandon Marshall making less than Wallace is a true #1 receiver. There is a reason that the Steelers did not pay this kind of money.

I hope that I am wrong and that at the end of the year we are talking about Wallace going to the pro-bowl but right now he looks pretty average.

Sucks Pounceys bro is likely done for the year

YG,leaves and the trolls disappear. Coincidence? I think not.
Bet they show up now.....

Posted by: Craig M | September 08, 2013 at 04:53 PM


NOT A REVELATION. JUST SAYING.........................

the Steelers offered him a contract similar .....

5yrs 50 million.. whats 10 million amongst friends?

So, the team won and Wallace is upset. He needs to get open to get the ball thrown to him.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | September 08, 2013 at 04:55 PM



When they showed the coverage. Wallace was covered by Harden and a safety. If you do that and load the box, you lose.

If Demitri Patterson can't play we are going to be in trouble. We need to have our defense intact in that game. Our running game will also have to get going next week. We have to keep the ball out of Luck's hands.

Not a big deal. Wallace wants his catches and wants to be the best. This is a team game and the team won. OL didn't give T-Hill time to throw and when he did was overthrown a couple times. Sherman, T-Hill and Wallace need to get this worked out ASAP but again it's only week 1.


Believe it or not, I would rate Joe Haden as at least 1 of the 7-8 best cb's in the game. It wasn't going to be a gimme for Wallace vs Haden

I posted this yesterday and was called a troll by "CIRCLE-JERKERS".

Wallace had 1 catch for 9yds vs Haden last year. Today, Wallace had 1 catch 15yds, but Tannehill missed him "WIDE OPEN" 3 TIMES.

Smart fans wouldn't blame Wallace. He did his job and was "UNDERTHROWN" 3 times on "WIDE OPEN TDS".

Omarsaid Patterson was precautionary . Don't worry bout a ting, every lil ting, is gonna be alright

A few observations on win...........

Easy to blame the RB's but reality was the interior of the OL (including Pouncey) allowed Browns 3/4 DL to penetrate all game. Impossible for RB's to even get going when they had the DL in their face all game. Jerry and Cogs were muscled all game, the Tackles in contrast whom everybody was so worried about had a good afternoon.

If they don't solve the issues inside we will lose winnable games because we can't expect Tannehill to effectively sell play action or control clock having to throw every down. All things considered he played a very solid game. Also couldn't help but wonder after watchiong the team play what Keller would have done in this O with Gibson taking away alot of the pressure underneath? Although Clay did his best C.Cooley at H-Back putting together nice game (Now lets see consistency!)

The D is top-5 and will keep the team in alot of ball games. We went with alot of different front-7 looks in this game while reading through live blog wondered if anybody else was paying attention??

There was a formation which had Misi inside with Ellerbee with Misi providing inside pressure and Safety Jones playing off the edge (sort of at LB)

In last 6 Min. after turn over on downs we basically played some extra Pre-Season practice ball. We had DJ in game playing 15 yards off the line in pass D (for those that said he was strictly DE) even Shelby was in pass D on a play. It was the reason we gave up a couple of 4th down plays and Carroll was in at RCB with Wilson at Nickle. With Coyle getting LIVE reps of what he has coming!

Nice to see the Fins LB's handling the T.E.'s in pass D so well for a change in the Ireland ERA. Thought Ellerbee played real well except for some whiffs on tackle attempts of Richardson early were he showed bad tackling fundamentals reaching high at a power runner.

Wheeler played a whale of a game and Misi was helped alot by new wrinkles on D with LB's. There was a formation on a play were Richardson caught a pass underneath that had all 3 LB's playing a good 5 yards off the line before the snap, really after seeing this game can see why they resigned Misi whose roll will expand in the NASCAR set moving inside.

I read where some were asking what happened to the pass rush late and if Patterson was hurt and ask if you guys don't pay attention to all the shifting/exotic formations we ran especially late. This is the most athletic Dolphins D I've ever seen in Miami (better than the athletic Killer Bees or JJ's crew) can play power formations as well as have the speed to chase anything down sideline to sideline, call me crazy but thought Coyle showed his fondness of Ducks Football using some of those weird Oregon D formations.

Mando even knows this blog is garbage. Usually gameday the winning blog is posted right away. Over an hour and nothing.

Armando has even tired of the circle jerkers here.


What will we do with the running game. I am hoping that it is attributed to Jerry getting his legs under him.

The schedule is about to get tough. @ Indi, Atlanta, @ New Orleans, Baltimore. We have to come after Andrew Luck next week with the pass rush.

NEXT UP, ANDREW LUCK...........................

HE ISNT A WEEDEN...............................

Next up for Luck,

Dolphins defense

They aren't the Raiders defense.

How funny to come home and read the last page of this joke of a blog. Figured people would be happy about the upset but it's just a bunch of guys fighting over who was right and wrong. Hilarious bunch of f$#@ing sissies in here.

Enjoy your night arguing, maybe you will prove who is smartest once and for all. lol

The o-line was quit pitiful they can't block anyone what the hell gives hello coach what the f are you doing




Easy to blame oline, but, you would be correct to. But how do you explain great rb's still becoming hof'rs playing nearly their entire careers behind terrible olines.

Yes, the oline was terrible in run blocking. Miller's 10 carries for 3yds is unforgivable.

If he was any kind of "quality rb", he should have had 30-40yds rushing no matter how terrible the run blocking was. It's wha great rb's do.

I'll bet Bush would have had at least 30yds rushing behind the same oline today. Miller's beginning to look as close to plain average for a rb as it gets.

Even D Thomas outrushed him today............

Typical delusional bandwagoner. Stays away all game until win is guaranteed, now comes to talk fly larvae none sense.

Bwahahaha you are so f%$#ing pathetic. Did you ever think some of us have friends along with personal lives and we were probably out watching the game while you were home by yourself talking to a bunch of strangers on the internet?

You just can't make this s%$t up, this guy is one of a kind! lol Have a good one, see ya! Go Dolphins!!!!!

Phony 78,

But, this blog is so terrible because of circle-jerk bloggers like you and your merry queens. You are the ones who refuse to clean up your acts most.

I respect the trolls here far more than you and your gay merry bunch..................

At least they don't hide behind pretention, just screen names.............................

The offensive line will have to be better to compete with better teams. I don't know how anyone could watch that game and not be encouraged by Tannehill though. He was extremely accurate on short and intermediate throws and never got rattled by pressure.

Also, his third down play last year was an eyesore. Today, he lit a solid defense up on third down. That's huge progress. If the line can find a way to just be mediocre, Miami can compete. Today, they were far below mediocre.

Posted by: Phins78 | September 08, 2013 at 05:22 PM


WE ALREADY KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN......................




JUST SAYING.....................................

Today's "win" is an afterthought, a mere footnote to a reasonably well-played game against a woeful opponent.

Wallace is THE story.
Phailbin has lost the locker-room. Its all downhill from here, until Wallace is cut or traded.

Bush woulda been nice to have today, too.

I'm really wondering if the o line and running backs are bad or is the play calling and strategy from Sherman is the problem. The piss poor blocking has a lot to do with not targeting Wallace more because most of his routes take time to develope. Also not having Keller makes it easy to help on his side. I'd like to see them move him more so the defense can't roll so much coverage his side. But that may be too creative for Sherman. I thought Tanne's passing was great considering the pressure he was under. One thing I'd like to see him do is watch tape of roethlisberger and Luck as far as how they slide away from pressure, extend the pocket and create plays downfield. The Ted to Hartline was an awesome throw.

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