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Live blog, Odrick starts, inactives ...

CLEVELAND -- Jared Odrick starts for the Dolphins at defensive tackle today.

I can tell you without equivocation that Randy Starks, who was a starter most of the past previous five seasons, is not happy with the idea. Starks is the Dolphins franchise tag player. Yes, he's going to share playing time with Odrick -- perhaps equally.

But it's a principle thing for these guys, at times.

The inactives for today's game are QB Pat Devlin, cornerback Jamar Taylor, cornerback Will Davis, Josh Kaddu, guard Danny Watkins, G-T Dallas Thomas and running back Mike Gillislee. 



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You can compare two players at different positions. If Jordan has only 1 sack after 6 games and is often dominated but Austin has 40 receptions and averages 18 yards a reception with 5 TDs. I would say Austin is having the better season.

I was a big Austin fan going into the draft. I thought he was the most dynamic player in the draft. I am not saying that Jordan will be a bad player though. We'll have to let it play out.

Browns 23 Sea World 2

Damn Cleveland people are ugly

Who is Shannon Crowder? Channing Crowder's gay husband, married in San Fran last week.

Escher buddy,

Like I've said to YG, TRY READING....

I already said I think Austin will be a very good player. You're not telling us anything new here. Doesn't mean Jordan was the wrong pick.

I'm going to enjoy the game and Jordan. I'll let you criticize the brass for not picking Austin.

Cheers Moron....

Bokamper is reporting from the sideline wearing no shirt...just his hairy sweater.

Let's get it defense!

The NFL is not about STATS...STATS only matter in fantasy football...It's about WINS...

They could release the entire kickoff team, They'll never be used this season. That balls never coming out

Afternoon Armando, we are starting a new season with the optimism that we have a playoff team, hope is a reality...Go Dolphins

Wow, 9 yards by Richardson to start the game.

Ireland and Caleb Sturgis like to kick each other in the balls, turns them on.

Love that tampon commercial blue uniform.

Phins can't stop the run lmao.

I completely disagree starting odrick over Starks...

Phins logo looks like a feminine napkin.

Weeden is better than Tannebust.

We look confused a little on defense

Poor tackling lmao. Playoffs ? PLAYOFFS !!!

Wheeler is on his third team...he's a hall of famer.


So would you say after 6 games that because Austin has better stats that Jordan was the wrong pick? Seriously, is that what you're saying?

Same as a punt...no problem.

Yes Nolan Carrol. Shutting everybody up.

the ball should be place in the yard 20

HEy Craig Fart

Tell us again how Carroll sucks!

Tell us how we miss Marshall.

Tell us CraigFart

Tell us.


So sweet. +1 to differential already. This is the stat that will have to improve for. Us to make the playoffs. When's the last time we were on the + side?

Go miami

Anyone have a link?


That's a touchback

N.Carroll looked back for the ball on that pick! If he can start to do more of that he will hold down the nickle back slot. Ran stride for stride with very fast T.Benjamin on that one.

all right

Suck it HATERS and Poser fans!! First series INT by the CB everyone loves to hate on

Craig M

Ready to admit you have no idea what you are talking about?

Tell us how Carroll sucks.

Yeah DC, I take back what I said about Carroll...LOL!!

Wtf Gibson?

Lol, another drop. Good grief.


Got Nolan Carroll? ROTFLMAO.............................


catchable pass drop... what a way to start the season

Well that didn't tak long.

Keller would have made that catch. I'm not sold on Gibson fellas.

Where is Bess!!! That's a JI f u c kup
That's why I keep saying JI is the sorriest dumbest GM in the league!!!

Should have kept Bess.

Idiot fans = Idiot curse on team.

Please don't become Heat fans................................

No Craig, I am not saying that. I was simply saying that you can compare success from players at different position. You have to wait at least a couple of years before you can say who will be the better pro.

BTW- If Jordan stays healthy he can be an excellent pro. I liked him coming out of Oregon.

We get rid of Bess because he's to slow and small for Gibson...and all I've sen of Gibson is dropping ball after ball, what a shame I want Bess back

A little room to run also had Gibson made that catch.

Drop? C,mon.

Davone Bess makes that catch. Duh on the Dolphins on losing a 3rd down rec of quality.

Guaranteed Financial Success!

Hire Craig Moron as your financial planner.

Then do the opposite of everything he tells you.

Tannehill can't do it by himself people. Ball was there, perfectly placed, perfect looking off the defender, he couldn't do anything more. Anyone downing Tannehill is a cross-dressing fairy!


wow. Tanehill goes through his progressions...like people say he doesn't do...delivers a perfect pass and Gibson drops it! Bah!

DOLFANS should be used to 3 and outs on offense.

Just saying..............................

Wasn't it odinputz telling us Tannehill doesn't know how to go through his progressions?

Ireland's free agent signing of Gibson a bust so far
Drops in preseason now in crucial 3 down
Should've signed Bess

That's what Brent Grimes does!!!

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