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Live blog, Odrick starts, inactives ...

CLEVELAND -- Jared Odrick starts for the Dolphins at defensive tackle today.

I can tell you without equivocation that Randy Starks, who was a starter most of the past previous five seasons, is not happy with the idea. Starks is the Dolphins franchise tag player. Yes, he's going to share playing time with Odrick -- perhaps equally.

But it's a principle thing for these guys, at times.

The inactives for today's game are QB Pat Devlin, cornerback Jamar Taylor, cornerback Will Davis, Josh Kaddu, guard Danny Watkins, G-T Dallas Thomas and running back Mike Gillislee. 



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Looked like a catch and fumble to me

That was a fumble.

They don't call fumbles on those plays anymore...It's an incomplete pass almost automatically...

Typical Craig M, always calling others out, but runs and hides every time he is dead wrong, which is quite often.

Tannehill is looking sharp so far.

Tannehill looking cool and collected

O-line so far is playing pretty well against a good Cleveland D-line...That's good news...

Looking better....setting up for the bomb later with this offense strategy...sucking the defense in...Tanny looks good

Craig Canadunce, want some hot sauce for your fried crow? Remember to remove the feathers!

So far the fins look like the better team.

Inaccurate Tannehill at it again...throwing behind receivers. This is why he will wash out.

where is the YAC

Clay is having a very good game so far. He is actually hanging on to the ball.

Tannehill can't convert 3rd downs? Not this year...

Ward going after clays knees rite there. Going to be lots of knee injuries this year.

using up that clock...long drives...now finish them...


What else you got YG? Tell us again how you don't use multiple names on here. Come on man.....tell us....give us a laugh.

Great play by Carroll but I'm not ready to name him defensive player of the year after one play. Sounds like you are. Great call on your part!

OL? Minus yards rushing. Big problem
Thank God no real pass rushers on Browns end! Can't run in this league big problems

Wallace has not made a catch today.

The D penetration by Cleveland on run plays has been the problem.

Sounds like you're a big Carroll fan , YG. I'll remind you of that when he's getting beat badly.

Noonan miss it !!!!

I wish Lamar doing well in the NFL, but he's not ready at the present moment

That's should of been a flag...They would of called that if Tannehill's name was Brady...That's the frustrating part...

BYE-BYE Dan Carpenter. HELLO new FISTPUMP era..........

Looks like clay found his hands.that was a penaltyon the head shot to tanny.

Clay doing his best C.Cooley so far!

Good start for the 'Phins, OL is doing a good job giving Tannehill time to throw. Now they have to start opening up some holes for the running game. Can they?......we'll see.

Not getting any calls today

Phins may be better than the Browns, but this is not a playoff team. Objective fans can see this... Jimmy Johnson "If you can't run the ball you don't have a team."

They need to run to the left side as opposed to the right. Jerry is getting no push


Man that Sturgis kid has a leg...

If they can't run sacks are going to be coming soon! Remember even if it's for 2 yards a carry you got to keep the defense honest!

Cant run the ball but overall the team looks solid today.

Grimes is solid.
THILL looks sharp.
Clays looks good.
J. Martin protecting the blindside well.

Lets get the running game going in the first half otherwise it will be THILL throwing all second half.

Noonan miss it !!!!

Posted by: FIRE ROSS | September 08, 2013 at 01:31 PM

So your finding less and less to complain about, so you'll just hope the kicker misses it. Can you please return to your jets Blog now!

Craig Moron,

You call 2 drives = a FISTPUMP

A good start? Youre delusional as always........

Defence looks very solid so far. Hopefully they can continue to get more pressure on Weeden.

That's a pick!!!

Looks like a pick.

That was everyone's key offseason loss of Devon Bess.

Looked like an INT to me,....

Way to go Patterson...This defense will be fun to watch all year long guys...

Patterson ! Nice play even if overturned.

I think he caught it but they will never overturn it. Even announcers think he did.

Great int!! No doubt about it

The defense looks strong after giving up some early runs. That looked like an interception. Hopefully, there will be enough to turn that call.

Craig Moron loves seeing the team move up and down the field with MINIMUM o show for it...........

He calls it a GOOD START.............................


You are and continue to be a mental midget. I wouldn't expect you to understand.

How about you and your army of fake names let me enjoy the game and I'll do the same to you. Fair?

Craig M

Nolan Caroll already has as many interceptions in the first half of game 1 then your boy Marshall had all last season.

LOL. What a stupid fool you are.

Keep going YG....you're a total bore,,,..

Nice Interception by Patterson !!!! looks like we upgrade the secondary...we don't have any longer stone hand he went to Kansas thanks God

Sweet! Now lets go play actions and get a quick TD


Smith never would have made that play.

Great start for the "'Phins. Obviously YG doesn't feel the same way.

'Who cares'.....

Anybody with a link?

We need a TD now.

Miami +2 to differential! And counting...

Google First Row lve football for link.......


It's not a good start. Pass it on.....

Need to get a TD here. Don't run it once.

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