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Live blog, Odrick starts, inactives ...

CLEVELAND -- Jared Odrick starts for the Dolphins at defensive tackle today.

I can tell you without equivocation that Randy Starks, who was a starter most of the past previous five seasons, is not happy with the idea. Starks is the Dolphins franchise tag player. Yes, he's going to share playing time with Odrick -- perhaps equally.

But it's a principle thing for these guys, at times.

The inactives for today's game are QB Pat Devlin, cornerback Jamar Taylor, cornerback Will Davis, Josh Kaddu, guard Danny Watkins, G-T Dallas Thomas and running back Mike Gillislee. 



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Wow, no running game at all. They need to run some up tempo to open things up

I told you guys have to run even though it doesn't produce good numbers. If not T-hill will be running a lot or going to get sacked
Just ask Shula! Remember with Dan. No running game but youhave to run it some.

Running game is really bad. Something don't change, Tannehill will have to not only be improved but has to excel.

Jar of Fluff>John Jerry

Jerry you fat piece of donkey dung.

Now you believe me!

Wow just wow.D gets ut together and Oline cant pass block. Crap.....

Not a good start.....

CBs are playing well so far, that was my big concern.

What a leg...The Rookie is good :-))

I know none of us want to sing the praises of fist pump ball but that 49 yarder by Sturgis looked like it would have been good from 60 yards.


the offense is by far the weakest link

Time to Watkins up to speed on this O-line. Jerry was pushed out of the way on that sack.

Jerry prob still needing conditioning

That is who we want as a starting RG? Really?????

Samuda over Jerry all day>>>>>worst move all off-season getting rid of Jerry.

Get Gardner in there and cut Jerry's ass.

Ofensive line is causing 3 points instead of 7. Can't run the ball for SH*T. This better ibe fixed quick or we LOSE. Defense is playing great...Offense is not given time for plays to develop. John Jerry sucks C*CK.

Jerry is supposed to be better at pass protecting...

google first row .eu american football then click on the miami game.. make sure you "x" off on the pop ups as you dont need to download anything.. just spam..

Jerry is the Achilles heel of this OL.

Alternating Starks and Odrick by possession and you can tell when Starks is in the game against the rungame.

Bwahahaha these refs

I got Sturgis on my fantasy

Wow...Time to test these refs for marijuana...

Offense has to step it up

We have outplayed the browns, yet we only have 6 points. We are one play away from being down.


Come on man....hardly the worst move of the offseason. Guess you never saw the three sacks that Samuda gave up.

Need better pass rush!

Good D overall.

Defence doing there job again.....nice job!

That was the best DirecTV commercial yer

Jerry just needs time to get back into shape and strengthen his knee... a hell of alot more serviceable than Samuda

Gibson is a turd

Still waiting for this great pass rush suppose to be great!! Hum!!

I miss Reggie Bush

Craig Moron,

Good start, keep the FISTPUMPS coming...............

Stretch the field!!!!!!

Another sack and that screen was horrible...

That's what I hate about Daniel Thomas...Takes him forever before he gets going...

Offense just looks sloppy

OLINE blows!!!

Finally heard Wallace's number getting called but for a false start.

THILL ran too early

Boy this o-line is falling apart in a hurry...

Hahahahaha. Oh JI what a turd! Can't draft OL to save his life!

Why not let Tannehill roll out? Seems like they are restricting him too much.

Really this team looks bad right now.

Offense needs to go hurry up and wear the defense out.

No running game, no line play & not one pass to our "Ferrari."

This team needs to make changes on the offensive line if we're going to have a chance this year.


3 sacks in a quarter and a half too CLEVELAND?? This offensive line sucks and we will not win this game. The defense is setting us up to win, the offensive line is giving this game away. 3 sacks to CLEVELAND. Great job Ireland!

So far, tannehill is exactly as he was last year, and we are still winning most of the game but keeping other team in with fg. How Many years of this, people?

Wow Benjamin is quick.

Whatever YG,

I'll cheer for the 'Phin. I've already read your comments about Tannehill. I know where your allegiances lie.

Don't worry gramps....

Can we fire Ireland already ?

Can't throw to Wallace or anyone else if the OLINE can't give the QB a few seconds to can the field and throw the ball.

Everyone knew the OLINE was going to be an issue this year and it's quickly proving to be the #1 problem of this team.

O line sucks. V. Poor

You guys are blaming the o line, but he's obviously holding on to the ball too long. And where's mike Wallace?

Cleveland is going to win by default because Miami is scared on offense and afraid to throw the ball

I guess no one here is going to agree with me
On the running game huh!!! If they don't really make a effort to run the ball I predict 7 sacks by the end of the game given up by this great OL that Philbin was not too worry about
Remember he said that? I do.

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