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Live blog of Dolphins versus Falcons here

The Dolphins begin their season home-opener at 4:05 instead of the traditional 1 p.m. kick of the glory years. (Fans are softer these days). And it is raining before the game during warmups.

The Dolphins will wear all white as they have been so far this season.

All the players that were questionable for this game for Miami are active today -- excpet for No. 3 QB Pat Devlin -- and available to play. That means wide receiver Mike Wallace, safety Chris Clemons and center Mike Pouncey are active and starting, as expected.

The Miami inactives are Pat Devlin, Jamar Taylor, Dimitri Patterson, Josh Kaddu, Danny Watkins, Dallas Thomas and Paul Soliai. 

Nolan Carroll gets his second consecutive start at cornerback. Both Jared Odrick and Randy Starks will start at DT.

Today's Falcons inactives: S Kemel Ishmael, RB Steven Jackson, S Zeke Motta, LB Jamar Chaney, G/C Harland Gunn, LT Sam Baker, DT Travian Robertson.

Join the live blog below:


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Jamar Taylor... inactive again.

Dallas Thomas... inactive again.

Dion Jordan.... 10 snaps?



First loss for the gay logo Phins today !!!


Ireland bought free agents. He's brilliant.

Olivier Vernon = 3rd round steal, invisible through two games.

Goodell gets to witness his new NFL today.

Two hand touch.

Football without the running back has no soul.

Dolphins with their new uniforms and logo have no soul.

Anyone disagree with this ?

New logo = no tradition.

Ross, a USFL guy, now has a USFL team.

What up phools?

Even Kooch and Manny Fernandez want nothing to do with this team anymore.

Craig M for Molester is having fun with a Beagle right now.

He's a sick puppy.

Bob Griese stop saying "duh", you sound like an idiot.

Can't you get that through your greasy head ?

The Phins suck at home,Move the game to ATL.

Phins suck anywhere.

2004 4-12
2006 6-10
2007 1-15 roflmao
2009 7-9
2010 7-9
2011 6-10
2012 7-9
2013 2-14

Time to ditch the Matt Shuab experiment in Texas. No matter the talent surrounded, he gets you to playoffs but never any further.

Ravens 24 Texans 9

Shuab 15-21 115yds 0 tds 1 int

Both teams are banged up. Atl's from playing and the Dolphins from the draft.LMAO

Move the game to Sea World.

Time to ditch the gay new logo and uniforms.

At the Target near my house.

The Dolphins merchandise hasn't moved in months.

It's also on sale in the ladies underwear section...figures.

Pats will be 3-0 after today simply because they have played 3 of he worst teams in NFL.

Pats 20 Bucs 3

Pats are still better than the Phins.

Grampa Philby can't match wits with Belichick.

Last year : Zero points for Grampa Philby's Phins.

Bryan Hoyer 3 picks. Browns can't play awful enough to lose to Vikes.

Vikes 24 Browns 24

Out of Order for Bridgewater could be placed on hold today.

Is it POURING! over the stadium right now?

Have to agree on the Uni's. Horrible.

What channel on TV in Miami are the Dolhins playing

Miami is healthier than Atlanta. Atlanta has played both of their first 2 games in domes and now must wear the dark jerseys in the South Fla heat. I expect Miami's running backs to feast in the 2nd half.

Miami 27 Atlanta 17


Those "Updates" on First Row are fakes, there advertisements.

Don't click on any of them. Open up the a Link. **THEN** turn up you Pop Up Blocker to **HIGH**.

Then just close out the "Fake Update" advertisements.

Hope this Helps!!!!

Go Phins!!!!

My bud just sent me a text, pouring at the Stadium. Going to be a sloppy game. Turnover city

Odin, Prediction for the game???????????

You were saying about the Ravens...

To tough to call

We find out soon. Good.

Can't believe we aren't getting the game. Anybody got a link?

TE giving us problem early

So far no defense

Tight ends killings us once again

there we go. Get some pressure on Matt Ryan

It's like they forgot about Tony G being on the team

That's it.

Olivier Vernon has been invisible this year. He never made any plays at UM and so far has not done much since becoming a dolphin. A lot of promise but so far he has not proven that he can play.

in our defense the coverage has been pretty good on Gonzalez. he's jus making some really good cathces

Defense us useless ugh

i guess we can't tackle the running back today

Horrible start.

Wow the fins offense is going to have to score a ton of points. It does not seem like or defense can stop the falcons.

Get Vernon out of there. They are getting no pressure from that side.

Bad news. I prefer if they are going to score to be quicker.

Is it just me or do these announcers only talk about the falcons???

Must get 7 or will be playing catch up all day

to easy.

Anyone have a clue what happened to wake?

Hopefully some adjustments on defense are on the way ... if not ... well, at this pace, the Falcons will only score 35 on us!

anyone got a stream link?

not a great 1st play on offense


what type of play did sherman call that took that long to develop on 3rd on 2?!?!?


Jamar Taylor... 2nd round pick.... OUT.

Could have traded for Brandon Albert!

Instead we keep Martin at LT..... AND OSI OWNS HIM


This is getting ugly really quick.

Back to reality. It looks like we are looking at a royal butt whipping today.

Okay ... we are officially in trouble ... BIG TROUBLE!

Tannehill's got to get rid of the ball quicker on 3rd down!

So much for Atlanta's defense being beat up

1st possession for atlanta-80 yds and TD
1st possession for us- 3 & out.

Not good

Held the ball way too long there

Man, we are missing Soliai today. These back up RBs are running all over the dolphins.

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