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Live blog of Dolphins versus Falcons here

The Dolphins begin their season home-opener at 4:05 instead of the traditional 1 p.m. kick of the glory years. (Fans are softer these days). And it is raining before the game during warmups.

The Dolphins will wear all white as they have been so far this season.

All the players that were questionable for this game for Miami are active today -- excpet for No. 3 QB Pat Devlin -- and available to play. That means wide receiver Mike Wallace, safety Chris Clemons and center Mike Pouncey are active and starting, as expected.

The Miami inactives are Pat Devlin, Jamar Taylor, Dimitri Patterson, Josh Kaddu, Danny Watkins, Dallas Thomas and Paul Soliai. 

Nolan Carroll gets his second consecutive start at cornerback. Both Jared Odrick and Randy Starks will start at DT.

Today's Falcons inactives: S Kemel Ishmael, RB Steven Jackson, S Zeke Motta, LB Jamar Chaney, G/C Harland Gunn, LT Sam Baker, DT Travian Robertson.

Join the live blog below:


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run defense very suspect without soliai

geez....is our D even on the field?

This defense needs to stiffen up

Maybe a penalty would help us

gotta get pressure on the quarterback

ryan just dropping back, waits 3-4 seconds, and throws a dart for a completion



You can make an argument that the worst mistake in Dolphins history was not taking Matt Ryan. Huge mistake!

Our D has no answer to Atlanta's quick dunk offense.

This is ugly already. Dolphins still a second tier team

Julio is back in high school carrying folks

how did julio jones carry FOUR dolphins 3 yds for a 1st down

Why the F was Nolan Carroll trying to rip the ball out instead of stopping Julio short of the first down. Completely idiotic...

All of Irelands GREAT DRAFT PICKS getting OWNED over and over today!

We should've drafted Matt Ryan.

Had Jones stopped and he drags three guys 3 extra yards for the first down!

Wow, Olivier Vernon a DE is carried by a WR. That is embarrassing.

this should put an end to the playoff team nonesense

Going too quick. We have to get a stop somehow.

someone please post a great stream link, the jags are on. :( save me from the torture

Amateur night for Miami
Like the old days
Let's see if they can wake up

How did Julio carry four fins? Easy.. Nolan Carroll right in the middle trying to rip theball instead of pushing back...

just brutal gang tackling on Jones. Get in the game defense. For all those Matt Ryan lovers. It helps when you have Julio Jones, Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez.

cant wrap up for nothing

This is ugly already. Dolphins still a second tier team
Posted by: Statler | September 22, 2013 at 04:31 PM

Second Tier????, I wish.

Falcons had ball for entire 1st qtr. Can't be anymore dominant than that.

Look..today we find out if we are a 10-6 team or an 8-8 team...and we all know that..

...but that's not a reason to dispair....or criticize ..it is what it is until it improves..

..I'm gonna watch the game and see where we are improvd and where we are deficient..and support the team regardless..

Forget a comeback we have no oline.

Start of 2nd quarter Miami has had one possesion

wow a stop on 3rd down!!!! was that so damn hard?

Game not over.

We better put up some points on this drive to stop the bleeding. Atlanta is destroying us right now. I know that it is still early but 2e do not look like a playoff team anymore.

This game is OVER.

Here comes another THREE AND OUT

The Dolphins are who thought they are.

Watch our antique OC call a run on first down...

3 and out on offense here and the flood gates could be opening up.

Jonathan Martin? Let the Joe Thomas sweepstakes begin.

Wake is hurt....





Alright Lamar!

thank you lamar miller for giving us some hope finally today!!!!

Lol trolls!

Miller fudgin time!

i just glad we got a couple 1st downs on this drive so that our defense can rest a bit

Miller back to earth. Famine or feast rb.

okay Don Soldy so it was not 3 and out ,..so STFU !! okay ?

what hell was goin on there? cant burn time outs like that

LOL...nice catch

Any1 else think tanne had a TD if he leapt the ball on the read option??

No Tony Pizza. get 6.

Wake injury is killing me

TD here we're back in. Ryan's shown in playoffs he can go hot and cold. Reason Falcons may never make sb.

D Thomas....nice effort

TD Thomas

We really needed that TD. It looks like we should be able to run the ball against the Falcons. It should set up play action later on.

good tough run by thomas for the TD. we needed that


That's some tough runnin DT!
ATL defense I was looking for

D needs to show up and least put up some resistance.....get this game under control

I'll trade a timeout for a TD any day of the week! Way to respond offense!!!

This will probably be one of the most important games this season. So far, the Fins have never beaten the Texans nor the Falcons. These two teams are really good but have yet to make a superbowl. This game today against the Falcoons is a clue of where the Fins are currently with this roster. A loss means we still at least two years away from competing with elite teams, where as a win will mean damn it, we're close.

Stick it trolls

'Daniel Thpmas is a bust'......'Lamaar Miller is a bust'.....'all Ireland's picks are busts'.....

UP YOURS!!!......

Anyone know what the Wake injury is? Is he out the while game? Thanks guys

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