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Live blog of Dolphins versus Falcons here

The Dolphins begin their season home-opener at 4:05 instead of the traditional 1 p.m. kick of the glory years. (Fans are softer these days). And it is raining before the game during warmups.

The Dolphins will wear all white as they have been so far this season.

All the players that were questionable for this game for Miami are active today -- excpet for No. 3 QB Pat Devlin -- and available to play. That means wide receiver Mike Wallace, safety Chris Clemons and center Mike Pouncey are active and starting, as expected.

The Miami inactives are Pat Devlin, Jamar Taylor, Dimitri Patterson, Josh Kaddu, Danny Watkins, Dallas Thomas and Paul Soliai. 

Nolan Carroll gets his second consecutive start at cornerback. Both Jared Odrick and Randy Starks will start at DT.

Today's Falcons inactives: S Kemel Ishmael, RB Steven Jackson, S Zeke Motta, LB Jamar Chaney, G/C Harland Gunn, LT Sam Baker, DT Travian Robertson.

Join the live blog below:


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Now defense needs to tighten up here. Allow no more than 1 1st down on this Falcon drive. Give ball back to hot offense.

in the background, I know.....but Sturgis was a nice pickup--kid is good, strong leg, young....and costs 8 cents/yr

why does fox go to commercial one play after coming from commercial. just wasting time




OH MY god The SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS...oh wait we just scored a TOUCHDOWN! geez and we could have drafted Matt Ryan.....GET OVER IT! GO DOLPHINS!

C'mon run D!!!!

Knee injury for Wake. Questionable to return.

i know Soliai is out.....but we look totally unprepared/overmatched in the running game--we definitely werent looking for this.....but they better adjust quick

No run d
No pressure on QB
What gives

Let's see:

Let's not resign Big Paul Solia.

Why is Dion Jordan not playing? We are really hurting without Wake! Their backup OL is pushing the dolphins around.

well......first thing Ireland needs to do after this game.....is call Soliai's agent and get the dude re-signed

Cheers Craig

our run d is horrible. i didnt know missing solai was gonna have this much of an impact



This is an NFL defense? Falcons are going to put up 40+

Not impressed with Coyle at all

This really shows how much Paul Soliai means to the team. The Dolphins defense looks awful!

love the traffic cone defensive scheme

soliai done earned a contract and didn't even play

Missing tackles at this stage?

Top 5 defense? Nfl rankings says #18 defense coming in.

Yep, looks closer to 18th and dropping.

WOW...8 runs in a row...

yep, got the Marino D without the Marino O.... we are screwed.

Too Easy!



so, what are 2014's top 10 prospects?

and now nolan carrol is gonna get picked on

Weeeeeeee. The sh&t stain fish stench D strikes again.

Call up JT and ZT! Just like the old days hey losers? Just when you thought your team was ok ... and .... you still blow.

Stadium will be 1/2 empty by mid October as per usual.

Meanwhile up in NE ... 3-0 baby with a rebuilding team.

Eat sh&t losers.

Why is Nolan Carroll on Jones, and not Grimes?!?!?!

bout time randy stacks made a play

Wheeler, Misi, Wake out! Soliai out, D-line getting abused. Guess a shootout it is.

This is to easy.

This is pure domination by the Falcons offense

Do you clowns play any D.

What a joke.


Typical fish stench.

holy crap they are bad

falcon can senD their punter how, casue the top rank suckfish D can't get off the field.

Philbin and his staff is getting a coaching lesson from the Falcons. They are being completely out coached.

he did not get the first down

Dion Jordan made a big play.

FAILbin out coached and suckfish out classed

bend but dont break

so 1 2 3 kick after this fg, will it be 16-7 or 20-7 at half?

Jordan did make a big play there....we havent looked good on D and gotta make adjustments at the half, but wow.....thats a big stand

3 drives, 3 scores and 23 mins off the clock. WTF

Amazing we're just a score away

Smells like 38 to 17 final at this point

With the talent Dolphins have on Defense, is Olivadotti the Defense Coordinator again?

to bad its mosty bend and break... the suckfish have been owned!!

We can go up or be down by 3 if we get some kind of score...not bad after that disaster by the defense...

we know how this feels for ATL though.....they gotta be pretty frustrated at this point, dominating but settling for 2 FGs and only up 6 points.....and we also know that usually catches up to you by game's end---ATL is alot better than the Fins of a few years ago I realize, but sort of sounds like the Sparano era, no?

Miracle we're in position to go up 14-13 at half. Not that we will, just in position to after being thoroughly dominated in first half time possession.

you guys are hilarious, every bad play, the team is the crappiest in the world, and every good play is well they don't suck as much but they still suck. too funny. Perhaps some of you should go back to watching soccer

We get the ball first in the second half...





Idiotic special team play again

That was stupid! He was in the back of the end zone and tried to run it out. Plain dumb!

As badly as they've played a good two minute drill could put us in the lead.

not smart but Thigpen is just trying to make a play....and its time for our offense to step up and help our D, pull their end of the bargain

Agree, if we get a score here, not that bad. hell, even down by 6 after that beating would be salvageable. Lets see whjat happens on this drive, we NEED to keep the ball the rest of the half!

Also, this game is flying by due to falcons O

All Atlanta did was run the ball...wait until Matt Ryan starts throwing the ball around...It will be a long second half...unless the D can make the same adjustment they had against the Colts...

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