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Live blog of Dolphins versus Falcons here

The Dolphins begin their season home-opener at 4:05 instead of the traditional 1 p.m. kick of the glory years. (Fans are softer these days). And it is raining before the game during warmups.

The Dolphins will wear all white as they have been so far this season.

All the players that were questionable for this game for Miami are active today -- excpet for No. 3 QB Pat Devlin -- and available to play. That means wide receiver Mike Wallace, safety Chris Clemons and center Mike Pouncey are active and starting, as expected.

The Miami inactives are Pat Devlin, Jamar Taylor, Dimitri Patterson, Josh Kaddu, Danny Watkins, Dallas Thomas and Paul Soliai. 

Nolan Carroll gets his second consecutive start at cornerback. Both Jared Odrick and Randy Starks will start at DT.

Today's Falcons inactives: S Kemel Ishmael, RB Steven Jackson, S Zeke Motta, LB Jamar Chaney, G/C Harland Gunn, LT Sam Baker, DT Travian Robertson.

Join the live blog below:


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hahahahahahaha yeah yeah, that was great

Hey blackbird, you know what they say...the good teams find a way to win when they don't play well! hahaha

Yea Tannehill is garbage isnt he trolls??????

Awesome drive


Blackbird now flies the coop. LMAO.



3-0 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BALLGAME!!!!!!! What y'all trolls gotta say now!!!!!!

Matty ice has just melted. Go home Atlanta. Eat it black birds

holy creap

Wow! Just wow!
I am eating crow but it is ok to admit that I was wrong about the DAAAFINS.

Okay ... I'm pathetic ... the Phins pulled it off! I need to be less negative!!!!!

Are the Dolphins for real??? YESSSSSSSSS

wowowowowowowwoowowowow Oh yeah baby. We have not seen this for awhile.

Flying roadkill dinner for the vultures: intercepted.




Wow, what a game. Fins played poorly most of the way on both sides of the ball and still score 27 and win!!

Please pass the salt!!! Good win!!

WE STILL SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where did Blackbirds go!!!!?????

While e relish this "W" the team is in much need of work and help.

Tanne needs to study his game play and scramble. The "O" line needs a ton of help as they can not protect this kid for anything.

Ireland needs to go shopping ASAP to see how the O line can be shored up before Tannie get's knocked out. We can not allow the kid to get beat up and Shermin needs to get the kid back to basics and trhow the ball away vs taking a sack.

I'm thinking the dolphins made over 3/4 of the people on this blog look like idiots. Well done dolphins. I love ya!

Good teams find a way to win even when they play poorly. I will take it any day. Go Phins!

great great result. we hung in there, how I don't know but when a team isn't playing great and can pull out a win then to me that is a good sign.

Really embarrassing though for some of the pathetic comments from haters on here AGAIN!! when we they learn?

well done guys, again we get the W despite there still being a ton of work to do!!!!!

Well done Dolphins, well done Jimmy wilson. Wow what a 'Helluva Team', Yes Yes Yes !!!!!!!

budtki says,

O O H B A B Y !!!!!!

way to go MIAMI!!!!

in your face KURT WARNER!!!!!

Blackturd, where are you? Sucking off the Falcoons?

Go Dolphins!

Shapes up to be a game first team to score 27pts wins. That may also be the last team having the ball.

Posted by: Sam I Am | September 21, 2013 at 04:26 PM

Wow, I called this outcome yesterday.

Has to be considered the biggest Miami win in YEARS...

BlackBirds and FireRoss, you two fagots, you must be very busy sodomizing each other, right ?
This blog is not for 2-digit IQ morrons like you. Go back to your shithole.
Go Dolphins !

Tannehill completes 24-35 68.6% completion 236yds 2tds 1 int 95 qbr

F that SHWARTZY that said i'm gona PISS on the Dolphans parade.

Yeah Thill got sacked alot, but pass protection was solid at the end there. Alot of the sacks this game were more on Tannehill than the O-line. The analyst was correct, poor pocket presence alot of the time.

It didn't seem we played that well, but good enough to beat the Falcons somehow. Nice game winning drive from Tannehill and company!!!

Can't wait to play the Jets...OOOH THEY ARE BEATING THE BILLS!!!

Lets enjoy the victory.
But the OL must improve considerably, otherwise T-hill will not finish the season.
Furthermore, we need sacks !
T-hill, a smart QB. Intelligence is underrated in this sport.

Really "marchcool"?? bigoted jackass.

actually, Armando...I see way too many homphobic cracks on this blog. Why do you tolerated that here??

Gutsy win guys but this Oline and tanne seeing pressure has got to get better. Lovin the 3-0 start but the fins cant start reading their own newspaper clippings. Get healthy boys and get after the Saints. Go Dolphins

I agree O-line needs to improve or Tani is gonna be DOA.

Oh, I remembe, F U OMAR KELLY!!!!!!!!

Nice to see the fins win again even though they were outplayed.
Also nice to see Tannehill have another good game with some of the receivers.

Now the not so nice stuff, calling 2 timeouts on defense,
giving up 5 sacks and getting none(o-line is bad),
all the injuries, giving up a 139 rushing to Rodgers and
Snelling they had 35 yards combined for the season.

Hopefully they can get healthy soon. Seeing how bad the
o-line is they should have spent the money on the o-line
instead of Wallace, but it is what it is and hopefully they will improve.

Peter King is looking better every week with his Pats-Seahawks SB prediction.

Winning Ugly is better than losing pretty !....... N'Orlins next and we win ugly again ..... it's character and toughness that survives ......

The same stupid trolls who infest the Canes blog desert the territory with the Canes 3-0, then make their slimy appearance (multiple personalities) on the Dolphins blog. 2 Time losers.
I pity their bosses, as these types waste hours a day watching who knows what on their Androids.

GREAT victory for Miami. Great TEAM win.

Matthews and Simms and Wilson. Great to see unexpected playmakers

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