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On Jeff Ireland, cuts, and PFF metrics

After the Dolphins establish their practice squad and modify the bottom of the roster a couple of times, the work of general manager Jeff Ireland will be mostly done for this roster. His work then will mostly consist of scouting and gauging how well players perform.

And that, in turn, will measure how well he performed this offseason.

My column in today's Miami Herald tells you that Ireland did well in upgrading the Dolphins from a season ago. (I know that will be unpopular with some). But it is the truth and I give you the list of compelling reasons based on what I've seen in training camp and preseason.

The Dolphins yesterday made cuts. And it is interesting not one undrafted free agent rookie made the initial 53. That's a good thing.

To me, it suggests the Dolphins have a strong enough talent base that they're not augmenting to the roster with project players that basically were rejected for one reason or another in the draft. Yes, Miami has had productive players make it as UDFA inn the past -- Davone Bess and Dan Carpenter come to mind as a couple lately.

But these players rarely become stars. They are usually mid-level talent at best.

So the fact none made it this year suggests to me the Dolphins already had plenty of mid-level talent and below and are working to fill the higher levels of talent, their blue chip player number.

As you know, I'm partnering with ProFootballFocus.com this season and will provide game insights based on their metrics film review after every game.

Here are some interesting things that showed up based on the preseason finale and how I view these results.

Offensive Summary 

After a good performance against the Bucs, fullback Evan Rodriguez crashed back to earth vs. the Saints in his most extended action of the preseason (33 snaps). He participated in 20 run blocking plays and had a negative overall grade of -1.6.

(Salguero: As you know, the Dolphins kept Rodriguez and here's my concern: Of his 33 plays, the Dolphins ran the ball 21 times, according to PFF's study. If that is accurate it means the Dolphins will typically run when Rodriguez is in the game. Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman has to keep this from becoming a trend that defenses can recognize, otherwise he'll basically be tipping his run-pass selection when Rodriguez is in the game).

[UPDATE: The Dolphins cut Rodriguez today. He broke the news on his twitter feed. Makes sense. He had an unremarkable camp and, as you just read, an unremarkable game in the preseason finale.]

Third round rookie pick Dallas Thomas allowed a sack and a hurry in 22 pass blocking snaps.

(Salguero: Honestly, this kid needs a lot of work. He's a guard. A guard. A guard. The Dolphins continue to work him at tackle).

Michael Egnew got the “start” over Dion Sims, but Sims played one more snap, 29 to 28.

Pat Devlin threw both of his interceptions in the middle of the field and less than 10 yards from the line of scrimmage. Devlin attempted just two passes 20+ yards down the field, targeting Marvin McNutt on a long TD and Rishard Matthews on an incompletion.

Dion Sims caught four of his six targets, with all four catches coming 10 yards from the line of scrimmage.

Defensive Summary

Five players missed 2 tackles, including rookie cornerback Jamar Taylor.  The team had 14 total.

Taylor was targeted four times and allowed three receptions -- to Marques Colston, Kenny Stills, and Nick Toon.

(Salguero: The Dolphins need both Taylor and Will Davis to grow up quickly. It's been rocky so far with injury setbacks for both players. Taylor is nowhere near ready to play against good NFL wide receivers and win consistently).

Backup defensive tackle Vaughn Martin had a sack and 4 defensive stops en route to a +2.5 grade.

(Salguero: Now we understand why he made the team, in part. This game was key for him. He played very, very well).

Special teams 

The Dolphins committed three penalties on special teams.


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Tvegas (from the last blog),

My point earlier was that fans instantly assume another teams players are better than ours. This isn't true. If Dwyer was that good he'd still be with Pittsburgh. They let Mendenhall go, drafted Bell and traded for Jones. THat tells me they weren't sold on Dwyer. So for fans of his team to auto trivially assume he's better than why we have makes no sense. I'd rather tik with what we've got rather than get rid of a guy like Gillislee. TEs see wht we've got before replacing them with someone else's castoffs.


We need to sign him!!!

According to a Pittsburgh beat writer, Dwyer showed up to camp 25 lbs over weight and the coaching staff was "tired of his lack if dedication to his job".... That's why Dwyer was cut...

I say add a WR and Unless a decent TE is on the waiver wire, I say we stay put as we are...

I'm not real excited about any of he possible upgrades to be honest. D J Wiliams is a guy I liked in College but if he's so good how come he hasn't made his mark yet? And if you add him who do you drop? Maybe just another good College player.

Craig I think most fans have seen enough of Thomas to want to try someone else, anyone else, as the power back.

According to a Pittsburgh beat writer, Dwyer showed up to camp 25 lbs over weight and the coaching staff was "tired of his lack if dedication to his job", that's why he was cut...

Again, Seattle made a huge mistake- Sign CHRIS HARPER, 4th round draft pick!!! Develop him, he is just as fast as Dez Bryant and all most as strong. Best Wonderlic of any WR in the draft.

Joe it shows you how close to a championship Seattle thinks they are depth wise when they can make the cuts they are making and not blink an eye.


I don't agree. I don't think you get rid of a guy just because you want to add someone else. Not a fan of that thinking. If a guys a clear upgrade then great but I don't see Dwyer as a clear upgrade. Thomas has shown flashes when he's stayed healthy. Again, I think it goes back to guys seeing other teams players as being better, in most cases they're not.

Johnny Manziel = scum bag of the year

If Canes mocked NCAA they would shut down the program

Pat White has a job and Tebow doesn't, lol

If we cut Thomas, most of you would be surprised to find a very good team picking him up. But you still wouldn't admit you don't know much about player evaluation.

Sorry but I ain't buying that this team has improved significantly since last year. Ur weaker at oline. Te, and rb. To be in this position 6 years after Ireland became our GM is a joke. Expect another losing season and another Ireland extension.

Okay..cuts are made...maybe one or two tweaks....basic roster in place...enough talking...bring on the season ..


Jeff Ireland is such a horses butt he thinks there is some competitive advantage not announcing the names. Hey Jeff, 7-9 every year, no one is trying to get their hands on your trade secrets. Maybe you should take a cue from a guy like Ozzie Newsome who consistently fields a winner and shows respect for the fans at the same time.
Jeff Ireland is in the bottom rung of football GM’s and he thinks he’s the belle of the ball.
Mr. Ross, please fire this guy and get someone new.

The best thing for the team to do is make a trade for Flynn on the Raiders. I would package Tannehill and Starks for Flynn. Then we have an actual QB.

Also, we now know that Dion Jordan is a bust, and he is broken down. On the other side Wake is old, and has maybe one year left in him. I would package Wake and Jordan, and trade them for the TE Gresham from the Bengals.

In America the word 'partnering' means that there is a legal, binding, partnership agreement between all of the parties that are partners.
A free 10 day trial subscription to PFF is not 'partnering'.

Wow 17, that's some shrewd trades yes sir. Lol.

Get off the crack pipe,YG. Go outside and get some fresh air.

Matt Flynn......ROTFLMAO

Wow, I have never seen bigger homers. Why don't you suck me?

Craig not saying I agree with that thinking, but Thomas' body of work has not shed and of the doubts people have about him. Maybe he clicks I year 3 but remember he has a concussion history too.

Yeah I'm sure you'd love that pal. It'd be the highlight of your sad and pathetic life.

My dad told me I had a mouth and a throat like a Dolphin.

The team is not upgraded. Expect to take a step back in year 1 of the rebuild.

Do you guys remember YG telling everyone how pathetic they were last week, and then saying how he was better than everybody else? He said he wasn't going to come back ever again. How long did that last? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Just face the facts. Wake is old. Dion Jordan is a bust and broken. Tamnehill is not a franchise QB. The Dolphins are at best 3-13

As I stated previously we need to go get Michael Robinson to play fullback. He was cut by Seattle because mainly he had a virus during pre-season {so they say} and younger players moved ahead of him. He is a pro bowl player and can do it all, he is still relatively young and had blocked for Marshawn Lynch the last 2 years and Lynch has put up nearly 2,800 yrds during that span. Rodriguez couldn't even carry this guy's jock strap!! It's time to make a smart move for THIS year, go get Robinson to play fullback.

Go kill yourself Kent "baby" Baxter

17 must be ALoco
Trading your best defensive weapons for a bumb TE is ridiculous

He is not a bum TE you gay boy. He is a pro bowler. Wake is old and Dion Jordan is a bust.

Guys that should not be in the 53: Devlin, Jones, another DB, way too many, Rodriguez or Clay, not both.

Guys that need to be given a chance: Harper, D. Rogers, B. Tyms, can not teach the measurables.

Hey 17 could you send me some of what you're smokin' I'll pay the postage since I live on the west coast. You should be more concerned about what is going through your pea brain after that ridiculous trade post. Or are you just looking for negative attention cause nobody else will give the time of day.

Cragi M
and the rest of you....

Tell me something.....

How is it you guys can't see the utter obvious? How freaking gullible are you people?

You mean to tell me you can't see that someone is OBVIOUSLY faking 17????

You can't see that? The poster doesn't even write the same way.

Politicias LOVE people like you.

It is frightening to see how freaking clueless most people are. Dumb, gullible saps that can be fooled easier than the average 2 year old.

Politicians LOVE people like you.

Boehner, I will trust you on that since I don't know how he posts as well as you do. Thanks for calling out on that I hope it's true. Makes sense to me by the outrageous posts.

The Dolphin homers ignore the facts. And they are terrible consumers buying a lousy football product.

You want to know why Ireland sucks? I'll give you a nugget: Who would be crazy enough to sign Brandon Gibson to a multi-million dollar deal?

I mean no other GM in the league is that crazy. For all his improvement, and he has undeniably had a very good offseason, the still pulls stunts like this. That move alone could cost this team dearly. The preseason did not justify this signing, if anything it was the opposite.

Better hope the Phins can sign a kid like Da'Rick Rogers who with good coaching and mentoring could become a star. Why only people like Belichick seem to master that feat? Because he IS a great coach. Mr. Philbin, do you want a personal challenge? Well, make this deal happen sign this kid and show what you are made of. Great coaching is not just the disciplinarian poser of yelling and screaming and locking into one position. Perhaps you can turn the undeniable talent this kid has into good production.

Craig M
And the rest of you...

You must be negros huh...

That's the only possible conclusion I can come up with. You must be stupid negros with small brains. Only a little brained black monkey couldn't see.

I've never understood how negros could be that stupid. Stop getting arrested, having babies, and selling dope. Read a book you dumb monkeys.

YG or Mark I registered at NFL.com for the fantasy league but can remember my username it's "Truth" followed by some numbers I think. Can someone in the league tell me the username I signed up with?? Please

Boehner | September 01, 2013 at 01:21 PM

You can see right there I struck a nerve wtih the 17 faker. Now he is faking me.

I shouldn't have to even say so, but since most of you are so clueless.....

I'm done with this name now. It served it's purpose, let the idiot have now to his hearts contento.

Clemson 38....UGA 35....last 2 wins vs LSU and GA.....how bout those Tigers

Ecto.....Belichik has Brady--could send out 10 Elmer Fudds with Brady on offense and still win--how did Bill do in Cleveland.....you remember.....without Brady?


There is nothing more entertaining than this blog, during the game, when something lousy happens - whether it be a penalty, drop, missed tackle, missed block, turnover, special teams blunder etc.

One of those things always happens by the 3rd series and when it does the game is no longer enjoyable but this blog is off the hook when that happens.

I'm so much better, and smarter than the rest of you guys. I am so smart that I even admitted I use multiple names to post under, and none of you even caught it. Maybe I am YG. How many names do you think I use?

Boehner.....pronounced like "boner", no?

Anyone in the league tell me


Thats not it a hole

Thank you for standing up for me Boehner. We are DEFINITELY not the same person.

All the FAKERS need to stop before I start hacking all your IP addresses and expose everybody, anyone who has to fake somebody else has no life of their own.

YG what's my username in the league?

Yes please stop faking me. I am DEFINITELY not Boehner or Kent Baxter.

I poop and pee from my mouth

Stupid decision by the staff not keeping McNutt, Bumphis and maybe Tyms too. They will regret it when the Patriots, Bills or Jets collect those players. One more time, Ireland makes proof of his stupidity. Keeping 11 ! DB's that's too much.
Ireland hates talent and loves mediocrity. When will be the day this moron leaves the organization.
Hope those guys are kept at least for the practice squad.

Jeez no one from the fantasy league is on the blog now??

Dion Jordan a bust?? A guy who hasn't played a down in regular season? This is one of the best reasons to demand FaceBook sign in's on this blog. So we can actually SEE the morons who post here and be able to ridicule them day in and day out

I know right. We should have kept 7 QBs

Salguero, as usual, a useless story.


Stop by during the live game blog. You can see all the regular douchebags signed in posting there. They all make believe they don't post here, yeah right.

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