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On Jeff Ireland, cuts, and PFF metrics

After the Dolphins establish their practice squad and modify the bottom of the roster a couple of times, the work of general manager Jeff Ireland will be mostly done for this roster. His work then will mostly consist of scouting and gauging how well players perform.

And that, in turn, will measure how well he performed this offseason.

My column in today's Miami Herald tells you that Ireland did well in upgrading the Dolphins from a season ago. (I know that will be unpopular with some). But it is the truth and I give you the list of compelling reasons based on what I've seen in training camp and preseason.

The Dolphins yesterday made cuts. And it is interesting not one undrafted free agent rookie made the initial 53. That's a good thing.

To me, it suggests the Dolphins have a strong enough talent base that they're not augmenting to the roster with project players that basically were rejected for one reason or another in the draft. Yes, Miami has had productive players make it as UDFA inn the past -- Davone Bess and Dan Carpenter come to mind as a couple lately.

But these players rarely become stars. They are usually mid-level talent at best.

So the fact none made it this year suggests to me the Dolphins already had plenty of mid-level talent and below and are working to fill the higher levels of talent, their blue chip player number.

As you know, I'm partnering with ProFootballFocus.com this season and will provide game insights based on their metrics film review after every game.

Here are some interesting things that showed up based on the preseason finale and how I view these results.

Offensive Summary 

After a good performance against the Bucs, fullback Evan Rodriguez crashed back to earth vs. the Saints in his most extended action of the preseason (33 snaps). He participated in 20 run blocking plays and had a negative overall grade of -1.6.

(Salguero: As you know, the Dolphins kept Rodriguez and here's my concern: Of his 33 plays, the Dolphins ran the ball 21 times, according to PFF's study. If that is accurate it means the Dolphins will typically run when Rodriguez is in the game. Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman has to keep this from becoming a trend that defenses can recognize, otherwise he'll basically be tipping his run-pass selection when Rodriguez is in the game).

[UPDATE: The Dolphins cut Rodriguez today. He broke the news on his twitter feed. Makes sense. He had an unremarkable camp and, as you just read, an unremarkable game in the preseason finale.]

Third round rookie pick Dallas Thomas allowed a sack and a hurry in 22 pass blocking snaps.

(Salguero: Honestly, this kid needs a lot of work. He's a guard. A guard. A guard. The Dolphins continue to work him at tackle).

Michael Egnew got the “start” over Dion Sims, but Sims played one more snap, 29 to 28.

Pat Devlin threw both of his interceptions in the middle of the field and less than 10 yards from the line of scrimmage. Devlin attempted just two passes 20+ yards down the field, targeting Marvin McNutt on a long TD and Rishard Matthews on an incompletion.

Dion Sims caught four of his six targets, with all four catches coming 10 yards from the line of scrimmage.

Defensive Summary

Five players missed 2 tackles, including rookie cornerback Jamar Taylor.  The team had 14 total.

Taylor was targeted four times and allowed three receptions -- to Marques Colston, Kenny Stills, and Nick Toon.

(Salguero: The Dolphins need both Taylor and Will Davis to grow up quickly. It's been rocky so far with injury setbacks for both players. Taylor is nowhere near ready to play against good NFL wide receivers and win consistently).

Backup defensive tackle Vaughn Martin had a sack and 4 defensive stops en route to a +2.5 grade.

(Salguero: Now we understand why he made the team, in part. This game was key for him. He played very, very well).

Special teams 

The Dolphins committed three penalties on special teams.


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AJ Francis claimed by Patriots.

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Bumphis and Kheeston Randall claimed by Browns.

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Harper wasn't impressive with Seahawks , pretty invisible. Jermaine Kearse and Steven Williams outplayed him. Williams looked real good , best Wr stars of anyone in preseason

Oh no. The Browns really did claim Bumphis and Randall

Should we sign Tebow? He's a better QB than Devlin and could be the best TE on our team.

I shall draft L.Miller and E.Lacy with my first 2 picks today if someone dares to draft M.Gillislee and T.Austin with his first 2 picks.

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Peter King picks the Pats over the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. He says the Dolphins will be 6-10.

At least we didn't keep 4 QBs.

This will be M.Moore's last season on the team.

Ryan Tannehill is the Franchise.



How do I know your User name?

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That is going to be the bad part about it. Even if you have 2 or More Teams, My 1 Team will still have better Odds of winning.

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We are not worried about Bumphis giving the browns our plays.
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It's funny how some of you guys all you do is bad mouth the team before the season starts.. I admit some of you have good points about upgrading but right now the Dolphins are undefeated and there is a long season to play.. Based on what do you feel this team has took astep backwards?? What? Preseason? If that is the case than you need to consider this!! The defense was lights out this preseason and the "Brent Grimes" signing might turn out to be the steal of the off season.. He alone has made the terrible secondary play from last year clearly has improved. As for Qb play Tannehill did not throw any ints despite having OL problems, clearly so far he is improving.. The 3 WR set seems to be the offenses best weapon and that's not a bad thing when you can move the ball by throwing it.. So with a good defense and good Qb play what makes you feel this team cannot and will not win?? Last year this team had a unproven rookie QB, no weapons to throw to other than Hartline and they still won 7 games and should have easily won 3 more.. I feel the team has upgraded enough to win those extra 3 games barring no major injuries.. I also feel that by the mid point in the season the rookies will start to help out and contribute more. Dion Jordan is not a bust but Michael Egnew is a bust he has been given more than enough time to make a place on this offense and he still cannot.."If it was up to me I would cut him right now". WTF do we need 11 DB is that accurate?? 11 DB .. I'm not just concern about Ireland's judgment but Philbin's also.. WTF are we going to do with them all. Who are the WR (4&5) and what if one goes down ? If this coaching staff can stop worrying about what goes on off the field and start worrying about what is played on the field than this team can win and it would not be a possibility. The so called experts(majority) feels this is a 9/10 win team. So the time is now to get it done. Go dolphins!!


Truth,did you get it?

When we play Indy in week 2 will Grimes be covering Heyward-Bey, the fastest player in the NFL or will he cover Reggie Wayne?

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A couple things that I noticed:
- None of the 'experts' endorse Tannehill outright, they all say , "...expectations in Miami are that Tanne will take the next step...". That is not the same as John Clayton saying tha he expects Tanne to do that.
- They say our secondary was ranked 27 last season, we got rid of our top 3 CBs and brought in Grimes so that now we are better. I agree that Grimes is better but the other CB was behind our top 3 CBs last season so how is that better?


Why don't you have Nfl send you a new password, don't give up! Come on are you a Phins fan or are you a JEts fan

Ryan Tannehill just got cut.

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Rubs, I said earlier I type the email that I registered the team with in the forget password feature but it keeps giving me an error saying that email isn't registered at NFL.com which is BS. The only thing I can think of is I originally typed the wrong email address which is why I'm prob foocked when it comes to managing the team I created.

I will stick with my original thesis on the categories that the TEAM either offensive or defensive need to improve dramatically on compared to last year.
Salguero I see that PFF metrics are providing grades for each player for every game.Correct me if Im wrong, but I have never seen game grades for the players on this blog,and IM almost certain "dont tell em nothing" Joe Philbin didnt give you their game grades.If Im wrong let me know.
Now getting back to the way I see this team winning at least until the offense gets in sync with all the new skill players,and that is with the defense.
The defense has to win the turnover dfferential by a wide margin especially in the first 5 games of the season.In those first 5 games I doubt the Dolphins are favored in more than 1 game, and if they are it will be because they are winning.How do the underdogs beat the favorites and prove the Vegas oddsmaking computers wrong.The way they do it is with unpredictable events such as turnovers.I would be willing to bet that when underdogs win they win the turnover differential a lot more than half(50%) of the time.
To complete the first 5 games of the season with a winning record the Dolphins cannot lose the turnover differential, in fact I think they have to win it.
When the offense gets the ball after a turnover with a short field to the endzone,they must score TDs and not FGs.
For the Dolphins or any team for that matter to reach the playoffs they must score a lot more TDs than Fgs when reaching the Red Zone.
The days of dominant running games, and dominant defenses is of past eras,The NFL is a passing league and to have a chance to win and make it to the playoffs the Red Zone ratio must be decidely on the side of Tds.
If you dont believe me check the stats.

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Rubs I did as well, we"ll see if he gets back before 6. Thanks bud

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Mcnutt and tyms made the practice squad.


The Bills just claimed Tyms.

They cut Egnew and signed Da'Rick Rodgers


Kellen Davis is available

Egnew gone. Welcome DR.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!! Tebow to Phins as TE???!!!! That explains the Egnew cut.


Yo Dashi, I had my draft earlier today dude, got lacy in rd.7 miller in rd.10 of my draft. But then again I did get m.wallace in rd.12 couldn't believe he was still on the board. Tannehill in rd.19 sturgis was my last pick at rd.24 !! Ireland will be on his death march, if this team is 2-6-1-7 by midnight nov.1st !!

We keep Jones, Stanford and Rodriguez on the 53 man roster and loose Francis to NE. Talk about out smarting yourself!

Then, of course, we release Rodriguez after the poach. Our ability to play mind games is so low that we should try some other games! The chances of the three mentioned outperforming Francis in their NFL careers are very slim.

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