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Dion Jordan plays perhaps best game yet

On Saturday, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin told his players that some of them might have to play more than they expected against the Falcons and so they should be ready.

And sure enough, when Cameron Wake went down with a knee injury, the Dolphins turned to players who previously hadn't really played a whole lot for the Dolphins. Wake has a mild knee sprain, according to CBS.com, and while he may miss some practice time and possibly Monday's game, it is not overly serious.

Wake took 19 snaps on Sunday. Derrick Shelby played 46 snaps, Vaughn Martin played 26 snaps and rookie Dion Jordan played 31 snaps.

And the result?

Jordan played quite well.

As I tweeted during the game, Jordan did a great job in turning a potential first-and-goal situation into a fourth down situation in which Atlanta settled for a field goal.

But in looking at Jordan's complete game byline, you have to appreciate that he played perhaps his most complete game to date.

He did not collect a sack, but according to ProFootballFocus.com, he collected four quarterback hurries, a quarterback hit and got a plus grade for his run defense.

Overall, Jordan was the highest rated Dolphins defender on Sunday and one of only five who had plus grades for the game.


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Against Brees, we face easily our stiffest qb contest of the season. Brees is easily top 5 elite all day long. Nothing against Luck and Ryan, it is what it is.
Luck's still developing. Ryan goes hot and cold, just like 2012 playoffs then again yesterday.
Against Brees, this had better be our most complete game yet. Brees won't offer many chances to make a comeback. Neither will Saints #5 rated pass defense.


This guys needs to play more and Vernon is running out of time...

Check That. Second.


Saints blow


Like Fire Ross.

Chad Henne looked great yesterday. LMAO

If Wake's not 100% to play Monday, sit him out, and start Jordan. No need to risk further or lingering injury. The NFL season's a marathon, not a sprint.

Armando you're wrong. We have a "fan" in here telling us that Jordan hasn't done anything and is a bust. He must be right because he wants it to be true. You're just using facts and we all know how silly that is.

The Dolphins are looking smarter by the day. Free agents gelling quicker than anyone expected and the players we let walk are either stagnant, hurt, or not playing. Philbin looks to be a good coach (I love the guy!) and our draft picks this year are playing major roles.

Oh how the tides have turned. It doesn't mean they have arrived. And they might not make the playoffs this year. But there's no reason (barring a major collapse) we can't be excited for the future.

Okay so Kaeps press conference, not so good.

I hope Tannehill keeps getting better because I'm really starting to like the kid and would love to see him beat all of his peers in the end. It would make a great story.

I bring this up to point out Tannehills maturity level at a young age. When the Dolphins lose he's all business. This is what I need to do better, we have to get back to practice, we will get it cleared up. Maturity and he treats the media respectfully from what I've seen.

Kaeps press conference was telling. The going is tough and he's pouting. Wouldn't answer the media's questions, acted put off by the whole thing because they lost. When they win he's all smiles, high fiving reporters, kissing his biceps.

It worries me for San Fran that when the going gets tough Kaep doesn't handle it well. Can't win em all kid, a little professionalism would go a long way. Watch Tannehill's press conferences for pointers.

I will try to review the game for the second time. I will try to disguise my vulgarity a little better this time.

Matty Ice? Not on Sunday , unless the ice means that your were stone cold in the second half?

What happened did you get tired?

Was it too humid?

Was it Tony G bumped his wittle head and got a booboo, so you couldnt throw him the ball anymore?

Elite means you play well for 4 quarters not 2! You won the halftime game YAY YAY YAY! Maybe that will factor in when you are fighting for that NFC wildcard berth, oh wait!! No it wont!!

Nolan Carrol - you sir heald one of the best WR's to 119 yards which is kind of alot, but not when you consider every pass came your way!! People love picking on you, but you have stepped up!

Don Jones - to quote the movie "Friday" "Harry Douglas, you got knocked da f%^k out!" Ok maybe I am paraphrasing a bit! Maybe he didnt say harry Douglas in the movie. I will now cut and paste the tweet I sent to Don after the game

@Don_Jones5 That's how you tackle a muthafu$#a..That's how you tackle a muthafu%*a ~ said in Samuel Jackson voice

Was it Brent Grimes took away half you field?

Speaking of grimes, I would like to take a minute and shine the spotlight on his classy,elegant,sophisticated wife. Even with how the Falcons ditched your husband after a few years of top notch play, you still found it in your heart to salute them as they left the field and even sent them a personalized tweet. You are what every husband can hope for from a wife! But I will disagree with your "You're #1 hand gesture!" They are not number one!!!!

I love the fact that every Falc*nt player is probably murmuring under their breath "We should've one that game man" Well ya didnt and dont ya feel like a bunch of buttholes. Speaking of which, I am sure each of you could find a little comfort in each others buttholes! Just a suggestion!!

One final thought, after the TD catch by Sims. I started jumping up and down shaking my booty. is that what kids call twerking? I learned it from Juvenile's "Back that thang up" video. I even did the Dolphin dance. the one that real Dolphins do when they are moonwalking on the water. My son was cracking up, my wife not so much! Anyhoo Phins Beeyatches!!! We is TREE AND OH!!

La Confora says Wake has a mild MCL sprain. Good news should be back in a week or two by the sounds of it.

Remember a few years ago we played the Saints and made Drew Brees look like a back up that should be playing on the Browns... Now in the second half the pressure came off of him and he led them to a come back... Its all about getting in their face so the accuracy goes down.. something all of us know.. lets hope they can pressure him all day long

Before any dumba#$ conspiracy theorists go to work. I posted two posts at the same time by copying a post from the previous blog and submitting it right after my new post.

Could I've been wrong about Ireland all along?????
If So watch out for my 2018 Fantasy football team..

...Wake being out shows just how valuable he is too the defense as a whole...I am still in HTF did we win that game mode. Now get that we made some adjustments that slowed Atlanta down, and we stopped them at crucial times..But just as a rule..We probably lose that game 9-10 and the lack of pass rush trickles down for real..Not like economics were it is a fallacy(economic joke)...

What we were able to do was eventually get enough pressure when the field shrunk to hold them to field goals. We scored TD's..Something a Dolphin team had stuggles with in closely contested games..What makes it more remarkable..Our guys were GASSED on defense. That last Falcon Scoring drive. Guys were struggling to get up, missing tackles, hands on knees.. Credit to the will of the team..Sucked it up when it mattered the most...

We can give up yards...So what. If the defense plays tight redzone defense. And the Offense keeps putting up td's in the redzone..We are going to be tough to beat..Wake or no Wake.

Phins, yes, that list on the last blog was a joke. But I wanted someone to say we were on the bottom of that list so I could say that it's a great list to be on the bottom of. Of course, we need to win something before we get on any lists, but it's a nice thought to ponder.

P78, didn't we see the same thing with newton last year .. these prima donna douches are not what a franchise needs at QB.

Great news on Jordans game. And I think it was Mark (?) earlier who also pointed out he made a huge play on the interception by forcing Ryan to throw early by getting pressure.

Will the coaches start him? Positive grade on run defense when we couldn't stop the run is pretty damned good. He will probably get another chance to prove himself Monday night if Wake is out. How great would it be if he burst on the scene during a Monday night game? Get your rest Dion!!!

Totally agree SamIAm.

Brees is going to pick the Phins apart if they still have Carroll at #2 CB spot next week. Hope Will Davis and Jamar Taylor are ready SOON.

haha Thanks DC I was perplexed.

Mark, give me Tanny/Luck/Wilson over someone like RG3/Newton/Kaep at QB any day.

Jimmy James, Carrol did the best he could against Julio. Considering it was a top 5 WR in the whole NFL and what he did the few weeks befores hes done really well.

We have a lot of injuries on D though. Hopefully the extra day helps.

Wasn't me who menitoned the pressure on Ryan but one thing I'm impressed about Jordan is his size. In a few months he went from being undersized to being a pretty big DE. I think he's almost 270 now - he has those good genes and obviously loves the gym ... this guy putting in the work necessary from day one ... got to love it.

Yep! Newton too. I don't ever build a team with a qb like that. Brady is the ultimate model in qb excellence imo. I know the Pats are our rivals but that guy has my ultimate respect and I love the way he carries himself. Tannehill is mirroring that in his press conferences.

Obviously he is light years away from having a career like Bradys but having the right attitude is a GREAT start.

I'm actually starting to get annoyed by Rodgers. I know he's great, but the guy acts like his poop doesn't stink. He just has this annoying cockiness about him. Maybe that's why Favre wouldn't help him.

Mark what did you mean about Hodge swallowing his pride? Did he pick the Falcons or bad mouth the Phins before the game?

..Do you guys think one of the rookies is going to play better then Nolan Carroll? Seriously. Put one of those guys out there yesterday with no pass rush. When it mattered Carroll was good(redzone) So what they moved the ball. I think that folks are setting themselves up for fodder to complain should one of these rookies be forced into action this week. You think Carroll is a liability. Jamar Taylor should sniff the field as an outside defender this week. As a gunner on special teams maybe, as a dime defender..Maybe, and that is if he can get reps over Will Davis..

Pass rush..Gotta have it.

rdubs, I like your celebration. I jumped up on my couch that faces the street (curtains pulled back) and pulled down my pants.... my wife is re-considering this while marriage thing. (No kids were on the street at the time of this exposure)

yes I have problems ...

I have to start proof reading my posts. I'm trying to rush and I end up repeating words I used in previous sentences. Sorry for the annoyance people.

Mark I was just commenting on that too. Can't believe how much bigger Jordan is already. Def has those type 2 muscle fibers.

DD in my opinion Carroll is doing an excellent job for a nickle cornerback. We could definitely upgrade there because I don't know if he will be able to sustain this play but he locks it down in between the 20's and that's all that matters right now while we're trying to get healthy.

Another great win. Toughest game yet this monday.

P78, NeMo, I mentioned way back that I hated the way Kaep presented himself at the ESPys with the club attire and sunglasses inside. I said this is bad for a qb. Craig agreed and compared him to the character in Any given Sunday (jamie Foxx) which I thought was fair.

Some of the younger posters here proceeded to call me a square or a nerd or a hater or whatever ...

Well, only took three weeks to show this old nerd knows what he's talking about.

And yes, the secondary did very well. held these Atlanta players to 235 yards or whatever. I take that anyday. Tony Gonzalez did nothing after the first drive. I guess the key is smashing your opponents head into the turf. Point noted - hope Coyle did too.

Sorry about the quick hits and taking up so much space gentlemen. I'm in and out today so I keep checking back. Out again, check back later.

As far as Hoge goes, he was one of the most outspoken against the Dolphins chances this year. That marshmellow head won't just say he's wrong. he will just wait for them to lose until he says he was right all along ...

Read that Mark, young people will never learn. We are your elders, we know more than you AND have more money (just thought I would throw that one in there) so we've been through it. All you have right now on your side is youth, pay attention to people who have been through it because you might learn something! See you guys

Ryan (a.k.a. Matty Ice) still proving he doesn't possess the ability to win games consistently or put games away. Regular season and playoff losses prove it.

I'd rather have Tannehill.

One thing that hasn't been mentioned....nice touch throw on that last TD pass. We all knew Tannehill could zip it but that was nice. Henne in 4 years never learned to do it. Now, if Tannehill could just develope pocket awareness.

Merril Hoge is a useless pinhead who took too many hits to his melon. He's a Dolphin hater, Just like that tired blow hard Berman. Well guess what? The Steelers blow as do the Fluballo Bills and the Niners. LMAO


Him talking about about the Phins. That was just his cancer talking! Ohhhhhhh I went there! My dad died of Cancer and I probably will too, so I can talk crap about it LOL

Hoge is still pissed because Marino and the Phins punked his lousy Steelers in 84 AFC championship game. All those concussions have reduced his IQ to single digits.

Hoge is a tool. I loved it when Tebow knocked his Steelers out of the playoffs a couple years back.

Tannehill now has 19 pro starts to go with his 19 college starts for a total of 38. Henne had 45 just in college.

Sky is the limit for Tannehill.

Tannehill's press conferences, and his demeanor when a WR drops a pass are A+.

Look at Brady, Peyton, Eli, Romo, Brees, when a WR runs the wrong route or drops a pass. They are throwing fits!

Only other guys in the NFL who do not are Aaron Rogers, Russel Wilson and Tannehill.

Rogers used to throw fits, but says Joe Philbin got him out of that habit.

Tanne's on-field demeanor and pressers are certainly influenced by Phiblin, but the kid is actually even keeled and classy by nature. It's easy to root for a guy like that.





..Mark..Right..People are being overly critical of the secondary yesterday. We gave up less the 275 passing. 2 of the Falcon drives were on very short fields. Teams are going to move the ball..It is the nature of the league. I'm more concerned about the run defense to be frank.

We have been very good inside of the redzone for sometime(defense)..Now it looks like we have an offense that score td's instead of trading field goals..Let the other teams kick fg's. Of any fan base we should be able to welcome a team that moves between the 20's only to bog down for a field goal. That has been our offensive identity for how long? We can actually score TD's..So what if teams throw it around a little bit.

Be good situationaly, be good on third downs. For the most of half 2 we were. Good enough to overcome that huge T.O.P. gap. Good enough to stay in the game, and good enough to have the ball with a chance to win. Every game is not going to be a perfect script.

Anyone at the Stadium? I was curious what the atmosphere was like. Hard to tell on TV, especially when you are hootin' , hollerin , drinkin' , yellin at the TV

Posted by: THE REAL DON SOLDY | September 23, 2013 at 03:53 PM

I thought YG/DB/YG4L/ETC,ETC Was banned.....

Don Soldy:

Your parole officer called. He said to stay at least 1,000 feet from all elementary schools and playgrounds.



can't wait to see Wake & Jordan crashing the pocket from opposite ends of the line. sprinkle in a little Starks up the middle and you've got a very whiny Tom Brady on your hands.

...Rdubs...I was doing the pace back and fourth, from about the time the Falcons missed the field goal. I had company over(actually my girlfriend had her friends over comparing breast sizes..Seriously did not care..Eyes on the game. Is that weird?)..I was reallt calm with the exception of the Miller drop, and when Clay tossed the ball..I didn't see he was touched, and thought they would challenge.

To me the play of the game was the third down conversion to WR. Matthews were he gave the second effort after he lost the original yardage. A field goal right there and we are asking a lot of an already gassed D to get it to OT..

The Dolphins had many negative preseason critics as their own beat writers pegged the team at 9-7, 8-8, 7-9. No one really placed them in the Wild Card hunt let alone the AFC East race. Heck plenty of Phans on these boards had them tanking because they were putting too much stock in the negatives during the preseason games.

Coach Philbin and company are as solid a coaching staff as any in the NFL and they are now making their critics eat their words. Tannehill is developing into a franchise QB in his second year, he has less experience but he's closing ground on Luck. It's a great time to be a Dolphins' fan.

Daryl Dunphy:

The critical question remains: Who of your girl and her friends ended up with the biggest cans? And next time, please post some pics. Thank you.

...It is difficult to play cornerback in this league..

Watch the highlights of the Saints Cards game yesterday. Patrick Peterson a guy that is a stud!..He was getting eaten up yesterday. Tyran Mathieu..A guy I may have been wrong about, at least early. He got shredded yesterday. It happens. At least we have a midget on one side that can take part of the field away. He is as close to a shut down corner as there has been here in 10-15 years...

it is a passing league..We hear it all of the time. Almost every team in the league is going to complete passes. Look at some of the numbers yesterday.. Geno Smith threw for 300 plus yards..Hoyer? it is just part of the game now. I think we have shown over the years that we can be above average when the field shrinks. I think if you can do that, create turnovers..Let them rack up the yards..I like the recipe we have created so far.

RRSS Is right DD, You need to post some PICS.....

The game reminded me of a Monday night game a couple of years ago with the R&R express. We ran all over San Diego. Had all the possession time,all rushing yards and all the field goal fist pumps.
But we couldn't punch the ball in. And lost. It was about time the theme changed. We launch a scoring drive with 4 minutes down by 3. Use 3 1/2 minutes. Give them back the ball with no time down by 4. Our turn for last minute interceptions. Ice my butt. Ryan was sweatin his tail off all day.
This year I know the team can win any game.

..RexRyan still sucks...I would say my girlfiend has the nicest cans. But I am biased..I told you guys. I was oblivious to what was happening in the adjacent room as my eyes were glued to the TV..There was Patron drinking happening too. That is why I asked the maases is it weird to be glued to the game when drunk(I held this info back until now) girls are 1/2 naked in the next room???


I trust that none of the candidates at DD's house yesterday had National Geographic-type hooters.


You are a more disciplined fan than me. Much respect.

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