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Dion Jordan plays perhaps best game yet

On Saturday, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin told his players that some of them might have to play more than they expected against the Falcons and so they should be ready.

And sure enough, when Cameron Wake went down with a knee injury, the Dolphins turned to players who previously hadn't really played a whole lot for the Dolphins. Wake has a mild knee sprain, according to CBS.com, and while he may miss some practice time and possibly Monday's game, it is not overly serious.

Wake took 19 snaps on Sunday. Derrick Shelby played 46 snaps, Vaughn Martin played 26 snaps and rookie Dion Jordan played 31 snaps.

And the result?

Jordan played quite well.

As I tweeted during the game, Jordan did a great job in turning a potential first-and-goal situation into a fourth down situation in which Atlanta settled for a field goal.

But in looking at Jordan's complete game byline, you have to appreciate that he played perhaps his most complete game to date.

He did not collect a sack, but according to ProFootballFocus.com, he collected four quarterback hurries, a quarterback hit and got a plus grade for his run defense.

Overall, Jordan was the highest rated Dolphins defender on Sunday and one of only five who had plus grades for the game.


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Play of the game and hardest hit I've seen since the Pat White hit....


DD, between Grimes and Soliai, the Dolphins have two of the rarest birds in NFL defenses - a one man run game stopper and a shutdown corner .. they would do well to lock em both down even though they are both older. Champ bailey has shown that a supreme athlete at CB can last and with Big Paul - he's all power and power lasts...

Cuban, in his own words, he "decided to dunk him" hahaha, love that attitude.

haha, love the way Jones gives him the old Ron Simmons sidewalk slam and Douglas just goes to sleep. Sweet!

....Wake out 2-3 weeks..

Mark...Phins 78....anybody I might have missed....

Thanks for the the shout-out....

it just seemed to me that the wrting was on the wall...and Mr. Ross was just prepping us for the news....

Posted by: kris | September 23, 2013 at 04:25 PM

Mark, Jones pretty much "Rock Bottom" Douglass! It was great

Yeah, that was a pure wrestling move for sure...

Did Wallace get a deep target Sunday? He deserves some every game.

On the replay of Jones' hit on Mr Harry Reems, the fumble occurred BEFORE the body slam. The body slam spoke VOLUMES, THOUGH.

Richie, I think they tried Wallace once towards the end of the first half, but that was it. I could be wrong though, so if I am please correct me.


I agree that Wallace deserves atleast a couple deep balls a game PROVIDED they aren't doing everything in their power to prevent it. Putting fear in the defenses we play and spreading the field alone makes that worthwhile.

Also, that qb option fake needs to be a true qb option atleast ONCE. The defenses we play our jumping prematurely to shutdown the tailback everytime. Use the option to keep them honest.

Having said that, these are minor points. We moved the ball well so I don't want to be overly critical.

Hit of the Year.....IMHO..

Very happy to know that Jeff Ireland just received a contract extension. He deserves it. He has built a heck of a defense, found the franchise QB, and found plenty of weapons for Tannehill. I am glad to see that Ross ignored the fans and rewarded a great GM who has a terrific eye for talent.

Ireland is building a monster in South Florida. We are a couple of offensive linemen away from being a super bowl contender. Great Job Jeff Ireland!! Keep up the good work.

Ireland's extension is like a dagger to the heart of the trolls. Choke that down too along with the most impressive start this team has had in a long long time. LOL

Miller showed plenty, but I think he still tends to take the ball into the defenders more than he should. A couple of times, it looked like he could have slid the run outside.
However, I believe it's Philbin who wants no negative yardage, and I guess there is more of a chance for a negative play when going wide?
Duke Johnson had a bunch of those against a really speedy Gator defense.
Oh yeah, Gators suck. LOL

Dolphins getting some credit on pardon the interruption just a few minutes ago.

Posted by: Richie | September 23, 2013 at 04:48 PM

Richie one of the writers who went over the game said every time they tried to go deep to Wallace RT was sacked. Seems like they don't have time right now to wait for the play to develop down the field. The o-line and backs have got to get better or teams are going to start figuring us out.

I cannot see the Dolphins winning this week at New Orleans. Not only are the saints explosive but we simply have too many injuries. In the grand scheme things this is not a big game. It is not a divisional game and heck it is not even a conference game. Let's not risk Soliai, Wake, or Misi in this game. I want to have all our big guns when we play the Patriots and down the stretch.

Saw it NeMO....

and I agree with Wilbon...for te moment...the PATS have earned the right to not be questioned...even with there poor showing...

The FINS.... notsomuch....they NEED to contiue their winning ways to make believers out of the rest of te NFL...

Sunday was the first step tward respect (imo)...the Colts don't coun't (again my opinion)...we should have beat them last year...if Sean Smith could hold on to a pick....

The continuation tward respect taes another step tward the AFC EAST Crown with a WIN Monday NIGHTn over the high-powered Saints....


"Ireland is building a monster in South Florida. We are a couple of offensive linemen away"

Orlando good post but this stuck out to me. And only because it's really my only problem with Ireland. I feel like we've been making this statement since he arrived in Miami. The other thing I would like him to improve on is his drafting of wide receivers. God it's been awful. Thank goodness Matthews is starting to show up.

**** could someone please remind egnew that he is a big boy now and that he alone had the oppourtunity to silence his critics in jerime shockey fashion if he would have ran over those defenders instead scurrying out of bounds..nice clutch catch though, but he is double the size of most corners and probably could have rumbled into the endzone and made one heck of a statement...come on egnew!---other notes..it was nice to see rishard mathews getting into the action, and donny jones..OH BABY..i am loving me some donnie jones!- dion sims came up big, but, if you keep letting tannehill get destroyed by missing your blocks, he won't be around to throw you those nice passes...protect your man! GO FINS!!!!

We are NOT going to be undefeated this year...period.

So, if we agreed on that point lets get strategic about our loses.

AFC East - Must win
AFC - Gotta win
NFC - Best place to lose

Brees is a first ballot HOF QB, playing at home at a very high level.

We'll play them tough alright, but after watching Ryan pick apart our defense...I believe that Brees will do one better.

Saints 30 Fins 17

...Best place to take a loss, on the road against the NFC

Oh yea....I'd rest all my ailing players as well because we all know that Sean Payton likes to pay bounties for injuring opposing players.

Phins 78,

Don't forget that Ireland took Hartline with a fourth round pick. I totally agree that we have struggled finding offensive linemen since Ireland got here. He should have built the O-Line by now. He did get a tough break in that Long broke down so quickly. He still should have had a better plan for the offensive line.


Good post...

but i'm a kpp;-aid drinker...and not predicting any losses...only WINS...

Every Sunday we will be on the road to 16-0...until we lose...then it will be 15-1...until we lose again...and so on and so forth....

Thats how I thought wen we sucked...so I have to be ALL IN...when were playing well...


If he steamrolls those players he doesn't stop the clock, he made the absolute right decision


Here is a clip from rotoworld(a reputable site) about Wakes injury & the SunSentinel with that idiot Omar.

"We usually don't post "reports" from the Sun-Sentinel because its football coverage is the least reliable in the nation"

And people here were actually following Omar for info on this team? I recall he was about to file divorce papers with the phins for cutting Dansby & Burnett!

BTW... How are those 2 scrubs doing?

You were more likely to get the inside scoop on the latest rap albums but, NOHING football related rooted in knowledge.

Surf there at your own risk!

Rex Ryan's defense is going to shut down the fins cold. Get Matt Moore ready, Tannehill is leaving the game on a cart. GEAUX SAINTS,!!

One defensive player out of 12-15 receives a plus grade and that one player is a rookie. And you morons believe this Dolphin, team 3-0, is headed for the playoffs. Giving up 146 yds rushing a game and giving up 5 sacks a game ???
Uncle Joe said it better during his after game presser. Paraphrasing, "Id rather be lucky then good".

For those who will watch the game again, I would like your opinion of the "tendency" to follow a 1st down incompletion with an inside handoff. This usually resulted in around a 3rd and 8. Actually they have been doing this since around 1975. Watch and verify for yourself. Same thing happened in first 2 games. Listen, I'm HAPPY as Hell they are 3-0 but we must move away from this predictable aspect of offense. They are winning in spite of this tendency and not because of it. There were 7 first down incompletions--not counting last 2 minutes of 1st half and game winning drive when they were in all passing situations---all seven incompletions were inevitably followed by draws or similiar up the gut runs that resulted in either a 3rd or 9 or 3rd and 8. Watch it. It is really kinda amazing. I know they must scout their tendencies. Watch it in future games.

In truth, the biggest problem is joe philbins infatuation with daniel thomas, miller is the far superior running back, he is simply more explosive and now even a better pass protector... Why give a guy who we all know has the ability to break off big runs given enough carries so little touches? What is philbin trying to prove? Its sad and he is trying to keep ireland happy or something so he can say hey i drafted two good running backs! When the truth is thomas deserves nothing more than 30 percent of the touches from the backfield. These are little things that doom teams, not giving the ball to your best players, yeah we are 3-0 but we are far from a great team.... Adding a stable running game makes this team better and giving lamar miller upwards of at least 15 carries per game makes the running game better, if philbin cant see that, he needs to be fired because i dont trust that kind of stupid judgment come playoff time, aaron Rodgers saved his butt in green bay and tanny is no aaron rodgers.

Phins78 good points on the drafting by Ireland. I like Mathews a lot he seems like a gamer, and makes key catches when needed.

Our WR group is looking good especially because we aren't reliant on one player. I know guys here are like "give to your playmaker" ie Mike Wallace. But they forget that Philbin is a proponent of the ball being spread around as much as possible. Our offense is not a feed one guy one dimensional passing game. Mike Wallace is good but he is not Megatron or AJ Green, and honestly those guys getting all the targets isn't winning those teams a Super Bowl.

Good point Lou pretty damn predictable. Unless Sherm is trying to appear predictable with high percentage runs so he can do something unpredictable later in the game? Football is all head games.

Well, you saw it yesterday. You give Lamar Miller a crease and he can be long gone.

Heard on NFL Network that Wake has a sprained MCL and will probably be out three weeks? Accurate info - or not?

Armando any official word?

I hope he's back at least for Ravens...preferably sooner!

We believe that Sherman is the whole problem around the O and Philbin's biggest HA now. If it wasn't for Joe's, Listen, man, the run is not working, pass in the 2nd half, we would have lost vs Cleveland. I am as certain as Death is, that Sherman called a running play on that 1 yd line with 39 sec to score. If it wasn't for Tannehill insisting on a pass into the end zone, there is a probability that we could have lost yesterday's Game. Hmm...

The Sun Sentinel is reporting the same on Wake, Missi is my biggest concern from my point of view as Clinician. The stupidity of running on second and long is Sherman call, not Philbin. He is horrible as OC with better talent than last year and better QB play.

I think we are going to have less of a problem with the Saints than I first thought, and no I don't have any fancy statistics to back my opinion. This team has a completely different feel to them than teams from the past.

We are hurting, there is no doubt about that, but this team showed me something yesterday that I haven't seen in years from this squad and that is a killer instinct. The defense was gassed in the forth, but still held it together and the offense was lights out on that last drive, that my friends speaks volumes in my opinion.

We can nitpick all we want about what is wrong with this team, but I feel we should be focusing on what is right about it, I am positive our coaching staff will be this week. Expect a well prepared team come Monday night gents in spite of our injuries.

I believe we can pull out a win Monday night, but we would have to have an absolute perfect game on both sides of the ball, that is not completely out of the realm of possibility after what I saw in the second half of yesterday's game.

I agree. Misi is a big loss too...I hope Soliai is back for the game...I know it's football, but it's frustrating that the Phins have so many nicks so early in the season - especially since they are playing the most difficult part of their season!

Misi overrated...backups are better, IMO.

Tannehill needs protect and JI is not bring no one in here
Its very important to bring someone now because supposedly THill is the franchise QB! JEFF GET SOMEONE IN HERE PERIOD BY VIA TRADE FUTURE DRAFT PICKS WHAT EVER IT TAKES! I don't like JI and never will but Tanny can't continue taking a pounding! If he gets hurt because A-HOLE
JI don't want to trade future draft pick he needs to get fired! IMO!!

Misi's been playing out of position his entire NFL career. Seeing as he was projected to play OLB in a 3-4, shouldn't he have been brought into the DE mix for the 4-3?

heehee, nobody talking about Sherman. You askee permiss, Armando?

In response to the miller comment about running at the goal line instead of the pass, it was a great play but in hindsight. It was 2nd down, we have lamar miller, we had enough time and a time out. We could have absolutely run there. But that isnt even the point, we still appear stagnant at times because we dont take advantage of millers ability to break off long runs, you keep defenses way more honest that way. I simply am not trusting joe philbin at the moment until he decides he needs to make miller his true number one back and feed him the ball, the entire team will be better off and the passing game will be better because of it





with the mediocre/poor protection of TH, gotta try more quick hit pass plays, screens, slants, etc--looked like the Falcons were expecting that yesterday if you look at how they covered Wallace most of the game, but they gotta get creative and reduce the punishment TH is taking--and agree, he hangs onto the ball way too long sometimes, seems to react slowly or not at all to the pressure.....pocket awareness is poor sometimes (and thats a concern)--love how the kid hangs in and gets it done, but I wish he ate the ball more often and protected himself--he's getting wrecked way too much.

A running game (lamar miller) benz, would absolutely diminish the amount of punishment tanny takes. Philbin and sherman simply dont see it that way.

Outside of Jim Brown, ANY Rb needs holes or at least a crease to run thru.

I guess no one on here ever looks at cold hard football facts (the website). Miami is so promising, as they are at the top or scorability and bendability, meaning a good intelligence index. Also top 5 in passer rating differential (after playing Luck and Ryan).

Miami is smart and efficient - and that wins games and goes far! Go Phins

I'm talking about end of Game, 4th Qt, no timeouts, 39 seconds left on the Clock one yd to go to score and probably win the Game, what would you have done at that Time? Yeah, I know, same as Tannehill did.

I think Wake needs to rest it, luckily we have a bye in 3 weeks so we are good. Soliai and Patterson probably back Monday Night. We looking great with depth. Player after player stepping up to get it done. We come out of this 5 games stretch and out of the bye healthy, we are in fantastic shape. I said we would go 3-2 the first five. Another win would be nothing but a bonus. We have the Jets and Buffalo twice, Pittsburg, Tampa, San Diego, Cincy, and New England twice. Not one of those teams are scary. Tannehill will continue to improve. This team is ready to rock and roll!!

oscar.....the pass play allowed him to throw it away if needed--not ideal but that at least stops the clock--a run play that gets stuffed probably takes another 20 seconds off full circle, maybe more, and might even cause them to have to spike it to stop the clock and burn another down (i forget what down it was)

Jc....i hear you about Miller and agree to an extent, but he's been pretty inconsistent--way too hesitant at times (running game killer), goes down way too easily at times and both he and thomas are not impressive as blockers, in pass protection (ok...they mostly stink)--and that ball that miller dropped on that last drive was brutal....ridiculous--and this is just what I/we have seen in games....gotta figure the coaches are seeing alot more in practice--great potential, exciting.....but has been inconsistent and honestly not too impressive early on.

Rookie Don Jones separating Falcons punt returner from the ball is nothing new. Take a look at some his college highlights. Big hits are part of forte. The kid's a big hitter.

OMG, stop the presses, Raiders just forced Broncos to kick a FG.

Philibin pointed out at his press conference today some interesting points on the sacks. He placed the blame for one of them on Daniel Thomas and 2 on Tanny. He knows that 14 sacks is UNACCEPTABLE, but he also pointed out that Tanny has been hit 19 times in 3 games, which is BELOW the NFL Average. Cleveland QB has been hit 34 times this year.
Sometimes raw numbers don't point out the entire story.

The Dolphins may be 3-0 but they are still garbage. If these scrubs manage to sneak into the playoffs they'll get blasted 62-7 again.

The Saints game will be the toughest game of the season. I think the Phins need to run the ball early in the game early to take the crowd out of it and settle things down a little bit. The stadium will be jacked up.

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