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Dion Jordan plays perhaps best game yet

On Saturday, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin told his players that some of them might have to play more than they expected against the Falcons and so they should be ready.

And sure enough, when Cameron Wake went down with a knee injury, the Dolphins turned to players who previously hadn't really played a whole lot for the Dolphins. Wake has a mild knee sprain, according to CBS.com, and while he may miss some practice time and possibly Monday's game, it is not overly serious.

Wake took 19 snaps on Sunday. Derrick Shelby played 46 snaps, Vaughn Martin played 26 snaps and rookie Dion Jordan played 31 snaps.

And the result?

Jordan played quite well.

As I tweeted during the game, Jordan did a great job in turning a potential first-and-goal situation into a fourth down situation in which Atlanta settled for a field goal.

But in looking at Jordan's complete game byline, you have to appreciate that he played perhaps his most complete game to date.

He did not collect a sack, but according to ProFootballFocus.com, he collected four quarterback hurries, a quarterback hit and got a plus grade for his run defense.

Overall, Jordan was the highest rated Dolphins defender on Sunday and one of only five who had plus grades for the game.


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Just Sayin, you are human garbage.

The problem this year with depth is soooo many injuries that teams a signing what ever marginals players are left. The dolphins need to get A. J. Francis back and possibly use Jordan as OLB with his 4:6 speed is posibly better than Misi.

Saints have #4 rated passing attack and #5 rated passing defense. Not a good combination at all when facing Drew Brees.

If by miracle we can keep the score reasonably close, then just maybe, we can steal another road win.

thanks for your contribution Just.....but how pathetic is it that a Jets fan has nothing to do but hang out on Dolphins blogs?--uh.....really pathetic.

Good news is, we've already beaten 2 qb's in a row that could have possibly been Dolphins.

In 2011, we didn't quite suck enough for Luck, and we know the story with Matt Ryan(Jake Long). Beating Drew Brees, who we whiffed on twice, would make it a perfect trifecta.

Will the Raiders hold the Broncos to under 30pts...... in the first half?

WOW! Giving Irescum an extension is like giving Sparano an extension. Haha.

Phin78, Your obsession with Kaepernick and Newton on a Dolphins blog is telling. You definitely come off as a hater. It's not necessary to tear down one player to lift another up. Maybe Tanne will be a great qb in time and a certainly hope so, but the facts are Kaep had a great season last year leading his team to the superbowl. He deserve a lot of the attention he got(earned it)Newton broke almost all the records in the book for an NFL rookie. Should that have been completely ignored? Kaepernick has lost his top receiver from last year(Crabtree). Randy Moss retired, Tedd Ginn is in Carolina having a nice season and Vernon Davis is out with a hamstring injury. Guys are not open and there was no place to throw the ball. Yet, he didn't throw a ton of int's to hurt his team. Under the circumstances he did pretty good. I guess you didn't see the GREAT TOM "PROFESSIONAL" BRADY frustrated going after his receivers and team mates a couple of weeks ago. When it comes to professionalism I'll give that destinction to Peyton Manning. He's routinely done more with less compared to Tom Brady. Yes, some of you guys smell like hatters for sure!

Guys relax with the Sherman doesn't know what he's doing, Armando wrote that THill told him that he audibled for the Sims TD and Sherman agreed. This is type of trust that they have developed from being together since college. I'm sure that as THill grows and matures as an All-Pro QB, he will be able to make more calls (audibles) as he see's what the defense is showing and the OC has confidence in his decisions.

You can see that THill is a leader and poised, Sherman knows this and calls plays that THill is confident with executing. The play book will slowly open wider as the season progress's, you saw Sims, Mathews and even Egnew involved. A WCO is about passing it around, we had 9 different players catch the ball. Atlanta coaches-players had no idea who was getting the ball, that's a diverse and very effective offense.

Sherman and Philbin know what they are doing, they are also very calm and level headed under pressure...AND the players are buying into their system and seem to be enjoying it. These are the qualities of winning coaches and strong organizations, the new FINS are slowly being noticed and players will want to be / come here. Count on it!




Have I always been happy about the team, no.
Have I always been happy about the BACKDOOR football head coach? No.
Am I happy Now? PHUC YEAH

I am pulling for my Dolphins. Beat them Saints!

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