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Patriots play Jets and Dolphins win

If you watched the New England Patriots beat the New York Jets, 13-10, on Thursday night you know the Patriots are atop the AFC East with a 2-0 record.

And you also know that you're not impressed.

Simply, everyone expected the Jets to be a sub-par team struggling through the 2013 season with a rookie quarterback. And Geno Smith's three interceptions, 27.6 quarterback rating and numerous poor throws did nothing to change that expectation.

But did we all really, truly expect the Patriots to look so bad?

Did we expect the New England offense that has been something of a machine the past decade to seem so, so, putrid?

Consider that Tom Brady completed only 19 of 39 passes for 189 yards. It was the first game he was under 50 percent completion rate since 2009. But it wasn't so much his statistics that tell the story, rather the total inability of the Patriots to put a competent receiver on the field.

I mean, when Julian Edelman is your star, your personnel department (Bill Belichick) should be ashamed. And, indeed, Edelman led the Patriots with 13 receptions for 78 yards. Modest, at best. And yet, he was the offensive star for the Patriots.

Rookies Aaron Dobson (four drops) and Kenbrell Tompkins (two receptions on seven targets) have a lot of growing up to do. They've got much work to do to be merely average.

As I tweeted to my Twitter followers, when Dolphins receiver Brian Hartline said in the spring that Miami has the best wide receiver corps in the AFC East, he was absolutely right.

And this:

While both the Jets and the Patriots will likely do some growing and improving, neither seems scary. Neither seems impressive. The Dolphins look as good or better than both those teams right now.

The AFC East is wide open.

(Peanut Gallery: But Mando, Rob Gronkowski is coming back in a week or two and Danny Amendola will be back in two to six weeks, according to the NFL Network).

Yes, gallery, you are correct. But both of those players are walking injury reports. I would not be surprised if Amendola tweaked a hamstring while watching the game on his couch Thursday night.

Look, you know I'm a straight shooter. I tell you what I think even when it's not what you want to hear. So hear this: The Patriots are not elite anymore. Brady is still great. But he has no weapons right now.

The Patriots continue to have an oppotunistic defense and the offensive line still protects Brady quite well. But there is no running game to speak of, the defense still doesn't have a premier pass rusher, and again, Brady has no playmaker to throw the football to right now.

They can be had.

The Jets?

I will say the New York front seven seems solid. Their offensive line is solid.

But Smith is over his head right now. Their receiver corps counts on Clyde Gates (yes that Clyde Gates) to make plays and that's the same guy NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin said he'd cut on the spot right after this game. New York's special teams, so long a strength with assistant Mike Westhoff at the helm, also seems disorganized right now.

Yes, the Dolphins fan suddenly has to be encouraged.

Yes, the Dolphins look as good or better than either of these teams right now.


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So much for this theory that good QBs make the receiver and that good WRs don't help the QB. Brady had nobody to work with last night. Awful receiving core. It looked good on them. The way hat team is constructed they won't beat good teams. I said at he beginning of the year they were ripe for the pickings. But it only maters if the Dolphins play to the level they are capable of. The Pats are still 2-0, when in reality they could be 0-2.

Hate to say it but I have the Colts winning this weekend 24-19. I sure hope i'm wrong but that's what I think.

this may be controversial to say, but do you also find it annoying how much former black players, now analysts, defend black QB's even when they are bad??

the guys on the NFL network thought Geno was awesome after the win over the bucs?? a stupid penalty by the bucs gave the jets the win. Geno was OK at best. Geno pretty much cucked in lat night game yet irvin and sanders still talked him up, and the usually tell it like it is marhall faulk bit his tongue and said nothing!!!! there are some good to great black QB's in the NFL. talk up. guys like RG3 and vick, and talk about manuel if you wanna talk up rookie potential but geno!!! heck even pryor with some ints still looks a lot better than geno!!! let it go. some black QB's are awful and black analysts need to let it go.

@ 8:29, the patriots over the last two years are evolving into a team that depends on winning the turnover battle. They also aren't very physical. If Tannehill turns the ball over at the same rate minimum as Brady, we can beat them if our defense can muss up the offense's hair a bit.

Our formula is a physical defense and a competent offense and a clean special teams this year. If we can do that - nobody runs away from the Dolphins - especially in the AFC.

I agree with the article above BUT the Pats are still 2-0 after 2 weeks.
Posted by: ola | September 13, 2013 at 08:48 AM

BUT, the barely beat 2 teams the should have easily beat. lets see how they do when they play the saints, broncos, texans, falcons and dolphins to name a few.

That's it rdubs, you tell em!!


pats have no chance of beating those teams if they play like they did last night. Thanks NFL for having us play the stupid Pats later in the season, they are ripe for the picking now!

I just hope this defence can stay healthy. If they can then they'll have Brady running for his life. Think last week against the Bills only ratcheted up big time!

And outside of Chandler Jones the Pats have no real pass rush.

Beofre we think about either of these two teams, can we think about The Colts! Worry about The Jets and Pats when we play them. Lets not forget both teams will have made roster changes by the time we play them. therefore both teams will be different.

jaison @ 9:14 - that's a can of worms that had many generations to ferment.

For years, a black qb wouldn't get a chance in the the NFL. Even HOFer Warren Moon had to go play in Edmonton to get his chance when he should've been a hands down #1 overall draft pick. That wasn't even that long ago. Imagine, he had to go play five years i the CFL. A guy with his size, smarts, and physical tools would not be passed over like that nowadays. Guys like Irvin and Faulk are even older than me and closer to the situation so I'm sure they've seen many more examples like that.

It's a code that's engrained is black players it seems - you will not throw black QBs under the bus. Seeing as what's happened, I don't exactly blame them.

Dave makes an extremely important point. THink about only what's in front of us and business will take care of itself. But certainly nothing should be conceeded this year. We are not playing for a w3ild card, we are playing for division championships

We arent looking past the Colts, we are merely relishing in The Patriots craptitude! Its more boner inducing than Lobstertube!

But wasnt that like the worst game to watch ever!

Not that I'm concerned at all about the Jets but interestingthat they benched Milliner last night at one point. Where's this instant star that many on here promised? Maybe the a systems guy?

Also, interesting to see Wilkerson levevwith a high ankle sprain. One of the few guyson thattem you can count on. The team is a mess but their front seven and OL are still good.

And not sold on Smith at all. I thought his pick to end thegame was God awful!

LOL. Folks you are seeing Brady for the first time in 8 years with on WRs. See? He's human. This is the type of thing Henne and now Tanne are dealing with.

Wallace is not special. Tanne is good. Mark my words. All we need are better receivers and O line.

mark i got no prob not talking bad about geno but they were talking him up and blaming WR's. there were a few drops but ball placement was awful and led to many drops and all 3 picks. if you're truly analyzing him, he pats the ball to long. his wind up is almost as long as tebow's, and he has no pocket awareness. it is going to take a lot of work to make him a competent QB let alone a good one. simms should be theirs starter but won't be due to geno's draft status.

Bro Jackson,

Are you high already? I know its Friday and all, but cant you wait till after work?

Better receivers, come on bro!! We have very good receivers that as a trio are as talented as any other receiving corp in the NFL!

Wake up son!! Dont be tarnishing the mighty BO name by posting uninformed statements!

When will Belichick learn to draft WRs?

WOW, I knew the Pats rookie WR were Suspect, But I didn't think they will be this bad.

Edelman is a below average WR and he is the best they have.

Brady badly needs Gronk back.

LOL. Folks you are seeing Brady for the first time in 8 years with no WR help. See? WRs matter! LOL.

Henne had nobody when he was here. Okay....I'm done with the past.

Tanne had nothing last year.

Tanne still has little this year. Wallace never was a difference maker even in Pitt and I don't understand why normally sure-footed Mando was so excited about him. Wallace was outperformed by Hartline by a wide margin *last year* and Wallace is our 2nd best WR.

Anyway, I will agree that we have a better corps than Brady does now and we have a chance to win the division this year barring injury to Tanne.

Jaision did you watch the game? Geno played well and he also has no WR help and had like 9 drops and 4 fumbles by his WRs.







Oh yeah, because someone said Geno had a good game, the only thing I agree with is Geno's WR suck so they are all a match made in JETS HEAVEN!

Should've paid Welker his $6Mil. Even if all he does is run that 1 Option route. That 1 route was better than all the routes the Pats WRs ran yesterday.

Maybe If Belichick didn't draft so many bust his roster will still be stacked. Belichick has drafted at least 5 WRs High in the Draft (first 2 Rounds) and NONE has worked out.

Notice that after all the players Parcells brought in got old and retired. The Pats talent has gotten worst every year.


So what are your thoughts on a receiver cathcing over 10 balls and netting less than 90 yards. That is so sad


Which WR is that?

Welker or Edelmen?

Genome didn't play well. Genome played like a rookie.

Do I still think Geno might be a good Pro? Yes, that was only one game. But he needs better weapons. 2 of those picks if the WRs turned into defenders they wouldn't have been picks. None of his WRs fight for the ball. Specially, C.Gates and S.Hill.


LOL good point. I was referring to Edelman, at least Welker made a difference for his team. Edelman was just the least stinky turd in the toilet bowl. What sucks is Edelman will make a killing in leagues with PPR which is a damn shame!

I just saw the replay of Nick Mongoloid and what he did to Aqib. That is so bush league and makes me angry. He could have seriously injured Aqib. Come on Nick "Surfing caveman looking motherjucker!" Mongoloid. Show a little class, you should have tackled Geno at the knees for throwing that pass!!!

Auto correct. Genome=Geno

You all think that Ireland gave us a good enough team to compete with the Pats?


This team will be lucky to go 7-9. Offensively we SUCK



Must be

Clyde Gates is a perfect example of a player with 'measurables' like a great 40 yard time but just is not a good football player. I still can't believe we drafted him, and can't believe even more the stupid Jets picked him up.

Craig M, I was not a Milliner believer. Before the draft, i was one that thought Taylor was the best corner available. Taylor's been injured but not surprised about Milliner. he's very fast but in straight line. he doesn't change directions well

Jaison, usually when a QB falls like that in the draft, the talent evaluators usually get it right. The one exception I can think of is Aaron Rodgers but that was four years after he was drafted. Who knows how he would've played if he was forced like Geno. Anyway, when a QB falls, there's reason. remember, QBs are usually overdrafted not underdrafted.

As far as the guy's behaviour. It's personal, you can tell - they will probably never be objective when a black qb falls. But praise him when he succeeds.

Bellicheat is finally ruining the Pats. He is not a good head coach at all and the only reason they won anything was by cheating and getting totally lucky with Brady in the 6th round. He totally lacks integrity. Makes me appreciate Shula even more - now that was a coach with class and integrity.

When a QB has three picks, there's no sugar coating that - that is taking any chance of victory away from your team. Unless he can throw for at least 6 tds ...


In a PPR league Edelman will be God the next 6 weeks. Or until Gronk is back.

I'm just happy Brady can't run that gay option route inside the 10 to Welker anymore. Now Peyton is the one running it.

I saw Edelman try to run it yesterday. He looked horrendous. He wasn't making that quick change of direction Welker does, he was rounding out the route. Real Sloppy.

Those who took my advice yesterday to play Edelman, can you please help me figuring out which TE to play week to week. I'm having big problems with that. I picked up Win slow expecting him to be a security blanket and Genome didn't even look at him yesterday.

Dashi, yeah, all those trade backs of years past for the pats certainly looks like the wrong move now. belicheck is not the talent evaluator JJ was that could routinely pick off pro bowlers in the 2nd and 3rd rounds and traded back all the time. Belicheck was getting praise from all the talking heads and writers ar ESPN for that for the longest time. Brady, like Peyton in Indy sure seemed to cover up a lot.

Another guy that stinks on NE is Donta Hightower - man that guy is clumsy. Powell beat him like a drum in the first half and Geno missed the throw or that would've been an easy six.

Will trade WRs for a TE

I've been saying all offseason the Pats look weak. Mando has been saying all offseason the AFC East is a one horse race.

Look at all the players they lost Welker, Hernandez, Lloyd, and Woodhead. Now Gronk, Amendola, and Vereen are hurt and pretty big injury risks.

The Dolphins are beating the Colts this weekend and winning this division. Even if New England is improved by the time we play them.

To me Belichick has only drafted 2 good players in the Last 10 years and 200+ Picks. Tom Brady and J.Mayo.

Everyone else is Average or Garbage.

MassD, in ireland's defense, in the 4th round there usually isn't a lot left - but if there's a WR who put up pretty good #s (be it at a small school), runs a 4.3 and is 6ft 200lbs, you take that shot. You had to figure even if he could never develop into a WR, you got a special teams guy.

This time it didn't turn out but the same approach worked in drafting Vernon and Miller late ..when it works, you usually get a home run.

All this rah rah stuff is for the birds....

talk is cheap...

Until the season is over and the PATS are

1) NOT the AFC East champs

2) NOT in the playoffs....

this is all pure speculation....we haven't even played them yet....

I am from the school that took the BULLY straight on....and the fight wasn't over till Somebody won...

To many here are from the school of watching the BULLY get beat down by somebody else...and then sharing (taking credit) for the victory....

The PATS are the BULLIES...and AFC EAST CHAMPS until we (or somebody else) knocks them off....


Glasskowski is a good player, but he gets hurt way to much to have a consistent impact (So he is average). The guy has broken his arm about 4 times in the last 2 years. If I was him I wouldn't even try to stiff arm with it when he comes back.

Can someone remind me of the last time we beat the Pats? Seriously, I can't remember. Pretty sure we have 1 win since the '08 Wildcat game. Yeah, I totally agree they are due to be beat down by us for sure. But one poster says they don't stand a chance against us IF they play like their 1st 2 games....Doesn't that also mean we don't stand a chance if we play like we did the 1st game? Does anyone think we beat the Pats with 20 yds. on the ground? I don't. We have to run and pass block MUCH BETTER!

Dashi, would Gresham or Rudolph interest you?

Hernandez was a good player .. but he had that nasty murderin' habit...

Only FIN FANS...led by a FIN hating reporter....scoff @ the PATS 2-0 start...

they are in 1st place right?

they have probably been in 1st place for 120 out of the ast 123 football weeks (guessing...but probably close)

2-0 means they won BOTH gams right?

celebrate later....

prove yourself now...


Correct. And Gates was drafted by Spo because the year before everyone was ragging on him the dolphins had no team speed.

That wasn't much an Ireland Pick as it was a Spo pick.

Gresham seems interesting. I'll hit you with a trade proposal. Even though I will give you more for J.Thomas. ;)

Ha, Dashi, I don't really want to trade Thomas ... but I have three TEs and I want the league to be competitive so I will part with Gresham or Rudolph fairly

Not sure if Gates was a Spo pick or not ... either way Ireland has to own up to it. It does resemble his picks where he loves his measureables and hopes the coaches can coach him up. Anyway, with Gates I think his problem is more mental than physical. He can play but he rather be getting bottle service in his off white coloured suits at the club and having hood rats tell him how pretty he is.

Kris, i agree with you but I don't think anyone is scoffing at them but realizing that we shouldn't be playing for the wild card, we should aim higher .. that the Pats are not invisible ... at least that's my approach ... you're right though ... still have to go out and smack them (especially #12) in the mouth and take it.


The Pats barely beat 2 Rookie QBs.

The Pats were the AFC east Champs. New Season.

If you can't see the Pats are Visibly Worst. Than I don't know what to tell you.

No one is celebrating. Other people are just coming around to the optimism of this season. Even the Skeptics believe now that we have a chance to win the Division.

The Pats are at the Twilight of their Dynasty, The Fins are just beginning their Journey.


trade request sent


I remember hearing Spo was the one who went to bat for Gates. And when you think about it after we cut him gates didn't even last a day before spo scooped him up for the jets.

I think Geno is getting a bad deal here. If Gates catches that first pass in the endzone, it changes the whole game.

It is so important for a young QB to build confidence. Remember last year when Tannehill had to try to overcome things like that?. Very few rookies can do it. Playing from behind doesn't help either.

Prediction: Geno will have a better career than Manuel or RGIII. I know, don't blow a fuse.

we did get a high pick for Welker, plus do you think he wouldve been nearly as effective here with QBs like Fiedler, Harrington, Lemon and Henne throwing to him?--good player but teaming up with Brady (and now Manning) makes a huge difference--Welker will play with 2 of the top 5 QBs of all time....good for him, but that certainly helps him alot.


I am offering Dashi Jared Cook


A serious trade request.

I have already been on the record saying the only 2 players on my team which are untouchable are Foster and Fitz.

I'll give you a counter proposal.

Based on their game, the Pats look like a 6-10 team to me. The Jets may go 7-9, just based on their defense. So, that pretty much puts Miami winning the AFC East with the Bills taking 2nd place, then the Jets and the Pats bringing up the rear. Talk about shuffling the deck! But, it's only Week 2 of the season and a lot can happen between now and January. Still, there's chinks in that Patriot armor and teams are going to exploit it.

EK, you probably have that backwards compared to everyone else but good for you for thinking for yourself.

I like Manuel. Think he's going to be a pain in the arse when he gets caught up in playing in the NFL and the Bills better not let him lean on the read option. RG3 looked horrible in the pocket last week. if his knee doesn't come around to the point where he can move around more, the season's toast. Shanahan should've had the guy in the pocket more last year like the Dolphisn made Tannehill take his lumps. Pays dividends down the road.

rdubs, certainly can't match that. You're stacked, man

Dashi you may have a point regarding Gates ... still don't think it was a bad pick. He just didn't seize the opportunity.

Gates was only a 4th round pick.....so not much of an investment and therefore hardly a big miss--disappointing but seems worth a 4th round flyer.....he's fast but just not very good, crappy hands, doesnt like contact, doesnt run routes well--whatever.

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