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Patriots play Jets and Dolphins win

If you watched the New England Patriots beat the New York Jets, 13-10, on Thursday night you know the Patriots are atop the AFC East with a 2-0 record.

And you also know that you're not impressed.

Simply, everyone expected the Jets to be a sub-par team struggling through the 2013 season with a rookie quarterback. And Geno Smith's three interceptions, 27.6 quarterback rating and numerous poor throws did nothing to change that expectation.

But did we all really, truly expect the Patriots to look so bad?

Did we expect the New England offense that has been something of a machine the past decade to seem so, so, putrid?

Consider that Tom Brady completed only 19 of 39 passes for 189 yards. It was the first game he was under 50 percent completion rate since 2009. But it wasn't so much his statistics that tell the story, rather the total inability of the Patriots to put a competent receiver on the field.

I mean, when Julian Edelman is your star, your personnel department (Bill Belichick) should be ashamed. And, indeed, Edelman led the Patriots with 13 receptions for 78 yards. Modest, at best. And yet, he was the offensive star for the Patriots.

Rookies Aaron Dobson (four drops) and Kenbrell Tompkins (two receptions on seven targets) have a lot of growing up to do. They've got much work to do to be merely average.

As I tweeted to my Twitter followers, when Dolphins receiver Brian Hartline said in the spring that Miami has the best wide receiver corps in the AFC East, he was absolutely right.

And this:

While both the Jets and the Patriots will likely do some growing and improving, neither seems scary. Neither seems impressive. The Dolphins look as good or better than both those teams right now.

The AFC East is wide open.

(Peanut Gallery: But Mando, Rob Gronkowski is coming back in a week or two and Danny Amendola will be back in two to six weeks, according to the NFL Network).

Yes, gallery, you are correct. But both of those players are walking injury reports. I would not be surprised if Amendola tweaked a hamstring while watching the game on his couch Thursday night.

Look, you know I'm a straight shooter. I tell you what I think even when it's not what you want to hear. So hear this: The Patriots are not elite anymore. Brady is still great. But he has no weapons right now.

The Patriots continue to have an oppotunistic defense and the offensive line still protects Brady quite well. But there is no running game to speak of, the defense still doesn't have a premier pass rusher, and again, Brady has no playmaker to throw the football to right now.

They can be had.

The Jets?

I will say the New York front seven seems solid. Their offensive line is solid.

But Smith is over his head right now. Their receiver corps counts on Clyde Gates (yes that Clyde Gates) to make plays and that's the same guy NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin said he'd cut on the spot right after this game. New York's special teams, so long a strength with assistant Mike Westhoff at the helm, also seems disorganized right now.

Yes, the Dolphins fan suddenly has to be encouraged.

Yes, the Dolphins look as good or better than either of these teams right now.


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!,,Thank you, Kris. A voice of reason. I believe we can and will beat the Pats when we face them, but I hope none of our players are writing them off already like some of the experts on here are.


We have done business before. You know I am a good person to trade with.

Reason, I feel someone should trade L.Miller to Dashi. Dashi will give you equal or better value.

we can talk about the Pats struggles and possible demise, but remember that the Fins have to win games too....will still take at least 9-10 wins to challenge NE and/or be in the mix for a WC spot--ugly, yes, but the Pats are still 2-0, and will get healthier--and still have Brady.....blood in the water, agree, but dial it back a bit.

Genome will be better than EJ. But Not RG3. RG3 is Special.

That Shanahan is destroying RG3 and not developing him the Right way. True. But RG3 has all the Tools.

EJ wasn't that good at FSU. He is a Boom or Bust player. He reminds me of Henne. One game he looks good, 4 games he looks bad.

Kris is dead right. Until we beat the Pats and are division champs it's all just talk. He makes a lot of sense in his points. The bottom line is the Pats are 2-0. Hard to be any betterthan that after two games. And i don't just want to be division champs just this year. I want to be division champs for the next 10 years, as the Pats have done to us.

But it all starts this week against the Colts. Are they going to rise up or comeup short again and have to play catch up?

The Fins need to win 3 more games against non division opponents. 2 after Sunday.

I expect the Fins to go 6-0 or 5-1 in the Division.


See Hard Core's post on the bottom of the last page...cause that is how I feel...

You don't get excited because your nemisis may be slowing down....you gt HUNGRIER...you get angrier....you find something to get AMPED about...past beat-downs...running up the score...28-0 last year...th Doug Flutie DROP-KICK about 5 years ago (first one in like 20years)....

EFF the PATS....

but if you think they are going to hand us the Division...we will get our @sses handed to us...

We should be talking about the COLTS....

we don't need no stinking play by play on coulds...woulda...shouda...

especially from a game we didn't partake in....


I think you're getting ahead of yourself......but i love the enthusiasm bud!

Craig M...

that is al I am saying...

the fthis weeks game is against the COLTS....and its 72 hours away...

let's start there...

Thanks Mark.

I do not know how this season will end, but I don't feel like the Dolphins are outclassed. By anyone from any division. Defense and the ability to throw the ball to come from behind puts us in any game. Luck and officiating have broken my heart many times and that probably hasn't happened for the last time. But I feel good about this team. Good coaching, good players who are classy. What more can a fan expect?


Patriots - in the first 2 weeks of the season I see an average football team that was able to beat 2 bad football teams with rookie QBs. If the Pats schedule had them facing us in the first 2 weeks I feel we would have beat them. The Pats are however 2-0 in the division so Miami has to keep pace. The Pats have another winnable home game next week vs Tampa (schedule makers always favor the Pats to give them momentum) before their schedule gets tough. I said it before the season and still see it now, Miami will split with the Pats. At this point I'd say Miami would sweep the Pats but that's a knee jerk reaction because Miami has only played 1 game and the Pats have looked average in only 2. It's a loing season and the Pats will look better.

Jets - the Jets should be 0-2 and they play hard and have a tough defense but that defense has zero difference makers. The O has a rookie QB in over his head and he throws to stone hands speedsters like Hill and Clyde Gates of all people. His other group of weapons are bad team guys and misfits like Winslow and Holmes. I think the Jets could be 1-10 by the time they face Miami on December 1 which I will be at! Miami has to sweep a bad Jets team or we don't deserve the playoffs. I think we will!

Bills - They have some playmakers so this is a team tha can steal one on any given Sunday. I just hope it is not vs us. Manuel is a rookie who to me is was over drafted and unimpressive in college but in a dink and dunk system and playmakers around him like Spiller, Woods, Johnson. He has wheels to move to so Miami has to really be focused not to give on away when they play the Bills who we should sweep as well. The late game worries me vs them. It could be a must win for us for the playoffs.

Dolphins - We are top to bottom better then every team in out division on paper. We have the best front 7, I'd even say best secondary. We have the best group of WRs as well. Tannehill obviously is no Brady but that's an unfair comparison. Our O-line well could be second best or worst but we gotta stay in wait and see approach with them. Do they gel together as the season progresses. Im still big on Lamar Miller he has game changing speed and has showed flashes. The Oline has to open up some creases for him to flash. I said 10-6 before the season and still see us 10-6 with a Wild Card. It all starts with winning the division games, split, sweep, sweep.

I think LV was 3/5 to win the Division before yesterday's Game. Should be higher today. LVs miscalculating in our Division early on.

I gotta hand it to Kris. He makes a lot of sense. If the 'Phins ease up and take their foot off the accelerator they won't win the division. I am sure this will be Philbin will stress to the team. We've accomplished NOTHING so far.

I'lltake Kris' approach guys. Pats are 2-0. That's not good. Everything else about how they won is irrelevant.

'Phins need to worry about themselves this week.

regardless of how good/bad each team is, we still end up often splitting the season series with the Jets plenty of times--and they've actually beaten us alot more than we've beaten them over the past 10-15 years--so dont book a win or two against them so quickly....its a division rival that gets up for their games against Miami.

Thanks Craig M....

I gotta run...won't be on much today...and Sunday is a travel day...sso I may miss much of the game....hope not tho...i need to check...I hope its a 4 pm start....

any way...GOOD LUCK FINS...and lets join the PATS @ 2-0...keep pace...or all this rah-rah is for not...

Kris I agree with you regardless of how bad the Pats have looked they are the division leaders and TE favorite to win the division. For over a decade they have done anything necessary to win games at the expense of being seen as a classless underhanded organization. That said they have produced winning seasons and NFL offensive records like they are nothing.

The show can't go on forever and eventually every great team drops off. Woodshed made some good points about how finding your franchise QB can ultimately lead to a teams downfall if the can't draft cheap defensive talent in today's NFL.

Dashi, My prediction about Geno and RGIII has nothing to do with RG's talent. He will spend too much time injured to have a great career. His style of play, which is fun to watch is also dangerous. Too bad.

Kris, interesting to note that the Dolphins are getting a lot more love from the pundits leading up to this week's game. Hopefully the team continues it's strong effort from last week and the o line can keep getting better every week. That is the one unit that didn't get to play together all camp long.

If we keep doing what we do, like you say then the business will sort itself out.

Still there is some satisfaction in watching Brady cry, admit it ...

Miami will win the division and be in the playoffs. These experts keep predicting teams like new England, Pittsburgh, and other teams that were good in the past to be good this year. Last year was last year and I love to see these experts eat their words with a bitter beer face...

Good that Indy got rid of Dwight Freeney. I think Clabo can handle Mathis, with a little help from his friends. btw, it's not TY Hilton the receiver that is going to give us headaches, rather, Reggie Wayne.

I sure hope we are coaching hard on Danny Watkins and Dallas Thomas, and I hope they are being coached on the right side.

Clabo is past his prime but would be great as depth this year. I like Jerry but he will never be quick enough to zone block. I am hoping that Watkins is.

The "Ageless" Reggie Wayne, Oscar. The guy is unreal, what would Tannehill's year been like last year if Reggie had signed with us.

Reggie Wayne does make a tonne of catches and keeps the offense moving. If Grimes can give him the Joe haden treatment, that will go a wlong, long ways...

What an eye opener last night. The mighty Patriots aren't so mighty anymore. Gronk coming back will help but Amendola isn't that scary to begin with. The Patriots are definitely weaker but can the Dolphins take advantage? We still have a few question marks.

It's amazing to me, it seems Belichick's ego has finally screwed him. The Welker and Hernandez decisions were horrible. How does he go into a season with Amendola as his best receiver? He knew Gronk was hurt right? And what happened to his defensive guru status? They haven't had a good defense in almost a decade. Is Belichick losing his touch?

EK, I still have faith that Jerry can play tackle in this league and is probably better there than guard. Your thoughts?

He would not have to pull and he is hard to move, so yes, I think he would be better at tackle..

He has to prove he is reliable though. Philbin will not put him out there without knowing he is stable. Clabo is that.

Yeah it's only two games and the Pats are 2-0. But have you watched the Pats play this year? To suggest we shouldn't be excited when the dominant Pats all of the sudden look anything but is silly to me. Of course we should be excited, it means if the Dolphins play well they have a shot at possibly taking the division for the first time in how long with Brady at the helm?

Winning the division is huge and the Pats have shown they are vulnerable. So yes we are excited about the possibilities. And we CAN be excited because we don't play on the team therefore don't have to worry about looking past the Colts.

The players and coaches aren't like us. They didn't watch that game and say hey we can let of the gas now. That's just crazy. These guys are pro's and they know the season is short and every game counts. They won't look past the Colts. But excuse me for a few minutes while I myself dare to dream.

Speaking of not giving up, Dallas has great potential. Philbins comments about him getting great coaching in college were tougue-in-cheek. He will be "coached up" before the end of the year. My only problem with that is that he always played the left side in college. Where do we put him?

I'll be attending Saturdays game in person. Section closest to the field at around the 10 yard line by the Dolphins side line. Should be a good time. I'll be wearing my Tannehill jersey with the updated colors and logo.

Now, they better get a win!

Yeah, Philbin and staff look good at grabbling linemen in the secondary rounds and coaching them up .. the way it's done. Apart from SF adn baltimore, how many teams invest high picks in the line? Most of these guys are coached up over a couple of years.

Still stings to see Donald Thomas and Wade Smith be so useful. Got to give these guys time ...

Bring em our support NeMo!!!

Anybody watch the Jets game last night?

MAJOR mistake letting Welker walk. NE letting good players go finally caught up with them. LMAO


If we had won last night's game than I can understand rubbing the other team's face in it, but we didn't so I just don't get it.


If Brady had come here instead of NE then he would have had just as shhtty a career as the guys that did come here.

He's pointing out that the Phins could win the division Fraud. There have been many years when this wouldn't have been possible. This year it seems the Pats are vulnerable. How is that rubbing their faces in it?

How bad the Jets SEEMED? Are you serious? How about how bad they are period? The Jets,,,,lmao.


All we have to do is have Grimes cover Gates, Dion Jordan can cover Santonio and Hill.

Whoa. I think everyone needs to relax. We still need to play the games. We are a few injuries away from being in the same state as the Pats. We dont have a ton of depth right now -- not to mention we have a ton of really difficult games to play. GREAT. New England and the Jets aren't that good. GREAT. Now let's just stay focused on getting better so we can try nd at least go 9-7 this year and make the playoffs.

Mace Taggert looks like your pick of the week is exactly what I said it would be,,,a big dud. lol

You might want to stay away from picking the Jets to do anything this year. They suck REALLY bad and it's not going to get better if their qb keeps playing pitch and catch with the other team. Genos displaying a lack of understanding for the game. One that goes beyond rookie excuses. Some of those throws,,,lets just say Henne wouldn't even had made them.


Last week Peyton took apart Baltimore but I don't recall anyone saying how shhtty B'more looked.
It just rubs me the wrong way is all.
I don't care about the Jets or NE one way or another but as I watched the game I was thinking the Jets D does look better than it did, Geno did make some nice plays and he had a chance to win the game all the way until the end.

This is the first time in 20 years that we are the team to beat and I'm just not used to the success yet.

I agree Mark, Another reason to like Philbin. He will not be panicked.

There have been people on here stating that coaching can overcome a weak OL. I agree with that if you are facing an incomplete team. If we are to go far we have to get better at OL.

I think Indy is not good enough to expose our weakness.


They have a team full of nobodies and they no match for us.
I mean let's face it thier WRs are Reggie Wayne who has got to be 40 and Heyward-Bey who couldn't even make it in Oakland.

Wow!! posting is slow.

I guess Mando is blocking some Idiots.

Vick Ballard out for season. Dwayne Allen probably wont play. These arent injuries to nobodies, these are major COGS in the Colt Machine! Ya feel me?

If Stephen Hill is ever cut, I want the Dolphins to pick him up. Fumbles and drops, but I think its bad coaching and he was a project. I think he could be really good or languish in obscurity!

ETF, I agree with you. I just can't bring myself to talk bad about other teams. I had rather point out our good points than critique them.

I don't think Indy are nobodies but agreed that we are a really bad match up for them. We still need to execute tho

I think this is the longest Daytona hasn't been on the blog. Must've got suspended for conduct contrary to the team ...

Tom Brady only put up 13 pts.

The Pats have been an Offensive Juggernaut the past 5 years.

Doesn't look that way anymore.

None of us super fans have lost sight of the goal. Win the Superbowl.

What we are saying the End is nearer than we thought for the Pats. And I'm so Excited and it feels so good. So Excited cause I know they would.

The Dolphin players can't afford the chance to look ahead. And I hope they aren't. Doubt it with Coach Philbin leading the Troops.

But Me as a Fan. I can look ahead all I want. And the Future looks Bright.


Yes, we don't have to read thru 20 pages of insults and derogatory posters anymore.

But I feel this Blog has gotten better. Quality over quantity.

Everyone is acting like Adults. You have to like that.

Allow me.











I find it funny we are referring to him as Daytona. Reminds me of Odin Lloyd referring to the Murderer as NFL.

Remember how he use to say he can always change his IP Address, so he will never get blocked.

Maybe, they sent him a letter telling him if he doesn't stop posting they will press charges on him.

They can arrest you for Cyber bullying. Or Cyber Stalking. Either or. They should've put a restraining order on Buddy. Enough is Enough.

This has already been a Successful season, if just for that reason alone. We got rid of the 70 year old teenager.

Dashi, have to love that rdubs tribute!

And that's the weirdest part about Daytona. He's an old man... old enough to fully grasp the game of football in 1972....you think he wouldn't have th aptience for such grabage at his age. He may have severe beahvioural issues for all we know ..

The DLINE's for Jets and Pats are both pretty solid. Much like Cleveland's. So, I didn't expect eitehr RB to put up big numbers and they didn't. But they did put in some really strong runs. I thought both teams relied too heavily on the passing game. Bad mistakes given the close score and the weather.

The only thing I remember saying last night about both teams was "Man those running backs are running hard." Both RB's just seemed to be much more powerful and determined than what I saw from both Miller and Thomas against the Browns.

Any phin fan, including the eternal pessimist Fraud, that watched that game could not come away thinking Miami can't win this division.

The Jets have zero run game & were still pushing that dline around & getting yards.

The Pat Defense, aside from an occasional decent pass rush, is not very good.

The Jets run d seems much improved this year so I won't use this game as a measuring stick. I do think that might be NE's strength this season.

I agree with you Mando that even if Gronk & Amendola come back, they aren't reliable. Even then they have no explosiveness or big play ability on offense.

If the phins can come out of these first 5 games 2-3 or better, I think playoffs are probability. Wildcard at least.

NE have struggled to beat 2 of the 3 worst teams in the AFC back to back weeks. This isn't a coincidence, it's a trend!

Tired of talking/hearing about losers.

Back to football.

Why are we still holding on to Kaddu?? I mean I liked him on paper, but has he progressed and does he fit? Is he another Philbin Role Player? I would sure like to find out soon.


Dashi Appreciates it.

And Agreed. This defense looks Magical.

I can't wait til Sunday. We are going to put a Hurting on Señor Luck.

Vick Ballard done for season ACL.

Sucks for him. He's a nice complimentary piece for that Indy offense. I like him. Too bad. Miami shuts down the running game but a piece missing is a piece missing. I wonder how it affects Indy and if it helps Miami.

I'm getting blocked in the new entry.

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