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Patriots play Jets and Dolphins win

If you watched the New England Patriots beat the New York Jets, 13-10, on Thursday night you know the Patriots are atop the AFC East with a 2-0 record.

And you also know that you're not impressed.

Simply, everyone expected the Jets to be a sub-par team struggling through the 2013 season with a rookie quarterback. And Geno Smith's three interceptions, 27.6 quarterback rating and numerous poor throws did nothing to change that expectation.

But did we all really, truly expect the Patriots to look so bad?

Did we expect the New England offense that has been something of a machine the past decade to seem so, so, putrid?

Consider that Tom Brady completed only 19 of 39 passes for 189 yards. It was the first game he was under 50 percent completion rate since 2009. But it wasn't so much his statistics that tell the story, rather the total inability of the Patriots to put a competent receiver on the field.

I mean, when Julian Edelman is your star, your personnel department (Bill Belichick) should be ashamed. And, indeed, Edelman led the Patriots with 13 receptions for 78 yards. Modest, at best. And yet, he was the offensive star for the Patriots.

Rookies Aaron Dobson (four drops) and Kenbrell Tompkins (two receptions on seven targets) have a lot of growing up to do. They've got much work to do to be merely average.

As I tweeted to my Twitter followers, when Dolphins receiver Brian Hartline said in the spring that Miami has the best wide receiver corps in the AFC East, he was absolutely right.

And this:

While both the Jets and the Patriots will likely do some growing and improving, neither seems scary. Neither seems impressive. The Dolphins look as good or better than both those teams right now.

The AFC East is wide open.

(Peanut Gallery: But Mando, Rob Gronkowski is coming back in a week or two and Danny Amendola will be back in two to six weeks, according to the NFL Network).

Yes, gallery, you are correct. But both of those players are walking injury reports. I would not be surprised if Amendola tweaked a hamstring while watching the game on his couch Thursday night.

Look, you know I'm a straight shooter. I tell you what I think even when it's not what you want to hear. So hear this: The Patriots are not elite anymore. Brady is still great. But he has no weapons right now.

The Patriots continue to have an oppotunistic defense and the offensive line still protects Brady quite well. But there is no running game to speak of, the defense still doesn't have a premier pass rusher, and again, Brady has no playmaker to throw the football to right now.

They can be had.

The Jets?

I will say the New York front seven seems solid. Their offensive line is solid.

But Smith is over his head right now. Their receiver corps counts on Clyde Gates (yes that Clyde Gates) to make plays and that's the same guy NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin said he'd cut on the spot right after this game. New York's special teams, so long a strength with assistant Mike Westhoff at the helm, also seems disorganized right now.

Yes, the Dolphins fan suddenly has to be encouraged.

Yes, the Dolphins look as good or better than either of these teams right now.


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It's not only that the Patriots have been elite, it's also that the rest of the AFC East has been mediocre the past 10-years. We've them look good.


And this:

While both the Jets and the Patriots will likely do some growing and improving, neither seems scary. Neither seems impressive. The Dolphins look as good or better than both those teams right now.

Are you serious? The Find look as good or better then both of them?

You see my friend... THAT'S the problem with all those who are willing to accept SUCK%ING. Being mediocre, just above good, ll that BS stuff.

We barely pulled out a "W" last week of which our all mighty rebuilt Jeff Ireland cronies of a team should have been a blowout. But we just got by.

Wallace is pi$$ed off. we have an overrated QB that was plucked in the first round who in reality was at best a late 2nd or third round pick.

Yeah I get it.. He's new and let him grow of which I agree BUT if any of you believe that we are anything more than last season, well. I hope you are all right BUT I can not accept anything less than a visit to the AFC Championship. Getting a wild card is failing.

The AFC East is wide open. I concur for now BUT I see that getting solved by week 7.

Let's fast-forward to when Dolphins are swept by Pats and split with Jets, what will opinion be then? As bad as Pats O looked, it's worlds better than Phins. Jets O is absolutely awful, but equivalent to Phins.

1. Don't run Tanney unless necessary, he has the horses but only run him if a lane really opens big time. Just look at RG3, maybe never the same. QB is just one hit away from career changer, just ask Pouncey about his brother.

2. Pats are not the same team, Bellicheat retooling the team with youth slowly. I just don't understand why he would let Welker go, I believe from what I read Brady was pissed. Brady's at the end of his career, 3 more season's 4 at the most if he stays heathy and lossing his security blanket (Welker) is hurting him (thanks god).

3. Because Bellicheat has a strong system, coaches, owner (we are developing that) he will rebuilt-reload, the saving grace is that Brady will someday retire. I don't think Matlet will be as good as Brady in the future, and who knows Bellicheat my call it quits when Brady throws in the towel (would be nice).

4. Wallace & Tanney need time to grow, I don't think our coaches know exactly how to use him. What I mean by that, it's oblivious Hartline & Tanney have the chemistry and are clicking. Only way that's going to happen with Wallace is a lot more practice and game time, but the new CBA makes that difficult. You can practice then until they drop the way Shula did. I agree with Tanney about not forcing the pass to him, if he did it would probably cause a lot of turn overs.

5. The Kid (Tanney) is really smart, manages the game well and has poise. Speaks intelligently football, reminds me of Greise. Has a air of confidence and leadership that he's developing without being cocky, reminds me of Marino. Getting on Matthews to get off the field before he causes a penalty was leadership 101 for a QB, and shows he's in control. This is going to be his team, he's smart enough to make the right decisions and act like a pro quarterback. He wants to be a doctor-surgeon when he retires, this also shows he's goal oriented. I REALLY like the fact that our work-in-progress franchise QB is NOT a dumbass, that says a lot with today's modern athletes.

You have to have good receivers in this league. When Marino was in his last years, Phil Simms used to say that Dan had the worst receiver staff in the NFL. Brady has no receivers and that is his coaches fault.

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