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PFF and Salguero look at Colts victory

It's Tuesday morning so it's time to look back at the tape of Sunday's Dolphins game. Miami beat the Colts and the folks at ProFootballFocus.com have sent over some tidbits based on their study of the game.


It was a very good overall day for the Miami offensive line. Only John Jerry (-1.2) graded out negatively for the day.

Salguero: This grade is interesting because I saw Tyson Clabo give up two sacks. Clabo is rated the No. 54 of the 67 offensive tackles according to PFF. Jonathan Martin is rated No. 42. I will say that the Dolphins made the best of a bad situation once Jake Long signed with St. Louis. Long is currently rated No. 11 among tackles by PFF. But you'll remember after that signing, the Dolphins flirted with signing Eric Winston and Bryant McKinnie. McKinnie is rated No. 57 and Winston is rated No. 63 so both are worse than Clabo so far. Interestingly, the Dolphins backed away from trading for Kansas City's Branden Albert. He's currently the No. 8 rated tackle by ProFootballFocus.   

The battle for snaps at No. 2 tight end was slanted heavily to Dion Sims this week. He took in 35 snaps, while Michael Egnew saw 9.

Even though Lamar Miller out-produced Daniel Thomas, Thomas got more snaps than his teammate by a margin of 36-30. Both gave up a sack in pass protection.

On throws 10 yards or more, quarterback Ryan Tannehill went 8-for-9 for 206 yards.

Tannehill feasted on Greg Toler, Jerrell Freeman, Darius Butler and Pat Angerer, completing 16 of 20 against them for 265 yards.

After two weeks, Tannehill has the fourth best  PFF QB rating. This takes into account drops, throw aways, and spikes. Tannehill is behind Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Philip Rivers.


There were highs and lows for the Dolphins on defense. Brent Grimes (+4.9) and Randy Starks (+4.5) had great days, while Olivier Vernon (-6.0) and Cameron Wake (-3.1) did not.

Salguero: The Dolphins had nine players with positive grades from Sunday's game. Linebacker Phillip Wheeler, who had the batted pass on a blitz and then sacked Andrew Luck on a blitz to clinch the game, was the third highest graded Miami defensive player.

Dion Jordan was limited to just seven snaps in Week 2, which is fewer than he had in Week 1. They were all in passing situations, as he dropped into coverage twice and rushed the quarterback 5 times.

Salguero: Things are looking up for the Miami defensive line if the first two weeks of play are an indication because Atlanta left tackle Sam Baker is rated 67th (also known as last) among all the tackles PFF has rated. Right tackle Lamar Holmes is rated 62nd. Folks in Atlanta are going crazy because Matt Ryan has been hit often the first two games.

Brent Grimes gave up four of T.Y. Hilton’s 6 catches for 84 yards, but was stingy against everyone else. He finished the day with the interception and three defended passes.

On tight end Coby Fleener’s 40-yard catch and run, Olivier Vernon was left to defend him in coverage.

Salguero: Whatever the Colts did to get that matchup, the Dolphins should address it because you can bet the Falcons will see it and try to replicate it.


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I loved the game plan. We didn't chase Luck all over the place, kept him in the pocket and showed we have the guys to cover his receivers. And it worked out very well.
If you try to sack Luck on every play he finds a hole and he is gone. Conversely we the game plan against Cleveland was to sack Weeden and that worked. We also sent Walker out for a fake pass keeping their best defender busy while the rest of the receivers ran free.
Compare this to the last 2 or 3 coaches we have had and this coaching team is light years ahead.
This is not the 50's and 60's anymore and we can't win playing 3 runs and out.

Good good.

Wake and Vernon were non-existent on Sunday, I hope they're saving it up for Matt Ryan this week.

Our defense is good enough to contain the falcons somewhat, but I feel we'll need closer to 30 points to win this weekend.


I got some INFO for all you Mucha-Cho's!

Alex Smith is tearing it up in Kansas City! Matter of fact, it's already starting to draw some attention. If for no other reason than KC was HORRIBLE and Smith has led them too as many wins as Cassell did all last year. Smith has thrown 4 TD's, no INT's and their 2-0.

Actually, in real life, Alex Smith was tearing it up in San Fran when Jimmy Harbaugh IGNORANTLY made some changes(I'm still laughing about that, because I believe a Smith led 49er's team probably beats the Ravens in the Harbaugh Bowl). Anywhoo, from Wiki:

".....A quarterback controversy began. Smith was ranked third in the NFL in passer rating (104.1), led the league in completion percentage (70%), and had been 19–5–1 as a starter under Harbaugh,........".

So, not only did Harbaugh sit Smith in favor of an unproven Kapernick, he facilitated the the trade that gave Andy Reid a legit, elite QB and San Fran a 2nd round pick. Smith being called elite is arguable, I know. But for the purposes of this post, that's what I'm calling him(IMHO). To bolster my opinion, Smith led San Fran to a 6-2 record before his unfortunate and untimely(Ahem....), "Injury" - LOL. More from Wiki:

"...Before losing the starting quarterback job, Smith was on pace to set career highs in completion percentage, passing yards, yards-per-attempt, passing touchdowns and rushing yards. Smith was named to the USA Today All Joe Team for the second year in a row. He was named the captain of the team as the USA Today football experts felt he should've made the Pro Bowl..."

A new Head Coach in Andy Reid, a very GOOD Defense(With a good defensive minded coach)and the Chiefs are on the upswing. Smith's not putting up the numbers he did in San Fran.......YET. But it's understandable considering it's been two games, a new offense and a new team.

Smith has 4 TD's - NO INT's and he's Mobile.

Smith Passing Att Cmp Yds TDs
Alex Smith 70 42 396 4

Rushing Car Yds Avg TDs
Smith 12 82 6.8 0

Those were Smith's two game totals. Check them out against Kap's, who replaced Smith in San Fran and Wilson, the other QB that I predict will flash in the pans.


Colin Kaepernick 13/28 127 0 3

Russell Wilson 8/19 142 1 1
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


Colin Kaepernick 9 87 0 28

Russell Wilson 10 33 0 11
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Smith is 2-0. Kap is 1-1 and blew chunks throwing 0 Td's and 3 INTs so far. Wilson is 2-0 DESPITE putting up putrid numbers against the 49er's. In other words, like I predicted, Wilson's **TEAM** saved his ass, yet AGAIN!

Kap and Wilson are both proving to be inconsistent and rely on their legs way too much to survive against NFL Defenses. If you don't believe me, ask Shanahan and/or RGIII - LOL. I'm not laughing about injuries. I'm laughing at these knuckle head, wanna-Be innovators that *THOUGHT* they were going to bring all these Read/Option types into the NFL.

They sold the farm for RG III and the kid might never be the same. What he's going through now is a good example of what happens at this level when you try to run too often. RG III is an exception I think, because he's got the Arm **AND** The Accuracy. But I will stick by my predictions in regards to Kap and Wilson and this is one of the BIG REASON why.

We will see.

PS: Sorry about all the off topic, off team(LOL) Ramblings. I'm board and I'm pulling a Bill Paying all nighter. I'm getting ready to watch Shula's episode of "A Football Life" and then the "Back Story". I recorded both and was waiting for just the right time to watch!


Vernon and Wake didn't rack up the sack totals. But I thought they were far from non-existent.

I saw both of them making plays. They also helped keep the pressure on and kept Luck in the pocket for the most part. Pretty important stuff in my opinion.

Having said that, I agree, I hope their Hungry for some "Matty Ice"!!!!

Like Fin4life was just saying on the last blog, getting pressure on Ryan will be key. The Falcon's have too many talented play makers on offense. We won't be able to cover them as easily as we did the Brown's Corp.

Especially if Patterson isn't 100%. They should give Patterson as much rest/recovery time as he needs this week.

Hopefully Will Davis is healthy and has a good week of practice. It would be nice if he could spell Wilson or Carroll in certain situations this week. Yeah, I know, he's a rookie and this is a big game. Just the same, when healthy, I think he's head and shoulders above both.

The Falcon's are "Doable", but it's going to take a lot of "Doings".


I said the Colts game would go either way, that said this game will be a war but bdlieve it or not fellas, #17 best game as a pro coming up this week !! Dolphins-34 Falcons-31 !! Redemption for J.Ireland as Tannehill out duels Ryan, #17 34-44-427-4.td's -1.int Ryan-3.td's 3.int's !! Tannehill brings the Dolphins back on Sunday evening 3-0 for the 1.st time in who knows win !!

The new Dolphins jersey is gorgeous, I get nothing but compliments from people on the street. I bought me a Pouncey in the home white and they'll be 3-0 after Sunday !!

-But lets be clear, There is satisfaction internally anout the Blue Priny coming together so quickly-

-Joe Philbin-

I was just praising the team and the Coaching staff about this last night. I think the players as well as the Coaches have been outstanding in this regard.

Ellerbe making 14 tackles from the MLB position. More "Zach-Like" than Dansby, who usually made most of his tackles 10 plus yards down field.

Wheeler living up to the Pro Football Focus rankings in rushing the passer as well as making OLB tackles!

Grimes........? Maybe the best pick up of the bunch.

Hey, are these all Free Agent acquisitions-LOL?

Yep, it's time to step back and maybe start re-valuating Ireland and the work he's done since teaming up with Philbin!

OUTSTANDING! Now, lets knock off the Falcons and FORCE **ALL* to sit up and TAKE NOTICE!


I didn`t here Wake`s name all game. What happened to him? Did they double up on him or what?

I just read your take on Kap and Wilson and I may be inclined to agree with you, and I see what you are describing with Wilson similar to Sanchez and the jets.
We know how Sanchez came out and went to 2 AFC Championship games but in both cases the defense carried the team and (at the time) all the experts were saying how Sanchez was such a good qb. Now what do you hear? Chirp Chirp crickets?

On tight end Coby Fleener’s 40-yard catch and run, Olivier Vernon was left to defend him in coverage.

Salguero: Whatever the Colts did to get that matchup, the Dolphins should address it because you can bet the Falcons will see it and try to replicate it.

Yeah, agreed! The Falcons could have a good tight end too. Anybody know who plays tight end for the Falcons-LOL?

Great Dolphins win against the Colts gonna take that kind of effort and more to beat Falcons, Pressure, Pressure, and More Pressure on Matt Ryan.Dolphins can win this game but need to put up 28 to 35 points to do it, Atlanta is one of the best offensive teams in the league. I say Dolphins win 31-27 go to 3-0

Posted by: kyphinfan | September 17, 2013 at 06:34 AM

Thanks. I suspect a lot of people will disagree and/or think I'm just Trolling Up some sensationalism.

But yeah, Sanchez is a good example. He was trash and dummy stumbled into a Great Situation.

Matt Ryan and/or some other Great QB's could have turned that team and it's defense into a Super Bowl team. With Sanchez...........LOSERS-LOL!

Jim Harbaugh will regret going with Kap instead of an Alex Smith that was FINALLY proving himself. It took Smith more time to transition than anyone would have liked. I get that. But he had finally arrived and Harbaugh pulls the plug.

I think it'll prove to be a bad move. If he thought Smith's transitioning time was troublesome, just wait, Kap's up to bat-LOL!

I know every seat better be filled on Sunday afternoon, I better see everybody waving their white hankies. I better hear the air-horns very loudly everytime M.Ryan is going under center. J.R.S. better be electric like the old O.Bowl on Sunday 3-0 baby let's go !!

If you really watched the Indy game closely, Vernon didn't do much of anything. No pressure in base 4. I saw Shelby do more!! I think that Coyle has to consider getting Shelby and Jordon more reps at right DE.

some mention should be made of other issues that affected the pursuit of re-signing Long, namely the injury risk/concern and (relative to) the contract size--its not like they just let him walk because they wanted to.....they balanced the risk/reward, and it might turn out to be a mistake, but those 2 issues were the primary ones--somewhat the same for Albert, ie. big contract, not young, some injuries plus the healthy price (high pick) to get him---there were other major issues involved with pursuing both of them, thats all.....a quick mention of those would be reasonable.


Enjoy the game playa! It better be sold out wih a lot of noise!!!

These PFF articles are fun to read but not indicative of how good a player really is or how that player fits the overall scheme of the team week to week. Let's not get hung up on who has a higher PFF Martin, Clabo, Albert, etc. Pundits were ready to call the Wallace signing a bust last Monday, and now he's garnering national attention for his play on Sunday. Likewise, Thill's PFF is 4th overall and while he is showing a ton of promise, and leading the team in the right direction, he is not the 4th best QB in the league at this time. If he was, someone would have picked him up by now in my FF league.

It seems clear the staff is concerned about Jordan's ability to stop the run. They may also be concerned about his health. They seem to be holding him until the second half or even 4th QTR when they have the other team in passing situations. The situational role is fine with me as he has been hurt and I think Shelby has done a nice job with his opportunities to play.

Vernon has been a disappointment to me overall. Not getting much pressure on the QB at all. He was burned on the big TE pass as Mando mentioned. I just don't see him materializing into anything special...bummer. So, even more reason to want to see Jordan get more time.

I like the rotation of the three players because it keeps them fresh and it shows constantly changing looks to the OT. I'd like to see Shelby start. Jordan rotating in on 3rd downs (earlier in the game) and saving Vernon for late in the game after the OT's have worn down a bit.

Hey Bane I will enjoy the game especially that they'll be 3-0 after this win on Sunday !! N.O. is going to be a shootout on Monday Night Football can't wait !!

I was a BIG fan of signing Albert at the time. He really is a top OT in this league.

But I have to say that I am pleased with Martin overall. While his PFF and other ratings are not high I think he has been fine. I'd rather use him this year and have him gain valuable experience. I'd rather pay less for Clabo who is not going to set the world on fire and see if he can hold his own for the season. Lets face it if Clabo lets up one sack a game it's not the end of the world. The team is able to save that money and use it to resign studs players (Grimes, Wheeler, Starks, Solai, etc). If they don't think Clabo is worth keeping they can use a less expensive draft pick next year (number 2 pick).

Albert would be nice to have but costly. Just not sure it is really necessary to tie up big money in OT's. OT's impact plays and occasionally can cost you a game. I'd rather spend the big salary $'s on QB's, WR's, DE's, DT's and CB's who can be immediate game changers.

I totally agree with you odinseye on Smith, Kap, & Wilson. When these read option guys come in everyone's raving about them, but they never seem to deliver on a consistent basis. (Newton, Young, & Vick)
SF should have kept Smith!
The only QB's who did a great job of running alot when they had to in my opinion are Steve Young & Randall Cunningham.
I'm so glad the Dolphins coaching staff went with a traditional pocket passer, whose football smart & a student of the game (like many of the great ones)

Well, Atlanta has scored 17 and 31 points respectively in their first 2 Games against some pretty darned good Teams. So, to expect them to score less than 24 points against us, is unreasonable.

Oden is totally right about Alex Smith. I called it last year. Alex Smith has been a victim of a crime. Sucks

I mean dude Alex Smith is like 19 and one with 20 touchdowns and one interception passer rating 110 and gets benched LOL and cut!!

I called the last year that San Fran has bad karma for what they did this man and kap Will never win a Super Bowl

Smith is the first guy about history to be the number one quarterback in the league and get benched for no reason

btw, we are favored by 1 over the Falcons.(some respect?)

Had a crazy dream last night...

Ireland traded Solia, Delvin, D. Thomas and a 2nd & 3rd round draft choice to Minnesota for AP (Adrian Petterson). Signed Starks to a 4 yr extension.

It was only a dream...but can you believe having AP & Miller in the back field? This trade would put us as a top 5 Offense!

Next victim up. In case no one saw:

The Week 2 Black Flag Award goes to 72 Undefeated (i.e. DC DOLFAN) outscoring their projected points total by 37.26. Great job managing your roster, you have the strongest crew of the week.

Following in the footsteps of our beloved Jeff Ireland!

This morning the Wife was getting out of the shower with a towel on her head as I was checking the blog, accidentally called her Adrian Petterson...she had the WTF look, guess I was dreaming!

For all you Ireland haters,I just read that Jeffery Loria has taken over all personel decisions for the Marlins. He is an arrogant scum bag that should be thrown out of MLB. Ireland has put together a solid Dolphin team with a bright future and Stephen Ross saw his talent and kept him in Miami. So maybe now you haters can cut him ome slack?
BTW,this a Miami Dolphin blog so you guys that want to post all this info about KC,SF,& the Seahawks,go to their blogs?

Hartline is the 6th ranked WR in the AFC...not bad.

It's a marathon season so lets not start popping champagne just yet...but 2-0 feels great!

Tannehill has shown progression to the next level and our defense is stout, but still cannot defend a TE.

All in all we beat one below average and one above average team...both of which had young QB's.

The real test comes over the next two games...veteran QB's who can pick your secondary apart.

I don't see the Falcons scoring more than 20 points on us.You have to keep in mind that they won't be playing indoors for the first time this season.
The heat will be an advantage for the Dolphins

Think the Steelers miss Mike Wallace? yeah, I think they do - that offense is so blah. Todd haley sucks too.

Great W for Miami!!!

This isn't the same old Dolphins anymore. I remember painfully watching Luck torch us last year and for a half he did this year as well until we made adjustments and dominated the 2nd half on D. Miami got pressure they just couldn't bring that Bull aka #12 down but the coverage was great in the 2nd half even that TY Hilton catch was just him making an incredible play but Grimes was there. Grimes made up for it though when it mattered.

nh, i'll wait til 7:15 pm on sun. b4 senor~ 2 watt begins 2 sip jim jones' kool-aid.

andy, if ss didn't drop lux int. phinz win last season.

armando,what's wit coconut?

you know what angers me??
after week 3 every other team in our division will have played 2 division games. we won't play one till week 7!!! meaning not a single division game in the south florida heat.

Odin, really a one page write up on Alex Smith??? Who gives a fawk???

tebow 2 jax?

This will be another strong test for Miami, which has its home opener. Atlanta is a team many feel can contend for a Super Bowl. However, the Falcons are banged up..

Just to be clear, Ireland wanted Long back and according to some reports the offer from Miami was better than the ones presented. Long was just upset that Miami's offer wasn't as good as one presented in season before he got hurt that HE rejected.

Long is a turncoat and selfish. FUKK him - we will succeed despite that fat turd.

The PFF should give Armando a -0.00 for this blog. PFF IS BULL CRAP. This is not baseball

the stadium better be packed and loud. come on fans step up. glad long and bush are gone. bush already hurt like always.

Shout out to Jeff Ireland!!

I know, I know it's only 2 games and there is a lot of football to be played but through 2 games Ireland's guys have come to play.

Tannehill - has been great so far. He got robbed with a bad fumble call this week and had a tipped right into the defender int vs Cleveland but he's protected the ball and made great decisions!

Lamar Miller - it was only 1 game and really only 1 run but that 8 yard game clinching run was awesome. He picked the hole and went hard and picked up the 8 yards needed for the win. Im high on him in this offense and think he will flash even more as the season goes on.

Mike Wallace - that's the guy Ireland paid $60 M for but the playmaking was on full display on that 18 yard screen and run. There isn't a single Dolphin in the past decade plus who makes that play look so effortlessly. The other deep hook up looked like a TD to me as well where clay scored but still tryign to figure that one out.

Gibson - minimal in game 2 but that's because Wallace, Hartline and Clay were huge. Gibson was money in game 1 picking up first downs.

Oline - is Ireland's biggest weakness but they are servicable and played much better as a unit in week 2. Pouncey is a stud. Martin is average but has been better then last year. Incognito not his guy but good/solid guy. John Jerry is terrible. Maybe Watkins will get a look.

Ellerbe/Wheeler - these 2 guys play an aggressive fast twitch style of football that stinkin Dansby/Burnett never had. Wheeler was the defensive MVP that game with his tackling, sack and swatted pass on a big 3rd down. Ellerbe flashes and great in closing and pursuit.

Grimes - he was in coverage and right there but TY just made a phenenomenal catch outside of that he's as good as advertisded pre-injury. He had a deflection in the endzone where he made a great play and the game changing int as well.

Dion Jordan - he's only played 24 total plays but he has a sack even if it was a facemask and also had would be sack vs Luck but he just didn't wrap up. It seemed like he tried to avoid crushing him. That was called a new NFL rules hit. I think he sorta pulled up on that personally but even if not he's showing an ability to get to the QB.

Good job Ireland! (so far)

The same coaches that Like Tannehill and Grimes and Ellerbe are still liking Vernon and Jordan. Seems they have more patience and knowledge than we do.

I agree on Clabo. Not the biggest gun in our arsenal. I disagree on Martin. He is getting better every week.

I don't think Atlanta will score 25 points. Our DB's are 1 week healthier and our DL is angry.

Mark...agreed. Jake Long wanted out of Miami. It's not his type of people.
He's a homeboy from the back woods of Michigan and could not stand the heat in Miami.

dion has been awful, lets be honest. irelands big miss in offseason was the draft without a doubt. instead of jordan we could have eifert and b albert at lt


Exactly what I was referring to. Sean Smith sucked and was my favorite whipping boy until he showed up for a short time vs AJ Green and Fitgerald somewhat but glad to see him long gone!

Grimes is awesome! He almost had that leaping interception in the first half as well. We have a great group of guys so far. I hope injuries remain in check because if they do I'm starting to get a feeling we can take the division. A lot of football to played however and Im standing firm at 10-6 and Wild Card!

And by the way Mando, it takes more than height to play center.

I know everybody has been waiting for Rdubs comments about the game.Ok not really, I just want to feel special. Not the "Special Ed" kind of special.

- Great play calling early in the game by Sherman. I loved the scream to Wallace and getting him the ball early. I know I am stating what has been said multiple times already.

- Bad play calling through middle section of the game. Really a pass to the FB, when you have 1 yard to go? The reason I wasn't a fan of the playcalling after about the first quarter, was that we didnt run the ball enough. Miller was running all over this team. He could have easily ran for over 100 yards.

- Mike Wallace looks like a good fit for this offense. 1 trick pony my butt. How many of his 100 + yards were from going deep?

- Clay has really stepped up and looking very confident, the fact that his is second on the team in yards is impressive. Not bad for a late pick. I have to say though, I have always wondered what would happen if Clay had a chance to run the ball, first run is a TD!! We need to see him run the ball in short yardage situations. If he does that well, he becomes that much more important.

-Hartline, anyone who thought he shouldn't have been resigned, is dumb as a box of full Miley Cyrus'. Ya'll feel free to go twerk yourselves off. Hartline is clutch as fu$k and his relationship with Tannehill(platonic I BELIEVE) cant be understated. Did you notice how in the Cin/Pit game, how Green and Dalton were not on the same page for many plays, same with Will Ferrell, I mean Ben Rothlisisbargerisberger.

-Clemons has been playing his butt off, lets go ahead and extend him. He and Reshad make a great team.

-Carroll has been playing at a very high level. believe it or not, he is good enough to start on many NFL teams. He wont be back in Miami next year, he will be signing a Richard Marshall sized contract next year.

-Last but not least. Tannehill has been exceptional and I believe he is showing more growth than any of the other 2012 QB's or some of the 2011 QB's. I would take him over Newton and Dalton

Falcons you guys will earn your Dirty Birds nickname this week when you get "StinkPhinned" by the Dolphins on Sunday 31 - 17!!

Section▼ Row▼ Quantity▼ Price (each)▼ E-Tickets▼

410 21 14 left $34.00

I think someone said it previously and I agree ... Derrick Shelby is playing better than either Jordan or Vernon. He should play more. He should maybe even start as he's more a legit run stopper at 275 pounds than OV.

By the way, Mando, love the new approach on the blog -- using PFF on Tuesdays and banning all the trolls with the obscene comments.

This blog is a pleasure to read (your writings) and a pleasure to participate in (the comments). Well done sir.

I think Martin has been good enough. He's young, getting better. Sometimes it jsut takes these linemen years to develop. Give it time. At least we don't have Pat MCQuistan anymore. Aldon Smith was haivng a field day with him after Okung went down.

"Folks in Atlanta are going crazy because Matt Ryan has been hit often the first two games."

This is the main reason why I think this game is winnable for the 'Phins. If the defense can get and stay in Ryan's face time and again, it might be a long day for him. Also, I hope that the Falcons' owner calls out his OL before the game.

rdubs carrol isnt good. grimes sure is though! go finssssssss

dusty, I don't call beating Joe Thomas clean awful. he should've got another sack last week. He will learn get better - getting a sack a week in limited snaps is pretty darn good.

Eifert? been outproduced by Charles Clay.


Awful? What are you watching? The kid is coming of a preseason injury and has been eased back into the lineup. In his limited action he has 3 tackles, sack, 2 QB hits. What else would you like for him to do? He's not being rushed along but he's being productive.

Gotta strongly disagree with you on him being awful. I saw in 2 games him getting to the QB in very limited action. When he starts playing 25-30 snaps a game reguarly I think we will all see what every scout raved about.

LUXURY 337A SUITE 1 left $11628.00 .

tsk tsk.
poor trolls.

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