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PFF and Salguero look at Colts victory

It's Tuesday morning so it's time to look back at the tape of Sunday's Dolphins game. Miami beat the Colts and the folks at ProFootballFocus.com have sent over some tidbits based on their study of the game.


It was a very good overall day for the Miami offensive line. Only John Jerry (-1.2) graded out negatively for the day.

Salguero: This grade is interesting because I saw Tyson Clabo give up two sacks. Clabo is rated the No. 54 of the 67 offensive tackles according to PFF. Jonathan Martin is rated No. 42. I will say that the Dolphins made the best of a bad situation once Jake Long signed with St. Louis. Long is currently rated No. 11 among tackles by PFF. But you'll remember after that signing, the Dolphins flirted with signing Eric Winston and Bryant McKinnie. McKinnie is rated No. 57 and Winston is rated No. 63 so both are worse than Clabo so far. Interestingly, the Dolphins backed away from trading for Kansas City's Branden Albert. He's currently the No. 8 rated tackle by ProFootballFocus.   

The battle for snaps at No. 2 tight end was slanted heavily to Dion Sims this week. He took in 35 snaps, while Michael Egnew saw 9.

Even though Lamar Miller out-produced Daniel Thomas, Thomas got more snaps than his teammate by a margin of 36-30. Both gave up a sack in pass protection.

On throws 10 yards or more, quarterback Ryan Tannehill went 8-for-9 for 206 yards.

Tannehill feasted on Greg Toler, Jerrell Freeman, Darius Butler and Pat Angerer, completing 16 of 20 against them for 265 yards.

After two weeks, Tannehill has the fourth best  PFF QB rating. This takes into account drops, throw aways, and spikes. Tannehill is behind Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Philip Rivers.


There were highs and lows for the Dolphins on defense. Brent Grimes (+4.9) and Randy Starks (+4.5) had great days, while Olivier Vernon (-6.0) and Cameron Wake (-3.1) did not.

Salguero: The Dolphins had nine players with positive grades from Sunday's game. Linebacker Phillip Wheeler, who had the batted pass on a blitz and then sacked Andrew Luck on a blitz to clinch the game, was the third highest graded Miami defensive player.

Dion Jordan was limited to just seven snaps in Week 2, which is fewer than he had in Week 1. They were all in passing situations, as he dropped into coverage twice and rushed the quarterback 5 times.

Salguero: Things are looking up for the Miami defensive line if the first two weeks of play are an indication because Atlanta left tackle Sam Baker is rated 67th (also known as last) among all the tackles PFF has rated. Right tackle Lamar Holmes is rated 62nd. Folks in Atlanta are going crazy because Matt Ryan has been hit often the first two games.

Brent Grimes gave up four of T.Y. Hilton’s 6 catches for 84 yards, but was stingy against everyone else. He finished the day with the interception and three defended passes.

On tight end Coby Fleener’s 40-yard catch and run, Olivier Vernon was left to defend him in coverage.

Salguero: Whatever the Colts did to get that matchup, the Dolphins should address it because you can bet the Falcons will see it and try to replicate it.


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clay isnt a rookie, love what hes doing though. albert stud lt, martin would be on right side also instead of swinging gate clabo

rdubs, nice post...

2 in the pinko, 1 in the stinko!!

the colts rt did a # on wake.

andy sure we have been watching the same games, kid is lost. number 3 pick in draft getting on the field for 7 plays. ouch

And Sturgis is Da'MAN!!

Olivera Vernon stinks and needs to be bench for Shelby or Jordan but the point is hes not getting any pressure and was crushed in the run

2 watt, I will pay for the suite - you pay for the "entertainment". And don't cheap out and get that $2 variety...

Point is Dusty , Eifert is good, solid but nothing special. Dion has every chance to be special.

mark, i only get the best don't worry.

#1: Why are you reciting the worthless rants of "PFF??" LOl, their "gradings" are about as relevant as the Jaguars when it comes to figuring out playoff scenarios later in the year. As for the Dolphins blueprint: It's missing the main ingredient>>Some kind of runningback! We don't have S-Q-U-A-T!

mark it's says free p/u for the suite.
i axxume it means pick up.

here's a wild 1,those phans up there r f'ing nutz.
.FAN TRAVEL-PACKAGE 1-30 8 left $310.00 Local Pickup
Note: Fan Travel Package includes 2 night stay at Don Shula Hotel & Golf Club (located minutes from the stadium) - daily breakfast - gift cards for the Shula Steakhouse & onsite Aveda Spa - round trip game day transportation - pregame tailgate party with food drinks & entertainment - upper level end zone/corner game ticket (guaranteed in pairs) - gift item. Pricing based on double occupancy.

armando, y don't u have a blog raffle for phinz tix for us on here.?. free ofcourse for u'r fav bloggers.

Man, wished I could get down there this weekend. darn wife and responsibilities... have to wait for Dec 7 for my Dolphins road trip ... but I want it now ....

Odinseye as old as you are you have to remember that running as well as mobile QBs have always had a place in the NFL.
I am completely opposed to your views and think that all the young QBs that came into the NFL are very mobile.
I think as they age they will rely less on running the ball than they do now, but will still be mobile enough to evade the pass rush.
I think that all the QBs that enter the NFL will have to be mobile or have other attributes such as a quick release because of the physical evolution of pass rushers and their speed and agility at 250lbs+.
I remember back in the day those types of pass rushers that are quick and fast played at a lot lower weight.
Its called human evolution Odinseye and you cant fight it,but you can continue to post your views against it on this blog.

well i wouldn't worry about gonzales doing any explosive plays, he is 37 years old , when you look at their first 2 games...it shows....no training camp and preseason for that guy, you still have to cover him for importand 3rd down conversions and in the redzone, but i would not worry about him ripping a 40 yard catch on us


Matt Ryan is in TROUBLE...all not very mobile pocket passers are going to have rough outings against our D!!! Luck is craftiest and strongest QB in the pocket we will face...

Right now, tannehill has more passing yards than Wilson, Luck, Kaepernick,Dalton and Newton. Actually of all the young QBs, only RG3 has more passing yards but twice as many turnovers ... bears mentioning.

I cant wait for our D-line to smack the crap out of Tom Brady. He is gonna be so mad,sore and tired, that he will run straight home and immediately dive face first into a Giselle Taco and will cry all over it....

As they always say we need to get to Matt Ryan early and often. Coyle seems to take a wait and see approach with offenses. He lets them expose their plan before he exposes his. He may want to set the tone early in this one though, show the Atlanta O-line can't defend Ryan without help.

But Mark, Tannehenne is the WORST QB in the league on third down. FACT!!!!

Remember those losers? Ha where are they now?

It also bears mentioning RG3 has played from behind in both those games, so he had to pass.

It's true, in just two short weeks, Tannehill has made the doubters disappear.

I think it's about time for ESPN to consider all the young Qb analysis they do and include our #17 in those articles.

Noticed that Jon Gruden made Phillip Wheeler his defensive player of the week yesterday... people taking notice. Good morning America, welcome to the best kept secret in the NFL!

Anyone else remember Home coming on here are berating us for hours how Cam Newton is the greatest football talent in the land and Tannehill was garbage??? Yeah, seems so long ago...

rdubs ... eww, soggy tacos

I would sent the house at Ryan, have various up the middle blitz packages with Wheeler, maybe have a package of Jordan, Vernon, Wake, Shelby at the same time if the scheme dictates. In the post game interview, Coyle stated he was excited with the speed of his D and it allows him to get really creative with many looks and special blitz's.

I expect for Coyle to give looks to Matty Ice that he's not see on tape, maybe surprise him. Ryan is a really good QB and will not rattle easy...hence the name, Matty Ice.



I agree with you, we need better run game. This will be more important as the year rolls on, you can't expect THill to win every game with his arm. Not going to happen....probably why I keep having that dream with Adrain Peterson wearing a FINS uniform!

AP for Solia, Delvin (Viking badly need a QB), D. Thomas, 2nd, 3rd draft choice. Extend Starks contract, come on Ireland make the call. We would be unstoppable and suddenly our line looks great with AP running through it. Not to mention he'll fill the FINS stadium to watch him run, we got the CAP space to make it happen.

It's only a dream...


I hate Brady, but damn his wife is smoking. Duh, she's the biggest supermodel in the world!! But I would dive face first in that, front and back!! Anyone got some salad dressing?

Keep the PFF-Salguero stuff coming Mando. Excellent insight.

The PFF numbers om Wake are misleading as the colts always had at least 2 guys blocking him and sometimes 3. The other guys will need to start getting to the QB more as teams are going to try to take Wake out of the game.

So after starting out well I am raising my season prediction by one win to 7-9.

Looks like some folks spent a little too much time perusing lobstertube last night...got the blood flowing to the wrong parts of the body this morning...

No matter what anyone says about any numbers whatsoever...there are only TWO numbers that ACTUALLY matter...Wins-2...Losses-0...



Actually its the opposite, didnt have time for Lobstertube.So a little backed up, if ya know what I mean!.That leads to inappropriate topics!

And th Dolphins won WOOHOO!

rdubs, Gisele is a smkin woman but she doesn't make me crazy. I mean in perosn, probably yeah but I don't want to reach through my montior at her --- or myself at the thought of her.

I know she's a little raunch but Aria Giovanni in her day ...

Watch out, it's about to blow!!


TMI my friend!!! TMI...sadly though...I am picking up what is being put down...

Whatever you do dont use any Dolphins on your fantasy teams.

If you guys are talking about hot women Scarlet Johnasson is smoking!!! I would love to put my bread in her overn!

Watch out, it's about to blow!!

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 17, 2013 at 11:10 AM

Seems its always time for you to blow lol

Clady might have a Lisfranc problem, run Peyton run!

Phins lose their home opener this week by two touchdowns. Also, Ross still doesn't get it, lobbying the league for more road games in September and 4pm starts. After charging for higher ticket prices in the shade I would have thought that he'd be happy to have more 1pm roast fests. Chicks dig guys with tanned knee caps, especially grown men wearing grossly overpriced sports jerseys, exhibiting childish hero worship. If you bring your own sun tan lotion it has to be in a clear bottle...you can purchase clear bottles with the Dolphins gay new logo at the stadium. Only $76.56, a bargain by NFL standards. No lifers will jump at the chance to own a bottle. Anything to show they're a "true fan".

fire ross u always sound like the dumbest guy in the room. it never changes. your very consistent

Is that right Darkoak? That's a big problem for Peyton.

Anyone hear anything about Okung? he went down in a heap leaving ... gulp ... Pat McQuistan to play left tackle ... yeah that Pat McQuistan.

dusty, don't bother, that's what he wants. Just let him post and ignore...

Dolphins defense should get a little better every week. Atlanta has O-line issues - couple that with Miami's excellent pass rush and home crowd - Miami 30, Atlanta 20.

I think people are being a little unfair n Vernon this week. While watching the game live I got the feeling that both Vernon and Wake were being asked to plug the edges and prevent Luck from scrambling to the outside.

Though it did not work perfectly as Luck did scramble for some yards, he was contained within the pocket a lot of the time. Though sacks and QB pressures weren't piling up, Luck also did not enjoy having no clear lanes opening up for him to scramble.

Lot's of people have mentioned Wheeler, Tannehill, Wallace as players who had big impacts, but Sturgis had just as much of an impact. Last year if Tannehill had driven down the field as he did at the end of the 1st half we would have come away with 0 points. Instead Sturgis nails not one but two FG's (thanks to the Colts attempt to ice him) from 54 yards out. He could quite easily have wavered after that first one, but his second one was just as straight. Not only is he 100% so far this season, but can't remember a single FG which didn't split the uprights perfectly.

Not sure I can remember many better fifth round picks made by us.

I counted 3 other int's that our d missed sunday. Love the ball hawk approach by our defense! Jordan HAS to wrap up Luck on that would be sack. He will catch hell in the film room for that. Got to get that cleaned up before we face big ben down the road. Im not worried about atlanta. They have NO running game and matt ryan doesnt have the arm to squeeze in those tight throws Luck was making. The D is gonna come after ryan pretty much every play.

Coyle really needs to stop dropping DE's into coverage (Jordan excepted) as both Cleveland and Indy burned the defense with that silly scheme.
I hope Jordan can be the starter at RDE soon, as Vernon has been a serious liability against the run and has never been able to rush the passer. Or at least start Shelby and have Jordan come in on passing downs.
One thing for sure, the 3rd pick in the draft needs to play more each week. Starting this week against Atlanta.

The league is adjusting to the read-option by smacking the QB whether he hands off the ball or not. I am glad Tanne is more of a pocket passer. NFL history shows that teams with running QB's do not win the Super Bowl - Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Flacco, Manning, Rothlisberger are all pass first QBs who either don't run at all or run only when they have to.

As much as I hate Luck, I have to give him credit. He is just like Big Ben, tough to get down.

The only fly in the ointment, the lone dark cloud, is the LT situation.

O/wise things are Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good!

Especially in the context of the past 7-10 yrs.

read a few posts but not many, so just a few random rambles--obvious but gotta cut down on the sacks, TH is not gonna make it getting hit so much over the course of the season--still maintain that our first few draft picks should focus on OL & DL--gotta shore up the OL--Grimes was hands down the best FA signing; seemed under the radar but I'm not sure why, dude is/has been a stud--should extend him, but thats definitely a risk--unsure about Clemons...Egnew seems on the outs, now with Sims in the mix and Clay improving--continue to feed Wallace, dont care what everybody else says....and what the heck is up with Jamar Taylor?--good player, they need him but its looking like he might be gone a good chunk of the year.

and I think the Jordan criticism should ease up....yes, frustrating but I'm sure (hoping) that they're limiting his snaps because he barely played in the preseason.....dont forget that--so his shoulder is still recovering, I'm sure his strenght and conditioning overall is not great--dude is catching up big time, so give him a break.....sucks, agree, but thats the reality...hopefully he's fully in the mix by midseason

zach was a 5.

Benz, I'm hoping Jamar Taylor is back after the bye.

On Grimes, I would wait until the bye to see how is doing (still healthy) and try to extend him then. He'll be 31 next season, but I would take a gamble and give him a 3 year deal.

next 3 games are atlanta, baltimore and new orleans. if we can win 2 of those 3, then we'll know if we have a "helluva team" on our hands.

very winningable game sunday. Plus sjax#39 may not play because of hip, he will b needed in pass protecting.N vernon has been none existent so far this early season. even though jordan has played sparringly he has shown up

agree about Grimes NeMo but he's gonna want a longer contract I bet--not sure if anyone will give him one but its probably his last big contract.....seems like CBs can play at a pretty high level into their early/mid 30s (which is strange considering its a speed/skill position)--love what he brings on the field and to the locker room.....will be interesting to see how his contract terms play out.

I want to see Coyle give Jordan some more snaps 17 snaps is no where enough. How can he even get in rythmn? Man im glad the FA are working becuse the draft picks all have been hurt or a non factor with the exception of Sturgis.

the baltimore game the biggest. could be all kinds of tie breaker stuff later on with them. another reason why colts win was so big

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