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PFF and Salguero look at Colts victory

It's Tuesday morning so it's time to look back at the tape of Sunday's Dolphins game. Miami beat the Colts and the folks at ProFootballFocus.com have sent over some tidbits based on their study of the game.


It was a very good overall day for the Miami offensive line. Only John Jerry (-1.2) graded out negatively for the day.

Salguero: This grade is interesting because I saw Tyson Clabo give up two sacks. Clabo is rated the No. 54 of the 67 offensive tackles according to PFF. Jonathan Martin is rated No. 42. I will say that the Dolphins made the best of a bad situation once Jake Long signed with St. Louis. Long is currently rated No. 11 among tackles by PFF. But you'll remember after that signing, the Dolphins flirted with signing Eric Winston and Bryant McKinnie. McKinnie is rated No. 57 and Winston is rated No. 63 so both are worse than Clabo so far. Interestingly, the Dolphins backed away from trading for Kansas City's Branden Albert. He's currently the No. 8 rated tackle by ProFootballFocus.   

The battle for snaps at No. 2 tight end was slanted heavily to Dion Sims this week. He took in 35 snaps, while Michael Egnew saw 9.

Even though Lamar Miller out-produced Daniel Thomas, Thomas got more snaps than his teammate by a margin of 36-30. Both gave up a sack in pass protection.

On throws 10 yards or more, quarterback Ryan Tannehill went 8-for-9 for 206 yards.

Tannehill feasted on Greg Toler, Jerrell Freeman, Darius Butler and Pat Angerer, completing 16 of 20 against them for 265 yards.

After two weeks, Tannehill has the fourth best  PFF QB rating. This takes into account drops, throw aways, and spikes. Tannehill is behind Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Philip Rivers.


There were highs and lows for the Dolphins on defense. Brent Grimes (+4.9) and Randy Starks (+4.5) had great days, while Olivier Vernon (-6.0) and Cameron Wake (-3.1) did not.

Salguero: The Dolphins had nine players with positive grades from Sunday's game. Linebacker Phillip Wheeler, who had the batted pass on a blitz and then sacked Andrew Luck on a blitz to clinch the game, was the third highest graded Miami defensive player.

Dion Jordan was limited to just seven snaps in Week 2, which is fewer than he had in Week 1. They were all in passing situations, as he dropped into coverage twice and rushed the quarterback 5 times.

Salguero: Things are looking up for the Miami defensive line if the first two weeks of play are an indication because Atlanta left tackle Sam Baker is rated 67th (also known as last) among all the tackles PFF has rated. Right tackle Lamar Holmes is rated 62nd. Folks in Atlanta are going crazy because Matt Ryan has been hit often the first two games.

Brent Grimes gave up four of T.Y. Hilton’s 6 catches for 84 yards, but was stingy against everyone else. He finished the day with the interception and three defended passes.

On tight end Coby Fleener’s 40-yard catch and run, Olivier Vernon was left to defend him in coverage.

Salguero: Whatever the Colts did to get that matchup, the Dolphins should address it because you can bet the Falcons will see it and try to replicate it.


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told ya benz they should of offered grimes a 3 year deal when they signed him. most in here didnt even want grimes. guy has always been a stud

BTW Wallaca and Hartline are going against rookie corners. Sherman needs to realize this and attack them. These corners cant cover Hartline or Wallace

MassD, I agree with your post at 11:47, read option is dead.

The Falcons will probably play the game of their life on the o-line. Isn't that the way it always goes down?

Before the game we always hear about some supposed depleted area or concern for another team. We all anticipate it going well for us but it always seems like the opposition pulls it together before the game.

I hope I'm wrong,( but I don't know if they're capable of this against the Falcons) but I'm thinking we might need to put up 28 points. We allowed 20 to Luck and crew, now we're going up against a couple of awesome receivers, one in Julio Jones that is very tall and can jump really well. Not sure who's going to cover him but we're still banged up and most of our guys are shorter. That leaves Carroll to cover Jones? Not feeling great about that one. I know he's played well but he hasn't played anyone with Jones' skill set. Ryan can just lob the ball up and that guy out jumps everyone.

We are still having trouble so far with tight ends and we're going up against Gonzalez. That's all that needs to be said.

So our pass rush has to show up and play a little better than they did in the first half of last weeks game. Atlanta will score fast if not and we can't let them get on a roll early. And I'm thinking 28 will be enough. Kind of worried about this one.

Dusty, they might have tried to offer Grimes more years at his current fairly cheap 5.5 mil. Grimes though might have wanted to bet on himself with a prove it deal.

Then again, Ireland might have wanted to go with the 1 year deal to see if he recovers from the achilles.

Eventually, Chip Kelly's offense will also go the way of the read option. Once teams figure out how to defense it, we'll be hearing Vick start complaining again about how much he's being hit and start throwing his patented interceptions. Just a matter of time. The formula is always the same: new scheme has success > league raves about it and copies it > teams find defense to new scheme > new scheme sucks now > back to football 101. Remember the Wildcat? Perfect example.

Mark that's "grinder" (grrrrr) of the week. ;) I had to correct you because I laughed when Gruden made his gggrrrrrinder face during halftime.

Agree on Vernon Spree, VERY disappointing so far. I hope he picks it up because the writers could not stop talking about him during camp.

Love the name O.J. McSnuffy by the way. Hope it sticks!!


Oh how things have turned around

vernbons never been good. didnt understand all the love for him anyways back in august. just cause they are rookies doesnt mean they cant play. they did very well vs saints

That's is how you prepare for a game guppy. I know I'm not playing but when I did play we would use Sunday to celebrate a win and then get back to work the next day. We would ALWAYS break down our weaknesses from the game first and foremost. And we would discuss how the next team could and would probably try their hardest to take advantage of it. And how are we going to get it fixed in practice. The coaches would be working on next weeks game plan and then we would get on the field Tuesday for implementation.

I'm just following that schedule because it's fun for me. By Wednesday I'll be talking about their weaknesses and how we can win the game :)

"Salguero: Whatever the Colts did to get that matchup, the Dolphins should address it because you can bet the Falcons will see it and try to replicate it."

The Colts O played max protect and then exploited single coverage when Miami blitzed. Miami's D adjusted at halftime, dramatically reduced the blitz, lived in nickel coverage and limited Luck to a FG.

Pick your poison, Atlanta.

1 point at home? That's almost a slap in the face. That's them saying a miracle will give them a one point victory so I wouldn't bet on them. Pffttt, I hope the team sees that today.

dusty....a longer deal for Grimes now looks like it woulda made sense but they may have offered him one and he turned it, hoping for bigger money.....but that wouldve been a big risk if so because they hadnt seen him play yet, to see how he was recovering from his injury....and we still havent seen him hold up for 16 games yet--tough call but I probably wouldve leaned toward caution too, because its a major injury--but can still extend him.....might just cost you a little bit more than originally--not a huge issue

Lunch is over, have to take advantage of this weather gentlemen so back to work. Have a great day

I know we've looked solid and home team gets 2-3 points, but Im still surprised by that line

All this Alex Smith talk..As I recall, he had 6 seasons with the 49'ers..And any time he showed a shred of promise, it was followed by an injury..Including last season when the Kap took over..My prediction for the Chiefs??? Start warming up your backup we'll be seeing more of the same from Smith this season.

Fraud, I saw that we are 1.5 or so point favorites agains the Falcons. Most of that probably has to do with us being at home.

Steven Jackson might be out. Jones is hurting a bit, but it didn't stop him. Roddy White is pretty banged up. Tony Gonzalez is off to a slow start.

Their fullback and Beirman on D are out for them for the year.

We have a good chance if the pass rush does well. It wasn't good enough against the Colts, but they might've been trying to contain Luck. Also, it did step up when it mattered the most.

As far as our corners go Grimes is a stud. Carrol and even Jimmy Wilson looked pretty good vs the Colts. Hopefully the cavalry is coming with Patterson and Will Davis returning next week and Taylor after the bye.

I think this team has a decent shot at beating the Falcons, which isn't something I would've thought before week 1.

3-2 going into the bye would be good and 4-1 or 5-0 would be excellent.

Phins.....a slap in the face?--cant be serious....we've looked ok and have been a mediocre team for awhile, so 2 wins (1 against the Browns) is not gonna earn us a ton of respect yet....while ATL has been good/great and is loaded with talent and should contend for the SB in the NFC--we're favored, and you think thats a slap in the face?--what, we're a juggernaut all of a sudden?

agree benz i was shocked to even see us favored, only cause atlanta is beat up

I mentioned this yesterday....positive or any media attention is mostly for us, not the players. They don't need it. They don't care about any line, as a matter of fact, they don't even need the praise or respect of of the other teams in the league....especially the ones that they play. A winning attitude shows up on the field. Players should only be concerned for each other, the coaches and the fans that come to the stadium that cheer them on. And in the end, if everything comes together just right, then they can hold up the Lombardi trophy and soak in all the wonderful praise from everyone.

MassD, you're exactly right. Chip Kelly's offense won't even last the year. By nature, it's inherently flawed for the NFL. It's success lies in pouring it on to a inferior opponent. In college, big gulfs in talent sometimes. In the NFL, not so much. Get a couple of quick 3 and outs, put a tired defense out there and before you know it, you'll be down 14. Just not meant for this level.

The game this week is a game that I feared before the season but the way the team is playing, I don't fear anyone right now. Peter King hasn't had the 'Phins in his 'Fine Fifteen' all year but this week he has them at number 5.

The Flacons are beat up. There's no reason in the world not to think we can't beat these guys. The tackles are WEAK, as Armando has pointed out and our pass rush has the chance to have a field day against them. Matt Ryan is very good but he needs a good supportin cast around him and Jones and White are a bit banged up and I'm not sure Stephen Jackson will play. On top of all that, has Assante Samuel played yet?

If the team continues to play as they have we are TOTALLY capable of beating Atlanta. How great would it be to be 3-0? We need to keep pace with the Pats who have Tampa Bay at home this week, in a game they should win.

I need to look at it further but right now I'm leaning towards the 'Phins.

I believe the Alaskan SledRiders play in the CFL - main rivals are the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

we shall see mark. eagles ton of talent on that offense

P78, I couldn't remember the stupid name Gruden gave his award - I couldn't bother to go back and look it up either. Gruden, another one who didn't have time for our franchise when we were at our lowest point. he can go suck a fat one.

Dusty... and very little on defense.... and do you really trust Vick to make the right decisions???

I agree with everything you said except for the your opinion that the Fins made the best of a Jake Long leaving.
Ireland failed miserably, sloppily, botched, bumbled the whole affair (including Long), and ended up with a left tackle choice that was clearly NOT in HIS 3rd best option list. Sorry, but he doesn't get a pass for handling a bad situation the he created, and got worse as he handled it.
The rest is about right.
I'm wondering if Clay is going to fall back to earth, of if he's had some light turn on for real.

Think it was Grudens Grinders.....and makes that chucky face...whatever.

Nice post bart at 12:27...

benz, don't sweat money or term. Miami has lots of money and lots of cap space .. continue this success and we could build a dream team here with the cap space Ireland has built up and Ross' money and eagerness to win ...

good times ahead...

I have to agree with Benz on this one. Sure we have improved, but haven't really put anyone away, going away. I still think we need to improve our TE coverage, it was dismal at best and Gonzales will eat us alive if we don't get it fixed quickly. I am predicting we finish out this five game stretch with at least four wins, the only loss I see coming is in New Orleans. I remember a few years back when we had a better team than now we got up on them by a large margin and completely fell apart in the second half of that game. That game sticks in my head as I write this post and to be honest I don't think we will have a good game that day, thus 4-1 into the bye week. I still believe we are a playoff team and a threat to take out the Patriots this year, but I still want to see more of that killer instinct that I know we have. Put good teams away early and often and by a large margin that is the ticket to winning the AFC East and getting some well deserved respect around the league.

agree mark eagles d is still terrible. vick has looked great, they wear down defenses. so yes i think the offense will be good at season, wont help though. they go 8-8 at best

FinzFan , I agree. Alex Smith is everyone's flavour but he's still like 28th in the NFL in passing yardage even though one was against the Jags. He's a game maanger, nothing more...

I havent thought much of Carroll but I gotta say that the guy has played pretty well so far--decent coverage for the most part, and an INT--I still see him as mostly a depth 5th-6th CB on a good team, and dont want to rely on him for long stretches, but solid work for him--hasnt killed us--encouraging.

true mark, he will help improve the chiefs big time but not to the pt they can win anything. wildcard is max for kc

Dusty, probably right. Offense will look good but won't do enough to protect their defense.

JS @12:50pm,

Sorry bud, I have to TOTALLY disagree with your comments. 'Ireland bungled the tackle positions'? He did? How so? Your plan would have been what? To pay Long the money he wanted? To trade for and pay Alberts the money he wanted? I don't believe either one of those scenarios were the right move. Neither guys is worth the money and I don't care what the argument is. We can get by with Martin at LT and Clabo at RT. Go ahead and pile on Clabo guys....GO! But I betcha by the end of the year it turns out to be a pretty astute move. He's struggling right now but we're 2-0 and way what you will, he's not costing us game. Funny to hear the Colombo comparisons. It's not even close in my mind.

NeMo@ 12:34
I agree with you 100%.
Prior to week 1 and even week 2 I wouldn't mention the Phins and Falcs in the same sentence.

Now I'm convinced we can play with anybody.

What that means is that we can be close enough to win in the 4th qtr and that is the best you can hope for.


On Alex Smith, if I'm not mistaken, he was the first pick of the draft the year we took Ronnie Brown at number 2. I was not upset all they we were unable to pick him at the time, in fact, I was relieved. Didn't think much of him coming out. My suspicions were confirmed when he made little if any impact the first couple of years. BUT, having said that, he's one of those guys that "came of age" so-to speak. He was making a strong impact with SF and coming on strong at the time he was replaced/relieved. The move to KC will not hurt him or delay is maturation as a solid QB in the NFL. Actually, I see him getting better....KC got a QB after a long wait.

In my opinion Ireland shouldv'e franchised Long AND STILL made all of the moves he made.

All it takes is 1 body slam to seperate his houlder and Tanne'll be out for the seasn.

After 2 games Bradford has not been sacked once, has thrown for 650 yds, 5 Tds 1 int.

If we had Long at LT and Clabo and Martin playing Rt & RG we'd be even better.

Nevertheless winning is king and the team Ireland put on the field is winning so Ireland is king.

andy, if ss didn't drop lux int. phinz win last season.

Posted by: 2 watt | September 17, 2013 at 09:10 AM

Yup, Grimes was the biggest difference this year. I've said it before on here, but Sean Smith was maddeningly bad last year vs Indy, just watching as WRs caught the ball, as if admiring their technique or something.

I actually am almost starting to think Carrol is for real. Think of it this way, why do we think hes bad? His first couple years he got torched. He was a rookie and a 2nd year player under Sparano.

Now he is in his 4th year and in his 2nd year under Philbin and his staff. We say on here we want players to get coached up and improved by the coaches. I think we have a great example right here in Carrol.

I mean a few different times I've said to myself damn nice play. Oh $hit that was Carrol? I think the guy is finally getting it with help from the coaches.

Wash....I've thought all along that we could contend for a playoff spot as a WC, and still do ("contend".....means 9-7 at least, and probably 10-6....I try not to get carried away)--i think/hope we'll be in the WC mix.....but have never thought we'd threaten the Pats this year--seriously threaten anyway--I think we will next year, so while the Pats look more vulnerable, they still have Brady and Gronk on the way--Pats are still a 10-11 win team IMO, so if we're threatening them that means we're a 10+ win team....I dont see that yet--I'd love 9 wins and be thrilled with 10....I just want to be relevant again and in the playoff mix in late Dec--and build from there

So, if this team is 4-1 or 5-0 at the bye week I want Ross to extend Ireland ASAP. Anyone agree with me on this? What a difference a year or 2 makes.

Good point Nemo....I was thinking the same thing. Consistency is the key for Carrol.

BTW, for all you folks out there who have been lamenting about no Dolphin love, they are slowly moving up in the power polls. I'd say that's all the love your gonna get...for now.

From profootballtalk, Falcons linebacker Sean Witherspoon put on short term on IR. Another injury for the team to deal with.

I really think Miami can win this with all these injuries.

By Ireland's own actions, Martin was not anywhere near the top of his wish list to take over at LT. Long was too expensive, all the other LT candidates were too expensive, Albert was expensive and costly. And there were several tackles that never even got a visit. Martin was option 4-5 maybe. So our starting left tackle is there because he's less expensive. Clabo was bargain basement.
If Ireland had made the stand and said that Martin was truly a great option unless something incredible falls in our lap -- then I'd say he's taking a chance, but one he believed in. But it's obvious he didn't from the start. He just didn't want to pay top dollar for a top LT, and went through every avenue before settling with Martin, and then Clabo.
Disagree as you like, but I'll stick with my assessment.
There's two things IMHO that Ireland has botched badly, and that's the line situation, and the running backs.
The rest is a little hit and miss but coming around. believe as you like, but I'm pretty peeved about those two situations, as they were very fixable, and for longer than a year.

Hoping the same thing re: Carroll.....certainly open to thinking he might be decent/better after all, but he just looked so bad at times in the past year or two--young player, true, and a very difficult position....its all upside at this point for him, so even if he turns out to be an average CB, its a win--would be huge for CB depth if thats the case, if Davis and Taylor develop.


I don't agree with you on the Ireland thing. Ross gave him a couple of years ti improve, he needs some time of consistent winning before being rewarded. When is his contract up anyway?

I think we need to see how the Fins play in ALL 5 games, and then make some judgements from there--encouraging so far but its a brutal 3 game stretch coming up--if we can hang and/or win 1-2 against these top few teams in the league, now we're talking

No, sorry NeMo.
I give Philbin Croyle and Tannehill way more credit for taking good (not great) talent and getting them to work well together so far. Belichik doesn't have premium talent everywhere, and forms them into a winning group. I hardly credit their GM primarily for the Pats success.

Ireland has no idea how to draft for offense. That's a pretty big handicap (50%)


the halfway point, IMO, is good time to evaluate. The team at that point is pretty much what it's gonna be.

I think his contract is up at the end of this year. I'd give him another 2 years or so to see where it goes if he does well this year.

deaners we might be 4-4 but second half of schedule is much easier


Totally disagree bud. At the end of the day Jeff Ireland felt the BEST option was the go with Martin at LT and Clabo at RT and in my mind he made the right call. How would you rather it had played out?

If Long or Albert are here for the next 3-4 y3ars you can forget about re-signing Sarks or Soliai and Grimes. I'd rather have those guys than the tackles. No question.

If Martin bombs out this year (I don't think he will) then draft a LT in the first round come April and move Martin back to RT. Not the way it will play out but it's a thought.

honestly and unfairly, i've always been a little slanted against Carroll.....because he was the player we took with the 5th round pick we got in the Ginn trade (I'm pretty sure anyway)--so I've always seen him as basically the equivalent of our "9th pick in the '07 draft"--thats what we have to show for that pick....brutal pick and not Carroll's fault, and at least he's contributiong--but knowing Willis and Revis were taken soon after....stings when I think of Carroll


Not sure how you're getting Martin as 4th or 5th option. Did Ireland EVER say that? And why did he have to come out and say Martin was his guy? What advantage does that serve the 'Phins. If he learned anything from Parcells it was hold your cards close to your chest.


No way you franchise Long. No way! And pay him what? $12-13 mil a year? And do what with Starks? Let him walk for nothing? I don't think you guys have thought this through properly. Long based on his play last year was not worth franchising.

'No sacks so far'? Like Bush, let's see how it all plays out before we start with this 'big mistake' talk.


On your assessment of Ireland...

"Nevertheless winning is king and the team Ireland put on the field is winning so Ireland is king".

It seems you almost cringe when you have to give Ireland props. But to frame it: as we both know, Ireland is not king, but he has put this team together and if the team keeps winning well then he deserves the credit. I've always thought he's giving his best effort and I believe it's beginning to show. BTW, IMO, Long not durable=no big money.

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