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PFF and Salguero look at Colts victory

It's Tuesday morning so it's time to look back at the tape of Sunday's Dolphins game. Miami beat the Colts and the folks at ProFootballFocus.com have sent over some tidbits based on their study of the game.


It was a very good overall day for the Miami offensive line. Only John Jerry (-1.2) graded out negatively for the day.

Salguero: This grade is interesting because I saw Tyson Clabo give up two sacks. Clabo is rated the No. 54 of the 67 offensive tackles according to PFF. Jonathan Martin is rated No. 42. I will say that the Dolphins made the best of a bad situation once Jake Long signed with St. Louis. Long is currently rated No. 11 among tackles by PFF. But you'll remember after that signing, the Dolphins flirted with signing Eric Winston and Bryant McKinnie. McKinnie is rated No. 57 and Winston is rated No. 63 so both are worse than Clabo so far. Interestingly, the Dolphins backed away from trading for Kansas City's Branden Albert. He's currently the No. 8 rated tackle by ProFootballFocus.   

The battle for snaps at No. 2 tight end was slanted heavily to Dion Sims this week. He took in 35 snaps, while Michael Egnew saw 9.

Even though Lamar Miller out-produced Daniel Thomas, Thomas got more snaps than his teammate by a margin of 36-30. Both gave up a sack in pass protection.

On throws 10 yards or more, quarterback Ryan Tannehill went 8-for-9 for 206 yards.

Tannehill feasted on Greg Toler, Jerrell Freeman, Darius Butler and Pat Angerer, completing 16 of 20 against them for 265 yards.

After two weeks, Tannehill has the fourth best  PFF QB rating. This takes into account drops, throw aways, and spikes. Tannehill is behind Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Philip Rivers.


There were highs and lows for the Dolphins on defense. Brent Grimes (+4.9) and Randy Starks (+4.5) had great days, while Olivier Vernon (-6.0) and Cameron Wake (-3.1) did not.

Salguero: The Dolphins had nine players with positive grades from Sunday's game. Linebacker Phillip Wheeler, who had the batted pass on a blitz and then sacked Andrew Luck on a blitz to clinch the game, was the third highest graded Miami defensive player.

Dion Jordan was limited to just seven snaps in Week 2, which is fewer than he had in Week 1. They were all in passing situations, as he dropped into coverage twice and rushed the quarterback 5 times.

Salguero: Things are looking up for the Miami defensive line if the first two weeks of play are an indication because Atlanta left tackle Sam Baker is rated 67th (also known as last) among all the tackles PFF has rated. Right tackle Lamar Holmes is rated 62nd. Folks in Atlanta are going crazy because Matt Ryan has been hit often the first two games.

Brent Grimes gave up four of T.Y. Hilton’s 6 catches for 84 yards, but was stingy against everyone else. He finished the day with the interception and three defended passes.

On tight end Coby Fleener’s 40-yard catch and run, Olivier Vernon was left to defend him in coverage.

Salguero: Whatever the Colts did to get that matchup, the Dolphins should address it because you can bet the Falcons will see it and try to replicate it.


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So! Bierman out for year, weaherspoon on shor term ir & now Jackson out 2-4 weeks?

This "tough" part of the schedule is shaping up nicely! 1 more win out of these next 3 & the playoffs are a REAL possibility!

Deaners, I think Alex Smith is the modern day Trent Dilfer or Elvis Grbac. If you think he's something more, of course you're entitled to your conviction but I could take him or leave him ....

dusty....hate to see that "second half of the schedule is easier"....it looks like it on paper, agree, but you know how that goes....Jets are never an easy sweep (rarely in fact), still have to play the Pats twice--Bills look improved and its a division rival, so no gimme...we're just not consistent enough yet--last year we beat playoff teams CIN and SEA, but lost to donkeys like Arizona, NTJ and BUFF--few games are easy in this league

Daytona, where is Daytona? Armando banned him.

I would have rather him been serious about finding a premium replacement. Pro-bowl replacements don't come cheap. He cheaped out. Other teams went after their men and signed them. Ireland played flea-market haggler.
And at the VERY end of the day (man many days long) Martin was the best choice left. Come on man, you being a little too rosy here. No where did Ireland show/say/express faith in Martin as a left tackle until the options were gone. I'm not making this up.
He actually was planning on signing any of the above FAs, and was considering the Albert trade, but the prices just never got him where he wanted to be. So if the prices DID come down, and we got McKinnie, or whoever else at LT, would you now be saying he did the right thing?
The only reason none of those guys including Long weren't signed was price.
And yeah, I would've rather had Long back. He was a leader, and when he played well was pro-bowl caliber. You don't let those people go unless they prove they can't play anymore. Replacing them is far more difficult.

ETF, you do realize franchising Long would've cost the team $15M in cap room and eaten up everything we have remaining and unable to roll forward to next year. So waht's $15M - consider, we added Wallace, Wheeler, Grimes, Ellerbe, Keller, Grimes, and Clabo with about the same amount of cap space. Franchising Long was never an option and I do believe that both Chad Pennington and Chad Henne and Pat White all had injuries that knocked them out for the year with Long as a LT. It's not a guarantee against injury.

agree about a few recent comments about Long, lets see how it plays out over time..love the guy, hated to see him go (got a little ugly at the end unfortunately) but was not comfortable paying him 10 mill/yr, with a 4-5 yr contract--his injuries were too much of a concern...not saying Martin is the best answer but there was no great choice/option there--bottom line is we have to improve our OL, and maybe that includes LT, but dont think signing Long to that type of deal made sense--even if we drafted Lane Johnson, we dont know that he woulda been ready to step in at LT immediately

agree on long he was garbage sure just like bush he will be hurt soon

benz not saying any game is easy. but second half of schedule is much better than this unreal first half

agree on long he was garbage sure just like bush he will be hurt soon

Posted by: dusty bottoms | September 17, 2013 at 01:47 PM

Bush is already hurt.

JS, you credit Tannehill for the offensive improvement but say Irelnd doesn't know howto draft offense?

Wasn't it Ireland who drafted Tannehill when so many were saying to pass for some linebacker or DT???

thill has the look of a 10 year starter here at least

I will follow Today's practice now. Just got back from the Clinic, have nothing to do now.


Never thought much for Grbac and never got a good read on Dilfer, that SB win throws a wrench in the spokes about him...if it wasn't for that TB defense.....anyway smith is 29 and young enough to improve more than he already has. I'm seeing upside here.

oscar masturbation and a chipotle burrito should help

The money not spent on franchising Long will be rolled over to next seasons free agency. There we can resign players like big Paul, Grimes, Starks, or other quality free agents.

Ireland offered Long a fair deal and it got turned down. I think he made the right call on this one. O-line and rb look like they might be the only question marks. TE I was concerned when Keller went down, but Clay has been damn good so far.

smiths a free agent after season. rumor here in kc is they will let him leave and chase josh freeman

Back from the clinic?? STDs check out negative???

Mark, Ireland should have taken a flyer on Mallett the year before. He was almost forced to reach for Tannehill.

Not sure it was a reach but, many thought so. Had he not taken the QB he risked losing the entire fan base except a few people on this blog.

I am sure glad he took hm. To me, his biggest weakness is holding the ball too long & waiting to long to try to escape the pocket.

He's got the wheels but, isn't using tem. He should be feeling the heat sooner & trying t at least gain a few yards and not take so many sacks. At least 3 of the 9s given up are a result of Tanny not feeling the pressure or holding the ball too long.

I don't like spicy food and the other thing is strictly at nights.

LOL, I agree he should've taken someone the year before but it's turning out pretty good. Looks like he woke up in time to save his job ...

I don't agree with people saying Ireland can't draft offense.

Just starting from 2011 since Parcells was gone he's drafted Tannehill, Pouncey, Clay, and Miller just off the top of my head.

Maybe I'm a stupid homer, but I really do like what Ireland has done here lately. Remember, no one can hit 100%

You know if this team squeaks into the playoffs they'll get clobbered 62-7.

Yes, PHILLIE came up -.

dusty, trade 2 seconds to let the guy walk after one year? I find that hard to beleive. And Freeman is garbage. They may be able to sign him for the league minimum next year...


I'm thinking coaches are preaching pocket awareness to Thill. If he learns this it will make him even more efficient and then you will see him take off when he needs to.

if so they will mark. freeman is from right down the street here. reid wants a big arm and smith sure doesnt have that. after they go 9-7 with a great d they will want a qb


No day wanks? Whats wrong with a little afternoon delight?

It was well publicized that it was Ross that drafted Tannehill not Ireland. Dolphin fans know this.

24 year old qb with a gun for an arm def wont get paid the league min

I don't know, Mark, some guy named Chirino here.

I'd still draft a TE (again!) if a quality guy is there--Sims and Clay are promising but hard to know if much more--still gotta upgrade that position

I agree Mark,trading for Alberts would have been a bad rental. A pricy rental! I think we get a RT either in RD 1 or RD 2 next year!

Congratulations on winning this week. Looks like Poizen and I are top of the class, till I knock him on his.... LOL

Mark, I figured someone would try to stick that round peg in the square hole.
Out of 5 drafts, and Ireland has picked a grand total of three quality starters on offense. Tannehill (who is improving, but still not a certainty), Hartline (steady but not star) and Pouncey.
As good as Pouncey is, I still disagree with taking a center that high in any draft. I really know of none that have been taken that high. If we had taken Dalton or Kaepernick that draft, would anyone have whined that we missed out on Pouncey?
Tannehill was the crowd choice, and Sherman's choice, so Ireland picked him, and did his job. If he passed on Tannehill, there was Russell Wilson hanging around, or Cousins. So technically he could've picked another star first round, and still got a franchise QB. He did his job with Tannehill. But I see nothing to applaude him for except NOT screwing it up.

Ireland is good at finding sleeper UFA talent, and some useful players late rounds on defense, and some pretty good D talent overall in the draft.
Can't draft receivers, or backs, or TEs, and has missed on most lineman picks.

btw, I'm sure someone will argue Clay, or Martin for good offense starters. Clay was on the garbage heap a few weeks ago - so long way from proven. And Martin is serviceable currently, but no one is talking quality yet.

Some folks will just never be...ahh...satisfied...

I don't know, I always feel better at nighttime.

Hey Nat,

Why did they take your name off the weekly tailgating party at the stadium?

JI haters gotta hate...no matter what!!!

You know who I was very impressed with in the D backfield where he was a presence and a force last Sunday? (let me not say his name in case I jinx him as he is not that talented to begin with), CC.

dusty, yeah that's the thing with Smith. Always safe, stable but not enough to overwhelm. Seldom carries an offense.


Sho you right!! Chris Clemons is turning into a really good safety. Ireland needs to go ahead and extend his one year contract!!

I wonder if Dusty still thinks the Ravens are "loaded"

JS, how is it putting a square peg in a round hole???

You do know that anyhting beyond a 2nd round pick has very long odds of ever being a starter in the NFL, right??

yes, he missed on Pat White and Daniel Thomas in the first two rounds. But Chad henne is still starting in this league. martin looks like a long time starter. Jake Long is a four time pro bowler, Tannehill and Martin look like they will be around a long time.

To say that he CAN'T draft offense is really stretching it....

Cousins is a franchise Qb now??? JS... come on now...

Don't get angry but Tannehill may end up having a better career than Wilson or Bob. May be on par with Luck or in some stages of his career even better. You never know ...

But no fear JS, Isaako Aaitui is back... I knwo you missed him.

Better than gun control, better Mental Health available.

Man!! I sure hope Big Paul is alright. We cant have him go down. At least we have good depth there! Jamar Taylor and Will Davis need to get healthy, so we can dump RJ Stanford and re-sign either Kheeston or AJ francis

Revis stirring the pot in Tampa ... didn't take long


How so?

Looks like no Big Paul practicing today. Definitely a blow, but Odrick and Starks will start with Vaughn Martin filling in. I guess thats why Starks was tagged. Hopefully Paul is ok though we really need him.

rdubs, Francis is a Patriot.

Big Paul looks ok but may be out a couple fo weeks it appears. Atlanta and New Orleans are more track meet games anyway ....need him back for Baltimore...

Mark, dude, sorry but I'll simply have to quit here.
You're going Henne on me to defend a position.. time to bow out, or this gets silly ;)

Look guys, it's simple. I love my Fins, and I'm proud of their season so far. We have some pretty good players, and Ireland has done some decent things. But he's been terrible at other things in my opinion. He's the sole sore spot that I feel is preventing us from being a powerhouse. With him (and perhaps despite him) we're a competitor. But i feel we could be a juggernaut, and have missed it, numerous times.

So no need to defend our precious Fins to me. I don't think being a homer helps them win any more than being a pessimist. I'm neither. I'm trying to be real, and honest. And I honestly think Ireland is sub-par.
And I've given fair reasons.
And you disagree. I get it. And good for you. But I believe many of you disagree on the basis that all things Fins are good, and that anyone with a gripe against a Fins element must be argued against. THIS I am vehemently against. Being a fan to me means more than being supportive of every decision. It means occasionally speaking up so the team can understand that we the fans will not be sold a bill of goods. Like coaches expect the best from their players, we expect the best from our team's decision makers.
And we root them on every week regardless of agreement. But that does not change the issues. And so I address them. Even if it is to the wind.

rdubs, Revis don't like zone ... Revis likes man ... voicing displeasure. Not good when the star player plants seeds of doubt about the head coach...


AJ is on Patriots PS. We could sign him to active roster. But is he worth it?

And...queue Kansas...


Andrew Luck was 1-of-4 targeting Reggie Wayne deeper than 10 yards downfield Sunday, the first time in Luck's career he didn't complete multiple throws to Wayne at that distance.

DEFENSE!!! Take away what they're great at...

Not saying henne was great or even good but fact is he is still very much an NFL player and probably the best backup in the NFL or up there so it wasn't exactly a bust pick considering it was near the end of the 2nd round - there's been a lot worse.

JS, not being a homer ... I compared the Dolphisn drafts under Ireland to everyone else in the NFL. he's produced as well as there is out there ... not many GMS produced more starters in the first two rounds of the draft than him...


I have b een consistent in my posting here for 6 years.
Ireland drafts talent there is no question, some guys ultimately work out and some don't that goes for every team.

My problem with Ireland is that hist 1st and 2nd round picks leave here and we get nothing in return. Why does that happen? Because he let's them play out thier 4th year and then tried to negotiate when they are a free agent which is bound to blow up 9 times out of 10.

If you are an NFL starter, and you make it through your last year healthy then how can you not test the market?

Finally this has started to change: trading Vontae and BM; re-signing Misi and Jones before they get to FA. This is going to have a huge cumulative effect going forward because that means that every year the team will have 10 or more 1st and 2nd rounders on the team instead of 5 or 6.

As far as the LT conversation with Ireland, I TOTALLY agree with what he did. The first 3 tackles drafted are all playing right tackle, how ironic!!

Jake Long was money hungry and that was it. He was hurt every yeah and his play dimminished. Albert had a bad back and now he is hurt. They both wanted over 8 Million a year.

I agree with the gamble of on LT. If it doesn't work out, Ireland keys in of OL in the first and in FA.

Let's not panic yet.

Oh, and on Nolan Carroll. I saw the same things everyone else did. An average looking player that was expendable. I think it was Armando that said the coaching staff is very high on him and I couldn't figure out why. Now we know!! Good coaching!!!

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