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PFF and Salguero look at Colts victory

It's Tuesday morning so it's time to look back at the tape of Sunday's Dolphins game. Miami beat the Colts and the folks at ProFootballFocus.com have sent over some tidbits based on their study of the game.


It was a very good overall day for the Miami offensive line. Only John Jerry (-1.2) graded out negatively for the day.

Salguero: This grade is interesting because I saw Tyson Clabo give up two sacks. Clabo is rated the No. 54 of the 67 offensive tackles according to PFF. Jonathan Martin is rated No. 42. I will say that the Dolphins made the best of a bad situation once Jake Long signed with St. Louis. Long is currently rated No. 11 among tackles by PFF. But you'll remember after that signing, the Dolphins flirted with signing Eric Winston and Bryant McKinnie. McKinnie is rated No. 57 and Winston is rated No. 63 so both are worse than Clabo so far. Interestingly, the Dolphins backed away from trading for Kansas City's Branden Albert. He's currently the No. 8 rated tackle by ProFootballFocus.   

The battle for snaps at No. 2 tight end was slanted heavily to Dion Sims this week. He took in 35 snaps, while Michael Egnew saw 9.

Even though Lamar Miller out-produced Daniel Thomas, Thomas got more snaps than his teammate by a margin of 36-30. Both gave up a sack in pass protection.

On throws 10 yards or more, quarterback Ryan Tannehill went 8-for-9 for 206 yards.

Tannehill feasted on Greg Toler, Jerrell Freeman, Darius Butler and Pat Angerer, completing 16 of 20 against them for 265 yards.

After two weeks, Tannehill has the fourth best  PFF QB rating. This takes into account drops, throw aways, and spikes. Tannehill is behind Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Philip Rivers.


There were highs and lows for the Dolphins on defense. Brent Grimes (+4.9) and Randy Starks (+4.5) had great days, while Olivier Vernon (-6.0) and Cameron Wake (-3.1) did not.

Salguero: The Dolphins had nine players with positive grades from Sunday's game. Linebacker Phillip Wheeler, who had the batted pass on a blitz and then sacked Andrew Luck on a blitz to clinch the game, was the third highest graded Miami defensive player.

Dion Jordan was limited to just seven snaps in Week 2, which is fewer than he had in Week 1. They were all in passing situations, as he dropped into coverage twice and rushed the quarterback 5 times.

Salguero: Things are looking up for the Miami defensive line if the first two weeks of play are an indication because Atlanta left tackle Sam Baker is rated 67th (also known as last) among all the tackles PFF has rated. Right tackle Lamar Holmes is rated 62nd. Folks in Atlanta are going crazy because Matt Ryan has been hit often the first two games.

Brent Grimes gave up four of T.Y. Hilton’s 6 catches for 84 yards, but was stingy against everyone else. He finished the day with the interception and three defended passes.

On tight end Coby Fleener’s 40-yard catch and run, Olivier Vernon was left to defend him in coverage.

Salguero: Whatever the Colts did to get that matchup, the Dolphins should address it because you can bet the Falcons will see it and try to replicate it.


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I am ecstatic that it looks as if my Dolphins have turned a corner ... and realistically COULD possibly end up with a 12-4 to 14-2 record and an AFC East Championship.
I have to be clear I do have a few concerns moving forward...
#1 OL ... as my friend says its hippos in a ballet recital. I hope the corography gets better on the right side of the line because Jerry/Clabo have not been a strong combo on the right side.
#2 SS ... Every one slow down on Clemmons. He is average at best. He is the main reason TE's have been killing us (*** Fantasy Football Alert ... Start Tony Gonzalez this week ***) Everyone saw the dropped INT that CC had gift wrapped by A. Luck ... did anyone notice Fleener had destroyed him yet again on that play and was wide open in the End Zone and Luck Completely missed on that pass hitting Clemmons right in the chest (lucky for us he had a fit of inaccuracy). Make no mistake Clemmons is the Achilles heel of the defense.
Don't get me wrong ... I think we have the most solid squad fielded since J.T. and Zach stalked the enemy ... I hope we get better as the year goes on and overcome.

Craig I would have tried to sign Starks and let him shop himself. If the offers were too high letting him leave was fine. Odrick is not Starks but he is a starter and you have to give him the chance to start at DT. Letting Long leave created a shuffle on the line. Ideally we would have kept our line intact to help Tannehill. Franchising Long was the right option IMO, and I know his play had dropped off. A one year deal to keep the oline the same while we work in draft picks to that line would have been best.

Anyway we'll never know as the point is moot now.

Fins will win it on Sunday RT will connect for 4TD's 0INT, and defense will daze Matt especially w fancy blitz packages. Call Vegas. Money in the bank

pump the breaks!

Odin, really a one page write up on Alex Smith??? Who gives a fawk???

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 17, 2013 at 09:15 AM
Well, Alex Smith's Mother probably gives a.......CARES!

C'Mon Man, it was 5:00 AM, my eyes were bleeding and The Beam was running low. Cut a guy some slack.

Tough Crowd - Sheesh!!!!

Smifff did get a lot of PT in that post!!!



I'm missing your point, bud. You do realize the team is 2-0 after winning two road games, right? They have a chance to go 3-0 if they win this Sunday. And all you can say is 'Ireland must up with the tackles miserably'.

I would think if nothing else right now, Jeff Ireland can say he was 'right' in the decisions he made. At least give the man his due. He's being ripped continually on here for the last 5 years and he has the Dolphins at 2-0. At what point does he start getting SOME credit for the job he's done. I mean honest to God.....he adds Mike Wallace, Gibson, Keller, Ellerbe, Wheeler, Grimes and drafts Tannehill, Jordan, Odrick, Miller and Pouncey and all we get is 'he messed up on the tackles miserably'....gheez....

I've said it before, 'some of you guys wouldn't know how to be happy if you won the lottery tomorrow'.

Its called human evolution Odinseye and you cant fight it,but you can continue to post your views against it on this blog.

Posted by: KingShula | September 17, 2013 at 10:01 AM

Well, alrighty then, Thank You-LOL!

Really, what I was getting at is these Read Option types that get all the accolades because they win a ton of games IN COLLEGE. But they use their legs just as much as their arms. Then, when they get to the NFL, their legs are taken out or they're forced to stay mostly in the pocket.

That's when their real skill levels or lack there of are really exposed.

Steve Young did it in a good way. Randall Cunningham too, though he was more reckless. But these guys are the exception, not the norm.

I'm just predicting that these Read Option types and the GM's that sold the farm for them have a hard learned lesson coming their way.

It's been tried a zillion times and other than the VERY RARE exception, the players career is cut short and he fades away.

Certain Coaches and GM's have been trying to find the perfect mix of run and gun for YEARS! It's no coincidence that Michael Vick is about as close as they've come. Often injured and a day late and a dollar short.


I believe I have time and History on my side, but, We Shall See!

AJ Francis was cut by the pats a couple weeks ago he is on ps up there...

Craig most people haven't seen truly miserable line play from the Dolphins like some of us have. I forget the year but in the 2000s our line was so bad in a game against the Bengals they blitzed on almost every play because we couldn't handle anything. Now that was truly bad. Right now it's serviceable.

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