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Philbin: "We got a helluva team in the making'

INDIANAPOLIS -- Joe Philbin is a planner. He's a professor. He's logical. He's not big on emotion. Basically, he's a vulcan without the pointed ears.

He definitely showed the media no self-satisfaction in beating the Indianapolis Colts, 24-20, on the road on Sunday despite it being perhaps his best victory as a Dolphins coach. Indeed, near the end of an emtionless press conference, I asked him if he was even happy he won.

"Absolutely, yeah" he said looking away, "real proud of the guys. Can't you tell?"

His wife, standing off to the side watching the presser, was among those who laughed.

But just before that presser, in the confines of the locker room right after the game, Philbin actually said something that was interesting. Yes, he read his bullet points off his card to the players as he often does in his postgame speech -- told you he's professorial -- but when he turned away from his notes he announced to his players:

"We got a helluva team in the making!"

Read that again.

"We got a helluva team in the making!"

Now, it's one thing if that's outspoken Pete Carroll saying that because Carroll looks at a Kia and thinks it has a chance to be a helluva Cadillac. That also wasn't emotional Jimmy Johnson. That wasn't Rex Ryan bragging as has been his style.

That was understating, undemonstrative, stoic Joe Philbin going all bright future on us.

And that speaks ... No, that yells ... It yells volumes about what the coach thinks is the celing for his young team.

As I wrote for Monday's Miami Herald, the Dolphins aren't quite yet a certain playoff team. You shouldn't be buying Super Bowl tickets yet. But the Dolphins now are relevant. They are rolling and about to gain more attention because they finally have playmakers as the game-clinching sack by Phillip Wheeler (Courtesy a Joe Rimkus photo) showed.Luck sack

And they're growing and becoming a good team.

I'm an outsider and I can see it.

Philbin, on the inside, obviously thinks it.

This team is headed in a good direction. And by the time the journey is done, the Dolphins might indeed be "a helluva team."


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The game proved these guys can be the team the fans thought they could be as I said earlier. They are a helluva team. With room for improvement.

go finssssssssssssssss

This statement stands for so much more than just what it says = Build It and They Will Come...

grimes my new favorite fin guy is a stud

Yes Dusty,

I recall you talking up Grimes quite a bit after he was signed.

Awesome ,awesome win. Still wish tanny would step up in the pocket a bit more and RUN when he has a chance but overall great game by the team overall!

yeah many in here didnt want him. so glad we got him. great cover corner, plays way bigger than his size. 2 road wins, huge. keep it rolling

The 49ers and Hawks got to be the most physical teams I've seen in a while, get the feeling barring injuries this could be the NFC Championship preview. I know some will say the Packers and Falcons will have something to say about it but I don't! Neither has the D to hold these 2 teams in check. In the AFC the Broncos are making a statement dropping over 40 points in 2 consecutive lopsided wins, everybody waxing poetic on the spread O's and the speed they play at but so far Peyton looks on a real mission with maybe the best team he's ever had!

shocker bush already hurt again

I was wondering if Grimes would be able to come back after that Achilles injury dusty. The one year deal was the right deal, and now I'm thinking extension! He was a coup and dusty was on that.

Can't wait til our secondary gets healthy!!!..

shocker bush already hurt again
Posted by: dusty bottoms | September 15, 2013 at 10:56 PM

Yup no sarcasm there. Too bad he couldn't stay healthy.

Aside from 2-0 and both wins coming on the road, both teams play in our conference. Conference record becomes huge towards the end of the season!

Today's win might be the difference between us and the colts if we both end up fighting for that last playoff spot.

I watched the press conference right before reading this and laughed my butt off when Mando asked him if he was happy. Funny stuff. First of all Philbin's dry sense of humor is great. But Armando lobbed that one up to him so kudos to Armando for feeling the situation out and saying the perfect thing at the right moment. You could tell Armando was kidding a little and so could Philbin. They were like Laurel and Hardy there for a moment!

extension would be nice. his price is gonna keep going up

hallelujah! Sounds good Mando. However, the OL is still questionable, Ryan holds the ball too dang long and where was the pass rush for the first 3 qtrs.

2-0 baby!! GO DOLPHINS!!!

Philbin looks like the pope

Sorry, I don't know many great comedy duos who came after the 50s eventhough I'm only 40. Ha

T-hill had more pressure to deal with than Luck he still threw no INT's and made plays. He's only going to get better.


CBS could really use a professional sports director running their game coverage. More than once we are watching either a Manning brother entering the building in New Jersey or some stupid statue in a park, or replay of something that happened last year while there are live plays being run in the game.

There is NO excuse when you are directing the show during a pro sports game whatever the sport, and instead of showing live action you've got the camera on some stupid human interest shot.

If I were president of CBS sports today's director would be looking for a new job.

damn I'm Happy

My son and I were there. So were lots of other Fins fans. I'd say 5k at a minimum. It was precious. We didn't want to leave. Agree with the comment that Ryan holds the ball too long. Two sacks were on him. Running game was much improved. Great start to season.

Way to represent Matterhorn and family!

heck ya matt

...I am psyched there is real excitement for this team. We did a lot of good things right today. A lot of small things that I noticed that made me feel good about the team moving forward..1 We have done a great job of making adjustments the first 2 weeks. Week 1 it was the offense. Week 2 it was the defenses turn. Each had poor first halves, only to rebound with game winning performances in the respective second halves.

2..The offense took it upon itself to play well enough that the defense could have an off half.. Think about it. If it was last year..We probably lose this game. 24 points is nothing to get to excited about. But for this team it shows improvement. If we average 24 ppg..We probably win 10-11 games.

3..Caleb Sturgis at the end of the first half was ICE!...That to me was the turning point in the game..Seriously. That was huge for momentum. We stunk at the end of the first half of games last year...HUGE kick.

4..100 percent in the redzone this year 4-4

5..3rd down conversions..I know that the stats will say we were 40 something percent. But it seemed to me that when we needed a big 3rd down conversion Tannehill stepped up..I will say that one thing that worries me is our short yardage package. The season is still young, and we haven't had a lot of opportunities. But to me the unit looks like it could improve. If we play in big games. We will have to convert some short yardage plays to keep drives alive, ultimately win...

Lots of positives from the game today.

Hey DD, imagine what this team will be like when they put a whole 60 minutes together?

Our pass rush better step up big time or Matt Ryan will shred our defense next Sunday

No one is talking about Tannehill. All other teams talk about their QB's like they are Gods.

When he threw Clay open by throwing on his right shoulder, that was a great throw under pressure. This was a team win, no questions. But this team has a smart, dedicated leader and his name is Ryan Tannehill!!

We are only going to get better. Can't Wait.

I knew this team was going to be good. I just didn't expect it to be so early.

The Only games that have me worried are the Falcons and Saints game.

Ravens are a Joke. And I believe as a Team we are better than Cincy.

4-1 to start the season won't be bad.

Zero penalties to me is pretty darn impressive. That makes the other team have to earn all their yards and we are not helping the other team by extending their drives. That is huge and shouldn't be overlooked.

Matt Ryan isn't a sack avoiding ninja like Luck, Kevin. The heat will get there. We had 6 sacks against Cleveland. Our pass rush is decent.

You know you hear it from the coach you hear it from some fans but we been down this road before that, I wish I can have the confidence to say the samething but I don't can't trust this team yet....need more proof, Tanny playing better but still getting hit too many times OL allowing too many sacks and Sherman still predictable on offense, today mm y favorite part of this team defense worries me against the elite offense's today no pass rush and not enough pressures hits on luck against a depleted OL with two rejects and a backup on the OL protecting Luck...but I just hope its true we are getting better I need more time to really accept it time to reflect on it trust it takes time and patience...

You know you hear it from the coach you hear it from some fans but we been down this road before that, I wish I can have the confidence to say the samething but I don't can't trust this team yet....need more proof, Tanny playing better but still getting hit too many times OL allowing too many sacks and Sherman still predictable on offense, today mm y favorite part of this team defense worries me against the elite offense's today no pass rush and not enough pressures hits on luck against a depleted OL with two rejects and a backup on the OL protecting Luck...but I just hope its true we are getting better I need more time to really accept it time to reflect on it trust it takes time and patience...

The biggest Difference between Philbin and Spo.

The Team actually is getting better Game by Game. Season by Season.

Wallace's 9 reception were CAREER HIGH. Not just with the Dolphins. Even Wallace did something he never did with the Steelers.

The Running Game is only going to get better. The O-line is only going to get better.

It was Nice to see T-Hill had almost as many weapons as Luck. T-Hill actually has players to throw to.

The Pass Defense will only get better. N.Carroll has gotten a lot better. But J.Wilson is still suspect in coverage. Can't wait til we have a full set of CBs to play with.

dolphins Ray I'm the same as you, one week at a time.

Just cause you have Dolphin in front of your name it doesn't make you a fan. It just makes you Hypocrite.

Reminds me of the guy in Major League who at the start of the Movie is always Complaining about Vaughn. Then at the End is riding his Jock Religiously.

Must be sad to see life in general as always negative.

Wasting our time and yours with your useless banter.

Sporano couldn't develop players and make them better. Also he played so damn conservative and scared. The fist pumping field goals thing was the worst. My wife and I still over celebrate field goals in mocking tribute to Sporano.

Hey Dashi we haven't been good in a while and we have all seen fast starts by our team only to see it not last. Lay off he's just looking at it a glass half empty.

Again no disrespect of my team but its been too many years getting my heart broken tears running down my face because of the same lousy team year in and year out
Just need time to trust this team again...can't afford to trust now and than get my heart broken from your first true love...

Glad Mando is finally getting this blog cleaned up.

..Dashi. People are ripping Jimmy Wilson. I saw the game too. I'm not defending him because he is a Montana guy. But people are blaming Wilson for the first TD..Not even close..That was Reshad Jones mistake. Wilson gave up a big play to Wayne on the last Colt drive. But Wayne was a non factor out of the slot(I'm surprised the Colts moved Hilton to the outside in favor of Wayne)..Wayne had 5 catches today..Hardly a game changer. Hilton had 2 catches against Wilson. But most of his damage came against Grimes. Take away the amazing catch and Hilton has a pedestrian day as well..

Teams are going to make plays..We aren't going to cover everyone every time..I would bet(and I could be wrong, actually I would like to know) I would bet Wilson grades out higher then Reshad Jones in todays game..

I feel sorry for Mr. Salguero. He has to waste part of his Sunday to come on here and put certain Idiots in their place.

It is a shame.

Something has to be seriously wrong with a person that constantly Agitates others for no apparent reason than just for attention.

Again, certain people need to find real human interaction. Instead of being locked in a room all day like a Hobbit, and using this blog as its only source of social interaction.

Matter of Fact, I won't even say Certain People. We have 2 people that use this place for the above purposes.

Dark oak,

I understand being Cautious.

But Buddy has been complaining every time he posts.

I understand if you want to criticize.

But when all you do is Criticize. Then I have a problem. Specially with the way I feel about the Dolphins.

You can talk about Dashi all you want. But when you start rambling on and on about the Dolphins Sucking. Then Dashi has a Problem.

Seriously, every time. Is Dolphins aren't doing this. This guy Sucks. The Coaches Suck.

If they suck so much go cheer for another team.

It was getting to the point that I couldn' stand to come here any more because one person posting under 18 names, on the same page, made it so horrible.

Thank you Mando for takng back the blog for us.

Well Dashi, Armando is getting it done. He mentioned today it was two people causing the problems. And he's consistently cleaning them out. I would expect most of them will lay low soon.

That said everyone that fights back against those guys should take this opportunity to clean up their own game, and make sure we make this blog as inclusive as possible.

Darkoak. Thanks. You know where I'm coming from, since Dan and Shula days its been heart break after heart break....just keep wining dolphins and people like me so called hypocrite will come back and start trusting you believing and this blog will be like the Heat blog all positive..


one person posting under 18 names, on the same page, made it so horrible.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | September 16, 2013 at 12:02 AM

LMAO. OK Kettle


I'm not ripping J.Wilson. I just know he isn't our best CB. He is a great special team player and good as a rotation player. But when J.Wilson is on the field for long periods of time his warts start showing.

Once we get back D.Patterson and Our 2 rookies get healthy, I expect to see less of Wilson on the field. We have a pretty good secondary most of them are just hurt right now.

I was listening to Griese on the Radio while I was watching the game. He was explaining the same thing.

Had to lower the volume on the TV and put the Radio on. Can't stand listening to D.Fouts Complain.


Are you baiting me to list all the names you've used in the last 24 hours?


Talk about football in here.
Then thank goodness Mando cleaned up the blog, it's so refreshing.

I've used only this name for the past 6 months.
That is why I am still here and the real culprits have been banned.

Dark oak,

Totally agree. I'm doing my best trying to avoid the Trolling. And You know the Trolls Love Dashi.

Heck, I was reading past the last couple of pages and someone just posted Dashi and nothing else. That was a little disturbing.

We can all come here and act like adults. On the 2 posters bringing the Blog down. Pitiful. They don't get the message nobody wants them or their attitude here.

Seriously, I have said it before. If Mando was ever to Ban Dashi. Dashi will never comeback. I will get the message.

Also I spend 5-10 minutes in here 2 or 3 times a day when I want to talk about football for a minute.
So I don't know how many so called 'names' I'm supposed to have used in the past 24 hours.
I have no idea what you're talking about.

Dashi = Cuban

..Dashi I didn't mean that you were ripping Wilson.I just read some other stuff tonight on other sites that had me thinking that Wilson didn't play that poorly. I did notice when he came in the game Luck targeted him on 2 straight plays, then the td. Which was not his fault. Even the first play was a zone coverage that I thought was blown by the safety...Anyway I agree he is hardly our best cover guy, and he gets targeted because of the nature of the nickel spot. He isn't going to make plays like Grimes, but he is a good tackler(which is huge for nickel guys) and like you said..contributes on special teams. I will always probably stick up for him too much because of my loyalty to the Griz..lol

Did you hear - we won the game today.

Iman can't wait till Sunday to see the Phins take anoither step in the right direction
Great team next week can we compete against thee elite?? That is the million dollar question .


Dashi isn't just talking about the winning and losing. Buddy hasn't said one positive thing all day.

I even had to step away from the Blog during the game, cause I promised this season Nobody is going to ruin my game day experience.

I like to stay positive Specially during the Game.

If people only knew that thinking negative thoughts only brings negative stuff in your direction. The Law of Attraction. The Secret. It goes by many names, but it is all true.

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