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Philbin: "We got a helluva team in the making'

INDIANAPOLIS -- Joe Philbin is a planner. He's a professor. He's logical. He's not big on emotion. Basically, he's a vulcan without the pointed ears.

He definitely showed the media no self-satisfaction in beating the Indianapolis Colts, 24-20, on the road on Sunday despite it being perhaps his best victory as a Dolphins coach. Indeed, near the end of an emtionless press conference, I asked him if he was even happy he won.

"Absolutely, yeah" he said looking away, "real proud of the guys. Can't you tell?"

His wife, standing off to the side watching the presser, was among those who laughed.

But just before that presser, in the confines of the locker room right after the game, Philbin actually said something that was interesting. Yes, he read his bullet points off his card to the players as he often does in his postgame speech -- told you he's professorial -- but when he turned away from his notes he announced to his players:

"We got a helluva team in the making!"

Read that again.

"We got a helluva team in the making!"

Now, it's one thing if that's outspoken Pete Carroll saying that because Carroll looks at a Kia and thinks it has a chance to be a helluva Cadillac. That also wasn't emotional Jimmy Johnson. That wasn't Rex Ryan bragging as has been his style.

That was understating, undemonstrative, stoic Joe Philbin going all bright future on us.

And that speaks ... No, that yells ... It yells volumes about what the coach thinks is the celing for his young team.

As I wrote for Monday's Miami Herald, the Dolphins aren't quite yet a certain playoff team. You shouldn't be buying Super Bowl tickets yet. But the Dolphins now are relevant. They are rolling and about to gain more attention because they finally have playmakers as the game-clinching sack by Phillip Wheeler (Courtesy a Joe Rimkus photo) showed.Luck sack

And they're growing and becoming a good team.

I'm an outsider and I can see it.

Philbin, on the inside, obviously thinks it.

This team is headed in a good direction. And by the time the journey is done, the Dolphins might indeed be "a helluva team."


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..Dashi...On Fouts. That guy is a hornblower. He would do better to shut up and say nothing. We turned the sound off at my house. One reason to look forward to getting better is that we won't get the hack announcers for the games...Seriously. Usually we get covered by the CBS JV guys.

I can't wait to see this team against the Pats or the Jets! I know it's early to be talking smack, but I love to watch Belichick & Sexy Rexy Ryan when they lose! And, they're both gonna lose to this Miami Dolphin team...

In the meantime, Atlanta will be a bigger test than Indy was, in my opinion. Yes, it'll be at home, but now teams will have a couple of games worth of tape on us and we won't be surprising a lot of folks. Still, we have a lot of weapons on both sides of the ball. And, I think Sherman and Coyle have only scratched the surface of the playbook or what they have in store this year.

The team is getting better and better the more they play and the coaching is progressing too (just not as fast, in my opinion). Hopefully, barring any major injuries, this team will be firing on all cylinders come November & December; just in time for the playoffs!!! Yes, I said it...PLAYOFFS!!!



I know we won the game today. I'm not the one that is grumpy after a win.

Heck, you know Dashi isn't even grumpy after a loss.

Unlike some people. The Dolphins have been losing most of my life. So if someone should be skeptical about the team it should be me. BUT I AM NOT.


I might even say we are finally out of the Tunnel.

This team is only getting better. WE HAVE ONE OF THE YOUNGEST TEAMS IN THE NFL WITH A TON OF FUTURE CAP. And All our picks.

We will be better next year, than this year. AND THIS YEAR WE WILL BE PRETTY GOOD.

It's so wonderful for the real fans of this team and this blog to be able to talk about football again; all of that alternative life style talk that was going on in here was just in the wrong place.

Have you oticed how much better it is in the blog since Mando got rid of the trolls?

They play J.Wilson out of position. Wilson is a Safety.

What you have to love about Jimmy is that he brings it when he hits people. He hits like a LB.


Now we can finally get back to talking about football.


It has gotten better. But it still could get better.

At least for me.

My thing is after you have been banned. Why come back?

I wouldn't come back.

I would say have some self-respect. But we know those 2 lack Self Respect.

These Trolls are more Delusional than M.Sanchez.


Who wrote this article and what did they do with Armando?

This win was particularly gratifying. We overcame a tough opponent and the same old-same old Anti-Miami NFL Bias. Meaning the bad officiating that's somehow become a mainstay of our seasons lately.

Tannehill's knee hit the turf on the 4th down sneak. But nobody was touching him, he could've crawled downfield until somebody touched him.

The official even stated: I determined where the ball was when the player's knee touched the ground. Bad.....BAD officating at a pivitol moment.

We kicked Luck's ass, the dolts ass and even the officials asses!

It's GOOD to be a Miami Dolphin Fan!

..No doubt Wilson is a safety..I have been saying this since they drafted him. He still learning on the job how to play nickel..Think about this. Wilson couldn't start for Montana at corner, so they moved him back to saftey where he belongs. That is why I give him credit. He is hanging in there at IMO the most difficult position on the defense, and learning as he goes.


And Philbin is now .500 lifetime as a Coach. With the Needle pointing Up.

The biggest thing I've noticed with Tannehill is that he now plays huge to get ahead in the 2nd half. Late in the 3rd - 4th qtr he has played well enough to get a lead and get our pass rushers on the field to finish.

The play calling was good. I thought that the play action pass on 3 and 1 with 2:40 left in the 1st half was a bad call. It took too long to develop and I think we either should've ran it there or spread the offense for the pass. Otherwise not too shabby.

I think we did ok. Nit pickers should just pick nits.

Am I being too suspicious?
I cannot claim to have watched every minute of every highlight show, but I've watched plenty & it's remarkable how little attention the Fins' victory is getting.

I guess it just doesn't fit into the League's/Media's narrative that Andrew Luck is The Golden Boy, and that the Fins will remain stuck in the mud this year, as in year's past.

Tons of talk & film on every other game, but only brief mention of Fins v Colts, and RT's performance or the defense.

Guess we gotta keep on winning to get some pub from those lazy rat bastids on the tube.

Odinseye he was tripped up by the arm of a defensive player which is why his knee hit the ground making it a tackle. Once his knee hit he was downed. Not trying to be a wise a%&! That's just how I saw it, I thought it was a good call in the end.

I don't post here much but I read the blog nearly everyday. Anyways, just wanted to point out that according to NFL.com Miami has scored the most points in our division and are tied for fewest points allowed. I know its only the second week, but that is encouraging.

And I just watched the 'Colts only'highlights from the game on the NFL network. It was supposed to be game highlights but it turned into a Luck highlight reel. Sportscenter had "Luck runs out" on the banner and then ended the show before showing the story and highlights. And at NFL.com there is not one mention of the game on their front page. The bias is unbelievable.


On 3rd and 1before the half. Dustin Keller.

That play would've been converted.

I understand everyone feels they can call plays better than the Coach.

Dashi believes if he was the OC he could do a better job than Sherman Also. I would've had D.Thomas at FB. A long time ago. L.Miller and D.Thomas in the Backfield. With Wallace, Hartline and Gibson out wide.

But Sherman knows what he is doing. He is making sure that the offense knows what they are running before they get fancy.

The Offense is still developing.

Notice last week he had Wallace running Deep Routes, this week he had him run a couple short ones early. It is a process. Wallace also needs to run Reverses. But that will come with time.

The Run game looks better. Yes, he should've ran it more. But they still need to get their basic plays down. You can tell Sherman had a talking with L.Miller about making to many cuts last week. I think L.Miller made like 2 cuts the whole game. It was straight ahead running. Even on his TD sweep. It was a race between him and Vontae to the Corner. Not a lot of people are going to beat L.Miller to a Corner.

They need to do the same next week though.

We stopped A.Luck from leading a Comeback at Home. That was a good job on the Defense.

We were playing the Colts with only 2 CBs.

With all that said the Defense needs to play better next Week against Atlanta. We need all our CBs healthy.

The Seer you're not being too suspicious, it's happening and is totally obvious. I'm glad Im not the only one who see's it. But fine, let them keep underestimating and ignoring the Dolphins. Under the radar is fine with me for now. Tannehill outplayed their golden boy and their pouting. The team will just use the disrespect as motivation. And they could use every bit they can get the next couple of weeks. If they can come out of the first quarter of the season at 3-1 things could get pretty interesting.

I think the biggest difference from last year to now is how tannehill has grown up on the field. He's making smart plays and not forcing the issue as he did as a rookie. His accuracy and touch on the ball reminds me of a Phil Simms or Pennington but with more arm strength. Where are all the critics who bash Tanny each week?. How's that crow tasting

True Dashi, and hopefully we will get some reenforcements in the defensive backfield soon. Starting to look like we might not see much of Taylor this year but I hope I'm wrong.

Odin that wasnt the only bad call by the refs. That fumble that should have been a forward pass was horse puckey.


gotcha. it shouldn't bug me but it does. plus i'm outta town & watch the game sound off in a bar so i'd like to see OUR effin highlights & our big plays broken-down, etc, late-night.

hope the team uses the media's lack of respect as fuel.

Nice to hear that the coach thinks his team has a lot of potential and is showing it.
It was a nice game. Couldn't watch the whole 4th quarter, had to drive just before Grimes intercepted. Wow. That never happened last year. Deshawna Smith was just a bad dream because last year, that's a td.
Hartline made a tremendous catch in stride on an absolutely great throw by Tannehill. Wow again.
And Wallace go the ball. A lot. Loved it.


Do you remember commenting that you'd like to continue our "Getting Wallace Involved" convo?

I included the Bubble screen in a list of plays to possibly use with Wallace.

So, when Wallace's First TD Catch as a Dolphin was an 18 yard bubble screen, I thought of you and our conversation immediately-LOL!

I pictured us doing a couple of shots and High Fiving in the "New Era"!

It was only one game, but it WAS against a Playoff Team. It qualifies as AMAZING in my book! I've been trying to be serious in my predictions so far and I figured we could beat Indy solidly. That wasn't quite "Solidly" or "Soundly", but I'll take it.

PS: I'm going to need a little more time for my "Atlanta Predictions".

PS: How about my Favorite Darkhorse Derrick Shelby? He's off to a good start. Another solid game today. He's way ahead of where he was at this time last year.

Wake and Jordan get all the talk and attention. But our next set of DE's are both coming on like Gang Busters as well.

**AwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!**

It seemed like our defense played a simple gameplan in the 1st half and then threw everything at Luck in the 2nd half. Very smart.

Odinseye he was tripped up by the arm of a defensive player which is why his knee hit the ground making it a tackle. Once his knee hit he was downed. Not trying to be a wise a%&! That's just how I saw it, I thought it was a good call in the end.

Posted by: Phins78 | September 16, 2013 at 01:07 AM

Sorry 78, I'm feeling a little "Too Good" for any pesky little facts like that to get in the way of my Celebration!

LOL ;)

Who lives in Mad Dog's Town....YES, me....I met Mandich, spoke to him, none of you did.....I know, ergo I rule..

Hey Odin feeling better about Tannehill? Solid performance I thought considering the o-line play is spotty at best. I see improvment.

Nice to see the team find the way to win against an AFC contender in their house. Mind you we got them when their best RB was out but we have injuries too.

I'm really starting to like how this roster has shaped up. During Free Agency, The Draft and Cut Downs they made what I thoguht were some head scratchers. But, despite some injuries and situations, I really-REALLY like what we're working wth.

I do have to say though, of all the prospects, all the potential, etc, etc.....I have to give major props to a guy that I was the most unsure of. Tannehill!

He worked in the shadows last year and it was what it was. Since then though, he had a good camp and quietly put together a SOLID Pre Season. Then last week and ESPECIALLY this week, he was impressive in my book.

He only had 11 incompletions in 34 attempts this week. I believe he has 2 td's to 1 INT this season so far. Last week was his first INT out of his last 7 starts. And the Biggie Stat..........He's 2-0 on the season.

Since the day we drafted him, he keeps exceeding my expectations. He's come a long ways in a short amount of time. In my honest opinion, he's starting to look like a legitimate vet.

I remember laughing and shaking my head when I read what Sherman predicted about Tannehill and him being the most improved QB in the NFL. But I do have to say, Tannehill's doing his part. He's off to a Great Start.


Mondo I need an answer , how do the Colts get away with Tannehill apparently got the first down on 4th and inches , that was the call on the field , Pagano challenged , when officials came out from under hood they said the footage was inconclusive , it should of been the ruling on the field stands , 1st down Miami , we only needed inches we definitely didn t lose yardage , but officials just took a ball put it half a yard back re measured said we were short and gave Luck the ball , how do they get away with that ???? Not to mention two intentional groundings by Luck they didn t call, then Tannehills arm went forward and so did the ball , like the announcer said it don t have to be a pretty pass but it was an incomplete pass, but not in Indy , its a fumble there , can you please answer how they get away with all that BS?????


The 2010 Phins started 2-0 with a win over Brett Favre and the Vikings. Things were all warm and fuzzy at that time as well. The Dolphins finished 7-9. People thought the Vikings were a good team because they had gone to the NFC Championship Game the year before yet they turned out to be lousy that year. The Colts were the worst team in football two years ago, that's how they got Andrew Luck. Maybe they turn out to be lousy this year. The Dolphins barely got past a poor Browns team in a game where they simply could not run the football. Both the secondary and the offensive line showed problems yesterday that can't be fixed during the season. You also had a chance to see why Clabo was kicked to the curb. Grimes made a nice play but he won't last the season, no one coming back from his injury ever has. Still a mediocre team that will never win squat.

Phins get no respect. Many national sports radio talking heads are calling the win a fluke...even laughing at the loser Phins.

Solomon Wilcots will be calling next weeks game.

Enjoy 2-1.

Woodshed Gang,

"Very Smart"

Unlike your armed forces brothers eh ?

Still laughing about "Tractor Boy"

Takes a lot of intelligence to drive a tractor.

This was a huge win. Yes, some improvement needed in some areas. But they are on the rise. If they can stay healthy, and continue to grow, then good things will continue to happen.

What I also find amusing, are these fans coming on here and singing the praises of the team. However, it will be short lived once the team loses.

You all sit here and act like you are true fans, but your true colors will show and you will be back to the fire Ireland chants and how bad the team sucks, once they start to lose a game or two.

True fans will stick with them and will handle the losses like we always do. With class. But the fickle fans, will prove there is no pleasing them and will only be satisfied when the team is up to their own standards.

Great win. I didn't like the way the Mike Wallace thing was being handled, but the media cleaned it up. Don't mind dolphin ray, he's a die-hard fan, I feel his pain. But this is a totally different team from the previous regimes. Matt Ryan is not as elusive as Luck so we should have more sacks. I'm lovin the defense. Brent Grimes is the deal. The only thing is the o-line needs to step up. And we could use another RB. The biggest surprise to me is Kevin Coyle, I wanted to keep the 3-4 but I'm definitely sold on this defense.

There is still room for regression. We Dolphins Fans have been thru all and know it so. I remember in Saban's first year here we finished with about 6 straight wins and there were high expectations coming into the new Season. Even Shula said, I think he's got them headed in the right direction. Then,,,complete disaster, even Saban left. So, call me in about 2 years and I will tell you if we have a helluva Team or not.

No penalties, man. Outtasite.

Except for Pouncey, each of our O-Lineman gave up sacks week 1. They were stymied by the Browms front 7 too. I'll give the Browns D-Line credit, but still, your O-Line should never get shut down that badly.

A big improvement this week, but big worries still. I know Clabo gave up one real ugly drive stalling sack, I believe Martin did too. Tannehill was sacked 4 times last week, 5 times this week. Granted, we're passing the ball a lot, because of our bad run blocking. But 9 sacks in two weeks will make for a long season. At this rate Tannehill will be lucky to survive.

With the trade deadline coming up, Ireland and Philbin have some tough decisions to make. These Miami Dolphins suddenly look pretty competitive and that's been with some terrible O-Line play. Two weeks ago I wasn't even considering it. But as good and competitive as the rest of this team looks, I'm starting to think that they should explore a possible trade or two for some quality O-Linemen.

On a brighter note: Cam Wake leads the team in sacks with 2.5. Derrick Shelby(in very limited playing time)has 2 with 2 forced fumbles.

We're plus 2 in the turnover ratio and **WINNING**.

Finally, checkout Pouncey on Wallace's 18 yard bubble screen TD! He's Fvcking AWESOME! He gets out in front of Wallace and beats him to the end zone. The whole time he's driving the Strong Safety all the way out of the play and almost out of the back of the end zone!

You have to see the replay to really appreciate it. You can find it at miamidolphins.com.

Great win today all dolphins should be happy I know i am, and it is nice to see Armando giving our team some credit for a change

Looks like "SOMEBODY" awoke from his drunken stupor.

Somebody buy that guy a drink. It's so nice here when that guy's "sleeping one off" in a puddle of vomit and empty beer cans.

No doubt about it Tannehill is going to get hurt if the sacks continue, odin. He got hurt yesterday in an arm or hand, fortunately not serious. I saw Daniel Thomas late on a block of a rush that got to Tannehill. I don't think there is much that Ireland can do at this stage to improve the OL.

Better O play-calling yesterday, but with our talent, huge room still for great imaginative play calls.

Ray, no pass rush what game were you watching. They had 4 sacks on Luck, the last one was the most important, it closed the game.

All I want to know is where are the know nothing Phins fans that kept saying the Phins are the worst team in the league, Phins suk, Tanny's a bust. NO NOTHING is who they are, and you know who you are.

FIRE ROSS, hah there you are, a moron. Tell me which analysts are saying this is a fluke. I haven't heard a one. Are you making this up.......yeah you are.

"Time will tell. I really don't know," Dolphins linebacker Dannell Ellerbe said. "Hopefully, [pundits] at least acknowledge us. I know we still got a lot to do. A 2-0 is a great start but we still got 14 games. We can't go 2-0 and drop 14 after that. So we got to keep our heads down and keep fighting until the end to see where we end up."


Love the fact that the players feel disrespected by the media....just like many of us fans....should serve to keep them grounded...."keep fighting" Ellerbe said...that is a far cry from mr. "I'm the best in the business" Dansby...

Coach Philbin is right....we have a heck of a team IN THE MAKING....MAKING being the operative word Oscar....don't just read...fully understand, process, COMPREHEND....and then...and ONLY then....comment on what you read.....if there is any doubt.....look up the words you don't understand....or in the words of Coach HERM EDWARDS...."DON'T PRESS SEND"...or submit in this case....

The 2010 Phins started 2-0 with a win over Brett Favre and the Vikings. Things were all warm and fuzzy at that time as well. The Dolphins finished 7-9. People thought the Vikings were a good team because they had gone to the NFC Championship Game the year before yet they turned out to be lousy that year.

This isn't the 2010 Miami Dolphins, this isn't 2010 and ANY Viking teams are just as irrelevant. Completely new Coaching Staff, Roster, playbook, philosophy, etc, etc......

-You can **PRETEND** you're making points with your negative rant there fella, but your argument, comparisons......WHATEVAH-LOL, they're irrelevant and unrealistic.
= = = = = = = = = =

The Colts were the worst team in football two years ago, that's how they got Andrew Luck. Maybe they turn out to be lousy this year.

-TWO YEARS AGO.......ROTFLMAO? BHAAAANT! More irrelevant rantings. The Colts Lucked Out and got one of the best QB prospects to have EVER came out. He didn't disappoint!

-You're talking two years ago because it's the ONLY way you can **PRETEND** to make points. It's 2013 and as it stands, NOW-TODAY, The Colts are/were a playoff team. C'Mon Man-LOL!
= = = = =

The Dolphins barely got past a poor Browns team in a game where they simply could not run the football. Both the secondary and the offensive line showed problems yesterday that can't be fixed during the season. You also had a chance to see why Clabo was kicked to the curb.

-ROTFLMAO - No disrespect, but there's so much wrong with this, I don't know where to start. How about HERE:

-The Defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens just had **MORE TROUBLE** with them POOR Browns than we did. This is the problem with circular reasoning, it can always be turned right back around and used against you-LOL.

-As for our secondary, we just beat a playoff caliber QB and we made the plays when we had too. And we did it with one of our starting corners OUT! Your penchant for dwelling on 2010 aside, the last I checked it's 2013 and we started out the season with 4 int's in our first two games. You can **PRETEND** you're making points about our secondary, but in all reality, we started out strong and will surely get better as our DB's heal up and get more experience together.
= = = = = =

Grimes made a nice play but he won't last the season, no one coming back from his injury ever has. Still a mediocre team that will never win squat.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS | September 16, 2013 at 04:13 AM

-Yeah.....SURE "Fire Ross" except many-MANY players have come back and played at a very high level with basically no ill effects whatsoever. You didn't forget about the poster the other day did you? The one that answered you with all the examples of players who have come back from this injury? I believe the latest, greatest example he gave you was Adrian Peterson.

-Maybe you were in an alcohol induced blackout, maybe you're a jet fan, I have no idea. But sorry, your posts are ridiculous. The closest you come to making a point is in regards to the O-Line. Just the same, you go to far and blow this too. This O-Line can very well be fixed in season. For one, the O-Line has already shown improvement. We might even be able to pull off 9 or 10 wins with the Line we have. We could also pull off a trade to solidify the line. We're very deep across the ENTIRE Defensive Line and we're deep at QB as far as Matt Moore goes. We could also throw in a draft pick(s).

-I don't think we WILL make any trades. I just put it out there to show you just how far out in left field you're entire post was.......is.......Whatevah!

PS: How you like my Mad Copy/Paste Skills? Mid-Season Form.....Huh?

Thanks For Stopping By ;)

ALL EYES Will be on Dolphins/Falcons game. 2-0 feels great, but if they pull off 3-0 vs an excellent team, then all should believe. BETTER NOT BE AN EMPTY SEAT IN THAT STADIUM MIAMI !!!

I have written on here a few times that Tanne hasn't thrown the "perfect" pass yet....

Well according to Trent Dilfer on Dilfer's Dimes....Tanne threw the "perfect pass dime"....

There you have it...staight from Dilfer's mouth....out to the rest of the ESPN world...."perfect pass dime"....

and after seeing the pass a few times...I agree....

I think I can put that one to bed....or rather...Tanne put it to bed for me....


Fantastic win yesterday. We all know the D is for real. Huge upgrade this year in the passing game and Tanny is on his way of making a believer out of people.

Let's just be realists folks. Yes, there is optimism but the Oline is still a mess. And the running game? Suspect at best. Upgrade those two positions and the Fins will be talked about with the heavyweights.

One problem: There's another team that is vastly improved with at future star at QB- the Buffalo Bills. Don't overlook them

what the heck is going on?......I feel.......GOOD on a Monday morning

Fire Ross is a Jets fan who trolls this blog. Ignore him and his lies and maybe he will go away.

AWESOME! We needed this win big time. The only negative thing I will say is the weakest link right now on this team has got to be Tyson Clabo. Man he reminded me of Colombo. I think this guy is done. Might Nate Garner play better at right tackle?

Did anybody else see Dion Jordan's attempt at sacking Luck? He had a clean shot at him and he just runs up and gives him a shove and Luck takes off for a first down on third and long. Pitiful attempt at a tackle. I was still screaming at the TV until Grimes interception in the end zone.

I have to say Im Very excited!!! Im also enjoying my crow. I was wrong!! I fully believed in an 0-5 start!!! so glad to see some good expectation from my beloved Dolphins!!!!

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