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Philbin: "We got a helluva team in the making'

INDIANAPOLIS -- Joe Philbin is a planner. He's a professor. He's logical. He's not big on emotion. Basically, he's a vulcan without the pointed ears.

He definitely showed the media no self-satisfaction in beating the Indianapolis Colts, 24-20, on the road on Sunday despite it being perhaps his best victory as a Dolphins coach. Indeed, near the end of an emtionless press conference, I asked him if he was even happy he won.

"Absolutely, yeah" he said looking away, "real proud of the guys. Can't you tell?"

His wife, standing off to the side watching the presser, was among those who laughed.

But just before that presser, in the confines of the locker room right after the game, Philbin actually said something that was interesting. Yes, he read his bullet points off his card to the players as he often does in his postgame speech -- told you he's professorial -- but when he turned away from his notes he announced to his players:

"We got a helluva team in the making!"

Read that again.

"We got a helluva team in the making!"

Now, it's one thing if that's outspoken Pete Carroll saying that because Carroll looks at a Kia and thinks it has a chance to be a helluva Cadillac. That also wasn't emotional Jimmy Johnson. That wasn't Rex Ryan bragging as has been his style.

That was understating, undemonstrative, stoic Joe Philbin going all bright future on us.

And that speaks ... No, that yells ... It yells volumes about what the coach thinks is the celing for his young team.

As I wrote for Monday's Miami Herald, the Dolphins aren't quite yet a certain playoff team. You shouldn't be buying Super Bowl tickets yet. But the Dolphins now are relevant. They are rolling and about to gain more attention because they finally have playmakers as the game-clinching sack by Phillip Wheeler (Courtesy a Joe Rimkus photo) showed.Luck sack

And they're growing and becoming a good team.

I'm an outsider and I can see it.

Philbin, on the inside, obviously thinks it.

This team is headed in a good direction. And by the time the journey is done, the Dolphins might indeed be "a helluva team."


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@ I don't have a problem with people jumping on the bandwagon now as long as they know they have to it in the back.

FINS one of the TOP 10 NFL stories....

its a start....

I'm somewhat new to this blog, I'm having to refresh to get new comments, is this normal?

Great Team win yesterday! Looks like we have finally broken through the proverbial wet paper sack we have been trapped in. Still on the fence about this team, I have seen this before and was heart broken at season's end too many times. I am not going to get to excited just yet. If we get through the next three games on the schedule with wins, then I will be pleasantly surprised and will begin to feel that we have a very good chance of taking the division this year. I am stuck in the North West and having to deal with watching the Seahawks week end and week out,but thank God for live game streaming on the net.

I've never know it to be any different @ 10:09....

yes...kind of out dated....but it becomes instinctive...almost reflexive after a while...

EK, everyone writing off the kid after one year now have to eat their hearts out. Tannehill is 12th in passing yards and 14th in QBrating after two road games. Bright days ahead for Dolphins fans. He will be here a while.

Those who said we'd be draftign his replacement this April also have to change their tune... kid is real and at 25 has another ten years here ...

@ bubdolphin: click the permalink icon at the top of comments

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone can help. I can't ever pull up video on the phins site. Just stays blank. Anyone dealt with this and found a solution. The live representative only knows about ticket sales and I can't call anyone as I'm in China. Thanks.

As far as Boomer goes ... well too bad for you!!!

All those "experts" ripping the Dolphins offseason moves will owe Ireland a mea culpa very soon

That throw over the middle that Clay got 67 on was a thing of beauty. A frozen rope! I thought, damn, what an arm!


I may be one of the ones eating CROW....

but it won't be today....not just because of a 2-0 start....i'm gonna need a bit more body of work than that...

i'm optimistic that you may be right....but I have not seen enough to be convinced....let alone start talking about 10 years from now...

When that day comes...I will let you know....

a good first step might be a play-off win...but again...to soon....


and let's be honest...you may have ALWAYS been on the Tanne-wagon....but I don't remember you being such a STAUNCH Ireland supporter....

Your helping of CROW in that department may be a bit smaller than mine...but it is there waiting for you nonetheless...

HELLO LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I predicted on this blog a 23-20 fins victory last week & was 1 point off.

I wonder how many of you smarter & more talkative yentas even cam close to being right!

We will just have to disagree on that one. I think Bush was way above average but stuck on a crappy team. And he was a vocal leader and training nut that was respected by his teammates. But like I said, he's done.

I agree that the OL is the biggest issue by far,. Both postitions, and an improvement at TE, could be addressed next year. I just believe it will keep the Fins from becoming elite this year.

But I am much more optimistic that year's past. Just remember, we've been here before. And by mid-year we're talking about next year's draft. I am really hoping that won't be the case this year.

Kris, part of being a fan is optimism. I know that we have not won the Bowl yet. But you have to admit the coaches and the performance of these players does make you want to have faith.

they'll come out flat and get pounced by the falcons.
and then u homers can see a real qb in matt ryan.

if coconut can't go this^,will come into fruition.

Has a kicker ever been rookie of the year? He just keeps doing things rookies shouldn't be able to do, but thing veterans rarely do!! 1st was his very 1st kick as a pro. What was is? 58? At sea level! Then he made a 40+ yarder that actually got blocked! Crazy. The getting iced and hitting a 54 yarder twice?? If Jordan remembers to truly hit and take to the ground the QB, and starts getting more PT, we could have two ROYs.

Everybody knows...

I'm optimistic....

as far as the coaches go...I banged the drum for PHILBIN while the rest of the blog tried to crucify me for not wanting Fisher....anybody remember those weeks....I do....

So Philbin is the guy I wanted...and he gets my full support...

love the 2-0 start....but i'm not "crowning" anybody..anything yet.....

Lets take it one game @ a time....and I don't see any reason why we can't beat the Falcons....

Do you guys realize that if we hadn't drafted Jake Long we would be stuck with "Matty Almost"? And we wouldn't have Tannehill.

armando, stick 2 u'r guns, don't let these bozo's rattle u'r cage, u've seen this smoke screen plenty of x's b4.

Mark, I was driving home from New Jersey last night, and listening to Mad Dog (on Sirius XM) after the Giants game, and these fools keep moving the goal posts. So now, this "expert" is saying Colts are not a good team, and beating them is no big thing. He said Miami hasn't done anything yet and he's not "breaking out the pom-poms." Unbelievable. The guy wants to give RG3 a pass every week, passes for the Saints BARELY winning, talk about Buffalo's impressive win, but is down playing us beating the Colts.

I'm telling you, if Miami beats New England twice this year, every excuse in the book will be made that it was a fluke and means nothing.

Kris, up until 2011 I hated Ireland's drafts - hated them and had no problem saying so. I was beggin, pleading, on my my knees for him to get with the times and get us a QB and when he drafted Pouncey ahead of Mallett, Kaep, and Dalton I went on tilt.

However, I told myself and this blog that if he drafted Tannehill in 2012 then I would back off. He did, I backed off. Since then he's took off and got wiht the times. Got players on defense who are better at coverage and turnovers than stopping the run. Got players on offense to stretch the field.

I've had nothing but praise for him for a few years now. My crow was served and digested Thursday, April 26, 2012 when Ryan Tannehill was selected 8th overall.

Matty ice in the regular season. Matty gets iced in the playoffs.

Mark true on the Tannehill improvement. Give him a bag full of weapons and watch him produce. Clay really was my most pleasant surprise yesterday though. The guy has talent we have all seen it but he couldn't be consistent, and I was starting to doubt he ever would. The he plays a game like this an they interview him and all he talks about is the things he didn't like about how he played and what he needs to fix. I think Philbin is teaching him how to be consistent, that's huge.

Good attitude Chris.

We will be well served if the players keep your Attitude. I think Philbin will tend to that though.

tvegas, yeah I understand your concern. However, I always wonder whether there was behind the scenes reason why Bush wasn't brought back. I mean, would he have responded negatively to sharing carries more evenly with Miller? I don't know but always wondered that ... not like the money he got was crazy from Detroit.


lol @ the last part of your post.....

I can't eat my crow till Tanne shows me a bit more....but to this point....I am eyeing the piece of crow I want....

Very Happy with this team so far! Excellent road win, ran the ball well this week. Tanneyhill was very accurate and made some fabulous throws all day. Defense play they butt off even though we missed Dimitri Patterson out there as Colts Slot Receiver beat Jimmy Wilson way too much. Constructvie criticism......would like to see us be more alert like the Patriots get up to the line of scrimmage and snap the ball to avoid getting a positive play for us reviewed and reversed. Would like to see the 2 min drill ran with more efficiency....taking 35-40 seconds to get a play off is too long. Need to do better job covering the tight end....Coyle needs to figure that out before we play Brady that is our achilles heel on D. All in all happy with an important Road Win and seeing our QB growing up before our eyes!!!


I'm also in Bills country too. A word of caution on the Bills. Are we convinced the Pats are a god team? I'm not. Would we say Carolina's a good team? I doubt anyone would. So they ave a couple of close games ad sit at 1-1 today. I'm far from prepared to say they are the most improved team in football. They were big time underachievers last year, IMO. When they can play a god game against the 'Hawks or Niners then I'll believe.

Where we differ tvegas, is this idea that you need a good back in the NFL to win. Kris and Mark convinced me of this point a couple of years ago. I see the Broncos and Packers scoring aplenty every week without a top running game. The Saints and Colts come to mind too. I never said Bush wanted big money, i said i'd rather the money be spent elsewhere (think Soliai and Grimes). I think e can get by with Miller and Thomas. If its not good enough we upgrade in the draft in April. I don't believe Bush was must sign and I resent the comments from last week that he was.

Art, Coyle needs to figure that out before we play Gonzo next week.

Just got back home from Indy. Was at the game in the 20th row at around the 5 yard line by the Dolphins side line. Team looked good and had a great time. It was one hell of a game to be at I'm glad they pulled out the win.
I'll have a full long writeup later in the day.

Bottom line the team 2-0 and I think they can beat Atlanta at home.


I think thy can beat Atlanta too. Atlanta's beat up and we are catching them at the right time. I'll have to look at it closely but i think we have a chance.

Mando said in his tweet that Luck forced the ball and made some throws to the wrong receiver. That is because Tannehill put 14 on them quick and they were playing catch-up.

Also, Mando said Tannehill looked like he was better coached. WELL, thank you for that after saying that the Colts had better coaching. Little crow involved there too.

Dark Oak

Your totally correct we have a big test next week vs. Gonzo.....

Noticed on the last drive that Wheeler did a nice job covering the TE before the big sack to seal it. I would play the TE man to man with LB and strong safety help if he goes seam route no free release anymore and make the QB work.

Craig I would assume that a McCoy or AP would be considered a "top" running game. That said look at the stats sheet for the Green Bay game yesterday and tell me what stands out. The 4TD Arron Rogers performance or the over 100 yards rushing by Starks? As much of a passing league as it is you need a good running game always. Now I get your point that of you are a solid passing team you can win a lot of games by the pass. But look at the Saints yesterday when things got tough for them, they started handing the ball off the Pierre Thomas.

So you can get by with good running instead of great, but the run is still very important to the passing game and the better runner you have the better your passing game can be.

That said I think durability, age and not being able to run between the tackles is why Bush is no longer here.

I guess YG and his many names are having a big cry on his big pillow today after the Dolphins victory yesterday.

Tell us again about 'Tanne-bust' and how you've 'moved on from Tanne-bust and are all in for Manziel'.......you D-BAG!

Lets be honest. Before the season started the optimists were hoping to go 2-3 in these 1st 5 games. It is a brutal start. I now think 3-2 is not optimistic it it likely. The ravens look very ripe for the picking. Now we have the falcons who could be without s. Jackson and have a gimpy WRs corp. beating them is still gonna be tough, but we are at least getting them wounded and at home. No turf and,, hot and humid field conditions. Hopefully Patterson is back!!

But hey, according to Mundo we just beat the "best" WR group we will face this season in Indy without Patterson. He did say that before the colts game. He does know everything so it must be true!! So the falcons WRs should be easy, especially with Patterson in. Hopefully T-watt will get the sarcasm!!

Hey Craig, Armando told me that it was two people ruining the live blog yesterday and he's on it.

DC, I don't understand this unacceptance of the Dolphisna t all. before last week, everyone wanted to put Luck in their top 5 of NFL qbs and he could do no wrong (although I never had him higher than 10th). Now he's fallible, now it's no big thing to hold him to 3 2nd half points - now he's a midle of the road QB on a middle of the road team.

I'm not so confident about Atlanta but really confident about the Saints and Ravens - we will be 4-1 after that "murderer's row" - they will tell you how Brees has regressed and the Ravens are depleted ... whatever man ... we will just keep on trucking ...

Darkoak, Clay has really stepped up and seized the opportunity. Good for him - lots of respect for that. Don't look now but he's out-yarded Eifert and Cook (I'm pretty sure, but could be wrong here) among others at TE this year ...


AP is a freak. He's one of the best running backs i've ever seen. Problem is he can't do it by himself. The Vikes are mediocre and have been since he's been there.

Similarly the Broncos are scoring in bunches. And their top running back is?......

I don't think you need a Bush to win in this league. I think the brass decided that and i think they got it right.


That's great news on the blog. Fingers crossed something is done about it.

Anybody else notice Ray Rice crumbling on what looked like a bad knee injury yesterday? Any word??

Craig I think they had other considerations than him being a "top back". At the end of the day he's gone and we're 2-0.

The person I most impressed by is Philbin and his coaching staff. No penalties yesterday. That's amazing stuff. Teaching the team to finish. Sound fundamentals. All the things he said he would do.

Mark if he did my fantasy team is done of the year. Lol

We'll get no credit for any of our wins. That is a fact of our division and the media that covers it. Every postgame show I watched showed Colts highlights only and gave no mention to the Fins. Only until today I see Peter King give us mention. i care less about this; better to fly under the radar and be the underdogs.

I agree with you on the next 3 games. Atlanta will be tough and I am not impressed with NO and Baltimore. If we come out 4-1 from the bye, our schedule looks really good for the second part of the season.


Very good points at 10:56am.

I heard Rice's injury was on the hip flexor. Not sure if he'll be out but never a good thing when a player drops without any contact


Its a HIP...

Ravens said he is OK....but may not play next week....

Arturo, I like being the underdog too and thanks for the update on Rice. Yeah, how he went down on his own and stayed down I thought "this is bad". regardless their backup is also very talented - Bernard Pierce. The Ravens achilles is their Wrs beyond Torrey Smith (who is as good as there is).

Darkoak, looks like you had a near miss if it's Rice's hip flexor.... it looked bad ...

The Good: 2 road wins in a row, one against a playoff team last year! Tanne is playing much better. Wallace had a great game. Running game looked better. Tied for 1st in AFC Least. Defense stepped up during crunch time (Grimes INT, Wheeler sack).
The Bad: No pass rush until 4th quarter. Jimmy Wilson & Reshad Jones did not play well. Let's hope Patterson and Taylor get healthy soon. Vernon is invisible. Let's hope Jordan can take over RDE soon.
The Ugly: Pass protection again. 5 sacks, 2 fumbles. Will this team ever, ever cover a Tight End. Just once please?
Summary: The AFC Least is ours for the taking. We can do it this year. We CAN beat Atlanta, if our secondary is healthier.

Tks Craig! I do try to do more than my usual one liner from time to time.

Richard Sherman may have LEAPED on to the scene by getting in BRADY'S face....

but he is a bonifide cover man in the NFL....

and I LOVE the TRASH TALKING....no fear in this guy.....NONE...they have to play the 9ers again...

Sherman says so WHAT....no bicep "kapernicky" kissing when they play the hawks....

Its ONE thing to talk trash like Dansby and S. Smith...its TOTALLY another to back it up like Sherman and his crew do.

Is Steven Jackson out next week? It will still be a tough game for the D trying to stop Julio and Tony, but at least we don't have to worry about their run game much.

Tannehill looks more mature and poise, I though and I have never seen him play receiver in college that Thill would be fast, but when I see him run or scramble
Looks slow IMO compare to the other QB that do drive defense crazy when they do, T-Hill is a pocket passer because IMO he not very good at scrambling doesn't have that skill set...but great arm and he is starting to develop in front of our eyes his knowledge of the game, that's the important part of it all
No picks say's a lot about that..Now with that said let's go out at our own field and beat the pegion and sack hit pressure harrass molest " all of the above" Ryan
And better protect THill no turnovers and I feel we go it this!! Come on can somebody help me!!!

Tannehill looks more mature and poise, I though and I have never seen him play receiver in college that Thill would be fast, but when I see him run or scramble
Looks slow IMO compare to the other QB that do drive defense crazy when they do, T-Hill is a pocket passer because IMO he not very good at scrambling doesn't have that skill set...but great arm and he is starting to develop in front of our eyes his knowledge of the game, that's the important part of it all
No picks say's a lot about that..Now with that said let's go out at our own field and beat the pegion and sack hit pressure harrass molest " all of the above" Ryan
And better protect THill no turnovers and I feel we go it this!! Come on can somebody help me!!!

...tvvegas..Great points today I agree with a lot of what you are saying concerning our running game.

Look I am excited as anyone. We are 2-0. I feel good about the team. Are there some flaws, or areas of concern? Yup. But what team is perfect? I think before we all get ahead of ourselves. We have to consider that the season is young. Can we get better in the run game? You bet. We saw it last week. Much improved over week 1. We had a good gameplan yesterday. We know that teams are going to defend us different each week. What did we do well that they have to take away? Having a dependable run game is never a bad thing, and come weeks12-16 when hopefully we are playing meaningful games, and the rest of the league has figured out what we do...We had better have that run game ready to go.

Great game yesterday..

BTW It does not get any better than Tanne saying after week 1 he wont force the ball to Wallace and then follow up with a 9 catch 100+ yards 1TD game.
And to think that guys like Mando were making such a big deal about it....

Grest teams have a great running game. Claybo and Co aint there yet...and two games doesn't make a season. If we start 5-1 ,,,6-0,,then we might be looking at something,,,,

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