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Philbin: "We got a helluva team in the making'

INDIANAPOLIS -- Joe Philbin is a planner. He's a professor. He's logical. He's not big on emotion. Basically, he's a vulcan without the pointed ears.

He definitely showed the media no self-satisfaction in beating the Indianapolis Colts, 24-20, on the road on Sunday despite it being perhaps his best victory as a Dolphins coach. Indeed, near the end of an emtionless press conference, I asked him if he was even happy he won.

"Absolutely, yeah" he said looking away, "real proud of the guys. Can't you tell?"

His wife, standing off to the side watching the presser, was among those who laughed.

But just before that presser, in the confines of the locker room right after the game, Philbin actually said something that was interesting. Yes, he read his bullet points off his card to the players as he often does in his postgame speech -- told you he's professorial -- but when he turned away from his notes he announced to his players:

"We got a helluva team in the making!"

Read that again.

"We got a helluva team in the making!"

Now, it's one thing if that's outspoken Pete Carroll saying that because Carroll looks at a Kia and thinks it has a chance to be a helluva Cadillac. That also wasn't emotional Jimmy Johnson. That wasn't Rex Ryan bragging as has been his style.

That was understating, undemonstrative, stoic Joe Philbin going all bright future on us.

And that speaks ... No, that yells ... It yells volumes about what the coach thinks is the celing for his young team.

As I wrote for Monday's Miami Herald, the Dolphins aren't quite yet a certain playoff team. You shouldn't be buying Super Bowl tickets yet. But the Dolphins now are relevant. They are rolling and about to gain more attention because they finally have playmakers as the game-clinching sack by Phillip Wheeler (Courtesy a Joe Rimkus photo) showed.Luck sack

And they're growing and becoming a good team.

I'm an outsider and I can see it.

Philbin, on the inside, obviously thinks it.

This team is headed in a good direction. And by the time the journey is done, the Dolphins might indeed be "a helluva team."


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I too have been frustated by the media giving little to no credit to the Fins (team, coaches, players, etc.).

But at this point I am going to idnore that. The team plays who the schedule makes them play. The team can't control who plays well or not for the other teams. The team can't control the media. So, in the end, who really cares. Lets see this team stay composed, make progress and win games week to week.

They go into the bye week 2-3 and the media will continue to give them little praise (even though many of us would be OK with that based upon schedule). BUT if they go into the bye-week wiht a winning record there would be major reason for excitement. I can't wait to be in that position. I am calling for 4-1 going into the bye.

What's wrong with Soliai?

Sell out fill all the seasts and help this team win!! Important players of Atlanta are
Jones White Gonzales... Of course Ryan. But most importantly is stopping the run and buildup a lead force Ryan to pass and pin our ears back and go get him defense!!
Everyone that's is a specialist go get him sack sack sack sack sack sack sack sack sack sack sack sack sack!!!!! Ryan. And that's the ball game!! GO DOLPHINS BEAT THOSE PIGEON'S!!!!!

..Odin @1:47 am...I immediately thought of our conversation after that first TD...Got a little laugh, WTF do I know ??????????

Hahahahahahaha! Dashi, you remind me of the old Seinfeld episode where George starts talking about himself in the third person, "George is getting angry!!!!! Haha!

You must be some kind of fool, DC. I know my People here and I know some get mad even after we win if they miss the spread or if we won not in the way they thought we had to. I paid no attention to those comments that Soliai out, Soliai that, for I knew from the first what they were.

I think L.Miller made like 2 cuts the whole game. It was straight ahead running. Even on his TD sweep. It was a race between him and Vontae to the Corner. Not a lot of people are going to beat L.Miller to a Corner.

They need to do the same next week though.

Posted by: Dashi | September 16, 2013 at 01:20 AM

Watch this play again and you'll notice a great crack back block by Dion Sims on a DL which springs Miller.

Posted by: odinseye | September 16, 2013 at 07:13 AM

You thoroughly destroyed that moron. He didn't make one relevant point in his entire post. The Jets fan is reaching. And I love when he tells us to enjoy 2-1. No problem guy, the math on that one would make us an 11-5 team in the end. And 2-1 is still a winning record, what's not to enjoy? lol

It was good to see Lamar Miller hitting the running lanes with authority yesterday...and the TD run was explosive.

Guy has the physical traits to be special....he just needs to have better vision finding the proper lanes through the OL.

Tannehill looked real good...still has an issue leading his receivers properly...especially on the crossing routes. They always seem to be a bit 'behind' the receiver, forcing them to twist back and loose momentum. This is an issue and the prime cause of Keller's injury.

Tannehill looks good standing tall in the pocket...properly stepping up to drill throws downfield. (the fumble was a fluke).

I'm shocked they have not installed the read option yet and hope to see it soon.

Kris, I love Sherman's trash talkin too. Looked good on Keap yesterday. And what is there exactly to trash on Sherman about... top corner ... Ivy league school (in the eyes of most) ... brains and braun ... tough combo to beat.

Bah to the read option ... I think defenses have caught up to this ...

they'll come out flat and get pounced by the falcons.
and then u homers can see a real qb in matt ryan.

Posted by: 2 watt | September 16, 2013 at 10:23 AM

Do you ever tire of being an ignorant moron? You said the same thing last week about Luck, how did that work out for you? No s$#t they're going to lose a game here maybe even this week. EVERYONE DOES. So you're going to come in and act like you had some kind of great insight about it and once again the whole blog will laugh at THE ultra annoying stupidity you use when directing your 2watt character.

Seriously, you make up characters and act like them on a blog. It's pathetic and sad and I KNOW you're family and friends are kept in the dark because you would be looked down on. lol

Bleacher Report has us at #11 in the league for what it's worth. They like most of the media don't believe it's for real yet.

Just imagine the media's reaction if we can pull off victories over Matt Ryan & Drew Brees!

We match up well with just about everyone and until we get blown out by an opponent I would expect our standing in the league to continue to rise.

2 watt, dude, slow it down man, you have been wrong the last two weeks. You don't like the fins and that is fine, but at least be a man and admit your wrong. Now your touting the Falcons? THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BEAT THE FINS.

I love the phins right now, this feels good. I will stay grounded, but man do I see some nice positives for the future.

13-3. ; )

I told you this all preseason. I'm telling you today. I will tell you tomorrow. And I will tell you this information *all* *season* *long*.



I finally feel we have a corner that can lock a receiver down in Grimes.

We need to get Grimes signed to an extension yesterday.


I emailed Armando years ago about all the abuse on the blog, asked to speak to management about adding a "Flag Button" on the blog. I never heard back and just was a lurker reading the comments over years, because of all the nonsense. Shame cuz Armando-Herald could really make this an awesome blog.

I understand and respect that being a journalist covering a professional organization is VERY difficult, management & coaches do not easily give out nuggets of information. This makes Armando's job harder trying to write about the team, etc. Flaming him all the time is just plain disgusting, waste of time and screws it up for everyone.

Would prefer that we all get long, enjoy what you learn from others. It's really amazing what we pick up from others on the blog when everyone ignores the junk and focuses on football. Many times after I read what you all point out, I see things of the game I missed. Many of you are really good at analyzing football.

I actually want the Jets, Bills, and yes even the Pats to be strong in our division. Why?

Because when you compete with the best, you become the best. I think as an organization we FINALLY have it together, I long for the years of the shoot-outs against the Bills/Kelly, Jets/Testerverty, Pats-Bloese-Brady...those where some of the most memorable years of football. Amazing and great games!

No reason to EVER insult or make bad comments about ANYONE, be the better and smart person and ignore it. Never discuss anything personal, just football. We, every football fan is a homer for their team...that's understandable, just keep it respectful.


BTW, would be cool for Amanda to get the Herald to put a button with a "Yellow Penalty Flag" that would let you flag and terminate abuse posts.

Tannehill's getting better and it's obvious to even a new fan. If you really watched the game yesterday you witnessed this too. This is a kid who has been playing QB for 3 years now, this being his fourth, two in college, one in the NFL. And he's already starting to show a calming presence and poise under pressure. That place was LOUDDDDD and rocking a few times when Tannehill called the huddle, even louder when the team walked to the line. He would get to the line and stand in the back in shotgun. And then I was impressed at what I saw.

I watched a mature beyond his experience qb sit on the snap and eye ball the defense. The place is in an uproar, the defense has it's ears pinned back, and Tannehill calmly surveys the defense. Doesn't rush the snap. Beautiful.

Even his attitude walking back to the line of scrimmage after a huddle, body language alone said, "we got this". And that goes A LONG way with the players.

Sure Tannehill has a ways to go but hell, tell me the last qb we had that looked like a true leader and had the talent and upside of RT? Tell me the last time we could actually have real hope about a qb and not just hope that he can manage the game.

Screw managing the game these guys are ATTACKING the defense and I for one love it. Tannehill isn't being babied and is already displaying a grasp in what NFL defenses are trying to do calling line shifts and workable audibles at the line of scrimmage. Good job so far, room for improvement but absolutely NO reason why we shouldn't be excited.

I was at the game in Indy yeterday as I was last year. Only 3 hr drive from where I live in Chicago...Without a doubt Tannehill is the real deal.I already thought so but yesterday cemented it. He is Ice in the pocket...forget about the sacks, no one was open on those plays...trust me. Live for another chance. How about Sturgis nailing a 54 yd FG TWICE! Nice pick from Ireland and company...Fins up!

And while I'm feeling all fuzzy how about Philbin? Love this guy and have from day one, the archives will prove that.

It's night and day between he and Sparano. Competent and confident Philbin as opposed to complacent and scared Sparano.

Sparano always playing to keep it close.

Philbin playing to wipe the floor with the opposition. Attack early and often.

Sparano didn't know how to use the red flag or his timeouts properly.

Philbin is a pro. First with the challenge yesterday, then taking timeouts to get the right calls in for the defense at the end of the game.

I just can't say enough about my confidence in our coach. We may not set the world on fire this year and it's possible they miss the playoffs. But this guy knows what he's doing and deserves a couple more years to install his program no matter what happens.


Thank you for cleaning house on this blog. The zoo had gone on for far too long and the madness had to stop. Again, thank you!


Guess what? Mando IS listening! So, clean up your act or you're history...

Darkoak, I think #11 is a fair ranking for us right now. We beat two teams - one a bottom third team, the other a fledling playoff team. #11 puts us as about a wildcard caliber team ... sufficient for now, we will earn the rest.

Better than that #23 ranking I saw before the year... sheesh. Now that was ignorant ...

Game ball for Jason Trusnik. Misi goes out and Luck immediately targeted him covering the FB on the next play. But Trusnik punches it out. The call gets overturned and instead of having the ball at the goal line it's an incomplete pass. The Colts settle for a FG on that drive and the Dolphins win by four points. That play, was the difference in the game.

Mando, so what the heck happened on that second to last offensive drive for the Colts when Dion Jordan let Luck escape the pocket and scramble to convert a 3rd down after having him dead to rights sacked in the backfield? That was weird. Jordan lightly shoved him then let him run away. I noticed he got pulled form the game right after.

NH, when we beat them, no worries, the media will count it as an off day for them or injuries being a problem or the sun being in their eyes ... they will find something ...

This blog is so much better now that Mando cleaned it up.
Finally we come here and talk football with football phans.

Poizen, yeah extension is warranted but I think they need to get Soliai sorted out first. As good as Grimes is - he came from outside. Giving him an extension before you exhaust all possibilities with Big Paul may cause problems. ireland would be wise to lock down 96 first.

"This is an issue and the prime cause of Keller's injury."

I disagree with this part. IMO The main reason for the injury was because the NFL changed it's rules to protect the offensive players so they could make more money on high scoring games that are more attractive to the brain dead consumers who all have attention deficit disorder.

Therefore the defensive players are now FORCED to go low because they are scared of two things, 1. being fined, and 2. trying to tackle at the waist but missing the tackle and losing their jobs.

That's how I saw it. You can't blame QBs for balls being slightly behind the receiver. It happens all of the time. Rodgers made at least 10 of these throws yesterday and no one got hurt. Brady does it, Brees does it, it happens a lot.

But because we're nitpicking every detail of Tannehill's game it's magnified. Sheesh, if only we the fans could work with Tannehill we could turn him into the most perfect passer in the history of the game! lol

Perfect passer ratings, perfect passes, no interceptions, perfect awareness, perfect completion percentage. I'm just saying maybe our expectations are unrealistic sometimes.

Great win yesterday!! Can't wait to face the buzzards now..the only thing I didn't like for the second week in a row is the phins lack of TE coverage, hopefully they will get that fixed some because T. G. Will definatly be a lot tougher than the first two. I mostly read this blog and rarely comment because I would just be repeating what some one else has said, but I have been seeing where people are complaining about the "trolls", and I'm of the opinion that if you just ignore them and just scroll to the next post that its the best way to handle it. You can tell when they steal someone else's name to post stupid comments, and if you read this blog enough then you can tell the difference.

Team shows great improvement this year. I am a skeptic on Tannehill, but he looks good and hopefully will get rid of the ball a little faster. Right now where I want to see improvement is out of Mike Sherman. His play calling needs to get better. The dink and dunk passes will only take you so far. The networks are still shunning the dolphins, but a win over Atlanta will bring them into the conversation and highlight reels.

P78, sure he's got room to go but #12 in passing ... that's pretty good...

Yes, the in-Game decisions were all the correct ones yesterday. That, and no penalties, are signs of a major Coach.

Tomorrow I will get back to reality and worry about our shortcomings. Today is celebration day.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 16, 2013 at 12:11 PM

Great point Mark.

Absolutely Mark. I'm not as cautious as Kris ;) but I'm still a bit guarded if you notice from my posts. I almost feel like I don't want to jinx anything. Kind of like the Bud Light commercials.

Quite great to win 2 road openers. Go phins,Thanks armano


I was thinking the same thing when I saw Jordan not tackle Luck and just shove him. I'm sure he got yelled at and won't be making that rookie mistake again. Also Wake probably had a word with him on how not to tackle an All-Pro QB.

THill is ratifying Sherman's comments about him being the most improved QB with the most upside to grow, we are all watching it before our eyes.

I also truly believe that Philbin's young team is learning to win, Aaron Rogers once stated last year that it's a game of confidence between players and coaches, a feeling that actually changes per game-opponent. Confidence will breed success, we are heading in the right direction.

Good to hear Larry P. They never show the defensive backfield on sacks and it drives me nits. They have plenty of time to replay the whole thing but instead choose to show the viewer close up shots of defensive lineman's a#@es while they're getting up off the ground.

Why not show what the QB saw on the last play with the time you have? Show who was covered, who wasn't, and how he might have been able to avoid the sack by possibly throwing it away. The NFL is missing the boat on this one.

Hahahaha drives me "nits".

Lamar has always had great vision. On that run he saw 3 things. One, the DE being blocked effectively to the inside. Second, he saw Vontae shifted a bit to the inside, and then the amount of ground that was there to the outside. And then he knew he could outrace Davis to the corner. And he did.

I couldn't believe Jordan on that play. Really? Shove him down? It was almost like he thought they were in training camp and was just touching the qb down.

But Wake did the same thing last year and learned from it. You have to wrap him up and even when you do he can get away. He's just a big strong player, not a typical QB.

Sturgis MADE THE DIFFERENCE last year Carpenter would have missed the FG and Indy would of Kicked one at the end of the game and won Hat's of to Sturgis. Go Fins

Whoth is Jorge? I don't see his nick anywhere here.

Larry P.?


I agree the Sherman's play calling has me straching my head at times. But the WCO has a lot of "dink and dunk" in it to move the chains. I did like that fact that he had D. Thomas catch a pass, was either a button hook or slant for a nice gain, don't remember. But the WCO type of offense is a lot of dinks to TE's, dunks to RB's, some long throws and a soft running game.

As Sherman game plans per team, I'm sure he will open up the play book when the schemes call for it. Heck wasn't Philbin who stated they had 750 plays in offense drawn up?

Where is Daytona? heheheh

That was a game that in years past, the Dolphins would find a way to lose. So they are making progress.

Oh and remember this, on the North Media circles...well who's in our division?

New York, New England, Buffulo...get the picture why they don't cover us. But their going to have to respect us!


Armando let me know if this is off limits. I'm sure you guys will delete it if so. It's just a WQAM interview with Clay and I couldn't find another place with the clip. I'm not trying to promote anyone elses product.

Guys listen to what Clay says at the end. Nice to hear the players thoughts on RT as well as our own.


Posted by: Larry Pascale | September 16, 2013 at 12:01 PM

Thank you, Larry.

Madfin you just reminded me of something. I was screaming the whole time Henning was here that we never took advantage of the middle of the field by using quick slants and I couldn't understand it especially with a big body like Marshall. Cris Carter made a career at using the slant to set up the go routes. And now I know we didn't do it because Henning was way behind the times, we talked about it, but it's even more obvious today. Philbin and Shermans playbook has lots of these routes, seems like every pass play someone is running a slant, finally.


Thank you Mando for cleaning up this blog

Well, we beat LV fair and square this week as they had fixed their quantum computers already. They had Indy beating us by 2 and we beat them by 4. So, that make us better than Indy 4+2+3home field advantage, 9 points better than them. Only problem is, that at this point I don't know where the Colts are headed this Season. I will follow them, closely.

Phins 78 @ 11:40,

In response to 2watt @ 10:23AM,

This is what is really saying:
"Hey everyone....look at me! Pay attention to me!! Nobody likes me!!! Why doesn't anybody like me!!!???
Oh crap, I'm just gonna say something stupid.

"Two weeks into the season and it's not quite like we thought it was going to be". Howie Long on Fox Sports

Yep, that's because with all of the expertise you guys are supposed to have you really don't know much more than real fans.

I always say if you want to find out about an nfl teams prospects on a season find one of their smart objective fans and have a beer with him. You will learn much more than you will from any so called expert. (In all fairness to them they do have to cover the entire NFL but still, they act like they know it all don't they?)

Deaners @ 12:47

I've never seen you here before; did you come here because you found out that mando cleaned up the blog?

Posted by: Deaners | September 16, 2013 at 12:47 PM

lol what?

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